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Pig's head dumped outside mosque at start of Ramadan
Yahoo | AFP ^ | 9/28/06

Posted on 09/29/2006 9:27:34 AM PDT by LibWhacker

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To: LibWhacker
It's sad that an innocent pig had to be so cruelly dismembered.

Truly a hate crime against swine everywhere.

41 posted on 09/29/2006 9:36:23 AM PDT by humblegunner (If you're gonna die, die with your boots on.)
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To: LibWhacker

i wonder if it would be called a hate crime if it were say....a chicken wing or a beef rib.

42 posted on 09/29/2006 9:36:29 AM PDT by sappy
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To: LibWhacker

We should probably drop a few around some mosques here.

43 posted on 09/29/2006 9:36:33 AM PDT by Centurion2000 ("Be polite and courteous, but have a plan to KILL everybody you meet.")
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To: Graymatter

No, it was 72 Virginians.

44 posted on 09/29/2006 9:36:35 AM PDT by HEY4QDEMS (Sarchasm: The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn't get it.)
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To: LibWhacker
1/10/05 Iraq Tikrit 8 12 Fedayeen suicide bombing leave six police dead and a dozen injured. Police chief also assassinated in Baghdad, along with his son.
1/10/05 Iraq Suwayrah 9 10 Eight Ukrainian bomb sappers, and one Kazakh are killed by the 'Islamic Army' in a terrorist bombing attack.
1/11/05 Iraq Yussifiyah 7 0 Seven Iraqi civilians are killed when militants destroy their minibus with a roadside bomb.
1/12/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 2 A U.S. soldier is killed, and two others wounded by a roadside bombing attack in the heart of Baghdad.
1/12/05 Iraq Salman 6 0 Radical Sunnis shoot a Shia cleric and his son to death on the street, along with four of their bodyguards.
1/13/05 Iraq Baghdad 5 1 Islamic gunmen riddle a civilian minivan with machine-gun fire as it is picking up a Turkish businessman.
1/13/05 Iraq Khan Bani Saad 7 30 A car bomb outside a Shia mosque kills seven people and injures another thirty, some critically.
1/14/04 Iraq Ba'qubah 2 12 At least two civilians are killed, and a dozen other people, including children injured by a Fedayeen suicide car bombing attack.
1/17/04 Iraq Tikrit 5 2 Two Iraqis and three U.S. soldiers were killed by a remote-controlled bomb planted in a culvert. Two others were injured.
1/17/05 Iraq Ramadi 3 9 Three civilians are killed as a dedicated Muslim blows himself to Allah. Nine others injured.
1/17/05 Iraq Buhriz 8 4 Jihadists attack a police checkpoint with machine-guns, killing eight.
1/17/05 Iraq Beiji 8 25 Eight people are killed by a suicide bomber, with another 25 injured, some critically.
1/17/05 Iraq Ramadi 4 0 The bodies of three civilians and one soldier are found in a field, brutally slain, with handwriting declaring them to be traitors to the cause of Allah.
1/18/04 Iraq Baghdad 23 61 At least twenty-three Iraqis are killed, and more than sixty others injured by a Fedayeen suicide bomber who used day laborers as a cover for gaining entrance to a secured zone. All eight were among the dead.
1/18/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 9 Sunni takes two members of a Shia political party with him to 'paradise.' Car bombing injures nine others as well.
1/2/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 6 Three separate attacks by radicals leave four U.S. soldiers dead and six injured.
1/2/05 Iraq Balad 23 6 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills twenty-three people, mostly Iraqi National Guardsmen in a terrorist attack.
1/2/05 Iraq Samarrah 4 1 Radical Sunnis machine-gun four cops to death as they sit in their car.
1/20/05 Iraq Baghdad 26 25 Three al-Qaeda suicide bombings leave more than two dozen dead and scores of civilians badly injured. One of the targets was the Australian embassy.
1/21/04 Iraq Fallujah 4 1 Four Christian Iraqi women, who were laundry workers for the coalition, are attacked and killed while riding in a minivan. The male driver was injured.
1/21/04 Iraq Baqouba 2 4 Two U.S. soldiers are killed by a hit and run mortar attack in the Sunni Triangle.
1/21/04 Iraq Fallujah 4 5 Sunni terrorists attack a police checkpoint with grenades and automatic weapons. Three Iraqi policemen and a civilian are killed, with another five injured.
1/21/05 Iraq Yusufiyah 12 38 Suicide bomber drives an ambulance full of explosives into a Shia wedding party, slaughtering a dozen, including women and children and injuring dozens more including the bride and groom.
1/21/05 Iraq Baghdad 14 42 Radical Sunnis car bomb a Shia mosque as the victims celebrate a religious holiday. Fourteen are killed, and about forty injured.
1/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Two members of the Communist party are killed by a bomb in their office.
1/22/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Two truck drivers are kidnapped and beheaded on a public street as executioners chant 'Allah Akbar.'
1/24/04 Iraq Samarra 4 36 Roadside bombing in the Sunni Triangle kills four Iraqi civilians and injures another thirty-six people..
1/24/04 Iraq Khaldiyah 5 9 Car bombing kills three U.S. soldiers and injures six others. Two other soldiers were killed in a separate bombing west of Fallujah.
1/25/04 Iraq Ramadi 4 0 Three policemen and a civilian are killed in a terrorist attack on a highway checkpoint.
1/25/05 Iraq Baghdad 16 12 Islamic insurgents kill sixteen people in various shooting attacks, including the 5-year-old daughter of a policeman.
1/26/04 Iraq Al-Amiriyah 2 3 Two policemen are killed in a drive-by Fedayeen shooting attack on a checkpoint. Two civilians and a third policeman were injured.
1/26/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 2 IED device set on a busy highway explodes, killing two civilians and injuring two others.
1/26/05 Iraq Sinjar 15 31 Sunni radicals pack a tractor with explosives and detonate it outside a Kurdish political office, killing at least a dozen.
1/26/05 Iraq Kirkuk 7 3 Seven Iraqis are killed by two Jihad car bombings.
1/27/04 Iraq Samarra 3 4 Three Iraqis killed, and four injured when truck bomb explodes outside a courthouse.
1/27/04 Iraq Iskandariyah 3 3 Another roadside bombing in the Sunni Triangle kills three U.S. soldiers traveling in a convoy and injures three more.
1/27/04 Iraq Baghdad 5 4 Two Iraqi civilians and three U.S. soldiers are killed by two roadside bombs set to go off in succession in the Sunni Triangle.
1/27/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Two CNN employees are killed in a shooting attack as terrorists open up on the car in which they are riding.
1/27/05 Iraq Samarrah 3 0 Three civilians, including two women, are killed in a Jihad bombing attack.
1/27/05 Iraq Mahmoudiya 3 7 Three civilians are killed, and seven injured by a Sunni bomber.
1/28/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 17 At least four people, including a South African national are killed by a Fedayeen car bombing outside a hotel. Some seventeen others are killed.
1/28/05 Iraq Baghdad 4 4 Four Iraqis are killed by a Fedayeen suicide car bomber.
1/29/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 4 Islamic militants hit the U.S. embassy with a rocket, killing two Americans.
1/3/05 Iraq Mosul 2 2 Ansar al-Sunna Islamists kidnap and decapitate an Iraqi, then booby-trap the headless body with a bomb that kills a police officer.
1/3/05 Iraq Tikrit 16 43 Three suicide bombers blow themselves to Allah in separate attacks, taking sixteen other souls with them. Over forty others sustain burns, open wounds and lost limbs.
1/30/05 Iraq Baghdad 44 67 A string of suicide attacks by theocratic fanatics kill over forty Iraqis in an effort to prevent the citizenry from exercising their right to vote in elections.
1/31/04 Iraq Mosul 9 45 Nine people are killed and about forty-five injured by a Fedayeen suicide car bombing outside a police station.
1/31/04 Iraq Kirkuk 3 0 Three U.S. soldiers are killed by a roadside bomb while riding in their convoy.
1/4/05 Iraq Baghdad 10 60 Fedayeen 'Holy Warrior' rams a checkpoint with a truck full of explosives, killing ten and injuring at least sixty, including women and children.
1/4/05 Iraq Baghdad 7 0 Iraqi governor, an advocate for democracy, is gunned down along with six of his guards by Islamic theocrats.
1/5/05 Iraq Hillah 20 44 Fedayeen suicide car bomber kills at least twenty outside a police graduation ceremony. About four dozen others are badly hurt.
1/6/04 Iraq Fallujah 2 1 Two French civilians are gunned down by Sunni insurgents.
1/6/05 Iraq Baqubah 6 13 al-Qaeda group sends a suicide bomber into a security point. Six dead and thirteen injured.
1/7/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 30 Rocket attack by Sunni terrorists on a U.S. logistical base leaves one soldier dead and about thirty wounded.
1/7/05 Iraq Mosul 18 0 The bodies of eighteen Shia laborers abducted and shot execution style by Sunni radicals are unearthed in a field.
1/7/05 Iraq Baghdad 7 0 A heinous roadside bombing attack on a U.S. Marine vehicle leaves all seven occupants dead.
1/8/04 Iraq Fallujah 9 0 A medivac helicopter, clearly marked with a red cross, is downed by a missile in the Sunni Triangle, killing all nine U.S. soldiers aboard.
1/9/04 Iraq Ba'qubah 4 36 Four Shiite worshippers are killed, and thirty-six others injured by a car bombing at a mosque in a predominately Sunni town.
10/1/03 Iraq Tikrit 1 2 A female driver is killed and two other U.S. soldiers are injured by a roadside bomb in the Sunni triangle.
10/1/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 1 Sunni terrorist kills a U.S. soldier on patrol in a Baghdad neighborhood. One other injured.
10/10/03 Iraq Baiji 2 4 Roadside bombing against a bus kills two oil company employees and seriously injures four more.
10/10/04 Iraq Baghdad 11 16 Two suicide bombers kill at least eleven (mostly Iraqi women) and injure sixteen.
10/11/04 Iraq Mosul 3 24 Two civilians and one American soldier are killed in a Fedayeen suicide car bombing.
10/12/03 Iraq Fallujah 2 0 Two Iraqi Christians killed by Jihadists (2003).
10/12/03 Iraq Baghdad 6 32 Six people are killed by Fedayeen car-bombing of a hotel. At least thirty-two others are injured.
10/12/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 Ansar al-Sunnah takes a Shiite hostage then cuts off his head on video.
10/13/03 Iraq Beiji 1 1 One American is killed, and another injured, by landmine while on patrol at oil refinery.
10/13/03 Iraq Tikrit 1 2 RPG attack on a patrol kills one U.S. soldier and injures two others.
10/13/04 Iraq Mosul 2 5 Suicide car bombing leave two U.S. soldiers dead and five injured.
10/14/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 3 Fedayeen car bomber kills a bystander and injures at least three others outside the Turkish embassy.
10/14/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 Small Christian girl kidnapped and killed by Muslims who had demanded ransom from her family.
10/14/04 Iraq Baghdad 5 0 A female reporter, Iraqi judge and two South African civilian contractors are murdered in three separate shooting attacks. A Chinese hostage is also shot to death by al-Qaeda terrorists..
10/14/04 Iraq Baghdad 5 18 A suicide bomber kicks off the Muslim holy month of Ramadan by killing five civilians at a caf‚. Eighteen others are injured.
10/15/04 Iraq Baghdad 10 4 Jihad car bombing kills four palm grove laborers and a family of four that was passing by in a car. Two other bystanders were killed as well.
10/16/03 Iraq Karbala 5 7 Five policemen (including three Americans) were killed and seven wounded by terrorists in an RPG attack and gun battle.
10/16/04 Iraq Latifiyah 9 0 Jihadists ambush a minivan carrying nine police recruits traveling from Jordan. All are shot to death.
10/16/04 Iraq Qaim 4 0 Suicide car bomber kills one civilian and three U.S. troops.
10/17/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 2 One American soldier is killed, and two others injured by IED attack in the Sunni triangle.
10/17/04 Iraq Baghdad 6 26 Car bombing near a caf‚ kills six and injures twenty-six. Police and civilians among the casualties.
10/18/03 Iraq Kirkuk 2 1 Sunni RPG attack on a patrol leaves two U.S. soldiers dead and one injured.
10/19/04 Iraq Baghdad 6 80 Jihadists behead two Macedonian hostages on video. They also kill four Iraqi Guardsmen standing in formation and injure more than eighty with a mortar attack.
10/20/03 Iraq Fallujah 3 5 Terrorist attack on a U.S. patrol leaves one soldier dead and five injured. Two Iraqi civilians are also killed.
10/20/04 Iraq Samarra 4 20 Islamic insurgents kill four children with a car bomb. Twenty others are injured.
10/21/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 11 Islamists stage a shooting ambush a bus carrying airline workers, killing four women, and injuring at least eleven others.
10/21/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Two women and their driver are shot to death by Muslim insurgents as they are driving to work.
10/23/04 Iraq Baghdadi 10 48 Muslim zealot kills ten policemen and injures forty-eight people in a powerful suicide bombing.
10/24/03 Iraq Samarra 3 2 Two U.S. soldiers are killed, and two others wounded by terrorist mortar attack in the Sunni triangle. In Mosul a soldier is killed while trying to protect food aid from being looted.
10/24/03 Iraq Mosul 2 4 Sunni grenade attack kills two children and injures four others.
10/24/03 Iraq Amarah 1 0 Police chief is gunned down by Muslim terrorists as he leaves a mosque.
10/24/04 Iraq Basra 48 0 A very heinous attack by "Unification and Jihad" leaves forty-eight unarmed police recruits dead. Their three minibuses were stooped by the Jihadists, who forced the men out by the side of the road and executed each with a shot to the head.
10/25/03 Iraq Habbaniya 3 2 Three civilians are killed and two others injured by Sunni bombing and small arms attack on their vehicle in the Sunni triangle..
10/25/04 Iraq Mosul 6 12 A series of Fedayeen suicide bombings in Mosul and Baghdad kill six Iraqi civilians and leave at least a dozen injured.
10/25/04 Iraq Mosul 1 0 An Assyrian Christian woman, mother of three children, is murdered in her home by Jihad warriors.
10/26/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 Baghdad's deputy mayor assassinated in a drive-by shooting.
10/26/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 15 Jihad rocket attack on a hotel injures 15 people and leaves a U.S. soldier on guard duty dead.
10/27/03 Iraq Baghdad 16 94 Fedayeen bombing attacks on the first day of Ramadan on three Iraqi police stations kills at least sixteen and leaves nearly one hundred injured.
10/27/03 Iraq Baghdad 11 20 At least eleven people are killed, and more that twenty injured, when a Fedayeen bomber targets the International Red Cross, a humanitarian organization helping Iraqis meet basic needs.
10/28/03 Iraq Fallujah 3 6 Three people, including school children, are killed and an six injured by a Fedayeen car bombing.
10/28/03 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Editor of a pro-democracy newspaper gunned down by Islamists.
10/28/04 Iraq Hillah 11 0 Eleven Iraqi Guardsmen are taken hostage by Ansar al-Sunnah. All eleven are bound and then executed, some with a shot to the head others with a slow beheading. The killers admonish the video audience to "Repent to Allah."
10/29/03 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Three Iraqi civilians killed, and at least two others injured in RPG terrorist attack on police station.
10/29/03 Iraq Balad 2 1 Two U.S. soldiers are killed, and one injured, by roadside bombing attack on their tank in the Sunni triangle.
10/3/03 Iraq Tikrit 2 0 Two Iraqis are killed by a bomb placed in a traffic circle.
10/3/03 Iraq Baghdad 0 5 Five Iraqis, including four teenagers, are injured by Sunni grenade attack.
10/3/04 Iraq Youssifiyah 2 0 Islamists tie a man up and cut off his head. Another hostage, female, is shot through the head. Both bodies dumped in the same area.
10/30/04 Iraq Baghdad 8 19 Fedayeen car bombing on an Arabic TV station leaves seven dead and nineteen badly injured.
10/30/04 Iraq Anbar 8 10 'Holy Warrior' suicide car bomber kills eight U.S. Marines and injures ten others on routine patrol.
10/31/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 Qur'anic quoting militants bound a Japanese hostages arms then cut off his head.
10/31/04 Iraq Tikrit 15 8 Jihadists fire a rocket at a hotel, killing fifteen civilians and injuring eight others.
10/4/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 1 One U.S. soldier killed and another injured by RPG terrorist attack in the Sunni triangle.
10/4/04 Iraq Baghdad 24 96 Three suicide car bombings, two in Baghdad and one in Mosul, kill at least twenty-four and injure nearly one-hundred. The casualties are mostly civilians as the attacks occurred on city streets.
10/5/04 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Jihadists kill three more hostages by means of decapitation. Bodies found with hands bound.
10/5/04 Iraq Ramadi 4 2 Sunni car bombing kills four and injures at least two.
10/5/04 Iraq Baqubah 4 5 Ansar al-Sunna radicals kill four Kurds in a shooting attack on their minivan.
10/5/04 Iraq al-Mahmodeyah 10 1 Ten policemen are killed by Jihad fighters in three separate attacks. One is bound and beheaded.
10/5/04 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Jihadists kidnap and then behead a 15-year-old Christian boy. They then burn his body.
10/6/04 Iraq Anah 12 25 Suicide bomber blows himself to Allah, taking twelve Iraqi Guardsmen at a checkpoint with him. Twenty-five others are injured.
10/7/03 Iraq Baghdad 4 3 In separate roadside bombing attacks, three U.S. soldiers and an Iraqi interpreter are killed while riding in convoys and another three injured.
10/7/03 Iraq Kirkuk 1 1 One Iraqi employee is killed, and another injured, by al-Qaeda mortar attack on a government building.
