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Genesis Communications Network (the Alex Jones network) is an ABC affiliate
WingTV ^ | June 3, 2005 | Victor Thorn & Lisa Guliani

Posted on 04/06/2007 4:52:10 PM PDT by bigdcaldavis

GCN an ABC Affiliate

by Victor Thorn & Lisa Guliani

Did you know that GCN – the network which carries Alex Jones and Jeff Rense – is an ABC affiliate? Yes, ABC - as in the Disney-owned American Broadcasting Corporation – the epitome of mainstream corporate media and home of propagandists such as Peter Jennings.

Now, we’re not sure how deeply ABC’s tentacles extend into the Genesis Communications Network, and we’re fairly certain that its President Ted Anderson and others will brush-off this “affiliation” and say it amounts to nothing; but here’s the way we see things. Any time there is a financial arrangement made between two entities – for whatever purpose – there exists a huge probability that some sort of manipulation will result at a future point in time (if it hasn’t already). In addition, any time the “alternative” media starts co-mingling with the MAINSTREAM media, it has to give people an uneasy feeling. What it boils down to is that if GCN is giving money to ABC to be its affiliate, it amounts to nothing more than feeding the beast. A perfect analogy would be a parent giving their nine-year old son to Michael Jackson for an “innocent” sleepover. So yes, if you subscribe to GCN, you are indirectly financing ABC. To us, something just doesn't sound right about that.

And, to prove how on-the-mark we are, I recently spoke with Nancy Koernke, wife of imprisoned patriot Mark Koernke, and she told me that once, a few years ago, she met with GCN President Ted Anderson, who said that his ultimate goal for GCN was to make it a MAINSTREAM NETWORK! (See: Does Alternative Media = Mainstream Media?) We’ll repeat: his ultimate goal was to make GCN a mainstream network. Do you think becoming an affiliate of ABC has anything to do with attaining this goal? Also, do you think black-listing certain truth-telling guests has anything to do with GCN squashing controversial information? Hell, they even broadcast corporate mind-control news feeds from the USA Radio Network - another mainstream source! Furthermore, here is a viewer e-mail describing the USA Radio Network's ties to the Armed Forces Radio Network:

GCN's "news" outlet of choice is the USA Radio Network. As you can see from USA Radio Network's own website (USA Radio Network), they are tied in heavily with the Armed Forces Radio Network. It would not be outlandish to assume that the Pentagon has some control over the news content that goes out over the Armed Forces Radio Network. The Pentagon's policy is to shoot journalists who aren't embedded and who are independent. Doesn't this give you a great deal of confidence in GCN's news? How is GCN any different from CNN or Fox with regard to military oversight? No different. -- Mark

P.S. If GCN's news is affiliated with a military radio network, doesn't that at least indirectly make GCN's hosts government agents? They are the "honey" that makes the listeners take the bait of government/military news propaganda. Think about it....

In addition, when I asked Mrs. Koernke where she thought Ted Anderson stood on the truth movement (i.e. if he really believed in its ideals), she said that “he was a businessman out to make money off the patriot movement, and he was just using them as a source to sell gold and silver for Midas Resources.”

Furthermore, every single person in the radio business that we've spoken to has said the exact same thing: Ted Anderson is in this business (and that's what it is to him - a business) for only one reason: MONEY! [Sidenote: Ted Anderson is also president of Midas Resources, whose U.S. sales in 2004 were $8,500,000 ... not too bad for someone who keeps begging his audience for money to pay for bandwidth! Source: Dunn & Bradstreet.]

If this information isn't troubling enough, please read how Alex Jones sold-out a patriot family by selling video footage to ABC's 20/20. (See: The Alex Jones Affair). Yes, ABC has once again entered the picture, which is a strange coincidence since Alex Jones' flagship station is ... GCN!!!

