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Is Al Qaeda Threatening A Nuclear Attack (Incredible Read)
Mens News Daily ^ | 12-23-2003 | Jeremy Reynalds

Posted on 12/23/2003 12:52:24 AM PST by My Favorite Headache

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To: exit82
Islam will undergo radical changes imposed from the West if there is a terrorist nuke attack on this country.

And from within. The Muslims who have been sleepwalking for the last 800 years since the fall of Baghdad will have to wake up to the world once more. No one would be able to ignore such an atrocity, even if they did ignore WTC911.

121 posted on 12/23/2003 12:05:36 PM PST by RightWhale (Close your tag lines)
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To: Gordian Blade
The comment you made means you don't believe this is a legitimate letter? It apparently is however, and it is serious. The terrorists always communicate what they are planning, some choose to ignore it. Read Dereliction of Duty for instances of that very thing from our former administration.
122 posted on 12/23/2003 12:17:18 PM PST by ladyinred (If all the world's a stage, I want to operate the trap door!)
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To: larrysav; Aquinasfan
I know one thing for sure. This guy's English skills are severely limited.
This is a translation. The original was in Arabic and I'm sure it was splendid propaganda in Arabic.

Aquinasfan has a point; if this guy cared at all about being taken seriously by the West, he'd make sure it was translated clearly and accurately.

In reality, he doesn't give a fig for what the West thinks of his little message, and he CERTAINLY doesn't want us to respond in a positive manner. He is solely focused on whipping his followers into a froth.
123 posted on 12/23/2003 12:17:28 PM PST by beezdotcom (now pushing for the adoption of the CAIR Corollary to Godwin's Law!)
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To: My Favorite Headache
The greatest argument for pre-emptive deterrence ... We will give you a prior few minutes notice before our blessed attack so that you will be able to watch your destruction with your own satellite, as we would be by then have passed the skies of the seventh sky to heaven and your nation to the fires of hell." The lives of billions mean nothing to these fanatical Islamicists, for they believe by wiping out humanity, their Moon-god, Allah, will be exhalted. Time for them to go ... to their demons.
124 posted on 12/23/2003 12:21:26 PM PST by MHGinTN (If you can read this, you've had life support from someone. Promote life support for others.)
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To: HardStarboard
If the target is in the SIOP he could probably get away with it, that's true. Especially since the whole purpose of the SIOP is to provide an easily usable and rapid response to immediate threats.

However, if he gets a wild hair in his nether regions, dials up CINC-SAC (or whatever it is called this days) and orders an egg dropped on Mecca, I am sure there are going to be people questioning whether this is a valid launch order.

At the very least, I would expect that he is going to have to have another cabinet secretary sign off on it.

I don't see Mecca being part of the SIOP, but I could be wrong. There is no industry, command and control, or even political leadership there that would justify a nuclear attack in terms of threat analyis and response.

That could change, of course. If Al Queda were ever to overthrow the Saudi regime, delcare a new caliphate, move the capital of the country to Mecca and start churning out nukes or other WMD, they would paint a bullseye on the place, but I don't see it happening otherwise.
125 posted on 12/23/2003 12:54:27 PM PST by Ronin (Qui docet discit!)
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To: Ronin
My question I tried to ask in 119 is WHO is going to require the cabinet secretary to sign off or whatever it will take because the target isn't in the SIOP-as far as you know?
126 posted on 12/23/2003 1:00:03 PM PST by John W
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To: ladyinred
I believe this letter is a fraud, I'm just not certain from which side. It is either the product of someone on "our" side who is trying to raise our level of concern or just wants to play a stupid prank -- or the product of someone on the other side who hates the U.S. but is impotent to do anything real, and so has resorted to throwing empty words. Any jerk with a computer and access to the internet could easily be behind this. I've seen too much cr&p like this since 9/11; I'm not buying it.
127 posted on 12/23/2003 1:01:13 PM PST by Gordian Blade
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To: SubMareener
The Khazar Khaganate blunted the Caliphate's advace into Eastern Europe in two bloody wars and saved Byzantium. Three years after the last war, the Khazars political leader, the Khagan Bek, converted to Judaism. A percentage of the Khazar nobility followed, but the assumption that even most Ashkenazi Jews are of Khazar decent is false.
Genetically, the Y-chromosome of Sephardic and Mizrachi populations are identical and very close to that of Askenazi Jews.