10/7/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 In front of a banner proclaiming "One God and Jihad" kidnappers slice the head off of a 62-year-old British engineer.
10/8/03 Iraq Kirkuk 1 1 One Iraqi policeman is killed, and another badly wounded, by a terrorist RPG attack on their checkpoint.
10/9/03 Iraq Baghdad 2 4 Two U.S. soldiers are killed, and four more injured, by a terrorist ambush on their vehicle.
10/9/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 Spanish diplomat assassinated by Muslim terrorists.
10/9/03 Iraq Baghdad 8 32 Eight Iraqis are killed when a two Fedayeen drive their car, packed with explosives, into a police station. More than thirty are injured.
11/1/01 Iraq Mosul 2 2 Roadside bombing by Sunni terrorists kills two U.S. soldiers and injures two others.
11/1/03 Iraq Mosul 2 2 Roadside attack leaves two U.S. soldiers dead and two injured.
11/1/04 Iraq Baqubah 2 1 Two high-ranking government officials are assassinated in separate ambushes.
11/10/04 Iraq Fallujah 5 0 Group calling itself the "Islamic Secret Army" takes five civilians hostage to use as human shields, then summarily executes them when no longer needed.
11/11/03 Iraq Basra 6 9 Six Iraqi civilians are killed, and nine injured in a car bomb blast in the Shiite city of Basra. School children were among the injured.
11/11/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 2 One U.S. soldier is killed, and two others injured by a roadside terrorist bomb.
11/11/04 Iraq Baghdad 19 24 A Fedayeen blows himself to Allah, taking at least nineteen people with him that happened to be passing by on a packed city street. Women and children are among the victims.
11/12/03 Iraq Nasiriya 31 80 Over thirty people are killed, and about eighty injured when Fedayeen suicide bombers crash their cars through the gates of an Italian compound and detonate the explosives.
11/12/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Sunni gunmen kill two American civilians in an ambush.
11/13/03 Iraq Balad 1 1 Sunni terrorists shoot a civilian contractor to death, and injure another in an attack on their vehicle.
11/15/03 Iraq Mosul 12 9 An RPG attack by militant Muslims results in two U.S. helicopters crashing, killing seventeen and injuring five.
11/15/04 Iraq Fallujah 1 0 Body of a Polish female kidnapped by Islamists is found. Her throat had been slit and she had been disemboweled with a knife. She was identified by her long blond hair.
11/16/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A 59-year-old humanitarian aid worker, kidnapped by Islamists last month, is executed on video with a bullet to the back of her head.
11/17/04 Iraq Baiji 15 22 Suicide car bomber kills fifteen, including six women and six children. The attack took place in the middle of a crowded street.
11/18/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 4 Jihadists kill three Iraqis, including a woman, with a suicide car bombing. In Balad they kidnap and behead a native contractor.
11/18/04 Iraq Baiji 4 0 The Fedayeen kill two women, a man and a child in a bombing attack on their car.
11/19/03 Iraq Ramadi 2 1 Saddam calls again for Holy War. A child and one other person are then killed by a car bomb aimed at a pro-American Sunni leader.
11/2/03 Iraq Fallujah 16 20 Sixteen U.S. soldiers are killed and twenty injured when shoulder-launched missile downs their helicopter in the Sunni triangle.
11/2/03 Iraq Falujah 2 0 Two civilian contractors are killed by bomb in their vehicle. Muslim mob celebrates.
11/2/04 Iraq Baghdad 6 29 Terrorists kill six people outside a Ministry of Education building with a car bombing.
11/2/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 2 A Christian family is ambushed in their car by Muslim gunmen, who manage to kill the father and his 10-year-old son.
11/20/03 Iraq Kirkuk 4 6 At least four civilians are killed, and at least a half dozen injured, by bomb blast in Kurdish political headquarters.
11/20/04 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two Iraqi Kurds are captured by Ansar Al-Sunna, tortured for seven days and then executed.
11/20/04 Iraq Mosul 9 0 Nine policemen are captured by Islamists, then murdered with bullets to the back of the head.
11/20/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 0 Jihadists chase down a car carrying public works employees on their way to work and machine-gun all four to death.
11/21/04 Iraq Ramadi 8 15 Sunni terrorists kill eight policemen and injure fifteen in a shooting ambush.
11/22/03 Iraq Ba'quba 9 15 Six Iraqi policeman and three civilians are killed in a Fedayeen car bombing. More than fifteen others were injured.
11/22/03 Iraq Khan Bani Sa'ad 9 10 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills nine Iraqis and injures ten at a police station. A subsequent explosion in the same area injures at least two children.
11/22/03 Iraq Baghdad 4 20 Four people were killed when Islamists hurled a grenade into a market stall that was selling alcohol. One of the dead was an 11-year old boy. Some twenty others were injured.
11/23/03 Iraq Mosul 2 0 A Muslim mob throws a concrete block in the way of a military vehicle, causing it two crash. The mob then drags the two soldiers out, beats them and then slits their throats.
11/24/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 3 Suicide car bomber kills at least two civilians, including one woman.
11/27/04 Iraq Mosul 15 0 Fifteen more bodies, of executed hostages are found in Mosul.
11/27/04 Iraq Baghdad 7 30 Sunni extremists kill three Iraqi and four British civilians with three bombings over a 24-hour period.
11/28/04 Iraq Samarrah 5 4 Five civilians are killed in a roadside bomb attack by Jihadists.
11/29/03 Iraq Suwayrah 7 1 Fedayeen ambush kills seven Spanish intelligence agents, riding in two cars, with grenades and automatic weapons.
11/29/03 Iraq Tikrit 3 0 Two Japanese diplomats, and their Iraqi driver are shot and killed by Fedayeen terrorists.
11/29/04 Iraq Baghdadi 7 9 Seven policemen, lining up for pay, are killed in a suicide bombing by Sunni extremists.
11/3/03 Iraq Karbala 2 4 Car bomb kills two Iraqis and injures four near a Shiite shrine.
11/3/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 0 Four more Iraqis kidnapped and beheaded.
11/30/03 Iraq Tikrit 2 2 Two South Korean engineers are killed, and two others seriously wounded by Fedayeen terrorists while traveling in their vehicle.
11/30/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 19 Fedayeen suicide bomber takes four civilians on to Allah with him. Nineteen others are injured in the attack.
11/4/03 Iraq Tikrit & Baghdad 2 2 Two U.S. soldiers killed and two wounded in separate terrorist bombing attacks.
11/4/03 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Christian judge is assassinated in shooting attack. This occurs a day after another judge is kidnapped and murdered in Najaf
11/4/04 Iraq Bahgdad 4 8 'Holy Warrior' suicide bomber kills three British soldiers manning a checkpoint, along with their translator.
11/4/04 Iraq Dujail 3 7 Car bombing kills three Iraqis and injures seven.
11/5/03 Iraq Mahmudiya 1 2 Fedayeen grenade and small-arms attack kills one U.S. soldier and leaves two others injured.
11/5/03 Iraq Mosul 3 9 Three Iraqis are killed, and at least nine other people are injured in two separate terrorist grenade attacks. The dead include a 10-year old boy.
11/5/04 Iraq al-Muqdadiya 2 4 Jihadists kill a 3-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl with a rocket.
11/6/04 Iraq Samarra 34 66 Thirty-four people, mostly civilians, are blown up by Fedayeen suicide bombers [looking to curry favor with Allah] in several coordinated attacks.
11/7/03 Iraq Baghdad 6 0 Six U.S. soldiers and judicial workers are killed when their helicopter is shot down during transport.
11/7/04 Iraq Basra 2 0 Two Scottish civilians are killed by Shia militants. One of them is a father of two.
11/8/03 Iraq Fallujah 2 1 Remote controlled bomb against a vehicle kills two U.S. soldiers and injures one.
11/8/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 45 Muslim extremists bomb two Christian churches, killing three and injuring over forty, including women and children.
11/8/04 Iraq Samarra 6 0 Ansar al-Islam terrorists set two tanker trucks on fire, burning the Turkish drivers alive. Elsewhere, four Iraqi civilians are killed when gunmen ambush their car and set it on fire.
11/8/04 Iraq Zubayr 2 0 Car bombing kills two British and South African civilians.
11/8/04 Iraq Baghdad 13 60 Jihadists car bomb the emergency unit of a hospital, killing thirteen civilians and injuring at least sixty.
12/1/04 Iraq Iskandariyah 1 7 Another suicidal extremist kills one civilian and injures seven others with a car bombing.
12/10/03 Iraq Mosul 2 4 Militant Sunnis kill two U.S. soldiers on guard duty at two gas stations in drive-by shootings. Four others are injured.
12/11/03 Iraq Ramadi 1 14 Three Fedayeen suicide bombers in a furniture truck blow themselves up at the gates of a U.S. military base. One soldier is killed and fourteen others wounded.
12/13/04 Iraq Baghdad 13 15 Fedayeen suicide car bomber murders more than a dozen civilians and seriously injures another fifteen in a blast designed to maximize human casualty.
12/14/03 Iraq Khaldiyah 17 33 Seventeen city workers, policemen, and civilian bystanders are killed, and another thirty-three injured by Fedayeen suicide blast.
12/14/04 Iraq Baghdad 7 13 Another Muslim takes his life in a suicide car blast that also kills seven civilians and injures at least thirteen.
12/15/03 Iraq Ameriyah 0 7 Another Fedayeen suicide bomber kills himself and injures seven Iraqi policemen.
12/15/03 Iraq Baghdad 8 10 Fedayeen suicide bomber drives car bomb to gates of a police station. Eight Iraqis are killed in the explosion and at least ten injured.
12/15/04 Iraq Karbala 10 40 Sunni extremists bomb a Shia mosque, eventually killing ten and injuring forty people in the mosque and on the street.
12/15/04 Iraq Baghdad 17 20 Sunni insurgents ambush a police convoy, killing four people on the spot. Thirteen officers are taken prisoner and subsequently executed.
12/17/03 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 In two separate attacks, a Shiite leader is gunned down near his home by Sunni loyalists and a U.S. soldier is killed in an ambush.
12/17/04 Iraq Mosul 4 0 Grisly murder of four men traveling in a car through Mosul (three are foreigners). Bodies are mutilated and set aflame.
12/18/04 Iraq Baghdad 5 1 Three people are dragged from a car, forced to kneel, and then shot by "holy warriors." Elsewhere, a husband and wife are shot to death in their homes for supporting "infidels." (Son is kidnapped as well).
12/19/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 5 Terrorist blast kills one woman working for the main Shiite party in their office building. At least five others are injured.
12/19/04 Iraq Karbala 16 37 Sixteen people are killed by Fedayeen suicide car bomber and about forty injured in the attack on a Shia holy site.
12/19/04 Iraq Najaf 52 142 An Islamic extremists plows his car into a Shia funeral procession and detonates it near a mosque. Over fifty people are killed and about one hundred and fifty injured in the suicide attack.
12/19/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Two Christians are kidnapped and then murdered by Jihadists.
12/2/04 Iraq Baqoubah 3 5 Extremists lob an explosive into a house, killing three children and injuring another five. All of the kids were from the same family.
12/2/04 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Islamic terrorists kidnap and decapitate a 29-year-old Christian man.
12/21/04 Iraq Mosul 22 69 Twenty-two people, including several civilians are killed and about seventy injured when an Ansar al-Sunnah terrorist blows himself up in the middle of the lunch hour at a mess hall.
12/22/03 Iraq Baghdad 3 2 Roadside bomb in the Sunni Triangle kills two U.S. troops and an Iraqi translator. Two others are wounded.
12/22/03 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Top level judge shot six times in the back by Fedayeen loyalists.
12/24/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 2 Civilian bus is bombed by Sunni terrorists. The driver is killed and two passengers are injured.
12/24/03 Iraq Irbil 3 12 A suicide car bomber kills three other people and injures at least a dozen innocents.
12/24/03 Iraq Samarra 3 0 Three U.S. soldiers are killed by a roadside bomb in the Sunni triangle.
12/24/04 Iraq Baghdad 9 19 An explosives-rigged fuel truck detonates in a residential neighborhood, killing nine, including seven members of the same family. "Shahid" suicide bombing.
12/26/03 Iraq Baghdad 5 7 Five U.S. soldiers are killed, and seven others injured in various terrorist attacks in the Sunni Triangle over a 24-hour period.
12/27/03 Iraq Karbala 12 37 Islamic Fedayeen terrorists kill twelve, including four Bulgarians, two Thai engineers and six civilians in three separate suicide attacks. At least thirty-seven others are injured.
12/27/04 Iraq Baghdad 15 48 'Holy Warrior' detonates explosives in front of a Shia party headquarters, killing himself and at least fifteen other. Several dozen are injured, many suffering burns and missing limbs.
12/28/03 Iraq Baghdad 3 5 Two Iraqi children and one U.S. soldier are killed by a roadside bomb on a crowded street. Five others are injured.
12/28/04 Iraq Muradiya 5 31 Five civilians are killed by a Sunni car bomb. About thirty more are injured.
12/28/04 Iraq Tikrit 17 26 In two attacks (Tikrit and Baqubah), Jihadists slaughter twelve Iraqi police officers by slitting their throats and murder five National Guardsmen a bomb.
12/29/04 Iraq Baghdad 29 58 At least twenty-nine, including two dozen civilians are killed when Islamic radicals blow up several houses near one being searched by police with a massive bomb.
12/3/04 Iraq Baghdad 14 19 Four suicide bombers drive a minibus loaded with explosives into a Shiite mosque. Fourteen civilians are killed and at least nineteen others critically injured.
12/3/04 Iraq Baghdad 16 5 al-Qaeda militants attack a police station with RPGs and small arms, killing sixteen officers and injuring five.
12/30/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 3 One Iraqi is killed, and three others injured in a roadside bomb attack.
12/31/03 Iraq Baghdad 8 35 A car bomb rips through a restaurant, killing eight people and injuring at least thirty-five.
12/31/04 Iraq Baiji 7 0 Suicide bomber kills seven and injures an unknown number of people.
12/4/04 Iraq Baghdad 16 38 Sunni extremists murder sixteen people and injure thirty-eight with two suicide car bomb blasts on a commercial street in the heart of the city.
12/5/03 Iraq Baghdad 4 13 At least three Iraqis and one U.S. soldier are killed by a roadside bomb on a crowded street. Thirteen others, including eleven Iraqis are injured.
12/5/04 Iraq Tikrit 17 13 Islamic insurgents pull aside two buses carrying civilians and open fire at point-blank range, machine-gunning seventeen to death and injuring at least thirteen others.
12/8/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 0 Three Shia election workers are gunned down by Sunni activists.
12/8/04 Iraq Ramadi 1 0 Islamic terrorists kill a Christian doctor as he is attending to (Muslim) patients in a hospital.
12/8/04 Iraq Taji Camp Road 2 0 Two American civilians are gunned down by a group calling itself the "Jihad Brigade."
12/8/04 Iraq Samarrah 4 5 Sunni insurgents kill four civilians and injure several more with a terrorist bombing in the city centre.
12/9/03 Iraq Mosul 1 2 Drive-by shooting attack leaves one U.S. soldier dead and two others injured.
12/9/03 Iraq Baghdad 3 2 Bombers target a mosque, killing two and injuring three.
12/9/03 Iraq Mosul 0 62 Fifty-nine U.S. soldiers and at least three Iraqis sustain mostly light injuries when an Islamic suicide car bomber attempts an attack.
12/9/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 5 Three civilians are killed and five injured when Jihadists lob mortar bombs into a residential neighborhood.
2/1/04 Iraq Arbil 117 133 Two Ansar al-Islam suicide bombers dresses as Muslim clerics kill more than one-hundred people and injure about one-hundred and thirty in attacks on two buildings housing Kurdish political officials.
2/10/04 Iraq Iskandariyah 53 150 At least fifty-three people are killed by a massive truck bomb outside a police station. Some one-hundred and fifty others are injured.
2/10/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 0 Four police officers (two cousins and two brothers) are killed in drive-by shootings as they travel to work.
2/10/05 Iraq Suwairah 21 0 The decomposing bodies of twenty-one Iraqi truck drivers hauling food are found two days after their convoy was ambushed by Islamic radicals. They had all been burned inside their vehicles.
2/11/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Two U.S. soldiers are killed in roadside bombing.
2/11/04 Iraq Baghdad 47 75 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills forty-seven people waiting in line for jobs and injures nearly one-hundred.
2/11/05 Iraq Balad Ruz 13 40 Suicidal fanatic detonates a massive bomb using a vegetable truck outside a Shia mosque, killing over a dozen and injuring more than forty.
2/11/05 Iraq Baghdad 11 0 Sunni gunmen block off a street with their cars and then mow down Shia patrons at a bakery, killing eleven and injuring a unknown number of others.
2/13/05 Iraq Nasiriyah 2 0 An Iraqi translator and his son are gunned down by Islamists near their home.
2/14/04 Iraq Fallujah 21 33 'There is no god but Allah!' shout gunmen who storm a police prison, killing more than twenty and injuring at least thirty-three others.
2/14/05 Iraq Baghdad 3 0 Sunni extremists spray the inside of a passenger car with automatic weapons, killing an Iraqi officer and two companions.
2/15/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 4 A Christian pastor is killed, and four others are injured when vehicle pulls alongside their car and fires into the cabin.
