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DUBOB 11- more tales from the Dark UnderBelly Of the Beast...
various links and websites | 01-31-03 | The Heavy Equipment Guy

Posted on 01/31/2003 5:07:21 PM PST by backhoe

At the request of members, I am restarting those "Tales from the Dark UnderBelly Of the Beast"-- the stories and issues that the press and media either ignore, won't even talk about, or will mention once and forevermore claim "it's old news..."

Naturally, some will be stories which interest me, or things I think we all need to be aware of.

I am experimenting with a minor change in presentation- when I can, I will cut to


with a keyword or two and see what kind of links to "mainstream" stories I can find in contrast to what we see here and on other sites.

May I remind you of a couple of points to bear in mind?
Each link usually has many other links within- follow them all to get "the rest of the story."
Don't forget the "open multiple browsers" trick with control-n -- this allows you to hold your place with one, and use the others to follow links, run searches, etc.

Rather than go back and rehash old links, I'll give you links to the original posts here:

-DUBOB 10- the *best of* the Dark Underbelly Series--

-DUBOB 9-- even *more* tales from the Dark Underbelly of the Beast..... --

DUBOB 8-- still *more* tales from the Underbelly***

DUBOB 7-- even *more* tales from the Dark Underbelly of the Beast.....

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DUBOB 5-- even *more* tales from the Dark Underbelly of the Beast.....

DUBOB IV- yet more Tales from the Dark Underbelly of the Beast-

DUBOB III -- "Tales from the Dark Underbelly of the Beast"

DUBOB 2-- more tales from The Dark Underbelly of the Beast-- thread II

-The Dark Underbelly of the Beast- Stories the Media won't Discuss...--

KEYWORDS: americans4prosperity; davidharsanyi; dubob; erichoffer; kochbrothers; lamestreammedia; oldmedia; thetruth
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To: All

House Democrats reach deal on healthcare bill

I just received this email. Please share with your address book.

Some of what goes on in Congress

This is a YouTube video that was made of US Rep. Tom Price-6th Dist. on Wednesday. Tom is a member of the House Healthcare Committee, and the video was shot in the Wed. Committee meeting. Please share this with everyone you know.............this healthcare legislation MUST be defeated. Please share this video. Tom has said that our Constitution is being burned right before our very eyes. We must, Democrats and Republicans alike, let our “leaders” know that this plan is unacceptable. There has to be a better way than a government takeover! If the Government takes over, it will be one of the most colossal blunders in the history of this Nation!

This article and video suggests the people who are really behind the obama truth cover-up.
There will be no new posts -- I'm done
7/28/09>Obama Media Machine Rushing to Derail Treason Charges
JB Williams, writing at says that the massive effort to force Barack Hussein Obama to become "transparent" about his birth place and circumstance, his college years and his passport records is gathering steam.  Despite a million dollars in legal fees aimed at keeping Obama’s entire life history Top Secret, a relentless pursuit of the mystery messiah not only persists, its going viral on the web and main stream in the press…

CNN news anchor Lou Dobbs put his career on the line by even mentioning the topic of Obama’s apparent constitutional ineligibility for the office of Commander-in-Chief.  After almost two years of reports and law suits regarding Obama’s secret past, the pursuit of truth is finally reaching critical mass among American voters and the mainstream press is being forced to address the matter.

But don’t get too excited just yet.  The Obama media machine is spinning around the clock to derail all efforts to smoke Obama out into the open, where he may soon have to answer the questions he has spent years and millions dodging.  Is he a "natural born citizen" eligible to hold the office of president, or is he the greatest political fraud ever perpetrated on the American electorate?

If Obama is what so many Americans assert, an unconstitutional fraud, then the appropriate charge for his actions, and the actions of those who have "aided and abetted" the fraud, would be no less than "treason," a crime punishable by death. 

The implications are extraordinarily serious!
Read the whole thing at the link, dam it!

Wil the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Disarm the United States?


Military planning for possible H1N1 outbreak



You could definitely tell that John Lewis held this event at a historic civil rights church for a reason. If anyone got 'rowdy' (i.e. opposed a viewpoint), they could be talked down and told that 'this was a church'.

Global warming is the new religion of First World urban elites

Bumper-sticker rage (Local lib gets mad at GOP bumper sticker)

Gee, Bob, maybe you'd feel better seeing a few of these:




The High Line was 80yr old 1.5 mile elevated railway through Manhattan's meatpacking district. This are is also technically part of the West Village, and has historically been home to much of NYC's gay and transexual prostitution scene.
"Sounds like it remained a meat packing district, and I can’t believe I just said that."

