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To: My Favorite Headache
Take a detailed look on what he is writing at his website especially how he writes,his spelling and his typos. My guess is that it is an american (not british) educated person due to his use of slang. He has great fun writing these jokes. I do not think that this is real.
16 posted on 12/23/2003 1:14:30 AM PST by AdmSmith
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To: AdmSmith
I have seen his postings in the past on the yahoo page.
19 posted on 12/23/2003 1:16:53 AM PST by My Favorite Headache (Rush 30th Anniversary Tour In May 2004...Be There)
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To: AdmSmith
It has been established that 'Daleel' has been posting from the United Arab Emirates. I feel he is a 'wanna-be', but I am keeping an eye on him (them) anyway.
31 posted on 12/23/2003 1:32:43 AM PST by LayoutGuru2 (Call me paranoid but finding '/*' inside this comment makes me suspicious)
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To: AdmSmith
I think it could be very real. A source I trust translated the following from the website of the Saudi opposition group, the Committee for the Defense of Legitimate Rights:

A Communique from the Mujahidin of the Utmost Gravity and Importance
In the name of Allah, the most Gracious and Merciful.

The Cave of Darkness Operation

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Universe, and peace and prayers be upon the seal of the prophets, our Master and Prophet Muhammad, Allah's prayers and peace upon him.

It is unwise to pay no attention, especially if you are one of those who fight from under fortified bunkers. Similarly, it is insane to read what follows in this statement, and not bring forth as soon as possible a response that is both clear and practical. For time is of essence in this impending disaster, and it is more important than any other crisis in the history of humanity.

We tell you that the fuse is lit and that it has reached the final phase. Nothing will defuse or stop the explosion but divine intervention and the conventional wisdom of Arabs and Persians. We say to you that we are among you, that we know you and you know us well, that we plan with you, and we know every detail, large and small, that is being plotted. We have taken a solemn oath to stand honorably with wisdom, as deterrence against the evil which you have been plotting.

We would like to let you know that time is passing so quickly that it has become extremely difficult to extinguish the flame, and the eruption of this disaster will be sudden and unexpected. Consequently, any misstep in US policy will definitely lead to a "Cave of Darkness," which is the code name for the coming operation, which will put an end to the group of "Nine" and their people, and result in their eternal destruction. Although we will feel deep sorrow for what will befall those nations, we find it easier and less destructive than the complete enslavement of continents. We would like to apologize to the American people as well as other Europeans ahead of time. But you look on and give your support, as governments and as people, while "Al-Khazari" people [Jews that had breached a signed treaty early in Islam] take control of the whole world.

The irresponsible and vain handling of the future of the globe is not trivial, and we have carefully and thoroughly calculated that in an unprecedented manner. We have accounted for the probable losses, and we found that it is much less than what we could endure. You are well aware that our "Order Number Eight" has already been issued; however you do not actually know that we know it, and we would like to let you know that we know.

It is the decisive factor between us to extinguish the flame and pour water on it. Your response should be practical and quick and on the highest level. We will be listening carefully to you; in other words, we will be the first to know when you make the right decision. We know that you did not embark on your shameful acts in the world without long and careful studies and the necessary planning. But now, time is constrained for you. We will not accept any delay, procrastination, or even attempts to negotiate, since you are the ones who started the fire, not us.

We hope that the absolute and decisive consensus which will be put forward by the most proficient specialists who occupy the highest positions and their views are tantamount to events that are likely or possible, knowing that tension has reached its fullest extent, it is possible to stop the wheel, by putting a bar inside the moving gear. To stop the wheel is not impossible, and you know what we mean by that.