2/16/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 5 Two terrorist bombings in the Sunni Triangle leave two U.S. soldiers dead and five wounded.
2/17/05 Iraq Zakho 1 0 Christian taxi driver gunned down after refusing to convert back to Islam.
2/18/04 Iraq Hilla 8 106 Eight Iraqis, including five children are killed and more than one-hundred others injured by twin Fedayeen suicide car bombers who were stopped by coalition forces.
2/18/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 8 Two people in a religious procession are killed by a Fedayeen suicide bomber on a city street.
2/18/05 Iraq Baghdad 10 20 Another suicide bomber blows himself to Allah outside a Shia mosque, taking at least ten others with him.
2/18/05 Iraq Bahgdad 15 23 Suicide bomber kills fifteen Shia worshippers inside a mosque just as Friday prayers are beginning. Another two dozen are injured.
2/19/04 Iraq Khaldiya 2 1 Roadside bombing in the Sunni Triangle leaves two U.S. soldiers dead.
2/19/05 Iraq Baqubah 42 91 Eight suicide attacks by Fedayeen 'Holy Warriors' (including one on a bicycle), along with a bus explosion kill at least forty innocent people and injure over one-hundred.
2/2/05 Iraq Kirkuk 12 2 Takfir wa Hijra (Islamist) terrorists stop a bus full of unarmed Iraqi recruits. Twelve are dragged off and shot execution-style.
2/20/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 In two separate attacks, a Muslim cleric and an Iraqi translator are gunned down by assassins.
2/22/05 Iraq Baghdad 4 30 Suicide bomber rams his car into a police convoy, killing four and injuring about thirty.
2/23/04 Iraq Kirkuk 8 35 Eight Iraqi policemen are killed in a Fedayeen suicide car bombing. Thirty-five others, including two children were hurt.
2/23/05 Iraq Mosul 2 14 Jihad car bombing kills two Iraqis and leaves fourteen others injured.
2/24/04 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Two Iraqi translators and a technician are shot to death by Sunni terrorists as they drove to work at a coalition military base.
2/24/05 Iraq Iskandariyah 3 8 A young girl is among the three people killed by a Sunni car bombing. Eight others are injured, two critically.
2/24/05 Iraq Tikrit 15 22 Islamic suicide bomber drives an explosive-packed vehicle into a police compound, killing fifteen and leaving another two dozen in various stages of agony.
2/26/03 Iraq Zamaqi 3 0 Ansar al-Islam suicide bomber kills three Kurdish guards at a checkpoint.
2/27/05 Iraq Mosul 12 2 Car bomber kills eight people and Jihad gunmen kill another four in a separate incident, also in Mosul.
2/28/05 Iraq Hilla 135 141 Fedayeen suicide car bomber blows his way to paradise by driving into a crowd of unemployed Iraqi Guard volunteers and taking the lives of more than one-hundred souls. Well over a hundred more are injured in the barbaric attack. Many were Christian.
2/3/05 Iraq Balad 2 0 Two people are shot to death by Sunni radicals for voting in the election.
2/7/05 Iraq Mosul 12 4 Suicidal extremist kills a dozen police who were guarding a teaching hospital, by pretending to need assistance from the officers.
2/7/05 Iraq Baqubah 15 17 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills himself and at least fifteen others who were seeking jobs outside a police station.
2/8/03 Iraq Sulaimaniyah 6 0 Muslim militants assassinate a top Kurdish politician and five others with automatic weapons and grenades.
2/8/04 Iraq Sawaryah 3 11 Bombing attack on the offices of a deputy police chief leaves three dead and eleven wounded.
2/8/05 Iraq Baghdad 21 27 Shaheed suicide bomber blows himself to paradise, along with nearly two dozen others. About thirty are seriously wounded in the street attack.
2/9/04 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two Christian family members killed by radical Jihadists.
2/9/05 Iraq Basra 2 0 Shiite radicals gun down an Iraqi journalist and his 3-year-old son in front of their home.
3/10/04 Iraq Basra 2 0 Two Iraqi women, on their way home from working laundry at a coalition base, are shot to death.
3/10/05 Iraq Mosul 50 86 Devout Sunni blows himself up inside a Shiite mosque, taking fifty lives and leaving about a hundred other people badly injured.
3/11/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Shia cleric survives assassination attempt, but his son and son-in-law are killed in the shooting ambush
3/13/04 Iraq Tikrit 4 5 Four U.S. soldiers are killed while on security duty by two roadside bomb attacks in Tikrit and Habbiniyah.
3/13/05 Iraq Mosul 6 1 Sunni Jihadists kill a police officer's wife and two young children then shoot three other policemen attending the funeral a day later.
3/13/05 Iraq Hillah 2 1 Muslims kill two American security contractors with a roadside bomb.
3/14/05 Iraq Baghdad 6 10 Three car bombings kill a total of four civilians, including two farmers.
3/15/04 Iraq Mosul 4 1 Four Christian missionaries working on a humanitarian clean water project for Iraqis are gunned down by Fedayeen terrorists while riding in their vehicle.
3/15/05 Iraq Baghdad 1 4 Suicide bomber successfully kills a young child and injures four others.
3/15/05 Iraq Baghdad 4 7 Jihad car bombing kills four civilians and injures seven.
3/16/04 Iraq Mussayab 2 0 Two more humanitarian aid workers (German) on a clean water project are gunned down by Fedayeen (Holy Warriors).
3/16/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 11 Two separate rocket attacks in Baghdad, leave two children dead and about eleven wounded.
3/16/04 Iraq Mosul 1 2 An Iraqi translator is killed in a shooting ambush in the Sunni Triangle. Two of his family members are injured.
3/16/05 Iraq Baqubah 3 8 al-Qaeda suicide bomber kills three soldiers and injures eight other people, including civilians.
3/17/04 Iraq Baghdad 7 51 al-Qaeda car bomb rips through a hotel, killing seven and injuring over fifty.
3/17/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 9 Two separate mortar attacks on U.S. bases leave three soldiers dead and nine wounded.
3/18/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 1 Muslims barge into a Christian home and kill the two children they find there. There mother is also killed, as well as their grandfather.
3/18/04 Iraq Basra 3 1 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills three other Iraqis and injures at least one outside a hotel.
3/18/04 Iraq Baquba 3 10 Sunni gunmen open fire on a bus carrying Iraqi journalists and crew of a local TV station funded by Americans. Three are killed and ten injured.
3/19/05 Iraq Kirkuk 4 5 Jihad insurgents gun down a police officer, then kill three others at his funeral procession.
3/2/04 Iraq Karbala 123 300 al-Qaeda bombers, including one Fedayeen, kill at least one-hundred and twenty Shias gathered for a religious festival. About three-hundred others are injured.
3/2/04 Iraq Baghdad 58 200 Three Sunni Fedayeen suicide bombers kill themselves and about fifty-eight worshippers at a Shia shrine and injure more than two-hundred.
3/2/05 Iraq Baghdad 13 30 Two suicide car bombings kills thirteen Iraqis and wound thirty. In a separate attack a judge and his son are gunned down.
3/20/05 Iraq Mosul 5 14 A suicide bomber walks into a government building and kills three others. Jihadists then open fire on the subsequent funeral, killing two others.
3/21/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 12 A rocket attack on a U.S. compound kills two Iraqi civilians. Elsewhere a roadside bombing kills one civilian and one U.S. soldier.
3/21/05 Iraq Aziziyah 7 0 A roadside bombing rips through the bodies of four women and three children riding in a vehicle.
3/21/05 Iraq Sammarah 3 6 Three people, including two women, are murdered in a Jihad car bombing.
3/22/03 Iraq Sayed Sadiq 5 8 Ansar al-Islam suicide bomber kills five, including and ABC journalist and wounds eight others at a Kurdish checkpoint.
3/22/04 Iraq Balad 2 25 Car bomb inside a tunnel kills two Iraqi civilians and injures twenty-five others.
3/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Two Finnish businessmen are shot and killed by Fedayeen terrorists.
3/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Islamists bind and cut the throats of an Assyrian (Christian) couple in their home. (2004)
3/22/05 Iraq Mosul 10 0 Roadside blast kills four civilians. Elsewhere (in Kut), the bodies of six captured soldiers are found bound and executed.
3/23/04 Iraq Kirkuk 2 2 Drive-by shooting kills two police officers and injures two others.
3/23/04 Iraq Hilla 9 2 Sunni gunmen open up on a minibus carrying police and recruits with automatic weapons fire, killing nine and injuring at least two.
3/23/04 Iraq Mosul 2 6 Fedayeen rocket attack kills two civilians and injures six others.
3/24/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 6 Terrorists kill a 3-year-old boy, his grandmother, and another relative with a roadside bomb targeting infidels.
3/24/05 Iraq Baghdad 5 0 Jihad gunmen open up on a van carrying cleaning women from their job at an American base. Five women are shot to death.
3/25/04 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Sunni gunmen kill a Christian Assyrian police officer.
3/25/05 Iraq Karbala 2 19 Two Shia pilgrims are killed, and nineteen others injured by a Sunni suicide bomber as they are marching to the shrine city.
3/25/05 Iraq Ramadi 11 14 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills eleven police officers at a checkpoint and injures another fourteen.
3/26/04 Iraq Fallujah 8 25 Eight civilians, including three children are killed by Sunni extremists in gun battles and mortar attacks with U.S. troops.
3/26/05 Iraq Tal Afar 4 6 Four policemen are killed, and six wounded, in an attack on their station by radical Sunni.
3/27/04 Iraq Mosul 2 19 Rocket attack on a city hall kills two civilians and injures nearly twenty, including a child.
3/27/04 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Mujahideen gunmen shoot two British security guards at an oil well then set their vehicle on fire.
3/27/05 Iraq Abu Tamir 6 3 Six Iraqis are killed by Jihadists in and around Baqubah in several shooting attacks.
3/27/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 2 Religious fanatic blows himself up, also killing two U.S. soldiers.
3/28/05 Iraq Karbala 7 9 Sunni extremist kills seven Shia pilgrims at a religious event with a suicide car bombing. At least nine others are injured.
3/29/03 Iraq Najaf 4 0 Four American soldiers killed at a checkpoint by a suicide bomber.
3/29/05 Iraq Mussayib 5 5 Suicide bicycle bomber pedels his way to Paradise, taking five other souls with him including three civilians.
3/3/05 Iraq Baqoubah 1 3 Jihad car bombing kills one civilian and injures three.
3/3/05 Iraq Baghdad 5 7 Five people are killed by two Fedayeen suicide bombers outside a government building.
3/30/05 Iraq Mosul 6 8 Four Jihadi gunmen open fire on a street, killing six people and injuring another eight in what appeared to be a suicide attack.
3/30/05 Iraq Mahaweel 1 2 Sunni extremists open fire on a Shiite pilgrims making their way to a religious festival, killing at least one person.
3/31/04 Iraq Fallujah 5 0 Five U.S. soldiers are killed as terrorists detonate a roadside bomb under their vehicle.
3/31/04 Iraq Fallujah 4 0 In a very brutal attack, a mob of Muslims stop two cars carrying American civilians providing security for a food-providing convoy, kill occupants, set their vehicles on fire, disfigure the bodies and then drag them through the streets.
3/31/04 Iraq Ramadi 6 5 Six civilians killed by a car bomb. Five injured.
3/31/04 Iraq Baquba 0 10 Six civilians and four police are injured by a car bomb in the Sunni Triangle.
3/31/05 Iraq Tuz Khormato 5 14 Fedayeen suicide bomber murders five others, including a child, outside a shrine.
3/4/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 5 Three members of a family are killed, and five others injured, by a rocket attack on their car.
3/4/05 Iraq Ramadi 4 0 Jihadists kill four American soldiers with a terrorist bombing.
3/7/04 Iraq Mosul 2 2 Terrorist RPG attack on a police station kills two civilians and injures two more.
3/7/05 Iraq Baqoubah 15 17 al-Qaeda suicide bomber accounts for most of the fifteen people dead in four attacks. At least twenty-six others are injured.
3/7/05 Iraq Balad 12 21 Jihadists murder a dozen people, mostly civilians with a car bombing in a residential neighborhood.
3/9/04 Iraq Hillah 3 0 Two American civilians, including a female human rights worker, along with an Iraqi translator are executed after being stopped at a phony checkpoint.
3/9/05 Iraq Al-Rumana 41 0 The bodies of forty-one people, massacred by Jihadists, are found. All had been executed, many were beheaded, including several women and young children.
3/9/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 40 Two suicide bombers drive a garbage truck packed with explosives into a hotel, killing two others and injuring several dozen.
4/10/03 Iraq Najaf 2 0 Mob attack inside a Mosque leaves two Shiite clerics dead.
4/10/03 Iraq Baghdad 0 4 Suicide bomber seriously injures four U.S. Marines guarding a checkpoint.
4/10/04 Iraq Hit 4 12 British security guard protecting electrical contractors is shot dead. Elsewhere, an attack on a fuel convoy leaves three dead and twelve injured.
4/11/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Helicopter shot down by Jihad militants. Both crew members are killed.
4/11/05 Iraq Qaim 0 0 Three remarkably inefficient suicide bombers manage to send themselves to Allah, but not anyone else.
4/11/05 Iraq Samarrah 3 22 Fedayeen suicide bomber blows his pickup truck to pieces in a crowded market, killing three civilians an injuring more than twenty others.
4/12/05 Iraq Tal Afar 5 8 A suicide car bomber manages to kill five Iraqis and injure eight. Most of the victims were children.
4/12/05 Iraq Mosul 5 12 Fedayeen suicide bomber murders five civilians on a city street.
4/13/05 Iraq Kirkuk 12 3 Muslim terrorists plant a decoy bomb near another live one that kills a dozen policemen while they are trying to defuse the decoy.
4/14/04 Iraq Mosul 4 6 Four civilians, including two women are killed and six others injured by a Fedayeen mortar attack on a crowded market.
4/14/05 Iraq Kirkuk 6 0 Ansar al-Sunnah terrorists gun down five police officers and one civilian in a single attack.
4/14/05 Iraq Baghdad 18 36 al-Qaeda sets off two car bombs on a crowded city street, massacring eighteen people and injuring about forty others.
4/14/05 Iraq Mahawil 4 6 Suicide bomber takes four Iraqi with him. Six others are badly injured.
4/15/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 An Italian hostage is executed on videotape after being interviewed by an Arabic news crew. Elsewhere, an Iranian diplomat is shot to death by Sunni extremists.
4/16/04 Iraq Mosul 8 17 Fedayeen mortar attack leaves eight Iraqi civilians dead and seventeen injured.
4/16/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 3 Terrorists attack a U.S. security patrol with rocket-propelled grenades. Three soldiers are killed and three injured.
4/16/05 Iraq Baghdad 3 6 Religious extremists blows himself up, killing three other civilians and wounding six. One of the women killed was described as 'Angel of Mercy.'
4/16/05 Iraq Baqubah 9 12 Radical Sunnis detonate a bomb in a restaurant, killing nine patrons and injuring over a dozen.
4/19/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 4 Two American soldiers are killed by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
4/19/05 Iraq Baghdad 4 38 Islamist blows himself to Allah in a green minivan, taking four Iraqi police recruits with him and injuring thirty-eight others
4/2/04 Iraq Baquba 3 3 Attackers yell "Allah Akbar," then kill three policemen riding in a vehicle with a hand grenade. Three others are injured.
4/2/05 Iraq Baghdad 6 5 Car bomb kills five Iraqis and injures another five. A government minister of education is gunned down in a separate attack.
4/20/04 Iraq Baghdad 22 90 U.S. controlled prison is shelled in a mortar attack. Twenty-two prisoners are killed and over ninety injured.
4/20/05 Iraq Baghdad 4 13 Three terrorist attacks, including an ambush on a truck convoy, leave four civilians dead and at least thirteen injured, some critically.
4/20/05 Iraq Haditha 19 0 Jihadis mark the birth of Muhammed by abducting nineteen Iraqi soldiers in civilian clothes heading home to celebrate the holiday with their families. The men are then executed in a soccer stadium.
4/21/04 Iraq Basra 68 100 Five suicide bombings kill sixty-eight people, including eighteen children who burned to death in their school bus. More than one-hundred other civilians were injured in the "Holy Warrior" blasts.
4/21/05 Iraq Suwayra 57 0 Women and children are amply represented among the more than fifty bodies pulled out of a river after having their throats cut by Islamist kidnappers.
4/21/05 Iraq al-Taji 11 0 Yelling "Allah Akbar" Islamists bring down a civilian helicopter with a missile, killing ten. The lone survivor is helped to is feet, then shot to death.
4/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 South African civilian is shot twice in the head and back while on his way to buy meat for a barbecue.
4/22/05 Iraq Baghdad 12 26 Twelve people, including a 10-year-old boy, are killed when religious extremists bomb a Shia mosque. Twenty-six others are badly injured.
4/22/05 Iraq Baqubah 1 1 Radical Sunnis murder a 7-year-old girl with a roadside bomb.
4/23/05 Iraq Baghdad 13 30 Multiple bombings by Jihadis, including at least one suicide attack, leave thirteen Iraqis dead and at least thirty injured.
4/24/04 Iraq Tikrit 4 16 Roadside bomb kills four - two police and two civilians. Sixteen others were injured.
4/24/04 Iraq Baghdad 5 6 Five U.S. soldiers are killed in a rocket attack launched from a residential neighborhood. Six are wounded.
4/24/04 Iraq Baghdad 12 25 Twelve people in a market were killed when Jihadists launched mortar rounds into the crowded area.