Terri Schiavo Documentary Wins More Awards, Schindler Family Helps Disabled

We are your concience-- The White Rose will give you no rest...


No 'Professor' Obama at U. of C. (Flashback, Lied on Resume)

Who is Barrack Obama??

Original birth certificate — Not released
Obama/Dunham marriage license — Not released
Soetoro/Dunham marriage license — Not released
Soetoro adoption records — Not released
Besuki School application — Released
Punahou School records — Not released
Selective Service Registration — Released and under suspicion
Occidental College records — Not released
Passport (Pakistan) — Not released
Columbia College records — Not released
Columbia thesis — Not released
Harvard College records — Not released
Harvard Law Review articles — None (maybe 1, unsigned?)
Baptism certificate — None
Medical records — Not released
Illinois State Senate records — None
Illinois State Senate schedule — Lost
Law practice client list — Not released
University of Chicago scholarly articles — Lost


The Birther Movement is the beginning of the "Unseal Obama, America Deserves to Know" Movement

This makes Lewinski look like small potatoes in my opinion. Oh how I long for those days

ARMY of investigators go to Alaska to dig up dirt on Sarah Palin (but Obama is sacred cow??)


[Nat Hentoff] The Founding Fathers would have hated hate-crimes laws

NY Muslims:"We Will Slaughter Western Civilization, We Will Slaughter"....~Video

The Next, Greater Depression, Updated (We can repeat the errors of the past or we can avoid them)

10,861 posted on 07/29/2009 1:04:17 PM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All
GRASSROOTS VERSUS ASTROTURF: Tea Party Overwhelms Obamacare Advocates in Fort Collins. This kind of thing just keeps happening . . . Losing The Message War? “Perhaps the biggest thing that stood out to us at President Obama’s AARP town hall yesterday was that the White House appears to be losing the message war on health care.”

MORE FROM MISSOURI: Health care forum draws hundreds, mostly opposed to federal reform legislation. “Some comments were more dramatic. One man, who identified himself as Jim Dale of Valley Park, posed the question, ‘At what point does the government say to me that it is your patriotic duty to die?’”

More here, from Dana Loesch.

UPDATE: Here’s video of Dana talking about the protest on Greta van Susteren last night.


CHANGE: NPR Poll Finds Tough Sledding For Obama. “When asked about the plan now moving through Congress, a plurality of 47 percent was opposed and 42 percent said they were in favor, based on what they had heard about the plan so far. . . . But if the president saw his numbers down, Congress fared far worse, with just 7 percent saying they approved strongly and 25 percent saying they approved somewhat. A 61 percent majority said they disapproved of Congress, with 2 out of 3 of them doing so strongly.”

UPDATE: How do you know — I mean, besides that even NPR is saying it — that Obama is in trouble? Suddenly, his critics are being called racist. Would a “wise Latina” recommend this rhetorical move?

RON BAILEY ON WHAT REAL HEALTH CARE REFORM WOULD LOOK LIKE: How medical markets would improve health care and reduce costs.

MARK STEYN: “Thousand-page bills, unread and indeed unwritten at the time of passage, are the death of representative government. They also provide a clue as to why, in a country this large, national government should be minimal and constrained. Even if you doubled or trebled the size of the legislature, the Conyers conundrum would still hold: No individual can read these bills and understand what he’s voting on. That’s why the bulk of these responsibilities should be left to states and subsidiary jurisdictions, which can legislate on such matters at readable length and in comprehensible language.”

Obama is Tanking in the Polls: Is it Unemployment, Or is it Him? “Polls show the public thinks Obama is spending too much and taking on too much power. It is not hard to conclude that Obama has been caught trying to pull off a bait and switch — he ran as a moderate and is governing as a left-winger. With ample evidence that they have been conned, the voters are now registering their disapproval.”

Surviving the 'End of Civilization' 2050 Six rules

In his 2008 bestseller, "Wealth, War and Wisdom," hedge fund manager Barton Biggs warns that investors must "assume the possibility of a breakdown of the civilized infrastructure." the Rest ...

Military planning for possible H1N1 outbreak

Military Poised to Help FEMA Battle Swine Flu Outbreak

Rachel Corrie: Endless Martyr for Anti-Israel Hatred

New research backs abortion-breast cancer link

Video: Cracking ACORN

10,862 posted on 07/29/2009 3:46:13 PM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All
Faster, please..

