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Cold Fusion: new site for the project Hydrobetatron
Greenstyle ^ | Guido Grassadonio

Posted on 10/03/2013 8:55:58 PM PDT by Kevmo

In a press release the team led by Ugo Abundo today launched a new website. To be advertised is Hydrobetatron, the cold fusion reactor open source project created by Athanor . The project is presented with these words: is a website created by the will of Hugh Abundo and Luciano Saporito, just as support for this project, the willingness to work within the new Science LENR, commonly known as (although misuse) of "fusion cold ", with the Open Source philosophy. Therefore you can follow step by step all the work of development of the "hydrobetatron," which will be held in the future, seeking to create a device, (the reactor), efficient and ingegnerizzabile by anyone with the necessary technical skills: in fact all data, research, construction plans will be in the public domain.

Watch the video >> test sull'Hydrobetatron Advertisement

The videos show perfectly the constitution of the reactor and the various tests put in place. The project, in fact, is called Open Source because anyone can access the data to replicate the tests and share research. In this sense, the project is also being developed at the community level:

These days we are building, with a group of founding members LENR researchers, the Association not for profit "OPEN Power", it will be able to enroll in private supporters of the idea of ​​sharing, researchers and other associations, public and private. The purposes of the statute and the budget of the Association will be consulted on this website, the ultimate goal is to offer all such desirable success of research reached, an alternative and free of charge (for the exploitation of new energy) to the traditional path search-brevettosfruttamento industrial part of competitors.

Read the interview >> Greenstyle Ugo Abundo

In short, it seems that fans of LENR will have a short information channel completely open, without the various "unspoken" its other projects, such as 'E-Cat of Andrea Rossi ol' Hyperion of Defkalion.

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1 posted on 10/03/2013 8:55:58 PM PDT by Kevmo
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To: dangerdoc; citizen; Liberty1970; Red Badger; Wonder Warthog; PA Engineer; glock rocks; free_life; ..

The Cold Fusion/LENR Ping List

2 posted on 10/03/2013 8:56:52 PM PDT by Kevmo ("A person's a person, no matter how small" ~Horton Hears a Who)
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To: Ping; All; y'all; et al

Latest news releases below - in Italian.
Google Translate does a reasonably good job.

Cold Fusion: new site for the project Hydrobetatron

Interview with Ugo Abundo href=””>

3 posted on 10/03/2013 8:58:28 PM PDT by Kevmo ("A person's a person, no matter how small" ~Horton Hears a Who)
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Translation of Interview with Hugo Abundo

Athanor, cold fusion Open Source: Interview with Ugo Abundo

Finding a viable alternative to fossil fuels, perhaps less dangerous than traditional nuclear, is one of the major objectives of our technological era. From renewable sources to nuclear power generation (who knows how safe, then), there are so many attempts made these days to finally send in the attic oil and coal. Among them, stand out research on LENR, nuclear reactions at low temperature, usually defined with the popular expression of cold fusion .

From that Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi have presented their E-Cat , the number of reactors and studio projects has ballooned. Among those competitors to Rossi, the project stands out in our Athanor , developed as a school project in a high school in Rome. To understand more, we decided to ask some questions to the Project Manager, prof. Ugo Abundo.

We begin with an introductory question. What is the project Athanor and what are its aims?

Athanor (alpha-thanatos) is the ancient alchemical furnace in the name, denial of death, contains the meaning of perpetual renewal, renew themselves through transformation, so that it can well be taken as a model of a device for extracting energy infinite by a reaction.

The project is in the field LENR (low energy nuclear reactions), improperly called “Cold Fusion” in common parlance, is to examine the conditions in which, in the presence of catalysts, are obtained from excess heat energy input, by reacting light elements which interact with nuclei, moving items to atomic numbers greater.

The aim of the experiment is the search for the best reaction conditions, in view of the development of reactors for the industrial production of energy, which highlights the characters of inexhaustible, no emission of carbon dioxide, lack of radioactive waste, availability for all, regardless of the wealth of mineral resources.

Next goal, but not secondary, is to protect brevettualmente results without the passing proprietary rights (by act only licensed) to not allow that buyers can possibly deprive humanity of employment opportunities.

In parallel, research and implanted in an “Open Source”, promptly making the results public on the Web, and creating a group, open to all experts and stakeholders, to share problems, proposals, checks.

More photos

Let us dwell on the technical details. What happens in your reactor? What are the substances that react and how much energy is produced?