4/24/04 Iraq Basra 2 4 Two U.S. sailors were killed after a boat they boarded exploded. Two other boats with suicide bombers were intercepted before they could do harm.
4/24/04 Iraq Iskandariyah 14 11 Fourteen passengers are killed when a bus hits a roadside bomb. Another eleven are injured in the explosion.
4/24/05 Iraq Tikrit 6 33 Jihadis murder six policemen with two bombs. Nearly three dozen others are injured.
4/24/05 Iraq Baghdad 15 40 Sunni extremists plow a car into a crowd of people outside an ice cream shop in a Shia neighborhood, then detonate the vehicle as others rush to help the victims.
4/25/04 Iraq Mosul 2 10 Jihad rocket attack on a hospital kills two medics and injures ten other civilian workers.
4/27/05 Iraq Najaf 1 0 Shiite cleric gunned down on his way to work.
4/28/04 Iraq Mosul 9 0 Series of Sunni attacks in Mosul kills eight Iraqi policemen and one civilian.
4/28/04 Iraq Kut 2 1 Two Ukrainian soldiers are killed an RPG attack on their convoy while on security patrol.
4/29/04 Iraq Basra 1 0 South African civilian is killed by Muslim extremists in a drive-by shooting.
4/29/04 Iraq Mahmoudiya 8 4 Car bombing kills eight U.S. soldiers and injures four others.
4/29/05 Iraq Baghdad 41 120 Seven separate suicide bombings by Muslim extremists leave more than forty people dead and at least one-hundred and twenty injured. Women and children are among the victims.
4/30/04 Iraq Mosul 2 5 Two foreign security guards are killed in a bomb attack. Five others are injured.
4/30/04 Iraq Fallujah 2 6 Suicide car bomber kills two U.S. soldiers and injures six.
4/30/05 Iraq Baghdad 11 36 A series of five bombings kills at least eleven and injures dozens.
4/4/03 Iraq Hadithah Dam 3 2 In a particularly heinous attack, two female car bombers drive up to a U.S. checkpoint, scream for help, then kill the three soldiers rushing to their assistance. Two others are injured.
4/4/04 Iraq Mahmoudiya 2 0 Shooting ambush kills Iraqi police chief and his driver.
4/4/04 Iraq Baghdad 9 24 A mob of Shiite radicals storm through a neighborhood, killing nine coalition soldiers sent to protect citizens from violent attack. Twenty-four others are injured.
4/6/04 Iraq Kut 1 0 Radical Shiites enter a house and shoot a South African contractor to death.
4/6/05 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Video posted on the Internet showing two young men brutally stabbed to death as assailants yell "Allah Akbar."
4/8/04 Iraq Fallujah 1 5 RPG fired from a mosque injures five Marines. Another is killed in the ensuing gun battle.
4/8/05 Iraq Baqubah 10 0 The bodies of ten civilians, abducted, bound and executed by Jihadis are found.
4/8/05 Iraq Latifiya 15 0 In a senseless killing, members of the "Islamic Army" stop a vehicle carrying non-uniformed Iraqi soldiers and machine-gun them to death.
4/8/05 Iraq Baghdad 4 0 Roadside bomb kills four children.
4/9/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 0 Three U.S. civilian truck drivers are killed in an attack on their convoy by Fedayeen gunmen. Their bodies are subsequently mutilated.
4/9/05 Iraq Mosul 2 13 Islamic insurgents detonate a roadside bomb, killing two civilians and injuring thirteen others.
5/1/05 Iraq Baghdad 4 5 A Jihad car bomb kills four civilians and injures another five.
5/1/05 Iraq Tal Afar 25 51 A Kurdish funeral is the target of a suicidal religious fanatic, who kills at least twenty-five others and injures about fifty mourners.
5/1/05 Iraq Baghdad 5 0 Iraqi policemen are shot to death by al-Qaeda operatives at a checkpoint.
5/10/04 Iraq Mosul 1 4 Insurgents kill a four-year-old girl in a rocket strike.
5/10/04 Iraq Kirkuk 3 0 Radicals shoot two foreign civilians and one Iraqi to death in front of their house.
5/10/05 Iraq Baghdad 7 16 Seven civilians are blasted and burned to death by Fedayeen suicide car bomber on a busy street.
5/11/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 3 "Allahu Akbar" shout jubilant al-Qaeda members as they cut off the head of an American (civilian) prisoner on video. Elsewhere in the city, a Russian contractor is killed and two others abducted.
5/11/05 Iraq Hawija 30 37 A Fedayeen straps explosives to his chest then wades into a group of unemployed civilians waiting to apply for government jobs. At least thirty are blown to bits, with another forty suffering injuries.
5/11/05 Iraq Tikrit 27 75 A suicide car bomber swerves his vehicle into a crowd of people on a sidewalk. At least Twenty-seven are killed in the explosion.
5/11/05 Iraq Baghdad 4 14 Three separate Jihad attacks leave four dead and fourteen injured.
5/12/04 Iraq Balad 1 4 Philippine warehouse worker is killed, and four other civilian employees injured in a mortar attack on a U.S. base from a residential neighborhood.
5/12/05 Iraq Baghdad 17 65 Jihad terrorists detonate a car bomb outside a market and a cinema, killing seventeen people and injuring nearly seventy, some with severe burns and internal injuries.
5/13/05 Iraq Baiji 5 0 Car bomb kills five Iraqis.
5/13/05 Iraq Baqubah 3 6 Fedayeen suicide bomber plows into a troop transport, killing two Iraqi soldiers and one civilian.
5/14/05 Iraq Jurf al-Sakhar 3 0 Three beheaded corpses are found with signs of torture.
5/14/05 Iraq Baghdad 4 10 Civilians are victimized by another suicidal car bomber looking for a ticket to paradise.
5/15/04 Iraq Mosul 4 17 Four civilians were killed, and seventeen others injured by a mortar attack on a recruitment office.
5/15/05 Iraq Latifiyah 6 0 Three Kuwaiti TV journalists, two Iraqi assistants and their driver are forced off the road by Jihadis then forced to kneel as their throats are cut.
5/15/05 Iraq Iskandariya 34 0 The bodies of thirty-four people, some in handcuffs, are found dumped in three locations. Jihadis tortured and beheaded many of them.
5/15/05 Iraq Baqubah 5 20 Two suicide bombers, one in a car the other following on foot, attempt an assasination. Five innocents are blown apart - another twenty badly injured.
5/16/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 1 Muslim radical opens fire on a minibus carrying Christian women, forcing them to the side of the road. He then tosses an explosive in the vehicle, killing three, including the driver.
5/16/04 Iraq Mahmoudiya 1 1 Iraqi woman working as a translator for the coalition is killed in her home.
5/16/05 Iraq Baghdad 3 0 Three blindfolded and bound bodies are found. Some were shot miltiple times.
5/16/05 Iraq Aalgaya 2 2 Muslim gunmen shoot a policeman and his wife to death in their car. The attack also left their two young children badly injured.
5/17/04 Iraq Baghdad 7 8 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills the Iraqi governing council president and at least six others. Eight were reported to be injured in the blast.
5/17/05 Iraq Dujail 6 0 Six Iraqi truck drivers are pulled from their cabs and killed by radical Sunnis.
5/19/05 Iraq Samarrah 2 0 In a brutal attack, Sunni gunmen kill a policeman and his elderly father as they are riding in a car.
5/19/05 Iraq Baghdad 1 8 Suicide bomber kills an Iraqi soldier at a checkpoint. Eight others are injured.
5/19/05 Iraq Mosul 7 3 Fedayeen gunmen attack the house of a Sunni politician, killing seven people inside the home.
5/2/04 Iraq Ramadi 6 0 Sunni mortar attack on a U.S. base kills five sailors and one soldier.
5/2/05 Iraq Mosul 23 50 Twenty-three Iraqis, including children are killed in eight car bombings by Muslim extremists. More than fifty are badly injured.
5/20/04 Iraq Mosul 1 4 Bomb blast kills one Iraqi civilian and injures four others.
5/20/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 3 Two civilians are killed by a suicide bomber. Three others are injured.
5/21/04 Iraq Baqubah 4 1 Jihadists kill four Iraq security personnel manning a road block by driving up and then unloading with RPGs and weapons fire.
5/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 6 10 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills six other Iraqis and injures at least ten. In addition to improving the bomber's afterlife, the blast was intended to kill a ministry official and his wife.
5/22/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 3 Sunni radicals spray a car with automatic weapons fire, killing a top official and his driver.
5/23/04 Iraq Basra 5 0 Five members of a family, including two children (ages 4 and 7), are killed in an insurgent mortar attack.
5/23/04 Iraq Baqubah 2 1 Terrorists fire on a vehicle, killing a university student and a police official.
5/23/05 Iraq Tal Afar 35 25 Two suicidal religious extremists murder more than thirty people outside the house of a community leader with twin bombings.
5/23/05 Iraq Mahmoudiya 7 22 A suicidal Sunni tries to drive his explosives-packed car into a mosque. Seven are killed and more than thirty hurt. Five killed are family members.
5/23/05 Iraq Baghdad 10 82 Muslim extremists detonate a car bomb outside a Shiite restaurant, killing seven and injuring more then eighty. Many have serious injuries.
5/24/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Islamic terrorists kill two British civilians in a rocket attack on their vehicle.
5/24/05 Iraq Baghdad 6 8 Car bombing outside a girl's school kills six and injures eight.
5/25/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 4 An Iraqi boy is killed, and four other civilians injured when a car bomb explodes outside a hotel, near the Australian consul's office.
5/26/04 Iraq Bagdad 5 6 Two Russian civilian contractors and two Iraqi civilians are killed in a shooting attack on their bus as it is pulling out from a power plant. This follow the 5/10 beating death of another Russian civilian.
5/26/05 Iraq Baghdad 3 6 Suicidal extremist kills three Iraqis and injures six with bombs hidden in a taxi.
5/26/05 Iraq Baghdad 5 0 Jihadis attack and kill a university professor, along with three of his bodyguards. They also knife a Shiite to death elsewhere.
5/27/04 Iraq Najaf 2 0 Fedayeen insurgents attack a vehicle carrying a member of the Iraqi governing council. Her son and bodyguard are killed.
5/27/05 Iraq Tikrit 2 24 Two civilians are killed and at least two dozen others injured, some badly, in a terrorist bombing.
5/28/04 Iraq Mahmudiya 2 0 Two Japanese journalists on their way to pick up a 10-year-old blinded child for treatment in Japan are attacked by a Muslim mob, dragged out of their car and beaten to death.
5/28/05 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 Islamists stab a 44-year-old Japanese hostage to death on videotape.
5/28/05 Iraq Sinjar 5 45 Two religious extremists kill five other people and injure at least forty more in coordinated suicide bombings.
5/29/05 Iraq Mosul 8 0 Eight civilians, including children, are blown to bits by Islamic terrorists.
5/29/05 Iraq Tuz 2 9 Jihadis kill two civilians with a car bomb outside a school. Nine others are injured.
5/29/05 Iraq al-Madyen 2 8 A suicide car bomber kills two Iraqis and injures eight on his way to Paradise.
5/30/05 Iraq Baghdad 27 118 Two Fedayeen suicide bombers kill twenty-seven Iraqis. The first waded into a crowd before detonating. The second ran after the survivors, killing many of them as well.
5/31/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 25 Four Iraqis are killed in a car bombing. Another twenty-five are injured.
5/4/05 Iraq Erbil 60 150 A Fedayeen suicide bomber walks into a crowd of Iraqi civilians standing in line to apply for jobs with the police and detonates his explosives, killing sixty and injuring about three times that number.
5/5/05 Iraq Baghdad 22 43 Three separate attacks, including another suicide bomber at a recruitment station, leave twenty-two Iraqis dead and at least that many injured.
5/6/04 Iraq Kirkuk 2 1 Car carrying a government official is attacked by Sunni extremists, killing him and the driver, and wounding his wife.
5/6/04 Iraq Baghdad 6 25 Suicide car bomber kills five civilians and one soldier at a checkpoint. Twenty-three other civilians and two U.S. soldiers are injured in the blast.
5/6/05 Iraq Tikrit 7 8 A suicidal religious extremist blows his car up next to a minivan taking Iraqi police to work, killing seven and injuring eight.
5/6/05 Iraq Baghdad 14 0 Assyrian Christians are thought to be among the fourteen, bound corpses of torture victims found in a city garbage dump.
5/6/05 Iraq Suwayra 16 36 Sixteen Iraqis shopping at a marketplace are murdered by a Fedayeen, who wades into the crowd before detonating explosives strapped to his body. At least thirty-six are injured.
5/7/04 Iraq Latifiya 2 1 An award-winning Polish journalist is shot to death, along with an Algerian colleague by Sunni insurgents in a drive-by attack.
5/7/04 Iraq Mosul 4 1 Roadside terrorist bombing kills four Iraqi policeman.
5/7/05 Iraq Baghdad 22 36 Suicidal Sunnis target a civilian convoy at a busy intersection. Twenty-two are killed in the blast and dozens lay injured in the circle of mutilated bodies.
5/9/04 Iraq Baghdad 7 13 Terrorists kill a child and six others by exploding a bomb in a crowded market. Thirteen others are injured.
5/9/05 Iraq Baghdad 4 8 A grisly scene as a suicidal Sunni rams his car into two police vehicles, burning the occupants to death.
6/1/04 Iraq Beiji 11 26 Car bombing by Sunni terrorists kills eleven Iraqis and injures twenty-six.
6/1/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 20 Three are killed, and more than twenty injured by a car bombing targeting the minority Kurds, who are seen as infidels by the other Muslim sects.
6/10/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A Christian man is attack and murdered by Islamists in his home.
6/10/05 Iraq Basra 2 0 A policeman and his brother are shot to death by Jihadis while riding in their car.
6/11/04 Iraq Fallujah 3 0 al-Qaeda members kill three hostages kidnapped the day before by cutting their throats. The three were employees of a telecommunications company.
6/11/05 Iraq Najaf 2 3 A bomb planted in a Shia cemetery kills two people, including an 8-year-old girl, and injures three others, all from the same family.
6/11/05 Iraq Baghdad 10 0 Ten people are slaughtered by a Sunni bomb in a Shia neighborhood, including a pregnant woman and her husband.
6/11/05 Iraq Diyara 11 2 Jihad gunmen open fire on a bus carrying construction laborers, killing eleven in the brutal attack and injuring two.
6/12/05 Iraq Baghdad 3 4 Three people are killed, and at least four injured in two separate suicide blasts.
6/13/04 Iraq Baghdad 13 12 A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills thirteen Iraqis and injures at least a dozen with a car bomb.
6/13/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Extremists assassinate two government officials in separate shooting attacks.
6/14/04 Iraq Baghdad 13 61 A suicide bomber targets foreign civilian contractors working to restore the country's power plants. Thirteen people, other than this religious man, were killed immediately and more than sixty injured.
6/14/05 Iraq Baqubah 6 4 Suicide bomber kills six Iraqis, including two children and injures four others.
6/14/05 Iraq Kirkuk 19 89 A Fedayeen suicide bomber wades into a crowd of people shopping in a market and kills nineteen, including children, and injures about ninety others in an egregious and senseless attack.
6/15/04 Iraq Kirkuk 4 1 Four people assassinated in as many days by Fedayeen. The civilian victims are an oil company executive, a cleric, district mayor and the father of a policeman.
6/15/05 Iraq Khalis 23 28 A particularly heinous suicide bombing attack on Iraqi soldiers eating lunch at their base leaves twenty-three dead and about thirty injured.
6/15/05 Iraq Baghdad 4 29 A suicide bomber detonates near a market, murdering four Iraqis and injuring twenty-nine others.
6/15/05 Iraq Ramadi 5 0 Five U.S. Marines are killed by a terrorist while riding in their vehicle.
6/16/05 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Ansar al-Sunna terrorists shoot an Iraqi judge to death, along with his driver.
6/17/04 Iraq Balad 6 4 Car bombing by Sunni insurgents kills six member of the Iraqi Defense Forces and injures four.
6/17/04 Iraq Baghdad 35 145 'Holy Warrior' suicide bomber kills at least thirty-five Iraqi civilians and injures nearly one-hundred and fifty other innocents who happened to be on a busy street near a recruiting center. The vehicle used was apparently packed with artillery rounds.
6/17/05 Iraq Fallujah 14 8 Fourteen Iraqis die when a suicide bomber detonates an explosives laden car on a street corner.
6/18/05 Iraq Baghdad 3 0 A 10-year-old girl is killed by a bomb and two bodies are found, brutally executed.
6/19/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 2 Fedayeen attack on an ambulance kills one U.S. soldier and injures two more.
6/19/04 Iraq Basra 3 0 Remote-controlled bomb kills two oil workers and one Iraqi security personnel.
6/19/05 Iraq Iskandariya 3 7 Sunni terrorists open fire on shoppers at a marketplace, killing three and injuring seven.
6/19/05 Iraq Baghdad 23 36 A suicidal religious extremist walks into a restaurant and blows up twenty-three innocent people. Another thirty-six patrons are injured.
6/19/05 Iraq Tikrit 3 9 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills three Iraqis.
6/2/04 Iraq Baghdad 5 37 Five people rushing to help an injured woman are killed by a car bomb. Thirty-seven others are injured in the terrorist blast.
6/2/05 Iraq Baghdad 9 0 Muslim militants fire into a crowded market from three passing cars, murdering at least nine civilians.
6/2/05 Iraq Mosul 5 13 Jihadis detonate bombs on two motorcycles parked outside a caf‚, killing five Iraqis.
6/2/05 Iraq Baqouba 4 4 Four Iraqis killed in a blast by a suicidal Sunni.
6/2/05 Iraq Kirkuk 4 11 A convoy of civilian contractors is targeted by a Fedayeen suicide bomber who paves his way to Paradise with at least four dead bodies.
6/2/05 Iraq Tuz Khormato 12 40 Suicidal religious extremist plows his car into a restaurant and detonates a blast that leaves at least twelve people dead, including children, and forty others maimed.