INSTAVISION: I talk with Asheville Tea Party organizer Erika Franzi about taking on her local congressman (Heath Shuler) and local media (the Asheville Citizen-Times) and about bringing Tea Party organization to a hippie town. She’s a mother of four and a blogger — is it just me, or are the blogger-moms the main organizing force in the Tea Party movement? She says it’s because she cares about her kids’ future.

Picture 260

Check out the Asheville Tea Party website. She’s meeting with the publisher of the Citizen Times tomorrow.

UPDATE: More protesting moms.

RASMUSSEN: Gap Widens Between Obama and Voters on Fairness of U.S. Society.
Poll: Obama loses ground on health care: NBC/WSJ survey also shows a drop in his overall job-approval rating.
Here it comes... bluedog sellout... and CardCheck shenanigans
... and word that Reid is going to try to bum-rush CardCheck thru on the floor
/no peaceful way to fix it...
Heh™'re listening to Rush, too?
Charles got his ass handed to him bigtime....
Wrath of G_d exposed Charles Johnson as a rotten stinking Communist today.

Lots of nice linkage.
"He really hates Christianity and probably Judaism as well, although he is probably silent on this. The fact he is recommending Communists shows what he is about.
Charles “Icarus” Johnson is a member of the Progressive Machine."
Second Wave of Swine Flu Hits Mexico
Can the Hells Angels Save Europe?
Record cold would have been worse without Global Warming
WHAT HAPPENS WHEN politicians’ flacks attack bloggers.

Double Digits and Holding! -10

After a slip in yesterday's poll, Dear leader's numbers hit double digits again today.

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that 29% of the nation's voters now Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Thirty-nine percent (39%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -10. The President’s Approval Index rating is down four points over the past week and 11 points over the past month. Hat tip: Chisum



Bully boys: A brief history of White House thuggery

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 29, 2009 07:51 AM

Just finished up on the Today Show, where I had a quick chance to briefly expose the Culture of Corruption in the age of Obama. My syndicated column today adds to the dossier with a round-up of fresh Bully Boy moments.

It’s the Chicago way.


Bully boys: A brief history of White House thuggery
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2009

Six months into the Obama administration, it should now be clear to all Americans: Hope and Change came to the White House wrapped in brass knuckles.

Ask the Congressional Budget Office. Last week, President Obama spilled the beans on the Today Show that he had met with CBO director Douglas Elmendorf – just as the number-crunchers were casting ruinous doubt on White House cost-saving claims. Yes, question the timing. The CBO is supposed to be a neutral score-keeper – not a water boy for the White House. But when the meeting failed to stop the CBO from issuing more analysis undercutting the health care savings claims, Obama’s budget director Peter Orszag played the heavy.

Orszag warned the CBO in a public letter that it risked feeding the perception that it was “exaggerating costs and underestimating savings.” Message: Leave the number-fudging to the boss. Capiche?

President Obama issued an even more explicit order to unleash the hounds on Blue Dog Democrats during his health care press conference. “Keep up the heat” translated into Organizing for America/Democrat National Committee attack ads on moderate Democrats who have revolted against Obamacare’s high costs and expansive government powers over medical decisions.

Looks like there won’t be a health care beer summit any time soon.

The CBO and the Blue Dogs got off easy compared to inspectors generals targeted by Team Obama goons. Gerald Walpin, the former Americorps inspector general was slimed as mentally incompetent (“confused” and “disoriented”) after blowing the whistle on several cases of community service tax fraud, including the case of Obama crony Kevin Johnson. As I’ve reported previously, Johnson’s the NBA star-turned-Sacramento Democrat mayor who ran a federally-funded non-profit group employing AmeriCorps volunteers that were exploited to perform campaign work for Johnson and provided personal services (car washes, errands) to Johnson and his staff.

Walpin filed suit last week to get his job back – and to defend the integrity and independence of inspector generals system-wide. But he faces hardball tactics from both the West Wing and the East Wing, where First Lady Michelle Obama has been intimately involved in personnel decisions at AmeriCorps, according to youth service program insiders.

At the Environmental Protection Agency, top Obama officials muzzled veteran researcher Alan Carlin, who dared to question the conventional wisdom on global warming. The economist with a physics degree was trashed as a non-scientist know-nothing.

Obama Treasury officials forced banks to take TARP bailout money they didn’t want and obstructed banks that wanted to pay back TARP money from doing so. The administration strong-armed Chrysler creditors and strong-armed Chrysler dealers using politicized tactics that united both House Democrats and Republicans, who passed an amendment last week reversing President Obama on the closure of nearly 800 Chrysler car dealerships and more than 2,000 GM dealerships.

