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What Makes Bush Upbeat about a US Victory in Iraq?
DEBKAfile Exclusive Middle East Report ^ | June 28, 2005

Posted on 07/01/2005 8:28:48 PM PDT by strategofr

The speech US President George W. Bush makes Tuesday, June 28, at the elite 82nd Airborne Division’s home at Fort Bragg, N.C. is fraught with symbolism. The venue is the home base of the division that has born the brunt of the two-and-a half year Iraq war. The date is the first anniversary of the transfer of post-Saddam government to Iraqi sovereignty. One year ago, US administrator Paul Bremer handed the keys of government to interim prime minister Iyad Allawi amid high hopes of a new Iraq.

Allawi remains Washington’s key man in Baghdad, even after the January general election produced a new administration headed by prime minister Ibrahim Jaafari and president Jalal Talabani. The Bush administration is counting on him heavily to eventually find a way out of the Iraqi insurgency and its supportive Arab terror campaign and put an end to guerrilla-terror war that has claimed 1,715 Americans lives and left an Iraqi death toll estimated in tens of thousands. Since the incumbent government took office in April, more than 1000 have been killed, most of them Iraqis.

But as Bush assures Americans that their country will win the war, Allawi, according to DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources, is playing a supporting role in Amman, Jordan. There, he is running a negotiating marathon with batch after batch of Sunni tribal leaders, guerrilla commanders – some as menacing as the al Qaeda-linked Ansar al Islam – and senior Sunni clerics. His mission is to broker an end to the violence plaguing Iraq. (Ansar al Islam was seriously discomfited by the publication of these contacts and made haste to reaffirm its individed dedication to jihad.)

According to our sources, Allawi embarked on the most intensive phase of his Amman talks Saturday, June 25, after secret preparatory visits to two Arab capitals – Damascus, June 23, to see Syrian president Bashar Assad, and Cairo Friday, June 24 for talks with Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak. His purpose was to enlist their aid in stopping Iraq’s guerrilla war. The former Iraqi premier was provided with a special plane by the United Arab Emirates which is chipping in with funding for his US-backed peace mission.

The Iraqi mediator left Damascus empty handed.

Assad again spurned the umpteenth demand to seal Syria’s borders against the outflow to Iraq of the Arab fighters, weapons, explosives and money fueling the insurgency. He likewise refused to shut down the al Qaeda and pro-Saddam Baath senior command posts and training camps operating out of Syria’s main cities. Allawi and Assad never got along. But the Syrian ruler made a deliberate gesture of ill will by immediately inviting Allawi’s great political rival Iraqi president Jalal Talabani to visit Damascus in the coming days. The invitation was also meant as a hint to Iraqi Arabs and Sunnis that the Americans and the former prime minister were not the only options on the board.

In Cairo, Allawi was warmly welcomed. Mubarak not only promised assistance for a negotiated accommodation to pacify Iraq, but there and then, picked up the phone and ordered Arab League secretary Amr Mussa to put the entire organization behind the Allawi mission.

In Amman, the Shiite politician is at home.

DEBKA-Net-Weekly 210 of June 17 was the first world publication to disclose the Hashemite royal palace’s deep involvement on Washington’s behalf in the secret track running between US and guerrilla commanders. King Abdullah has placed his own national security adviser General Saad Kheir in charge of the Jordanian liaison officers carrying messages back and forth between the parties.

But in the five months since these Amman-based exchanges began, little has been achieved. Worst of all, the level of violence has not diminished, but the reverse.

So how does Bush see Allawi proceeding next?

According to DEBKAfile sources, mid-July has been set as the deadline for the Iraqi politician to wind up his negotiations with the Sunni guerrillas. That is supposed to give him time to organize a Sunni Arab Congress that will bring together 250 delegates of all the Sunni factions, parties and guerrilla groups. Their attendance will serve as a ticket to Iraq’s mainstream political process. Whereas Allawi is a secular Shiite outside government, he has enlisted a reliable and solid collaborator inside the cabinet: Sunni defense minister Saadoun al-Duleimi.

DEBKAfile’s Iraq experts believe that, even if Allawi brings the entire maneuver off, there is no guarantee that guerrilla operations will instantly cease or even abate. A decline may be expected – but only over a period of time.