6/20/04 Iraq Diyala 2 0 Husband and wife are killed when "holy" warriors fire rocket into their home.
6/20/05 Iraq Ebril 19 118 Three car bombs, at least one by a suicidal "holy warrior," kill eighteen people, mostly Kurds, and injure over one-hundred.
6/21/04 Iraq Baghdad 10 0 Sunni extremists kill ten civilians and police in a mortar attack.
6/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 6 Car bomb explodes in a residential neighborhood, killing three, including a 3-year-old girl and injuring another six civilians.
6/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 al-Qaeda group "Monotheism and Jihad" beheads a Korean hostage in front of a banner praising Allah.
6/22/04 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Islamists stab a female law professor to death on her doorstep. Her husband is killed in the same manner.
6/22/05 Iraq Baghdad 18 46 Eighteen Shiite civilians are slaughtered in three separate bombing attacks by radical Sunnis. About fifty are injured.
6/23/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 2 A mother and her child are among three killed by a roadside bomb. Two other civilians are wounded in the blast.
6/23/04 Iraq Basra 2 0 As their father waited at home for their return, two Christian sisters are gunned down by Muslim extremists in a particularly heinous and senseless murder.
6/23/05 Iraq Baghdad 17 60 Four more car bombs aimed at Shia civilians kill fifteen and injure over fifty in residential neighborhoods.
6/23/05 Iraq Fallujah 4 13 A senseless attack on a U.S. Marine mail convoy kills four, including three women.
6/24/03 Iraq Amarah 6 8 Six British military policemen are murdered by a Shiite mob. Eight others are wounded in the attack.
6/24/04 Iraq Mosul 112 320 Series of coordinated terrorist attacks, including suicide bombings and other Fedayeen tactics kill over one-hundred Iraqis and injure hundreds more across the country. Recorded message says 'killings will continue until Islamic rule back on earth.'
6/24/05 Iraq Ramadi 13 10 Eight policemen are captured at a checkpoint by Jihadis, then executed. Two separate attacks elsewhere leave five others dead.
6/25/05 Iraq Mosul 5 2 Suicide bomber blows himself to Allah, taking five innocents with him.
6/25/05 Iraq Baghdad 5 7 Sunni insurgents mortar bomb a crowded Shia caf‚, killing five civilians and injuring seven.
6/25/05 Iraq Samarrah 9 16 Suicide bomber slams into a residential neighborhood, killing nine civilians and injuring sixteen.
6/26/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 1 Explosive device near a truck carrying Iraqi electrical workers kills one and injures one.
6/26/04 Iraq Hilla 23 58 Twenty-three civilians are killed by two car bombings near a Shiite mosque in Hilla. About sixty others are injured in the blasts.
6/26/04 Iraq Baqubah 3 20 Car bombing kills one, injures twenty. In Erbil, a shooting and grenade attack on a Shiite political office leaves two guards dead.
6/26/05 Iraq Mosul 36 19 Four bombings by suicidal Fedayeen in disguised vehicles leave three dozen people dead and dozens more injured.
6/27/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 8 Insurgents drop a mortar on a soccer field, killing two children and injuring another eight.
6/27/04 Iraq Baqubah 6 4 Sunni extremists attack a checkpoint with automatic weapons and rockets, killing six Iraqi guardsmen.
6/27/05 Iraq Baghdad 3 0 Islamic fundamentalists attack a barbershop, killing two, including a 9-year-old boy, then blow up the building.
6/28/05 Iraq Baghdad 5 0 An 87-year-old Iraqi politician and four others, including his son, are killed by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
6/28/05 Iraq Kirkuk 3 0 Sunni terrorists kill three oil company workers with a roadside bomb.
6/28/05 Iraq Musayyib 3 13 A suicide bomber enters a hospital then detonates his explosives, killing three other people.
6/28/05 Iraq Baghdad 4 24 Four civilians are killed, and dozens injured when fundamentalists detonate a car bomb outside a theater.
6/28/05 Iraq Tal Afar 4 21 Four people, including a child, lose their lives in a Jihad mortar attack.
6/29/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 4 In a tragic attack, Islamic militants use a roadside bomb to kill three U.S. Marines after the handover of power. A British soldier was killed in Basra the day before in similar fashion.
6/29/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 al-Jazeera airs a videotape of a U.S. hostage being executed by al-Qaeda.
6/29/04 Iraq Mahmudiyah 2 0 Extremists cite Qur'anic verses then attack a police station with assault rifles, killing an officer and a civilian.
6/3/05 Iraq Balad 10 12 Ten Iraqis are slaughtered by a suicidal religious fanatic in a car bombing. Twelve more are injured.
6/30/03 Iraq Fallujah 5 15 Explosives hidden in a Mosque for use against American explode prematurely killing at least five and injuring more than fifteen.
6/30/03 Iraq Baghdad 4 2 Terrorist grenade attack on a vehicle leaves four U.S. troops dead and two wounded.
6/30/05 Iraq Baghdad 7 0 Muslim gunmen burst into an optician's shop and kill seven people in cold blood - four from the same family.
6/4/04 Iraq Baghdad 5 5 Terrorists bomb a Humvee on routine security patrol. Five U.S. soldiers are killed and five more injured.
6/5/04 Iraq Musayyib 7 0 Jihadists disguise themselves as police officers to gain entrance to a police station, then proceed to kill seven officers in cold blood.
6/5/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 1 Mujahideen gunmen kill four civilian contractors in an ambush - two Americans and two Poles.
6/5/04 Iraq Mosul 0 17 Militants fire RPGs at jobseekers lining up outside a recruitment office. Seventeen are injured.
6/5/05 Iraq Shorgat 1 3 An Iraqi soldier is killed by a suicide bomber on a motorcycle.
6/6/04 Iraq Baghdad 9 48 Two suicide bombers, belonging to a group calling itself the 'Unification and Jihad Group' kill nine Iraqis and injure forty-eight others.
6/7/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 3 Islamic terrorists target Christian workers in a morning shooting attack that leaves four dead and several wounded.
6/7/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 0 In the same Christian neighborhood as the morning drive-by, Islamic extremists murder four, including three women returning from work.
6/7/05 Iraq Hawija 18 38 Militant Sunnis kill eighteen Iraqi civilians in a series of four suicide bombings and other attacks.
6/7/05 Iraq Habaniyah 7 0 The 'Army of Ansar al-Sunna' ambushes a civilian truck convoy and slaughters seven drivers.
6/8/04 Iraq Suwayrah 6 0 Six European coalition troops are killed by a mortar fired at their base.
6/8/04 Iraq Mosul 10 58 Ten Iraqis are killed by a car bombing. Dozens of others are injured in the terrorist attack.
6/8/04 Iraq Baqouba 6 24 A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills six, including five civilians, and injures over two dozen with his attack, which took place on a busy road at rush hour.
6/9/05 Iraq Qaim 17 0 The bodies of seventeen Iraqi Shiites are discovered bound and executed. Some were beheaded.
6/9/05 Iraq Kirkuk 2 0 Two Iraqis are killed in a Jihad attack on their vehicle.
6/9/05 Iraq Haqlaniya 5 0 Five U.S. Marines are killed in a terrorist bombing.
7/1/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 3 Two civilians are killed, and three badly injured, as Sunni extremists detonate a bomb near a hospital.
7/1/04 Iraq al-Khadra'a 3 2 Three civilians are killed as they pass over a bomb in their vehicle.
7/1/05 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A Shiite cleric is gunned down in cold blood by Sunnis in a drive-by attack.
7/10/04 Iraq Baqubah 1 0 Islamists bomb five shops selling alcohol. A passing taxi driver is killed in one of the explosions.
7/10/05 Iraq Baghdad 25 47 A al-Qaeda suicide bomber blows himself to Allah, taking twenty-five innocents with him. Nearly fifty others are injured.
7/10/05 Iraq Kirkuk 4 15 Suicidal Sunni kills four civilians on a highway, near a hospital. Fifteen are injured in the blast.
7/10/05 Iraq Syrian Border 7 0 Two Islamic suicide bombers kill seven customs agents.
7/11/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 In a particularly senseless attack, Islamic fundamentalists enter the home of a Christian family and stab two girls (ages 16 and 6) to death.
7/12/04 Iraq Musayyib 1 0 Regional Shiite political leader is assassinated by extremists.
7/12/05 Iraq Kirkuk 3 15 Sunnis detonate a car bomb in an industrial district, killing three civilians and injuring fifteen more.
7/13/04 Iraq Mosul 1 0 al-Qaeda militants execute a Bulgarian truck driver that they had taken hostage.
7/13/05 Iraq Jalawlah 2 16 A suicide bomber kills two others inside a Sunni mosque.
7/13/05 Iraq Baghdad 27 25 An Islamic suicide bomber deliberately plows his car into a group of children, slaughtering at least twenty-seven. Children were amply represented among the injured.
7/14/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 6 Fedayeen attack on a routine patrol leaves one U.S. soldier dead and six injured.
7/14/04 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Militants ambush a car carrying a government official, killing three.
7/14/04 Iraq Baghdad 10 41 Ten people, mostly civilians, are killed and more than forty injured when a Fedayeen suicide car bomber detonates his explosives along a busy road.
7/15/04 Iraq Hadithah 10 27 Ten Iraqis, including seven civilians are killed in a Fedayeen car bombing. Another twenty-seven innocents are injured.
7/15/05 Iraq Baghdad 27 100 Seven suicide bombers take at least twenty-seven innocents with them to Allah. About one hundred others suffer injuries; many lose limbs.
7/16/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 2 Terrorist grenade attack leaves one U.S. soldier dead and two others wounded.
7/16/03 Iraq Hadithah 2 0 Pro-American mayor is shot to death, along with his son, while sitting in his car.
7/16/05 Iraq Musayyib 71 160 A religious extremist with explosives wrapped around his chest, detonates himself in a crowded city street, killing over seventy other people. Nearly two-hundred others are injured in the horrific attack.
7/16/05 Iraq Basra 3 2 Muslim terrorists kill three British soldiers with a roadside bomb.
7/17/04 Iraq Baghdad 4 7 'Jihad and Unification' terrorist group uses a car bomb to kill four and injure seven in an attempted assassination of an Iraqi minister.
7/17/04 Iraq Mahmudiyah 2 22 Fedayeen bomber blows himself to Allah, taking the lives of two people and injuring another twenty-two who were waiting in line for jobs.
7/17/05 Iraq Baghdad 22 21 Four Fedayeen kill twenty-two people in separate suicide suicide bombings.
7/18/03 Iraq Fallujah 1 0 Homemade terrorist bomb kills U.S soldier.
7/18/04 Iraq Mosul 1 2 A political figure is assassinated in a drive-by shooting. His 7-year-old son was shot as well, but survived.
7/18/05 Iraq Baghdad 7 0 Islamic insurgents murder six policemen and a government worker in six separate shooting attacks.
7/19/04 Iraq Mosul 1 1 Islamists kill the Christian owner of a restaurant selling food to Americans. They also blind and cut off both hands of his Muslim business partner.
7/19/04 Iraq Baghdad 9 62 Religious fanatic kills himself and nine others by blowing up a truck filled with fuel on a busy street. Sixty-two others are injured, including many who are badly burned.
7/19/05 Iraq Baqubah 13 0 Jihadis stage a shooting attack on a minivan carrying civilians, killing thirteen in all.
7/2/05 Iraq Hillah 6 26 Two Sunni suicide bombers kill at least six people and injured dozens more in a Shia neighborhood.
7/2/05 Iraq Baghdad 16 22 A suicidal Muslim bomber kills sixteen other people outside a police station. About two dozen others are injured in the blast.
7/2/05 Iraq Mahmoudiya 2 0 A bomb hidden in a vegetable cart targets a Shia funeral procession.
7/20/03 Iraq Tel Afar 2 1 RPG and small arms fire ambush on a convoy kills two U.S. soldiers and injures one.
7/20/04 Iraq Basra 3 1 Sunni extremists assassinate a council member, along with two others.
7/20/05 Iraq Baghdad 10 21 A suicidal Sunni murders ten people near an airport and causes egregious injuries to at least a dozen others.
7/20/05 Iraq Hilla 4 4 Two Jihad car bombings kill four and injure four, including a young girl.
7/21/03 Iraq Baghdad 2 3 Sunni attack kills U.S. soldier and Iraqi interpreter. Three others are injured.
7/21/04 Iraq Ramadi 4 14 At least four people, including three brothers are killed by a car bombing. Fourteen others are injured.
7/21/05 Iraq Mahmudiya 5 8 A religious extremist kills himself and five innocents in a blast at a traffic checkpoint.
7/22/03 Iraq Hilla 1 1 Shooting attack on a plainly marked Red Cross vehicle kills one staff member and injures the driver.
7/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 2 Muslim insurgents car bomb a residential neighborhood, killing at least three and hurting at least two others.
7/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 4 Sunni extremists fire a missile into a hospital, killing two.
7/22/05 Iraq Baghdad 12 5 Four Jihad attacks leave twelve Iraqis dead, including a senseless ambush on a wedding party that left the bride and her mother dead.
7/23/03 Iraq Mosul 1 6 Terrorist landmine kills one and injures six other U.S. soldiers on patrol.
7/23/03 Iraq Ramadi 1 2 Sunni attack on convoy kills one U.S. soldier, leaves two others injured.
7/23/04 Iraq Beiji 1 0 al-Qaeda members kill a Bulgarian truck driver, taken hostage several weeks earlier, by cutting off his head.
7/24/03 Iraq Qayyarah 3 0 Three U.S. soldiers are killed by Fedayeen ambush on a convoy.
7/24/04 Iraq Latifiya 2 1 Group calling itself 'Lion of God' takes an Egyptian hostage. Elsewhere gunmen stage an assassination attempt that kills two bodyguards.
7/24/05 Iraq Baghdad 22 30 A horrific scene as a Fedayeen suicide bomber kills twenty-two people, mostly civilians in a crowded area near sidewalk cafes.
7/25/05 Iraq Baghdad 12 16 A Fedayeen suicide bomber drives his car in front of a hotel and slaughters a dozen people. Sixteen others are injured.
7/26/03 Iraq Ba-qubah 3 4 Sunni terrorist throws grenade into crowd of soldiers guarding a children's hospital from looters. Three are killed and four badly injured.
7/26/04 Iraq Basra 2 3 Muslim extremists open fire on a private vehicle carrying workers. Two women are killed and another three injured.
7/26/04 Iraq Mosul 3 5 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills three, including two civilians and causes another five to suffer critical burns.
7/26/05 Iraq Hilla 3 0 Three policemen are killed when terrorists fire a rocket at point-blank range.
7/26/05 Iraq Baghdad 16 27 Sunni gunmen massacre sixteen Shia civilians with an automatic weapons attack on their vehicles. Over two dozen are inured with gunshot wounds.
7/26/05 Iraq Basra 3 0 In two separate attacks (one in Tikrit) Jihadis kill three innocents, including a child and a truck driver.
7/27/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Group calling itself the 'Islamic Army' brutally executes two Pakistani civilians taken hostage.
7/27/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 al-Qaeda executes two Algerian diplomats that were abducted several days earlier.
7/28/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 3 Sunni terrorist drops grenade from an overpass onto a passing vehicle. One U.S. soldier is killed and three are injured.
7/28/03 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Jihad grenade attack kills two U.S. soldiers and injures a third.
7/28/04 Iraq Baqubah 68 56 An Islamist kills himself and sixty-eight others, including twenty-one passengers on a passing bus, and injures dozens more in a suicide bombing at a marketplace.
7/28/04 Iraq Fallujah 4 1 Four policemen are killed by a homemade bomb while on routine patrol.
7/29/05 Iraq Rabiah 52 35 A suicidal religious extremist wanders into a crowd of people and detonates explosives strapped to his body, killing at over fifty people.
7/3/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 U.S. soldier guarding the National Museum is gunned down by a sniper.
7/3/04 Iraq Mahmudiyah 7 5 Seven Iraqi National Guardsmen are gunned down at a checkpoint by Sunni extremists.
7/30/03 Iraq Ba'qubah 1 2 Sunni attack kills one U.S. soldier and injures two others.
7/30/05 Iraq Baghdad 3 0 Police find the bodies of three airport workers, bound and tortured by the Jihadis. Their throats were cut.
7/30/05 Iraq Baghdad 6 26 A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills six Iraqis near a theatre. Twenty-six others are injured.
7/30/05 Iraq Basra 2 2 A bomb attack on the British Embassy convoy leaves two security guards dead and two children injured.
7/31/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 3 One U.S. soldier killed and three others injured by Sunni landmine.
7/31/05 Iraq Haswa 7 12 Seven civilians are killed by a Jihad car bombing.
7/4/04 Iraq Baqubah 3 1 Fedayeen "holy warrior" suicide car bombing leaves three dead.
7/4/05 Iraq Fallujah 3 9 Three civilians are blown to bits, and nine others badly injured by a Fedayeen suicide bombing on a busy road.
7/4/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Sunni insurgents kill a painting contractor, and kidnap, torture and behead another man.
7/4/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 4 A remote-controlled bomb kills two civilians, including a woman.
7/5/03 Iraq Ramadi 7 40 Jihad terrorist bombing leaves seven Iraqi police recruits dead. More than forty are injured.
7/5/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 24-year old British journalist shot in the back of the head by Fediyeen assassin outside a museum.
7/5/05 Iraq Baghdad 3 0 Islamic extremists shoot three barbers to death for shaving beards.
7/6/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 U.S. soldier guarding Baghdad University is shot in the back and killed.
7/6/04 Iraq Baqubah 14 25 Fourteen mourners at a funeral for a man killed by terrorists are themselves victims of a Fedayeen suicide car bombing. Dozens of others are injured.