At the Justice Department, Obama lawyers are now blocking a House inquiry into the suspicious decision to dismiss default judgments against radical New Black Panther Party activists who intimidated voters and poll workers on Election Day in Philadelphia. The DOJ is preventing Virginia Republican Rep. Frank Wolf from meeting with the trial team in the case. Rep. Wolf has been pressing for answers on what communications Attorney General Eric Holder and his deputies conducted with third-party interest groups and other political appointees about the case. So far: radio silence.

In the mafia culture, the bully boys depend on a code of silence and allegiance – omerta — not only among their brethren, but also from the victims. The victims of Obama thugocracy are no longer cooperating. Perhaps it won’t be long until some of the enforcers start to sing, too.

Michelle Malkin is author of the just-released Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies (Regnery).

Posted in: Corruption

10,863 posted on 07/30/2009 2:31:55 AM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All

Oh my: New WSJ poll shows support for ObamaCare tanking

Vanished: Obama exposer disappears off Net

This is in follow-up to my post on Tuesday: "The Day I asked a question and got the MOTHER of all answers"

The implications of the following account is that the President's REAL NAME did not appear on any ballot, in any state.

That's just one of MANY implications. Let me preface by saying an AMENDED birth record could indicate that the President was adopted by either Lolo Soetoro and/or His grandparents, the Dunhams.

My story:

Hawaiian Officials Under Duress?

The Island of Dr. Fukino - Bizarre Statements on Obama's origins

This is hilarious! What if Barack Obama was in fact born British? Don't miss the comments.

"Barack Obama definitely is British.
Actually he is Tony Blair’s twin, but blacked up for effect. In speech, in style, in flummery, and in substance (or more accurately the lack of it) he is identical. The consequences will be identical too."

Judge: Swine flu is reason to suspend constitutional rights


Swine flu vaccine for 'half US'

Figuring How To Terrify Us Over Swine Flu

Dozens Arrested In Medicare Fraud Busts Across US

Parental Rights, School Choice and the Homosexual Agenda



THE "compromise" health-care reform being negotiated by six members of the Senate Finance Committee is shaping up as a classic warning of the dangers of bipartisanship without principles: It looks like they'll keep the worst features of other ObamaCare bills -- but simply change the names.


10,864 posted on 07/30/2009 4:10:40 AM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All

New poll is bad, bad news for Obama, Democrats


New depths - Rasmussen -12

Iowa Woman Selling Her TVs - Reason: 'Obama On Every Channel and Station'

The Democrats Want Your Kids

Why Sarah Palin Threatens The “Establishment”

Offshore drilling ruling doesn't apply to Gulf

The Chinese Come Calling (demand not that we sacrifice our freedoms but that we balance our budget)

Pathetic. Amazing. What stupid Sheeple live in this once great country. Obama is as low as you can go.

RUSH: President Obama and the Democrats are PURPOSELY DESTROYING the US economy

Sanity From the Indian Subcontinent

It looks like world leaders are becoming the cooling saucer, or the responsible adults, for our outlandish administration, because American voters made such a horrible choice last November.

How About a National Conversation on Race Hoaxes?

Holder: Homegrown Terror Threat Increasing

"This is just another scare tactic for the government to use to start locking up American citizens without a trial that disagree with their agenda.The US governments propaganda machine is getting corny lately and you can see right through it.Our government has become a major threat to the people and the states."

10,865 posted on 07/30/2009 8:21:47 AM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All

CNN Running "Second 100 Days" (Obama) Special Thursday

Michele Bachmann: Debt upon debt upon debt


Video: Gov. Pawlenty Notices Chris Matthews' "Man-Crush" On Obama

No, ‘Every Other Developed Country’ Does Not Have Single-Payer Health Care

Obama "hates whites": Beck accuses PrezBo

NBC (Chuck Todd) wants Fox competitor Glenn Beck fired (Todd's wife is a Democratic Operative!)

NRA: The Untold Story of Gun Confiscation After Katrina

The Irish Ban of All Handguns

U.S. fan: “Something’s wrong when I can’t raise an American flag in my own country.”

Obama loses immigration allies - Activists picket, feel betrayed by administration policies

So, we're basically being told by a bunch of foreigners that we're not allowed to enforce our own laws within our own country's borders?

Yes, at the core of this, that is exactly what they are demanding, and have been demanding for some time. They are here, taking advantage of our generosity and freedom and telling us that our rule of law is not for them.