However, as a Jew of Khazar decent, I am pleased to be doubly hated by Muslim revanchists and extremists.
128 posted on 12/23/2003 1:11:19 PM PST by rmlew (Peaceniks and isolationists are objectively pro-Terrorist)
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To: My Favorite Headache
129 posted on 12/23/2003 1:21:51 PM PST by Finalapproach29er ("Don't shoot Mongo, you'll only make him mad.")
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To: John W
I would imagine that under the circumstances we are talking about it would be SAC. And, I am sure there is a mechanism in place.

One of the scenarios that must have been discussed when they were setting up the SIOP was "what would happen if NCA suddenly went crazy and how would we prevent the damage".

Since it is very difficult for a uniformed officer to deny the President anything, he would have to have an SOP fallback to verify the legitimacy of the launch order even if he did not require justification.

In any case, we are getting away from the original thrust of my argument which was that I do not see any President, past or future, ordering an attack on Mecca even if the terrorists managed to set off a nuke in the continental U.S.

That kind of collective revenge is just not the way we do things. It wouldn't even get rid of the bad guys, because unless things have changed drastically, they are not in Mecca.

Now, if the President decided to make a policy statement saying to Muslims in general that any nuclear attack by Islamic terrorists on any target in the U.S. would be considered a de-facto declaration of war on the part of Islam against the U.S., and if he could make it stick, that would be a different story.

If President Bush makes such a statement, I withdraw the above arguments because I am sure the SIOP would be modified to reflect that.

130 posted on 12/23/2003 1:47:47 PM PST by Ronin (Qui docet discit!)
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This Jihad scumbag has watched a little too much of The Man Who Saw Tomorrow.

Gotta wonder if good ole Orson Wells would be having a laugh right about now.
131 posted on 12/23/2003 2:34:31 PM PST by My Favorite Headache (Rush 30th Anniversary Tour In May 2004...Be There)
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To: exnavy
Muslim is nothing more than a satanic cult anyway

Actually, the Muslim religion was concocted as a publicity stunt by Mohammad to sell his uncle's zem-zem water to wealthy Hebrew and Christian tourists.

That is a fact of funny as it sounds. Just goes to show what happens when entertainers become icons!
132 posted on 12/23/2003 2:35:21 PM PST by LittleJoe
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To: SubMareener
You are well aware that our "Order Number Eight" has already been issued; however you do not actually know that we know it, and we would like to let you know that we know.

They can't seriously think that we knew that they knew that we knew that they didn't really know, except they did. Can they?

133 posted on 12/23/2003 3:25:12 PM PST by Dr.Deth
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To: SubMareener
We will not accept any delay, procrastination, or even attempts to negotiate, since you are the ones who started the fire, not us.

Someone tell Billy Joel to call his lawyer.

134 posted on 12/23/2003 3:27:01 PM PST by Dr.Deth
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To: Calpernia
Do you have a source URL for that?

No, and if I did, I would give it out. It really isn't safe to visit such sites at this time.

135 posted on 12/23/2003 3:54:13 PM PST by SubMareener
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To: My Favorite Headache
Has there been any reference to the size/payload of this threat? That would be my first query if I was investigating this especially since Daleel et al has been full of baloney in the past and has seemed to be more of psych out character.

If this is for real, I am afraid of what the Chinese will do to further their agenda.
136 posted on 12/23/2003 4:11:45 PM PST by Domestic Church (AMDG...)
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To: tet68
What is "Order Number 8"?????
137 posted on 12/23/2003 4:13:14 PM PST by arasina
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To: SubMareener
Have you noticed Padilla in the news lately?
138 posted on 12/23/2003 4:16:03 PM PST by txhurl
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To: My Favorite Headache
See also: 'Possible terror attacks in UK'
139 posted on 12/23/2003 4:17:58 PM PST by arasina
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To: BluH2o
"but I don't think their infrastructure is sophisticated enough to pull off a double or triple hit."

I'd like to believe you are right but we have to consider the possibility that their infrastructure has been beefed up with a direct purchase of WMD (as opposed to making them in their own labs) or that their infrastructure is being supported by a much larger one.

Socialists of a feather flock together especially those hued green and red at this time of year.

Think of the timing of our initial advance into battle and the advance of socialist agendas in Venuzuela and the SARs epidemic last year. China just had news of a new missle. And isn't it interesting that the breaking news is about a holstein with mad cow disease in the state of Washington( this has to be planted by the greens.)
140 posted on 12/23/2003 4:24:54 PM PST by Domestic Church (AMDG... perhaps we are already in WWIII)
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