Our experts support the US defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s gloomy assessment as more realistic than the president’s optimism. Sunday, June 26, two days before the Bush keynote speech at For Brag, Rumsfeld remarked that insurgencies tend to go on for six, eight, 10, 12 years. He reflected the grim testimony US Middle East commander Gen John Abizaid offered the Senate’s Armed Services Committee when he reported that the Iraqi insurgency was still running with the same intensity and foreign fighters joining the war at the same level as six months ago.

DEBKAfile’s Iraq experts add three points to bolster these estimates:

1. While Allawi has been in contact with Sunni figures one way or another for a year, starting during his term as prime minister, the level of insurgent attacks has not been affected. Their leaders have found they can keep shooting and talking at the same time.

2. All the Bush administration’s efforts to topple the Assad regime and create a new political environment in Damascus that would stem the flow of Arab aid to Iraq are turning into long-term endeavors. Results could take months or even years and meanwhile the Syrian lifeline to the Iraqi insurgency is functioning full blast.

3. The Baghdad administration’s conduct of state affairs is increasingly detrimental to Sunni Arab interests. The Kurds and the Shiites who dominate the government are progressively expanding self-rule in their respective territories in ways that constrict the Sunni region around Baghdad, leave them with sparse crumbs of the country’s oil resources, and no access to the sea or Europe.

TOPICS: Extended News; Foreign Affairs; Government; War on Terror
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To: strategofr

Does anybody have the details on "the Deck of Cards"---the 52 most wanted in this war?

I've never understood why the press won't use the cards as a visual so we can celebrate each time we get another one of these most wanted.

21 posted on 07/02/2005 4:39:37 AM PDT by chgomac
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To: chgomac; FL_engineer
If memory serves, FL_engineer was keeping score for quite awhile . . .

22 posted on 07/02/2005 6:00:29 AM PDT by conservatism_IS_compassion (The idea around which liberalism coheres is that NOTHING actually matters but PR.)
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To: My2Cents

We already won. We are just running crowd control after the game right now.

23 posted on 07/02/2005 6:07:33 AM PDT by Modok
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To: conservatism_IS_compassion; FL_engineer

Any chance you could post an update on the deck of cards?

24 posted on 07/02/2005 6:12:39 AM PDT by chgomac
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To: strategofr

"Appreciate your insight. Might the recent attacks be considered analogous to the Tet Offensive, in terms of the media analogy? The Tet Offensive was supposed to spark a Communist revolution in Vietnam."

I continue to have a hard time trying to draw analogies between the Vietnam War and the SASO being conducted in Iraq. As has been layed out by so many writers the underlining MO of the enemy is not the same as it was for the North Vietnam henchmen. Their objective was to take over S.V. and obviously to integrate it under the communist regime. A pure political objective.

In both Iraq and Afghanistan we see many different plays for power, simple retaliatory actions due to occupation, the threat of offsetting the cultural and cultic Islamic rule of law, the fear the US wants to take over the oil resources, the ongoing mis-reporting by Immans in Egypt, Saudi Arabia etc., saying the Americans came to rape Muslim women, kill their children and men etc..
We have such a mixed bag. We can't in some ways even equate the resistive actions by foreign elements as representing lets say the arguments voiced by the arab misfits no one wants to be associated with in Palestine, where they continue to claim land rights that where not their's to begin with from a historic viewpoint, etc..
As you are quite aware, the only part of the insurgency that could be from a political standpoint equated perhaps loosely to the Tet Offensive, would be where the Sunni/Baathist/Saddamist hold outs, have no future and continue to resist hoping a freely elected government would not be put in place. Obviously this is beyond their control at this point. The majority, Shiites, and secondly Kurds, made it clear there will be a secular based government put in place that will represent all Iraq, and obviously we now see the Sunni's falling into line. Once that constitution is written, then ratified, then put into place and they proceed with the full federal level election of a new government, all hopes evaporate for the Iraqi based resistance, for somehow defeating the new order in Iraq.
Of course they will continue to resist, unless the government makes life easier on them, offers how should we say, deeper levels of amnesty to those that did not have blood on their hands, which obviouse to us, has been going on for some two years. Just think back in early 2003 where various Baathist college proffesors where left off the hook because they had no choice but to join the party.