Revenge of the ‘Shoe Bomber’: by Debra Burlingame (supporting documents, links, more info)

Dashcam Video of Police Conspiring to Frame Driver for Accident - Video 7/29/09

The Camel’s Nose Is Inside The Tent

In November 1987, two Gay Activists penned an article published in a Gay Magazine titled THE OVERHAULING OF STRAIGHT AMERICA, which was essentially the outline of “a propaganda campaign to confuse and deceive the American people about their objectives.”

Gates Lied (The tapes prove he has lied all along)

Vanished: Obama exposer disappears off Net

Ignorant bloggers go nuts over Michelle Bachmann

Obama-Care, Euthanasia, and The Boiled Frog Syndrome

I read Canada Free Press daily. They are not afraid of the counterfeit in office in the US black house.

Right-wing fringe claims Obama ineligible for presidency (Because we are racist)

Why is Foghorn Leghorn racist?

Racist, no. Ripoff, yes---especially since Warner Brothers copyrighted not just the cartoon image but the characterisation and vocalisation of the character, denying Kenny Delmar the right to continue his Senator Claghorn character after Fred Allen discontinued the radio show on which Delmar made the character so popular.

The Fred Allen Show: Auditions (with Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy)---Also the "Allen's Alley" debut of Sen. Claghorn . . . and Titus Moody (Parker Fennelly). (7 October 1945, NBC)

Public opinion turning against global warming almost as quickly as science (Ten AGW Myths Debunked)

Five Polls in 24 Hours: Americans Increasingly Opposed to Dems' Government Takeover of Health Care

10,866 posted on 07/30/2009 2:17:40 PM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All
Is Obama Losing His Personal Touch? Is it just me, or has the media narrative shifted over the last week or so?
STEPHEN MARCHE IN ESQUIRE: “Nobody wants to hear it, but this fact is too important to ignore: So far, the first African-American presidency has been one of the worst ever for African-Americans. The economic crisis has predominantly hit non-white working class men; the collapse of the auto industry is threatening to destroy the basis of the Midwestern black middle class...If the President were white, there would be riots.”

JONATHAN TURLEY: Obama Political Appointees Reportedly Overruled Career Justice Officials In Dropping Charges Against New Black Panther Party for Voter Intimidation. “By dropping the complaint, the Obama Administration suggests that other groups could show up with such weapons and military-style uniforms are perfectly permissible. What if this were the Aryan Nation or Soldiers of God? Doesn’t brandishing a weapon have an intimidating effect on voters?”

It’s only okay if you’re from an Officially Recognized Aggrieved Group.

The A.P. Declares War On The Online World.

THE FLIP MINO HD: The video camera of choice for the Tea Party crowd? Bryan Preston writes:

Glenn, I thought you and your readers might be interested, I shot the Austin video entirely on a Flip mino-HD solid state camera. Those things are AWESOME, tiny size, great quality, it just plugs into a USB port for interfacing with your computer, and it was a snap to transcode the video so that I could cut it in Premiere Pro. It holds 60 mins of HD video, so I had plenty of space to shoot all I needed. For people who attend protests and other political events, the Flip is extremely useful and simple.

As you can see the video turned out well.

THE JIM GERAGHTY PRINCIPLE IN TUCSON: “But the Tucson Tea Party let county leaders know, they’re watching and are not afraid to let their voices be heard. A group of about 100 showed up at the supervisor’s meeting to speak at the Truth in Taxation public hearing.”

Promises, Promises, Promises......

Dear Leader had a Town Hall Meeting today at Broughton High School in Raleigh, North Carolina.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, we did give them a deadline and sort of we missed that deadline, but that's okay.
We are -- here is my promise -- and by the way, I've been keeping my promises since I got into office. (Applause.) We will not sign -- I will not sign a health care bill that is not deficit-neutral, that is not paid for; I will not sign a bill that does not have all the reforms that we need to lower health care inflation over the long term. We will not sign a bill that isn't right for the American people. (Applause.)......Read the rest here....Straight from his desk!

Remember this Promise?.... Democrats know this program will cost American families thousands of dollars. Senator Barack Obama admitted this last year in an interview with San Francisco Chronicle:

"Under my plan of a cap and trade system electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. Businesses would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money. They will pass that cost onto consumers."
Barack Obama admitted cap and trade legislation would cause electricity prices to skyrocket.
Cap and trade will likely cost $700 to $1,400 dollars per US family per year:
Democratic Congressman John Dingell (D-MI) summed up cap and trade at a Congressional hearing on April 24th-- "It's a Great Big Tax!"
It's not just a great big tax... It's the biggest tax in US history.

Cap and Trade is one promise we can't let him keep. It's not to late to call and email your representatives. Keep up the pressure folks!