7/6/05 Iraq Jbeila 13 30 Thirteen civilians are slaughtered in twin suicide bombings by Muslim extremists. About thirty others are injured.
7/7/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 Homemade bomb thrown at military vehicle, killing a U.S. soldier on routine patrol.
7/7/04 Iraq Bagdhdad 0 6 Extremists fire mortars at the residence of the new Iraqi Prime Minister, injuring six.
7/7/05 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 al-Qaeda Organization for Holy War pronounces "Allah's judgment" and kills a kidnapped Egyptian diplomat on video.
7/7/05 Iraq Mosul 5 52 Five people at a market are killed when Sunni terrorists lob more than a dozen mortar rounds into the square.
7/8/04 Iraq Samarra 7 30 al-Qaeda use a residential neighborhood as a staging area for firing mortars, killing five U.S. soldiers and two Iraqis.
7/8/04 Iraq Ramadi 3 0 An Iraqi civilian and two policemen are shot at point-blank range after their car is stopped by extremists.
7/9/03 Iraq Tikrit & Mahmudiyah 2 1 Two U.S. soldiers are killed in separate ambushes by Fediyeen elements.
7/9/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 3 Sunni militants kill a child and injure three others in a mortar attack on a hotel.
7/9/05 Iraq Baghdad 8 0 A family of eight Shia is grusomely murdered by Sunni radicals as they sleep in their home.
8/1/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 2 Terrorist bombing near a hotel kills two civilians and badly injures two others.
8/1/04 Iraq Baghdad 11 61 Islamic radicals bomb five Catholic churches, murdering nearly a dozen Christians and injuring close to one-hundred people.
8/1/04 Iraq Mosul 4 32 A suicide bomber kills at least four people and injures between thirty and fifty in a residential neighborhood.
8/10/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Jihadis kill a 12-year-old girl's mother and pharmacist father in an attack that also leaves her injured.
8/10/05 Iraq Baiji 2 0 Two oil pipeline security guards are shot to death by Islamic terrorists.
8/10/05 Iraq Ghazaliya 6 14 A suicidal Sunni detonates a car bomb near a group of police, killing at least six, including four civilians. Fourteen suffer injury.
8/11/03 Iraq Baquba 1 2 Terrorist bombing in the Sunni triangle leaves one U.S. soldier dead and two others injured.
8/11/04 Iraq Khan Ban Sad 6 10 Muslim terrorists bomb a busy marketplace in a small town, killing six people and injuring at least 10 others.
8/11/04 Iraq Mosul 4 0 Islamic insurgents spray a car with machine-gun fire, killing four occupants, including a woman and child.
8/12/05 Iraq Nasaf 4 19 Three children are among four civilians killed by a bomb planted by radical Muslims near a mosque.
8/13/03 Iraq Ad Dwar 1 1 Terrorist IED attack in the Sunni triangle leaves one U.S. soldier dead and another injured.
8/14/03 Iraq Zubair 1 2 Terrorist attack on a military ambulance kills one British soldier and leaves two others badly injured.
8/14/05 Iraq al-Mahawil 2 5 An Islamic suidide bomber kills two civilians and injures five others.
8/15/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 5 Bus station bombed with mortars - at least one killed and five injured.
8/15/05 Iraq Dura 1 0 'Holy Warriors' kidnap a Christian woman and then cut off her head.
8/15/05 Iraq Uwarige 30 0 The mass grave of thirty people, including two women, is uncovered. The Fedayeen tortured the victims before executing them.
8/16/03 Iraq Baghdad 6 59 Six Iraqis are killed and nearly sixty injured by attempted terrorist attack on a U.S. position using mortar bombs.
8/16/04 Iraq Baqouba 5 4 Mortar attack kills two civilians and injures four. In the same city, a roadside bomb kills three Iraqi Guardsmen.
8/17/04 Iraq Baghdad 6 32 Islamic insurgents fire a mortar round into a crowded street outside a barbershop, killing six, including two children, and injuring at least thirty others.
8/17/05 Iraq Baghdad 43 89 Jihadis murder over forty people in three separate car bombings that also leave about one-hundred injured. Most of the victims were simply waiting at a bus stop or seeking medical treatment at a hospital when they were targeted.
8/17/05 Iraq Hawija 6 0 Six Iraqi recruits are pulled from a bus by Sunni radicals and shot to death execution-style.
8/18/05 Iraq Samarrah 4 0 Islamic terrorists kill four U.S. soldiers with a roadside bomb.
8/18/05 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Jihadis murder a judge and his driver.
8/19/03 Iraq Baghdad 23 100 At least twenty-three people are killed, and more than one-hundred injured, by Fedayeen suicide bombing attack on a hotel.
8/19/04 Iraq Najaf 8 30 Radical Shiites kill eight and injure thirty in the Holy City of Najaf in a mortar attack on a police station.
8/19/05 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Shia gunmen abduct three Sunni political workers, who are later made to stand against a wall, where they are executed.
8/2/03 Iraq Baghdad 3 3 Two U.S. soldiers are killed, along with an Iraqi interpreter, when Sunni terrorist detonate a landmine under their vehicle.
8/2/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 al-Qaeda members place a hood over the head of a cleaner taken hostage, then shoot him three times while praising Allah.
8/2/05 Iraq Baghdad 4 24 An Islamic suicide bomber kills four civilians and injures two dozen.
8/2/05 Iraq Shu'la 7 0 Shia gunmen kill a Sunni cleric and his brother, then gun down a vehicle carrying five mourners on their way to view the bodies.
8/20/03 Iraq Diwaniya 1 1 One U.S. soldier is killed, and another wounded, by terrorist ambush.
8/20/03 Iraq Tikrit 1 2 An American interpreter is killed by a Sunni sniper and RPG attack, two others are injured.
8/21/05 Iraq Fallujah 4 5 A terrorist bomb kills four Iraqis and injures five.
8/22/04 Iraq Baqubah 2 4 Fedayeen suicide bomber attempts a political assassination. Two guards are killed.
8/22/05 Iraq Tarmiyah 8 3 Jihad gunmen spray a police van with bullets, killing eight and injuring three. Casualties include civilians.
8/22/05 Iraq Baghdad 8 0 In four separate attacks across the country radical Sunnis kill eight, including a married couple in their car, the owner of a food shop and his son, and two truck drivers.
8/23/03 Iraq Basra 3 1 Fedayeen gunmen ambush a British vehicle with a flatbed truck, kill three and wound one.
8/24/03 Iraq Najaf 3 10 Terrorists bomb the house of a Shi'ite leader, targeted for his moderate views. The cleric survived, but three others are killed and ten injured.
8/24/04 Iraq Baghdad 5 15 'Holy Warrior' suicide bombers kill themselves and five others in twin blasts. More than a dozen Iraqi civilians are injured.
8/26/03 Iraq Hamariyah 1 2 Sunni IED explodes, killing one U.S. soldier and injuring two more.
8/26/04 Iraq Kufa 75 376 Clashes between supporters of rival Shiite clerics results in at least seventy-five deaths and more than three-hundred injuries.
8/27/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 2 Roadside terrorist bomb kills one U.S. soldier. Two others are injured.
8/27/03 Iraq Fallujah 1 3 Sunni attack on convoy leaves one U.S. soldier dead and three others injured.
8/27/04 Iraq Najaf 1 0 In a crime so barbaric that even al-Jazeera declined to air the video, an Italian journalist, pacifist, and father of two is taken hostage and murdered by an Islamic group.
8/29/03 Iraq Najaf 85 142 At least eighty-five people are killed in a car bombing by radical Islamists for the purpose of assassinating a moderate Shi'ite cleric. At least one-hundred forty others are injured.
8/29/03 Iraq Baqouba 1 4 One U.S. soldier is killed, and four others wounded, by Sunni terrorists in grenade attack.
8/29/04 Iraq Baqubah 6 11 Six police officers manning a checkpoint are gunned down by Islamic terrorists in two minibuses.
8/3/04 Iraq Baqubah 4 6 Suicide bomber kills four Iraqi National Guardsmen at a roadside checkpoint. Six others are injured.
8/3/05 Iraq Basra 1 1 Shia gunmen abduct and execute an American journalist. They also cause severe injury to his female interpretor.
8/3/05 Iraq Haditha 15 1 Fourteen U.S. Marines and one civilian are killed when terrorists detonate a bomb under their vehicle.
8/31/04 Iraq Bartella 3 0 Three young Christian women are slaughtered by Islamic extremists in a small Iraqi village.
8/31/04 Iraq Baghdad 12 0 An Islamist group called Jaish Ansar al-Sunna slowly beheads a Nepali hostage while eleven other hostages are shot through the back of the head in front of a Qur'anic banner.
8/4/05 Iraq Doloyah 2 0 Jihadis shoot two engineers to death for working at a U.S. base.
8/4/05 Iraq Baquba 7 0 A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills four Iraqis and injures an unknown number of others.
8/5/03 Iraq Tikrit 1 0 American oil worker killed by remote-controlled bomb.
8/5/04 Iraq Mahawil 5 18 Islamic extremists kill five policemen in a shooting attack followed minutes later by a suicide minibus bombing.
8/5/04 Iraq Filfil 1 0 Gunmen stop a truck convoy and kill a Turkish father of three who is unable to recite prayers on command.
8/5/05 Iraq Mosul 5 0 The bodies of five civilians, including a kidnapped Christian surface in Mosul with signs of torture.
8/5/05 Iraq Dora 1 5 Jihadis open fire on a line of cars at a gas station, killing one civilian.
8/5/05 Iraq Baquba 3 0 Muslim fanatics invade the home of an Iraqi soldier and kill his wife, 12-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son in their beds.
8/7/03 Iraq Baghdad 16 43 At least sixteen people are confirmed dead and more than forty injured by a terrorist car bomb that exploded outside the Jordanian embassy.
8/7/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 U.S. soldier killed by Sunni sniper while on guard duty.
8/7/05 Iraq Tikrit 2 10 Suicide bomber blows himself to Allah, taking two Iraqis with him. Ten others are injured.
8/7/05 Iraq Baghdad 10 4 In six separate attacks, Jihadi gunmen kill ten Iraqis.
8/8/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 16 A 10-year-old boy is killed, and sixteen others, including a 13-year-old girl, badly injured when Sunnis mortar-bomb a pickup truck in a residential neighborhood.
8/8/04 Iraq Kirkuk 1 3 Roadside bomb kills a 7-year-old child and injures three others.
8/8/05 Iraq al-Sharqat 7 3 Seven civilians, including three children are murdered when Islamic terrorists bomb a minibus.
8/9/04 Iraq Khalidiya 4 4 Civilian minibus is the target of another Fedayeen bombing. Four are killed and four injured.
8/9/04 Iraq Balad Ruz 7 14 In another case of "killing for Allah," a Fedayeen suicide bomber destroys seven Iraqi policemen and injures another fourteen people.
8/9/05 Iraq Baghdad 21 41 At least six separate Jihad attacks, mostly on civilians, leave over twenty Iraqis dead and more twice that many injured.
8/9/05 Iraq Baiji 4 5 In a senseless attack, terrorists use a roadside bomb and small arms fire to kill four U.S. soldiers investigating explosives.
9/1/03 Iraq Baghdad 2 1 Sunni roadside bomb kills two U.S. military policemen and injures one other.
9/1/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A 43-year-old Christian man is killed by Jihadists just after leaving a hospital where he was treated for injuries following an earlier attack.
9/12/04 Iraq Hilla 3 3 In a senseless attack, terrorists kill three Polish sappers who were working to clear the country of landmines.
9/13/04 Iraq Baghdad 1 2 Group "Unification and Jihad" beheads a Turkish truck driver in front of a video camera. Elsewhere, two Italian women are taken hostage.
9/14/03 Iraq Fallujah 1 3 Sunni roadside bomb attack kills one U.S. soldier and injures three others.
9/14/04 Iraq Baqubah 12 3 Sunni insurgents spray a police van, carrying officers and civilians, with automatic weapons, killing twelve and injuring three.
9/14/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Two Canadian (Arab) Christians are chased by a mob of Muslims and beaten to death.
9/14/04 Iraq Baghdad 47 114 Fedayeen suicide bomber fervently practices his religion by killing himself and forty-seven others in a car bombing on a busy street next to a line of police recruiting hopefuls. Over one-hundred others are injured in the attack.
9/15/03 Iraq Mosul 1 13 Militants hurl grenade at Albanian soldiers, one is killed and thirteen Iraqi bystanders are injured.
9/15/03 Iraq Khaldiyah 1 2 Iraqi police chief killed in a Sunni ambush. Two others badly injured.
9/15/04 Iraq Kirkuk 4 13 Two Iraqi workers are ambushed and shot to death in Kirkuk. A car bombing in Baghdad kills two and injures ten. Three Western civilians there are also kidnapped.
9/15/04 Iraq Al Dijail 3 0 The headless bodies of three people, two of who were Assyrian Christians, are found in a field with with Qur'anic inscriptions carved into them.
9/17/04 Iraq Baghdad 8 41 Fedayeen suicide bomber murders eight people in a shopping district. Forty-one others survive with injuries.
9/18/03 Iraq Tikrit 3 2 Three U.S. soldiers are killed in a Sunni terrorist ambush and two others are injured.
9/18/04 Iraq Mosul 5 4 Gunmen pull beside two cars carrying oil executives. Five are shot to death, four wounded.
9/18/04 Iraq Kirkuk 19 39 Nineteen people waiting in line for jobs are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide car bomber.
9/19/04 Iraq Samarra 6 7 Three young Kurdish party members are captured by 'Ansar al-Sunna' terrorists and beheaded. Elsewhere, a suicide car bombing kills three.
9/2/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 10 One Iraqi policeman was killed, and at least ten bystanders were injured when a car bomb exploded outside a police station.
9/2/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 0 The Tawhid wal Jihad (Unity and Holy War ) Islamic group forces three Turkish hostages to kneel before a video camera, then shoots each in the chest.
9/2/04 Iraq al-Mayasa 2 0 Islamic terrorists gun down two Christian brothers, known for advocating the rights of minorities.
9/21/03 Iraq Baghdad 2 13 Terrorist mortar bombing of a prison kills two U.S. military policemen and injured thirteen others.
9/21/04 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Two American civilians are beheaded on videotape by an al-Qaeda group called 'Jihad and Unification.'
9/22/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 16 Suicide bomber kills one other person and injures sixteen in an explosion outside UN headquarters.
9/22/04 Iraq Baghdad 6 54 Six people are murdered by an Islamic suicide bomber outside a photocopy shop. Nearly sixty others are admitted to the hospital.
9/24/03 Iraq Mosul 2 8 Grenade attack on a cinema kills two patrons and injures eight.
9/24/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 18 Bus bombing kills one civilian and injures eighteen.
9/24/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 20 Jihad militants mortar bomb a city street, killing three civilians and injuring fourteen. Elsewhere, six Egyptian mobile-phone company workers are kidnapped.
9/25/03 Iraq Kirkuk 1 2 RPG attack on a military vehicle in the Sunni triangle kills one U.S. soldier and leaves two other injured.
9/25/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 2 Female member of the Iraqi governing council dies five days after terrorists ambush her vehicle. Her two bodyguards were severely injured.
9/25/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 2 One Somali is killed, and two other civilians injured, by a bomb placed at a hotel housing Western journalists.
9/25/04 Iraq Baghdad 6 0 In a tragic and senseless attack, Islamic insurgents kill murder six young men in a minivan who had just signed up as police recruits.
9/26/03 Iraq Baqouba 9 15 Mortar attack on a crowded marketplace kills nine and injures at least fifteen.
9/27/04 Iraq Falluja 7 7 Two explosions, at least one a Fedayeen suicide bombing, is responsible for the deaths of seven Iraqi Guardsmen in Fallujah and Mosul.
9/28/04 Iraq Basra 2 0 Shia gunmen prevent the rescue of two injured British soldiers, who later die from wounds suffered in a terrorist ambush.
9/29/03 Iraq Habbaniya 1 1 Terrorist bombing and small arms attack leaves one U.S. soldier dead and another injured.
9/29/04 Iraq Tal Afar 4 16 An Islamic insurgent car bombing kills four civilians and injures at least sixteen others.
9/3/03 Iraq Ramadi 1 2 Fedayeen suicide bombing kills an Iraqi interpreter and injures two U.S. soldiers.
9/30/04 Iraq Baghdad 51 230 At least fifty people, including thirty-five children are killed by a series of car bombings. More than two-hundred others are injured. The main target was a ceremony marking the opening of a new sewage system.
9/4/04 Iraq Kirkuk 15 41 Fedayeen suicide bomber kills at least fifteen people and injures another forty with a car bomb.
9/5/03 Iraq al-Shab City 0 3 Three Sunnis are injured by Shia shooting attack on a mosque.
9/5/03 Iraq Mosul 1 1 A dedicated humanitarian and father of three is killed in a Sunni terrorist ambush while working for a charity organization that was working to clear mines in civilian areas.
9/6/04 Iraq Fallujah 10 6 Seven U.S. Marines and three Iraqis are killed by a Fedayeen ('Holy Warrior') suicide car bomber who plowed right into their convoy.
9/8/04 Iraq Baghdad 3 2 Three Iraqis are killed by a roadside bomb.
9/9/03 Iraq Baghdad 1 1 Roadside bomb kills one U.S. soldier and injures one other.
9/9/03 Iraq Arbil 3 41 Three Iraqis, including a 12-year old boy, are killed and more than forty others injured by a suicide bomber targeting an American intelligence office.
45 posted on 09/29/2006 9:37:33 AM PDT by Diogenesis (Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum)
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To: Squawk 8888
Wonder if the Baltimore Sun would have reported this as "just a prank" ?
That's what they did when an unknown group tried to fire bomb a synagogue awhile back.
46 posted on 09/29/2006 9:37:48 AM PDT by TET1968 (SI MINOR PLUS EST ERGO NIHIL SUNT OMNIA)
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To: LibWhacker
Mmmmmmmm... pig's head!

