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To: Libloather

First off get the Umpires in shape.

Also, for their own ‘safety’ a rigid physical every year and a ‘flexible’ age limit.

Would also like to see them try and make being home plate ump a position that is earned, not one that changes every night.

I realize none of them alone are really workable but after that performance in last years World Series something has to be done.

As the ‘man’ said, when the ump has BOTH teams barking at him, it is time for a change.

Today too many called strikes are assumed, dependent on who the pitcher or catcher appears that certain pitchers get a ‘break’ in the same respect they have been saying....’If that was a strike, HE would have swung at it’ ie Ball 3....

Yes, the announcers are just announcers but when they start with this ‘if Jack doesn’t get that pitch today, he is in for a long day’ and pointing out how the catchers ‘snatch’ the ball into the strike zone. ‘They’ tell us what a great job the C is doing.....wouldn’t you think if they pointed it out enough the umpires would ‘catch on’?

An excellent argument for the batter...
Mr Umpire, you just said I didn’t check my swing, I ‘broke my wrists’ and went around.
Where was the pitch?
Was it a ball or strike?
Was it inside or outside, up or down, curve or drop?

It is impossible for you, standing behind me, to have a correct answer for all my questions, yet you answered them.

I understand that they can’t get ALL the calls correct but that is part of the game. Seems today all the Ump does is make the call and have the attitude ‘If I am wrong, the replay will get it’.

Maybe a stiff fine for an overturned call based on how long it took to overturn it.
If the replay booth turns it over in 20 seconds, maybe a 10000 fine and working downward from there.

When the players come to bat their batting average is shown, the pitchers ERA etc, just put how much the ump has been fined for the year for his ‘mistakes’. A little ‘self help’ humiliation never really hurt anyone. <: <: <:

Yes, arguing should be brought back and this new 3 batter rule is ridiculous.

They are really going to ‘waste’ time checking the ‘injury’ out then giving the ‘new guy’ all the time he needs to warm up.

Easy to ‘tweak’ a toe or finger and show up tomorrow.

Just list it in his ‘press release’ that the pitcher has a chronic, trick thumb and it goes out every once in a while.

Pretty soon it will be called ‘Relief Pitchers Disease’ along the charade of the batter that gets plunked in the knee, hobble down to first, glaring and giving ‘my career is over’ looks and when the pitcher ‘throws’ it away trying to ‘keep him close’ he sprints to 3rd.
NO ONE ‘questions’ his injury then....

26 posted on 12/22/2019 8:36:55 AM PST by xrmusn (6/98"HRC is the Grandmother that lures Hansel & Gretel to the pot")
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To: xrmusn

breaking the wrist is not the indicator of the swing. It is the position of there bat visa vis the plate. If it goes too far it’s a swing. If you hold the tip off the bat back it’s not a swing.

38 posted on 12/22/2019 5:14:12 PM PST by olesigh
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To: xrmusn

I like this story about Ted williams. About whom it was said his eye were so sharp he could read the stamp on the ball.

Old time umpire williams comes to bat. Rookie pitcher. Pitcher throws one on the outside edge. ball one. pitchrr stares and turns and rubs the ball.

Throws one on the inside edge. Ball two. The pitcher steps down the mound and glares. The umpire brushes off the plate giving the pitcher his butt. Where was that pitch blue the pitcher demands.

The ump replies. Son, Mr. Williams will let you know when it’s a strike.

39 posted on 12/22/2019 5:18:07 PM PST by olesigh
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