Update: Commentor Texas (Randy's Right) sends this in:Protesters In Raliegh,NC

Related.....AP: Obama Lied Last Night About His Health Care Plan's the Republican's fault!

Democrats In Full Scale Panic

A full scale panic such as what is happening in the Democratic Caucus right now has not been seen since the Supreme Court ruled on the 2000 presidential election. The level of intra party violence pits Maxine Waters and Lynn Woolsey against other Democrats in what is beginning to look like the mother of all political mud wrestling contests. Or maybe it's a pig wrestling contest because the objects of all of this effort are a few Blue Dog Democrats, a sub caucus itself fraught with strife and disagreement. Today the Blue Dog negotiators split four to three on the question of extending a final vote on ObamaCare until September. 1.php


Pelosi: The meltdown

July 30, 2009 03:19 PM by Doug Powers

It’s happening — opposition to Hope and Change™ is starting to take its toll. Nancy Pelosi is starting to act like somebody spiked her Botox with traces of arsenic, and the descent into paranoid madness is somewhat reminiscent of Captain Queeg on the witness stand in The Caine Mutiny:

The Speaker will prove without a shadow of a doubt — and with geometric logic — that a duplicate key to the wardroom icebox did exist, but the private insurance companies took it!

Pelosi also said that private insurers oppose government health care because “they don’t want the competition.” The government doesn’t want competition either, Nance — that’s why people like Bernie Madoff are rotting in prison.

Nancy scoffs at her poll numbers (she’s tied in the popularity ratings with O.J. Simpson and genital herpes), but that certainly can’t be a comfort for her collegues up for re-election in districts that aren’t as safe as hers, and neither are polls like this:79 Comments


Pelosi is Queeg in a dress.

No, Nancy, the villains aren’t capitalistic health care companies. The villains aren’t businesses that make a profit. (Without a profit, businesses go out of business, or become “Government Motors”).

Click here to see the Health Care Reform talking points she has issued to prep Reps for Town Hall Meetings around the country.

If her health care reform plan is so great, why hasn’t she scheduled a Town Hall Meeting in San Francisco to tell her voters all about it?

Who let the New Black Panther Party thugs off?

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 30, 2009 06:18 AM

Last week, I reported on the Obama administration’s stonewalling of House efforts to investigate its decision to drop default judgments against New Black Panther Party thugs who menaced Philly voters on election day with nightsticks and racist epithets. Yesterday, I included the episode in my review of White House thuggery over the last six months.

Now, there’s new information about Department of (In)justice meddling with the New Black Panther Party voter bullying case. Jerry Seper at the Washington Times reports on the identity of the DOJ lawyer who

Associate Attorney General Thomas J. Perrelli, the No. 3 official in the Obama Justice Department, was consulted and ultimately approved a decision in May to reverse course and drop a civil complaint accusing three members of the New Black Panther Party of intimidating voters in Philadelphia during November’s election, according to interviews.

The department’s career lawyers in the Voting Section of the Civil Rights Division who pursued the complaint for five months had recommended that Justice seek sanctions against the party and three of its members after the government had already won a default judgment in federal court against the men.

Front-line lawyers were in the final stages of completing that work when they were unexpectedly told by their superiors in late April to seek a delay after a meeting between political appointees and career supervisors, according to federal records and interviews.

The delay was ordered by then-acting Assistant Attorney General Loretta King after she discussed with Mr. Perrelli concerns about the case during one of their regular review meetings, according to the interviews.

Ms. King, a career senior executive service official, had been named by President Obama in January to temporarily fill the vacant political position of assistant attorney general for civil rights while a permanent choice could be made.

No one should be surprised at such maneuvers under crime-coddling AG Eric Holder.

It’s more of the same old Culture of Corruption in the age of Obama.

All previous New Black Panther Party posts here.


10,867 posted on 07/30/2009 3:27:21 PM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All
yes, they're that stupid: care-for-illegals clause found in eugenicscare bill
Cash for clunkers suspended? These are the people that have all the kinks worked out with govt. healthcare...
 Obama’s Ratings Slide Across the Board: The Economy, Health Care Reform and Gates Grease the Skids.

The time for debate was ten months ago

A Rasmussen poll released today shows Obama's Approval Index sitting at minus 12 percent, his lowest number yet. 40 percent of American voters now strongly disapprove of Obama's performance, compared to just 28 percent who strongly approve. Perhaps more significantly, a slight majority of voters now oppose his multi-trillion dollar health-care scheme, with the gap most notable among those who express strong opinions: 41 percent of voters now strongly oppose his planned reforms, with only 25 percent strongly in favour.