What makes the GCN-ABC association even more troubling is that it is part of a larger trend in the “alternative media.” How so, you may wonder? Well, let’s look at a few supposedly “independent” venues and their affiliations and practices:

1) Art Bell and George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM radio show is syndicated by Clear Channel, one of the ultimate propaganda devils around today. To confirm this, log onto their website where you’ll read the following disclaimer:

Terms of Use Agreement: This site is owned or managed by Clear Channel Communications, Inc. (“Clear Channel”) and is part of the Clear Channel family of companies, which includes other quality entertainment brands such as broadcast and internet radio stations, television stations, Clear Channel Outdoor, Clear Channel Entertainment, and the Premiere Radio Networks (each a “Clear Channel Website,” and collectively the “Clear Channel Websites”). (See: Clear Channel Privacy Policy)

An example of how damaging this network can be is found in Art Bell’s denunciation of ALL 9-11 researchers (Art Bell 9-11 Outrage), and his complete approval of Popular Mechanics’ Benjamin Chertoff, whose 9-11 debunking article did more damage to our movement than quite possibly any other. (See: Questions to Art Bell). [As a sidenote, in the near future we are going to publish a transcript of Art Bell's testimony in a court case where he reveals how much Clear Channel is paying him, and believe us, it's six-figure MAJOR LEAGUE MONEY with lots of zeros behind it!] Strangely, Alex Jones never once criticized Bell for this slash-and-burn 9-11 broadcast, and even went so far as to rebuke callers to his show who took Bell to task for his betrayal. One can only wonder why -- when every single other person in the 9-11 Truth Movement was screaming bloody murder -- Alex Jones shielded Art Bell!

2) Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now (often referred to as Disinformation Now) has received enormous donations on multiple occasions from the Ford Foundation (Ford Foundation Sponsors Democracy Now), and anyone who logs onto (Left Gatekeeper Links) will see in frightening detail how her show is interconnected with a host of intelligence forces, think tanks, and multi-national corporations. And yes, if you missed it, the sum "granted" to Democracy Now by the Ford Foundation was $150,000. Is it starting to become clear why Amy Goodman refused to expose the truth about 9-11?

3) Mike Ruppert’s From the Wilderness website is now nothing more than a mouthpiece for Big Oil as he peddles their gloom-and-doom scare tactics and population reduction agenda under the guise of “peak oil.” (See: The Tragic Fall of Mike Ruppert))

4) As mentioned earlier, GCN is an affiliate of ABC, and now they’re even running advertisements from the same companies on their “mainstream” and “alternative” radio networks. How convenient, especially in regard to censorship, which has become a major issue at GCN. (See: Power Hour Blocks Kaminski at Last Minute). Hmm, isn’t this just like Fox News canceling Kaminski at the last minute, too! The similarities are eerie, and should erect red-flags for anyone still interested in preserving the First Amendment.

5) 911 (and others of a similar vein) began as, and still is to this day, the most notorious source of disinformation, obfuscation, distraction, and diversion in existence. With the likes of Nicholas Levis, David Kubiak, and Kyle Hence (who once told us after appearing on WING TV that “the American people aren’t ready for the truth") at their helm, these groups have done more to prevent the truth about the government’s direct planning, execution, and cover-up of the 9-11 terror attacks than any other entity. (See Angela D’Urso’s The LIHOP - MIHOP Distraction Continued). In addition, they have done everything humanly possible to prevent information from reaching the American public on the most crucial aspect of 9-11 --- the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center towers (See: 9-11 on Trial)

6) Air America – totally worthless partisan clap-trap. One of their producers - Gabriel Zuckerman of The Al Franken Show - even compared 9-11 researchers to Live Elvis Sightings (See: Media Cowards: The Games Are Over). Abysmally pathetic.

7) The John Birch Society, who pulled a stunt similar to Popular Mechanics by trashing 9-11 researchers with their propaganda hit piece. (See: Von Kleist Challenges John Birch’s Jasper).