47 posted on 09/29/2006 9:37:53 AM PDT by Revolting cat! ("In the end, nothing explains anything!")
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To: Sax

Maybe the litterers intended the mosque's congregation to bowl with it rather than to eat it..

48 posted on 09/29/2006 9:37:54 AM PDT by sheik yerbouty ( Make America and the world a jihad free zone!)
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To: Brilliant
1/11/03 UK Birmingham 1 0 21-year-old woman stabbed to death by Pakistani on her wedding day for rejecting an arranged Muslim marriage.
1/14/03 UK Manchester 1 0 Detective, father of three, stabbed to death by Muslim terrorist.
6/2/02 UK Orpington, Kent 1 0 33-year-old British man beaten to death by Muslim gang.
7/7/05 UK London 52 750 Islamic terrorists massacre more than fifty commuters on three separate subway trains and a double-decker bus on the street with four suicide bombs. Over seven-hundred people are injured.
9/23/01 UK Cambridge 1 0 17-year-old beaten with a hammer and stabbed to death by Muslim gang in Britain. (Ross Parker murder).
49 posted on 09/29/2006 9:38:22 AM PDT by Diogenesis (Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum)
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To: bicyclerepair

I wonder what would happen to me if I flung a package of bacon at the under-construction "center for islamic studies" that's being built in my city