The lost ground certainly isn't due to a lack of raw ambition or nerve on the President's part. Within the last few weeks he slagged doctors as blood-money butchers ("The doctor may look at the reimbursement system and say to himself, 'You know what? I make a lot more money if I take this kid's tonsils out"), made clear that he views the very existence of a congressional debate on health care as a needless holdup, a throwback to the pre-Obama years ("The legislative process is a little bit like sausage making, and the sausage factory is not an attractive place") and blamed Republicans for blocking his reforms, despite the fact that

"The Democrats won everything in last year's election....(They own) the White House, a filibuster-proof Senate, and a 70-seat House majority. As one House Republican aide quipped: 'We could have every GOP congressman and their parents vote against a Democratic bill and still not stop it.'"

There's at least some degree of obstinate innumeracy in play. It can no longer be denied that Obama is trying to elide the issue of where the money for his multi-trillion dollar fast-track socialist rewrite is going to come from. When, during last week's press conference, a reporter noted that Congress is "trying to figure out how to pay for all this reform," Obama responded "Well, before we talk about how to pay for it, let's talk about exactly what needs to be done." Pretty bald, that, considering that his essential demand is for talk and debate to stop in the interests of facilitating passage of his glorious reforms. Questions, too, are evidently unnecessary at this point. From that same press conference:

Q: Thank you, Mr. President. On Medicare, there are obviously millions of Americans who depend on Medicare, and when you talk about bending the long-term cost down, or when you talk about cuts in the current proposal on Capitol Hill, you talk about cuts in Medicare and they talk about cuts in Medicare, but there are never many specifics. Specifically, what kind of pain, what kind of sacrifice, are you calling on beneficiaries to make? And even if not right away, aren't future beneficiaries going to be getting less generous benefits than today's?
President Obama: No. No.
Q: And a subsidiary question....

You get the idea. Earlier the President had sternly warned: "This debate is not a game."

Posted by EBD at 9:52 PM| Comments (13)
"Face it America, you got snookered by Operah and Geffen, you elected an imecile narccisistic slime ball and you effed up...The Commander in Thief's polls are crashing."

STEPHEN CARTER: When did profits become evil?

“For-profit” firms come under constant attack from activists and members of Congress.

Thus, a recent news release from the AFL-CIO began with this evidently alarming fact: “Profits at 10 of the country’s largest publicly traded health insurance companies rose 428 percent from 2000 to 2007.” Even had the figures been correct — they weren’t — we are seeing the same circus. Profit is the enemy. America could be made pure, if only profit could be purged.

This attitude was wrong in 2006. It is wrong now. High profits are excellent news. When corporate earnings reach record levels, we should be celebrating. The only way a firm can make money is to sell people what they want at a price they are willing to pay. If a firm makes lots of money, lots of people are getting what they want.

Some people don’t like that. I hope Carter makes money on his new book, which I”m taking to the beach with me.

Minus 12... As Economy Crumbles So Does Dear Leader's Approval Numbers

Americans reject the radical in the White House...
Obama's approval numbers have dropped 42 points since January.

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows that 28% of the nation's voters now Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty percent (40%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -12. That’s the lowest rating yet recorded for President Obama.

10,868 posted on 07/31/2009 12:30:15 AM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All

Democrat Anthony Weiner Says Heath Care Will Lower Taxes And Committee Erupts In Laughter (Video)

This is what leftists are supposed to get whenever they push their whacky agenda in America—big laughs!

In my world that’s where it would end for these power mongering thieves.

Good thing there is freerepublic because you didn't see this anywhere on the news, if it had been a Republican (maybe someone like, I don't know...Sarah Palin,) that said this, it would be breaking news on every channel...

AP IMPACT: Bad Bridges Passed Up For Stimulus Cash

Stimulus Bill Funds Go to Art Houses Showing ‘Pervert’ Revues, Underground Pornography (video)

A dancer performs a nude routine for "The Symmetry Project" as part of a San Francisco dance group that has received emergency funding from the National Endowment for the Arts

Hollywood stars visit Cuba amid U.S.-Cuba thaw

I look forward to the day when they all live there, not as members of the elite, but as everyday Cubans do:

Right-wingers still want Obama out (It's a race war, baby!)

THERE is a war going on in America right now, and they are not taking any prisoners. It is a race war, but you would not know it.

Everyone involved couches their comments in clever, carefully disguised language that only the combatants know.

“White conservatives are determined to wrest away power from the black man who dared to sit on the throne only meant for one race. “

Yeah, that’s right, idiot. It couldn’t be that Obama is a frigging train wreck as a president.