So IMHO, I believe the intertwining resistance comprised of Saddamist by association, criminal elements that just are looking for easy ways of making money, the various foreign fighers, and some of the more hostile cleric driven Iraqi groups who side with the resistance, are all just in a rather often haphazard fashion fighting blindly since they have no future. Much like lets say racial tensions in the United States in the 60/70 where race riots where carried out, burning buildings, private property etc.. Acts brought on by sheer despire. I do not see any well organized insurgency under the command of a given central entity.
In the Tet Offensive, clearly there was a central command with a detailed MO. I don't see the same in neither Afghanistan or Iraq as being the case. Perhaps one could apply your analogy to the Talaban issue. But again, obvious, is the fact that there are many different resistance groups fighting for different reasons in A.
In closing. I would just mention. How the heck can the American POTUS or anyone else for that matter, speak in specific terms that provide an all inclusive picture of what we are battleing against to a mostly brain dead society?

25 posted on 07/02/2005 10:56:42 AM PDT by Marine_Uncle (Honor must be earned)
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To: My2Cents
Uh, maybe because we're winning?

Exact same thought I had when I saw the headline!

26 posted on 07/02/2005 11:00:50 AM PDT by COBOL2Java (If this isn't the End Times it certainly is a reasonable facsimile...)
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To: Marine_Uncle

"Much like lets say racial tensions in the United States in the 60/70 where race riots where carried out, burning buildings, private property etc.. Acts brought on by sheer despire."

I appreciate the various details of the current struggle that you bring into focus. On one level, your view is accurate.

However, I see things differently on a more fundamental level. Consider Vietnam and the term National Liberation Front (NLF). It is difficult to keep in mind that, initially, the NLF really was a coalition of a wide variety of organizations that, for one reason or another opposed the US presence in Vietnam.

Of course, the nature of such coalitions is that the communists always end up taking control. Or, a more accurate view would be to say that they cosntruct the organization with built-in mechanisms that assure that they will ultimately have control. Of course the term "Communist Front" just now means a communist organization set up for deception. But the initial form was more complex, with not only sincere, deceived individual members, but entire sincere, deceived (duped) organizations.

Likewise, in my above quote of you on race riots. Most participants, and even many leaders, were acting as you say, for a variety of causes. I, however, believe that the race riots were a creation of Hard Left forces in the US, following directives from the Soviet KGB that were similar to directives from the same organization decades earlier. For a variety of reasons, we have a historical record of the early directives (from the 30s and 40s) but not the later ones.

By the same token do I view the situation in Iraq. However, I will agree that things are looser now than they were in the 1960s, 70s. Nonetheless, I still beleive the FSB (nee KGB) still stirs the same pots, using the same spoons.

Along these lines (and in part as a possible way to test my theory), I have a book suggestion for your nephew, the Marine. It is Inside Spetsnaz, by Viktor Suvorov. If he has been or is in Iraq, I predict he will see his current enemy in the pages of this book.

27 posted on 07/02/2005 11:34:51 AM PDT by strategofr (What did happen to those 293 boxes of secret FBI files (esp on Senators) Hillary stole?)
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To: chgomac

"Any chance you could post an update on the deck of cards?"

Don't have specifics, but I know things have gone well. Well over half have been "trumped", and the bulk of the higher ranking ones.

28 posted on 07/02/2005 11:42:28 AM PDT by strategofr (What did happen to those 293 boxes of secret FBI files (esp on Senators) Hillary stole?)
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To: chgomac
I know of no recent changes to this, but here's a re-broadcast per your suggestion...
Dirty Dozen   Noxious Nine !

...its been FAR too long since we've had one of these!