8) Let’s Roll 911 – quite possibly the most censored “discussion forum” on the Internet. Its host, Phil Jayhan, has even gone so far as to say that his site is “not a free speech forum,” and when we once asked him if he thought the alternative media had a responsibility to uphold higher standards than the mainstream media, he said he “wasn’t sure.” Jayhan is also responsible for the “pod theory,” which, as a peripheral issue, has been one of the biggest distractions since the 9-11 terror attacks. (See: The 9-11 Pods). Jayhan has also made the following revelations directly to Lisa Guliani and myself:

a) He knows where the four 9-11 hijacked planes are (in the Atlantic Ocean!), and he wanted Ellen Mariani to collect her Victim Compensation Fund money from the government (after the deadline had already run out, no less) so that she could finance a million-dollar expedition where he’d scour the ocean trying to find these planes! We swear to God we’re not making this up. Can you imagine Ellen Mariani picking-up the phone to hear Jayhan saying, "Yes, ma'am, all you have to do is give me a $1,000,000 and I'll start searching the ocean." The guy is out-of-his-mind delusional! Where's he going to start looking next - Atlantis!

b) He also told us that he thought a Mossad agent – Daniel Levin - who was supposedly killed on one of the downed 9-11 airliners, was still alive and hacking into his website! Can you believe this guy? What a joke!

c) Finally, right before guest hosting on a GCN radio show, Jayhan called us and said that God was speaking directly to him, and told him that he should expose the satanic government pedophilia ring that, coincidentally, everybody else in the alternative media had been talking about for the past few months.

There’s plenty more, but all we can say is that this guy is definitely off his rocker. In fact, this is a message that he recently left on his Let’s Roll 911 forum.

"This is the effect I was seeking after. I come out, be an asshole, and piss off those who oppose me and make them speak up. That way I can then swing my sickle, and harvest the wheat from the chaff and ban those who don't contribute anything to the forum.

Crude but effective. I don't need everyone to like me or agree with me, as I have enough friends already. And if some no name annonymous person doesn't like it, oh well.

I have had it up to HERE with being criticized."

Talk about megalomania and delusions of grandeur gone awry! And before we move on, just remember that this guy - Phil Jayhan - is the one who orchestrated the entire "pod theory" in the first place. Makes you want to feel a whole lot of confidence in him, doesn't it?

9) Partisan left/right sites that not only refuse to even remotely touch the 9-11 issue (in fact, they act as if it never even occurred); but who also perpetuate - ad nauseum - the Republican/Democrat paradigm that is so detrimental to any meaningful progress in this country. Examples are: Counterpunch, Newsmax (which is operated by Richard Mellon Scaife protégé Christopher Ruddy), and, etc.

10) Network Company men Alex Jones (See: Alex Jones Master Link) and Jeff Rense, who have done more to spread a culture of fear in the patriot community than anyone else (See: Rense & Jones Make Fools of Audience). Either by blackballing potential guests from their shows (and literally, the entire Genesis Communications Network), acting as censors and gatekeepers, or barring writers who speak-out from their websites, these two establishment Company Men epitomize the heavy-handed tactics used by the mainstream media to silence those who refuse to remain within the well-defined parameters of their thinly-veiled CONTAINMENT MOVEMENT.

After reading this list, one thing becomes perfectly clear – nearly the entire “alternative media” has been corrupted, tainted, bought-off, or used as a form of CONTAINMENT to quell the truth. Think about it! What is written above should trouble each and every one of you to no end. Can’t you see that we’ve been infiltrated, prostituted, and bamboozled by an array of agent provocateurs?

If you’re not convinced, ponder this story told to us by Alex Merklinger, host of Mysteries of the Mind. A few years ago, Merklinger was approached by Clear Channel to host a syndicated radio talk show. The money they offered to him was substantial, and he would be heard all over the country. There was only one drawback. In Clear Channel’s contract, they clearly stated that they had complete editorial control over Merklinger’s content and guests. In other words, they were the one’s who determined whether or not a subject or personality was too controversial for the airwaves.