Based on the preceding facts, you are well acquainted with our demands. However, we will list them again, so that we will be excused for what will befall the world as a consequence of the domination of the vain, the despotic, the child-like, and the insane. Your going along with and desire to be under the saddle of "Al-Kazar" in the real sense of enslavement, and under names which God never authorized. Naturally because of this we say our demands are legal, true, and among our rights. We will never deny the real Christians and real Jews their rights, except for the "Al-Khazar." Everyone will find that we are a nation that believes in God and stayed on the straight path, and everyone will enjoy more rights under our Islamic faith than they did under any other faith on the face of the earth right now, despite our conviction that to count the three religions is wrong, yet Islam is for all.

Here are our demands for you:

1. Stop your (disguised) invasion of the Islamic world, without excluding any part of it, from east to west.
2. Expel "Al-Khazar" from Palestine with no exceptions, according to the data contained in your saved exodus registers.
3. Return all money in the form of gold, and not in bank notes, as we told you before.
4. Set the old known borders back to the way they were according to your cadastral surveys and according to what we have suggested. We strongly insist on the northern borders.
5. Release all the known prisoners and those known only to you and us.
6. Dismantling of what was unjustly and unfairly named - - the enslaved nations and its council of devils- - by a world decision.
7. We do share views with you that the waters and oil will remain as they are, but the pricing of the oil should be left to us. We promise that we will not cut, monopolize, or set unfair prices to hurt mankind. The price will remain stable and within everybody's means, both the poor and the rich.
8. (Act quickly with all your quick wit and spontaneity to stop order "number eight".)

The arbiter is between you and us. You have to inform us as quickly as possible. The glass of water is in your hand and the fire fuse is in front of you on its last journey to destroy what you have secretly built and plotted for. But God has wanted us to become an obstacle, a mountain, or a nightmare standing in your way. We know that the most intelligent among you would not know how to pour the water [pouring the water to extinguish the fire fuse] without our help. We gave you the solution and it is up to you to choose. Either you are with us or against us. This is your logic. We know that you are not with us, but you will be forced to be. (This is a warning, and you stand to bear the consequences of your actions)

It is not in our tradition, and it is counter to our morals to proceed with such devastating blow to humanity without giving ample warning. We will not be like you, when you did what you did, using groundless myths, and a Satanic plant, sown in a dark night by the hands of "those whom you know." The leaders of "Al-Khazar" know that fairly well, since they are the ones who nourished it until it grew stronger. With your own desires, you have willingly accepted being whipped, while under the saddles of "Al-Khazar" masters. You were fully conscious, and yet you and your fathers accepted being slaves, or rather animals under saddles, obeying and carrying out what the "Al-Khazar" masters ordered you to do, in exchange for crumbs from their gold and their tables. You really were lustful animals, fooling around with the future of humanity in exchange of worthless crumbs.

You ought to stand courageously at least once, for your sakes as well as the sake of your people, who will reap the devastating destruction of the "Cave of Darkness." History will record that your punishment, which was the collection of all the severe punishments of all preceding nations who transgressed before you, was well deserved and just. You will certainly realize this soon.

You will weep in your underground bunkers like women.

It will definitely be just for you to see that. For we know that you will return to your holes, for we will inform you of the strike within a few minutes, to give you an ample chance to witness your devastation, via satellites. By that time, we shall have crossed the boundaries of the seventh sky to paradise, while your people have gone to the streams of hill-fire. What a pity, leaving them as slaves under the masters of "Al-Khazar," to take control of them and take them to the path of hell-fire. What a bad choice.

Allah's prayers and blessings upon our Prophet Muhammad. All Praise to Allah, Lord Of the Whole Universe.

Battalions of Islamic Jihad
Black Death Brigade
The Eighth Battalion (Order # 8 Branch)

Global Islamic Media Center
50 posted on 12/23/2003 2:25:40 AM PST by SubMareener
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To: AdmSmith
He has great fun writing these jokes. I do not think that this is real.

Yeah, I think you're probably right. No real terrorist org would be posting it's plans like that to a Yahoo group.

98 posted on 12/23/2003 6:02:28 AM PST by Prodigal Son
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