The reactions involved are not yet known and are themselves the object of experimentation. In an electrolyte solution of potassium carbonate are immersed two electrodes, tungsten and stainless steel, between which a voltage is maintained interelectrode 150 -200 Volt. It forms a plasma that heats the solution by evaporating the water from the steam will recover thermal energy emitted, under suitable conditions, the catalyst and the electrolyte are degraded to a lesser extent, and the only real fuel is hydrogen from water. We measured yields higher than 400% between thermal energy outgoing and incoming power, At this point we need a wide network of independent replications to validate our results, in this respect, are already in progress for five field trials to conduct external, and others will follow exponentially.

What has most surprised of the project Athanor is perhaps the place where he took life: a high school in Rome, the IIS Pirelli. Therefore, induce more reactions LENR is easier than you think?

Far from it. First, our results are being carefully examined by the scientific community and acclaimed by independent researchers to replicate the experiment and validate eventually yields. Then we must not underestimate how difficult it can also deal with issues such as LENR when you have two powerful tools that are often prevalent in the school: the scientific modesty and the absence of a priori foreclosures, which never miss one of the great scientists, too often instead may lacking when you have expertise not associated with wide horizons.

During the school year, how was your relationship with your students? In that way they could interact with the search?

They interacted in the best way: they have been made aware of the assumptions, objectives and methods planned in a schematic way; were proactive, active, curious, participated in the refinement of the programming, the critical discussion of partial results, the construction and to test the equipment, the conduct of the measures, the collection and organization of multimedia documentation, implementation of communication and have materially held the conference audience: an experience all round. And above all, they learned that the school not only offers certainty about the areas of proven validity, but also tools for the construction of their own ability to free criticism in cases still debated.

When it comes to cold fusion, the key word in the last year and a half has been E-Cat. What have your work to that of the engineer Andrea Rossi? The two reactors, according to her, are similar in theory? And as for the technical potential?

There are similarities and differences.

The main similarity is given by the use of ‘hydrogen, in the E-Cat in gaseous form, in our device (which follows the trials of Mizuno) in the form electrolytic metals catalysts.

The main difference highlights how, in our device, the particles are cooled by the solution that evaporates, and sinterizzino less, continuing to offer large surface area to the reaction.

The potential applications are both incredibly high.

According to what may be his knowledge in the field, believes that the promises of companies like Leonardo Corporation or as the Defkalion will be respected? In short, according to her in 2013 we will have the “boiler” cold fusion on the market?

I hope so strongly, but unfortunately I see that there are problems of non-clear (but certainly not technical) that hinder the take-off, perhaps attributable to push “brake” outside the group of experimenters.

If we understand correctly, your reactor should already be patented. We read of your intention to disclose the technical specifications of your invention, so as to enable any industry professional, with a fully equipped laboratory, to replicate your test. Can you confirm this intention and tell us if it is already possible to examine this data?

Of course, what was promised was immediately turned into facts.

On the Network are available construction drawings, suggestions for replication (we are helping ourselves five groups external to build “clones” of our reactor), the results of our tests, shared protocols developed with the collaboration of the investigators who have joined the challenge posed by the Open Source mode. A site that is following the beginning in a particularly timely disclosure of the action is “22Passi” moderated by Dott.Daniele Passerini, obviously together with many others, in the world, on particular aspects.

Soon it will be operating the official website of the trial Athanor, which provides for absolute freedom of content acquisition and republishing.

Have you already got external collaborations thanks to this “openness”?

The aforementioned collaborations that are already operational are actually fast you are put on our side and already compete with us in terms of enthusiasm and proactive action. I am sure that the improvements in the trial will come just from the dialogue with these groups with great sense of experimentation supported by powerful capacity ‘technical and design.

In short, we are in good company, so as to make us think that maybe we deserve.

In what way do you think cold fusion may help in protecting the environment?

Mainly just providing clean energy, inexhaustible, economic.

How long before your expected reactor - or a product inspired by it - will be ready for industrial production?

We do not know to what extent our results, potentially spoiled by not great level of the experimental facilities of the school lab, will be reappointed. But if they were, attention to the movement of air! We have logistical resources (the Foundation J. Von Neumann) to unleash a real pandemonium on the Net (organized) aimed at conducting an experiment deployed, the speed never previously conceivable.

Always in the positive case, we estimate two years to the first applications.