I thought about the same thing. However, it would probably considered a hate crime of some sort and get 10 years in Federal Prison.

Ummm, isn't ALL crime a HATE crime. Is there any such thing as a LIKE crime?

50 posted on 09/29/2006 9:38:25 AM PDT by MadeInAmerica (- If ILLEGAL means Undocumented - Then Breaking and Entering means Unannounced Visit)
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To: LibWhacker

better be careful, those Muslims, will huff and puff; and blow your house down....

51 posted on 09/29/2006 9:38:27 AM PDT by thinking
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To: LibWhacker

What they need to do is have a good old fashioned hog fry or barbque right across the street from the mosque during this time of ramadan fasting.

52 posted on 09/29/2006 9:38:31 AM PDT by Ruy Dias de Bivar ((Democrats have never found a fight they couldn't run from...Ann Coulter))
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To: LibWhacker
"There is a good and bad in every community and I believe we have some young fanatics who could take this the wrong way," he said.


"Don't mess wid da family. You wouldn't like it if you got Uncle Guido upset now would you? Bettah watch your step."

It's like a cheesy mafia movie. Hate crimes should be avoided not because they are cruel but because otherwise we will kill you all?? What thugs.

53 posted on 09/29/2006 9:38:39 AM PDT by Yaelle
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To: LibWhacker

Threaten Pope with death. Not a hate crime.

Dump a pigs head. Investigate hate crime to the fullest.

54 posted on 09/29/2006 9:39:02 AM PDT by pas
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To: LibWhacker

Would this happen to be one of the mosques where they were preaching to kill the infidel? It's quite possible -- the violence over the Pope's speech showed they have absolutely no sense of irony.

55 posted on 09/29/2006 9:39:31 AM PDT by antiRepublicrat
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To: JimRed

I think it would be funny to have the surrounding streets filled with such just prior to the usual arrival times for Friday's prayers.

Especially at the mosques where violent anti-Americanism is preached so routinely and/or where they harbor Jihadi's with relative impunity.

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To: LibWhacker
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
57 posted on 09/29/2006 9:40:32 AM PDT by Graybeard58 (Remember and pray for SSgt. Matt Maupin - MIA/POW- Iraq since 04/09/04)
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To: LibWhacker
"Muslims are peace-loving people which has been interpreted wrongly to show that we are all terrorists and criminals. That is the impression given by the world's media and politicians which is totally wrong."

Cough! Snort! I shouldn't read what Muslims say about their religion of peace while drinking coffee. Now I have a mess on my keyboard!

58 posted on 09/29/2006 9:41:38 AM PDT by hsalaw
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To: wideawake

I can tell you would not like my design for the WTC-site memorial; namely, we land a couple of divisions in Mecca, steal their black moon rock, bring it back to New York and make a giant public urinal out of it! ;-)

59 posted on 09/29/2006 9:41:57 AM PDT by LibWhacker
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To: LibWhacker
"Muslims are peace-loving people which has been interpreted wrongly to show that we are all terrorists and criminals. That is the impression given by the world's media and politicians which is totally wrong."

Nope. I got that impression from Muslims and their actions. All I've seen the world media and politicians do is cover up or apologize for it.

60 posted on 09/29/2006 9:42:06 AM PDT by EricT. (The Democrats have decided it will either be a Democrat led America, or no America at all.)
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