        2/27/2005 - Sabawi IBRAHIM Hasan al-Tikriti
        Baath Party, Saddam Maternal Half Brother

Iraq's 55 9 Most Wanted Scoreboard - - and Freeper additions
See the DOD website for photos. Note their joker card has an Iraqi SURNAME explanation         (Revised: 02/27am)
Name Position Status
Saddam Hussein President of Iraq/CINC of Military CAPTURED! 12/14/03
Qusay Hussein SSO, SRG & RGFC Commander KILLED 7/22/03
Uday Hussein Saddam Fedayeen Commander
[the older "crazy rapist" son]
KILLED 7/22/03
Abid Hamid Mahmud al-Tikriti Presidential Secretary (WMD Release Authority) Captured 6/18/03
Ali Hasan al-Majid
[aka: "Chemical Ali"]
Pres. Advisor, Fmr South Reg Cmdr Captured 8/21/03
Izzat IBRAHIM al-Duri Vice Chair of the RCC, North Reg Cmdr NOT Captured ---

$10 Million Reward
Hani Abd Latif Tilfa al-Tikriti SSO Director At large**
$1 Million Reward
Aziz Salih al-Numan BP Regional Cmdr/Cmdr BP Militia Reg Cmd Captured 5/22/03
[Earlier reports of his death were bogus]
Muhammad Hamza al-ZUBAYDI
[aka Saddam's "Shiite Thug"]
Central Euphrates Reg Cmdr
"One of Saddam's most ruthless war criminals" -Clinton Admin
Captured 4/21/03
Kamal Mustafa Abdallah Sultan al-Tikriti RG Secretary General In Custody 5/17/03
Barzan Abd al-Ghafur Sulayman Majid al-Tikriti SRG Commander Captured 7/23/03
Muzahim Sa'b Hasan al-Tikriti Air Defense Force Commander Captured 4/23/03
Ibrahim Ahmad Abd al-Sattar Muhammad al-Tikriti Armed Forces Chief of Staff Captured 5/12/03
Sayf al-Din Fulayyih Hassan Taha al-Rawi RGFC Chief At large(?)**
[or maybe dead? see note2]
$1 Million Reward
Rafi Abd Latif al Tilfah DGS Director At large
$1 Million Reward
Tahir Jalil Habbush al-Tikriti IIS Director At large**
$1 Million Reward
Hamid Raja Shalah al-Tikriti Air Force Commander Captured 6/14/03
Latif Nussayif al-Jasim al-Dulaymi Dep Chmn Baath Party Captured 6/10/03
Abd al Tawab Mullah Huwaysh OMI Director (WMD Production) Captured 5/02/03
Taha Yasin RAMADAN al-Jizrawi Vice President Captured 8/19/03
Rukan Razuki abd al-Ghafar al-Majid Sulayman al-Tikriti Chief of Tribal Affairs At large
$1 Million Reward
Jamal Mustafa Abdallah Sultan al-Tikriti Deputy Chief of Tribal Affairs
[Saddam's son-in-law]
In Custody 4/20/03
Mizban Khadr Hadi RCC Member, Reg CDR Central Euphrates Region
U.S. Army's V Corps headquarters said Mizban Khadr Hadi, ... was captured Thursday [5/01/03] in the area of Baghdad controlled by the U.S. Army's 3rd Infantry Division.
Captured 5/01/03
In Custody 7/09/03
Taha Muhyi al-Din MARUF Vice President and RCC Member Captured 5/02/03
Tariq Mikhail AZIZ Deputy Prime Minister In Custody 4/24/03
Walid Hamid Tawfiq al-Tikriti Governor of Basrah Governate In Custody 4/29/03
Hikmat Mizban Ibrahim al-Azzawi Dep Prime Minister, Economics & Finance Min. Captured 4/19/03