In recent months, the research on nuclear power is experiencing a very special time. There is widespread talk of revolutionary discoveries and laws of physics that have to be revised. Yet, an important part of the scientific community looks with skeptical eyes both LENR, both the piezonucleare . They are the natural limits of the academic system or in some way, according to her, a little ‘healthy skepticism may help distinguish the true from the many innovations hoaxes?

Buffaloes there are not ever in the research, if anything, “cowboys”. Experimentation is always, in essence, a serious operation. It is then up to the caution of the individual exposed in a better and more open modes of conduction, to give the opportunity for independent researchers to assess the degree of correctness of the results. But it is assured, the world moves more with someone who is claiming victory too soon, and with those who sing without defeat (conveniently) never even fight (we speak of the challenge of human curiosity and knowability of nature).

Skepticism is perfectly acceptable and necessary in science: it is the burden of proof to the innovator. But the judges must be calm and wide horizons. However, on balance, no one’s ever seen a great idea, if it is really great, it is possible to stop. Or, it was not great, enthusiastic or a priori that both opponents.

And do not worry about the laws of physics: they are waiting impatiently to be thorough, integrated, best interpreted. I do not think it is necessary in this case flip them, just stop talking just us and be willing to listen to what they want to say.

Okay. We thank you for the kindness and courtesy shown.

With the opportunity of expression, a cordial greeting to you and your readers, by all the project team that is in tune with Athanor as disclosed herein.

4 posted on 10/03/2013 9:01:56 PM PDT by Kevmo ("A person's a person, no matter how small" ~Horton Hears a Who)
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To: Kevmo

Just two years away! And then another two years, and then another......

Any year now an e-cat is going to roll off the line and be delivered to someone somewhere somehow.

5 posted on 10/03/2013 9:28:46 PM PDT by count-your-change (you don't have to be brilliant, not being stupid is enough)
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To: count-your-change

This thread isn’t about the ECat.

6 posted on 10/03/2013 9:37:11 PM PDT by Kevmo ("A person's a person, no matter how small" ~Horton Hears a Who)
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To: Kevmo

Different players, same game.

7 posted on 10/04/2013 12:23:49 AM PDT by count-your-change (you don't have to be brilliant, not being stupid is enough)
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To: count-your-change
"Just two years away! And then another two years, and then another......"

Hot fusion equivalent....."Fusion power is just 50 years away".

8 posted on 10/04/2013 3:32:29 AM PDT by Wonder Warthog
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To: count-your-change
"Different players, same game."

In your deep wisdom, why don't you inform us as to what the "game" is.

ONE SINGLE INDIVIDUAL (Rossi) has a somewhat controversial background. NONE of the other researchers does. Their backgrounds are totally conventional and rooted in science or engineering backgrounds.

You seem to think that suddenly, all these scientists have decided to be con men.

9 posted on 10/04/2013 3:37:58 AM PDT by Wonder Warthog
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To: count-your-change

That differentiates you from the average detractor on these threads, because they are anti-Rossi while claiming not to be anti-LENR. You’ve exposed yourself to be anti-LENR, even with an open source LENR project. Such an endeavor is pure science. No doubt you consider yourself pro-science but your position is indefensible.

10 posted on 10/04/2013 3:48:46 PM PDT by Kevmo ("A person's a person, no matter how small" ~Horton Hears a Who)
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To: Wonder Warthog

Hot fusion has cost us $hundreds of billions in public money. Cold fusion has cost us about 10,000X less.

11 posted on 10/04/2013 3:50:56 PM PDT by Kevmo ("A person's a person, no matter how small" ~Horton Hears a Who)
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To: Kevmo
"Hot fusion has cost us $hundreds of billions in public money. Cold fusion has cost us about 10,000X less."

And CF/LENR will deliver working useful power well before the "hot fusion" tech (and IMO well before another two years pass).

12 posted on 10/04/2013 4:50:18 PM PDT by Wonder Warthog
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To: Kevmo

Is there any LENR research in America? It seems that all the work is done in Europe.

All I know about is blacklightpower and another I can’t remember at the moment.

Hell, this is happening in a high school. My high school spent more on sports than science.

13 posted on 10/05/2013 4:38:42 PM PDT by Lx (Do you like it? Do you like it, Scott? I call it, "Mr. & Mrs. Tenorman Chili.")
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To: Lx

Well, there’s McKubre

And Edmund Storms. And SPAWAR. And U of Missouri. And Hagelstein at MIT.

14 posted on 10/08/2013 4:29:20 PM PDT by Kevmo ("A person's a person, no matter how small" ~Horton Hears a Who)
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