To his credit, Merklinger turned-down their offer, and now he does his own independent radio show. But think for a moment about Art Bell and George Noory. They’re both employed by Clear Channel, and they’re forced to abide by the very same editorial control rules as those presented to Alex Merklinger. Now can you see why certain guests never appear on Coast-to-Coast AM? Now can you see why they’ve never invited Lisa Guliani and I onto their show to talk about 9-11 on Trial, which is the most explosive book ever written on the government’s controlled demolition of the World Trade Center towers?

Likewise, now that GCN is an affiliate of the corporate-controlled media magnate ABC, can you see why Jeff Rense and Alex Jones have absolutely refused to speak about or discuss the information contained in 9-11 on Trial, essentially withholding and depriving from the public any information presented by over 40 of the best researchers in the world on the World Trade Center towers controlled demolition. This combined research is a direct, undeniable indictment of the government's smokescreen, and does more than any other source to discredit their "official" conspiracy theory. Moreover, every article and review since this book's publication has been blacklisted from their sites, despite glowing endorsements from David Ray Griffin and the American Free Press. Doesn’t this seem a bit suspicious to you? Think about it! If we really want to crack this case, shouldn't this information be made available for mass public consumption? Yet Jones & Rense put a gag order on it, effectively becoming Gatekeepers of the first order. How can anyone justify such behavior that is so reminiscent of the maintream media?

Regrettably, the deeper one digs into this scene, the more they realize that NONE of the sites, individuals, forums, and networks listed above are independent – none of them! And this trend is continuing to grow and spread throughout the alternative media. The biggest question now is: when will it end? Do you want the entire alternative media to become a mirror-image of the mainstream media? There should be absolutely NO affiliation whatsoever for any reason between the alternative media and the mainstream media. None! Don't you get it? They're the ENEMY, and in our book, cavorting with the enemy is classified as TREASON! Also, there should be absolutely NO money passing back-and-forth between us (the independent media) and them (the controlled media) - ever!

Lastly, in case you haven't figured it out yet, what we're trying to do is keep something very important from becoming broken. Regrettably, large segments of the alternative media are already severely compromised and corrupted; and inconceivably, too many people accept the fact that some of the biggest names in this field are now undeniably infiltrated and controlled by the powers-that-be. To us, their silence in this matter is inexcusable, because if we really believe in an independent media that isn't a mirror-image of the corporate media, it's our responsibility to fix it. And if we don't fix it, then we never really believed in it in the first place.

With this information in mind, here's one last question: Where do you stand on this issue --- with those who remain silent and passive (just like the New World Order controllers want them to be), or with those who are now speaking out and saying that we're not going to tolerate this infiltration any longer?

Published: June 3, 2005

Victor Thorn - Lisa Guliani -

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Interesting article...may explain why GCN's Alex Jones, John "Jack Blood" Clayton, and their boss Ted Anderson (president/CEO of Midas Resources, a gold broker) are kissing the ass of ABC's Rosie O'Donnell.
1 posted on 04/06/2007 4:52:14 PM PDT by bigdcaldavis
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To: bigdcaldavis

Now that’s the meaning of irony.

2 posted on 05/14/2007 7:38:09 PM PDT by Urvy1A ("Communists and Nazis Are The Same-They're Both Bad.")
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To: bigdcaldavis

not that it means anything, but the only link between GCN and ABC is that GCN rents satellite time on an ABC satellite. That is not a surprise, as a lot of smaller stations rent time on the network satellites.

3 posted on 05/27/2007 6:06:22 PM PDT by ph80
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To: ph80

Ever consider the fact that the feds run the entire shortwave network? DARPA created the internets that has basically expanded what they were doing on shortwave.

4 posted on 09/20/2011 6:56:40 PM PDT by Amish Online
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