Sultan Hashim Ahmad al-Tai Minister of Defense In Custody 9/19/03
Mahmud Dhiyab al-Ahmad Minister of the Interior, He was previously reported CAPTURED on July 9th by Centcom Captured 7/09/03
In Custody 8/09/03
Ayad Futayyih Khalifa al-Rawi Al Quds Force Chief of Staff Captured 6/05/03
Zuhayr Talib Abd al-Sattar al-Naqib DMI Director Captured 4/23/03
Amir Hamudi Hasan al-Sadi Presidential Scientific Adviser/NMD Dir Gen [chemical and biological programs] In Custody 4/12/03
Amir Rashid Muhammad al-Ubaydi Former Oil Minister [aka "Missle Man" married to "Dr. Germ"] In Custody 4/28/03
Husam Muhammad AMIN al-Yasin National Monitoring Director Captured 4/27/03
Muhammad Mahdi al-Salih Minister of Trade Captured 4/23/03
Sabawi Ibrahim Hasan al-Tikriti Baath Party, Saddam Maternal Half Brother Captured 2/27/2005 **
$1 Million Reward
Watban Ibrahim Hasan al-Tikriti Baath Party, Saddam Half Brother Captured 4/13/03
Barzan Ibrahim Hasan al-Tikriti Baath Party, Saddam Half Brother Captured 4/16/03
Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash Party Youth & Trade Bureau Chairman In Custody 5/05/03
Abd al-Baqi abd al-Karim Abdallah al-Sadun BP Chmn & Cmdr BP Militia Baghdad At large
$1 Million Reward
Muhammad Zimam Abd al-Razzaq al-Sadun BP Chmn & Cmdr BP Militia Ta'mim & Ninawa Gov Captured 2/15/04
$1 Million Reward
Samir abd al-Aziz al-Najim BP Chmn & Cmdr BP Militia Diyal Gov. Captured 4/17/03
Humam Abd al-Khaliq Abd al-Ghafur Min of Higher Education & Scientific Research Captured 4/20/03
Yahya Abdallah al-Ubaydi BP Chmn & Cmdr BP Militia Basrah Gov. At large
$1 Million Reward
Sa'd Abd al-Majid al-Faysal BP Chmn & Cmdr BP Militia Salah ad Din Gov. Captured 5/27/03
Sayf al-Din al-Mashhadani BP Chmn & Cmdr BP Militia Muthanna Gov. Captured 5/27/03
Fadil Mahmud Gharib (aka: Gharib Muhammad Fazel) al-Mashaikh BP Chmn & Cmdr BP Militia Babil/Karbala Gov. Captured 5/13/03
Muhsin Khadr al-Khafaji BP Chmn & Cmdr BP Militia Qadasiyah Gov. Captured 2/09/04
$1 Million Reward
Rashid Taan Kazim BP Chmn & Cmdr BP Militia Anbar Governate At large
$1 Million Reward
Ugla Abid Saqr al-Kubaysi BP Chmn & Cmdr BP Militia Maysan Governate In Custody 5/20/03
Ghazi Hammud al-Ubaydi BP Chmn & Cmdr BP Militia Wasit Gov. In Custody 5/07/03
Adil Abdallah Mahdi BP Chmn & Cmdr BP Militia Dhi Qar Governate Captured 5/15/03
Nayif Shindakh Thamir BP Chmn & Cmdr BP Militia - Salah ad Din Governate
Long ago, an Iraqi TV report said he was KILLED in the battle for Najaf. - - - Apparently, Centcom now believes he is dead. NO Jan'04 reward was issued.
(Centcom status page still lists him as no status)
[Believed DEAD]
As of 1-14-2004, Central Command began quoting Iraqi TV that he was killed.
Khamis Sirhan al Muhammad

{ He was first reported captured on August 8th: per FoxNews: "Senior defense officials said Monday morning that No. 54 of the 55 most-wanted Iraqis has been taken into custody -- Khamis Sirhan al Muhammad, a Baath Party chairman and commander of the Baath militia in the Karbala Governate. Muhammad was captured in raids over the weekend, along with another on the wider list of 200."}
BP Chmn & Cmdr BP Militia Karbala Governate

{ CENTCOM never updated him on their website, then in January offered a $1Million reward, and then reported he was captured 1/11/2004.}
Captured 8/04/03
Captured 1/11/04
{this time for SURE!}
Husayn Al Awadi BP Chmn & Cmdr BP Militia Ninawa Governate Captured 6/10/03
- - - Freeper Additions - - -

leading al-Qaeda & and Iraqi insurgents [black list of 32]
"Ace of PIGS"
Aka: Usama Bin Muhammad Bin Ladin
Wanted for numerous crimes against humanity
At large
$25 Million Reward.
Ayman Al-Zawahiri
born: Egypt
*indicted along with Bin Laden by a grand jury in New York in 1999 for embassy bombings,
*named as a prime suspect in the 9/11 mass murders
*considered to have masterminded several terrorist operations in Egypt.
*Al-Zawahiri was sentenced to death in absentia by an Egyptian military court.
*Al-Zawahiri is believed to now serve as a spiritual advisor and doctor to Usama Bin Laden
At large
$25 Million Reward.
Saif Al-Adel
born: Egypt
*thought to be affiliated with the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, and a high-ranking member of Al-Qaeda.
*Al-Adel is wanted in connection with numerous 1998 bombings of US Embassies.
At large
$25 Million Reward.
Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi
born: Jordan
*was named as the link between Iraq and Al Qaeda.
*believed to be a close associate of Usama Bin Laden and Saif Al-Adel.
*A poisons expert; ran a poison and explosives training camp
At large
$5 10 Million Reward.

increased Feb 2004
Abdul Rahman Yasin
born: Bloomington,IN
(US citizen)
Indicted fugitive from 1993 WTC bombing. Has a long history with Iraq At large
$5 Million Reward.
Mohammed Yunis al-Ahmad
A former top Baath Party official.
Wanted for significant anti-coalition activities in Iraq.
At large
$1 Million Reward.
Lt.Gen. Hakam Hassan Ali al-Tikriti
wanted for insurgency activities
former commander of the military's helicopter forces and an adviser to the Iraqi General Staff
At large
$200,000 Reward.
Maj.Gen. Ismael al Rawi
wanted for insurgency activities At large
$200,000 Reward.
Maj.Gen. Fawz Mohammed Mutlak
wanted for insurgency activities At large
$200,000 Reward.
Nuhad Naji al Azzarsi aka:
Nuhad Naji Al Azawai
wanted for insurgency activities At large
$200,000 Reward.
Ahmed QaQa al Ubaydi aka:
Kaka al Ubaydi
wanted for insurgency activities At large
$200,000 Reward.
Khalid Ahmed Sultan aka:
Sultan Ramadan
wanted for insurgency activities At large
$200,000 Reward.
Ghazwan al Kubaisi aka:
Gazwon Sabty Faj al Kobaisy
wanted for insurgency activities At large
$200,000 Reward.
    Other Iraqis wanted for insurgency activities:
    • Mohammed Mahmoud Eshlah
    • Salwan Ibrahim Umar al Musalat
    • Hussein Ali Tahah
    • Abed Dawood Sulayman

    • Moyad Abood al Jumali
    • Hamid al-Mutlak
    • Brig. Gen. Abid Daud Khalifawy
    • Hiene Amin
    • Rashid Saloh al-Samerai
    • Alaa al Sammari
    • Firas al Dulaymi
    • Khalid Kafi Flaih al Ani
    • Kareem Jahed al Azzawi
    • Ali Ahmad al-Mashadani
    • Mohammad Fadil al Damarrai
    • Thabit Shaker al Douri
    • Moaad Shifeek
    • Ali Firas Mashadani
    • Kareem Mustah al Dulaymi
    • Satam Hamid Khalaf al Jabouri
    • Saad Hamad Shohab
    • Nadem Khalef al Marsumi
    • Mohammad Khalif al Ulayian
    • QaQa Khidr
- - - other Freeper Additions - - -
Hassan Ghul
born: Pakistan
a facilitator known in terrorist circles as "the Gatekeeper" who moved money and people around the Middle East, Africa and possibly beyond. Officials said that Ghul has extensive contacts in Al Qaeda and wider terrorist communities Captured 1/23/04
Farouk Hijazi #3 in Mukhabarat Iraqi intelligence ["biggest fish so far" -CIA] Captured 4/25/03
["unnamed associate of"]
Abu Musab Zarqawi
a leading Al Qaeda operative Captured 4/29/03
Abu Abbas Convicted Terrorist/Murderer - Leader Palestine Liberation Front Captured 4/15/03
Ahmed Walid Raguib al-Baz Terrorist - 1st Lieutenant Palestine Liberation Front Killed 3/20/03
Khala Khadr Al-Salahat Member of the Abul Nidal terrorist organization In Custody 4/18/03
Husam Al-Yememi
a top deputy of Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi who is believed to link Iraq directly to Al Qaeda. Captured 1/22/04
Ahmad Khalil Ibrahim Samir al-Ani former Iraq Consul, met with Mohammed Atta in Prague shortly before 9/11 Captured 7/02/03
Ahmad Hikmat Shakir an Iraqi national and al-Qaeda operative, with connections to the 1993 WTC bombing, a Jan 2000 al Qaeda summit in Malaysia, the Oct 2000 USS Cole bombing, and the 9/11 mass murder. (Newsweek) Shakir fled back to Baghdad just before the war. At large
three months after he was detained in 2002, Shakir was "inexplicably" released by Jordanian authorities - and he promptly vanished
Ali Hussein Habib Iraqi airforce general Killed by the regime ~3/20/03
Khaled Abdallah a senior official of Saddam's Mukhabarat secret police In Custody 4/20/03
Major Khalid Hmood Head of Iraqi intelligence during the war and one of Saddam's top bodyguards, In Custody 4/20/03
Salim Sa'id Khalaf al-Jumayli former Chief of the Iraqi Intelligence Service American Desk Captured 4/23/03
"Son of Ham"
[apple falls close to the tree]
Son of Hamza (Q-of-Spades - one of Saddam's most ruthless war criminals) Captured 4/21/03
Luay Khayrallaha
[Saddam's brother-in-law]
#152 on the top 200 most-wanted list. Iraqi intelligence and security leader Captured 5/19/03
Mulhana Hamood Abdul Jabar
[Saddam's brother-in-law]
caught with $300,000, three AK-47 rifles, and a rocket-propelled grenade Captured 5/25/03
Jaffar al-Jaffer physicist & father of Iraq's nuclear WMD program In Custody 4/13/03
Imad Husayn Abdallah al-Ani former VX nerve agent developer In Custody 4/18/03
Rihab Taha [aka "Dr. Germ"] architect of Iraq's bio WMD program In Custody 5/12/03
Mohammed Saeed Kazim al-Sahaf [aka: "Comical Ali"]
[aka: "Baghdad Bob"]
Minister of Information
[wanted for DNC spokesperson]
Captured 6/25/03
[reportedly questioned by U.S. forces and released]
On Administrative Leave
          **  Nine fugitives supposedly hiding in Syria? That seemed to have been a smokescreen as FOUR have since been caught in or near Baghdad.
          Note2: Also, Al-Rawi (J-of-clubs) was reported by an Islamic newspaper as murdered by Saddam
                and Qusay on 4/08/03... one day AFTER the bombing of Saddam at the restaurant.
                [IMO, this is MUCH more believable now that we KNOW both Saddam and Qusay survived that restaurant blast]

If someone else updates this list, please bump the revision at the top and ping FL_Engineer
You can click here to see if there is a pointer to a newer revision.


29 posted on 07/02/2005 7:40:37 PM PDT by Future Useless Eater (formerly FL_Engineer) (It was wrong to kill her. No other "facts" matter.-JimRobinson)
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To: strategofr; conservatism_IS_compassion

Ping to an encore re-posting of the latest scorecard

30 posted on 07/02/2005 7:43:36 PM PDT by Future Useless Eater (formerly FL_Engineer) (It was wrong to kill her. No other "facts" matter.-JimRobinson)
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To: Future Useless Eater

Good morning and thank you. I had a feeling this news would be good....but no idea we had done so well in capturing/killing these bas#*^*s!

31 posted on 07/03/2005 5:36:40 AM PDT by chgomac
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To: Future Useless Eater

Am I counting correctly that there are only nine still at large of the original 52?

32 posted on 07/03/2005 5:40:15 AM PDT by chgomac
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To: chgomac

correct. only 9 left of the original 55.

And one of those 9 was reportedly murdered by Saddam after
the start of the war, something that became more believable
after we realized Saddam definately escaped that
restaurant bombing.

33 posted on 07/03/2005 10:19:08 AM PDT by Future Useless Eater (formerly FL_Engineer) (It was wrong to kill her. No other "facts" matter.-JimRobinson)
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