ANOTHER Fake 'Nazi'! When are people going to say 'ENOUGH'?...

Caught On Tape: Florida Officers Falsify Report

Video here.

Police use Taser on 81 year old man with Cane (Video Link)

Abortion Measure Passes, Then Fails, In House [Obama-Care $$s For Abortionists!]

Reading the Fine Print in the Health Care Bill

Thank you for posting this - the more attention this monstrosity of a bill gets the better. I have actually read all 1017 pages of the bill (in its most recently published form). I summarized my findings and pulled some excerpts from the bill and posted it on my blog in three posts (it took me three days to read):

Believe me, this bill is bad for America!

2 posted on Friday, July 31, 2009 12:40:31 AM by aaronopine

The president without a country

He certainly isn’t my president, and my country certainly isn’t a muslim nation. Barack Obama can go to Hell, from whence he came.

Did the AARP Just Lie To Me?

AARP is just like any other organization who lives off of other people’s money without really doing a heck of a lot besides protecting their high-paying jobs.
Kinda like Zer0...

Can People Direct me To An Accurate List of Email Addresses

They won’t listen to any of us.
Torches and tar. That’ll get their attention.

Barney Frank in Off-the-Cuff Moment Says "Public Option" is Best Way to Socialized Medicine - Video

Dem memo plots message war on insurers (Dems need a villain to push socialized heatlhcare)

H.R. 2749 The Food Safety Enhancement Act

So long Family farms, farmers markets...

Is Obama A Racist?

“His friends are racists, his Pastor is racist, his wife is racist, his most vigorous supporters are racist... let me think about this a while.”

...his Attorney General is a racist...his Supreme Court appointee is a racist...

In “Dreams from My Father” Obama wrote: "I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother's race."

Wash Times: Democratic Party Official, "Kill Crakkkas; F*** Whitey's Christmas"

Washington Times reporter Kerry Picket has the scoop on a Democratic Party official whose MySpace page is a sewer of racial hatred.

Following up on fellow Times reporter Jerry Seper's report on the Obama Justice Department's dropping of a case of voter intimidation by Democratic party poll watcher and New Black Panther member Jerry Jackson, Picket reports on the vile racist language that gets Republicans run out of town on a rail, but gets Democrats elected to be party officials. In Jackson's case, that means being an elected member of the 14th Ward Democratic party committee in Philadelphia.

Here's a sample of the content on the MySpace page of Democratic party official Jerry Jackson as reported by Picket:


"F*** Whitey's Christmas"

A derogatory anti-cop poster titled "BEWARE OF PIG"

A photo of a cop sitting next to a black child in a toy car. Beneath the image the phrase "Racial Profiling: It Starts Early"

Will Barack Obama or Robert Gibbs be called on to run Jackson out of the Democratic party by the liberal media? Stay tuned.....

Sotomayor's Ties to La Raza  Bigot, racist- just like her boss...

The Hypocrisy Of Our Elites Is Getting Old

What Obama's hiding and the media are ignoring

Bankruptcies: The Next Wave

OOPS-->Cash For Clunkers SUSPENDED Tomorrow at Midnight

This is the best news of the day. Now we can write to our demcrat congressmen and senators and tell them HELL NO ON HEALTH CARE. It the can’t deal with old junk cars the they are not competent enough to have a Gov sponsored health care program..

Obama's Web Site: Senior Citizens are Useless Eaters Who Waste Medical Resources

Dodd and Obama: Corrupt Birds of a Feather

Everything you need to know about false Hope and Change can be found in one picture: the image of President Obama embracing embattled Sen. Chris Dodd.

10,869 posted on 07/31/2009 2:00:20 AM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All

The House of the Rising Sun


Forbes and the Washington Post both describe the disastrous Massachusetts health care system — with which the Obama care models share similarities — and the post begins with a warning from the Commonwealth’s treasurer.

Some have asked, as national healthcare reform works its way through Congress, is there anything we can learn from the Massachusetts experiment? Yes, according to the state’s treasurer, interviewed today on CNBC: Whatever you do, don’t do what we did. In a blisteringly frank interview, treasurer Tim Cahill laid out some jaw-dropping stats, which eviscerated the plan and excited every conservative’s worst fears about government getting further into the health insurance business:

– The program has so far cost 30 percent more than anticipated.
– It already has a $9 billion shortfall projected over the next two years.
– Costs have risen 41 percent since the program’s inception, well outpacing the rise in healthcare costs nationwide, which stands at 18 percent.
– We thought this program would mean fewer people would go to hospitals, which is the highest cost any insurance plan has to pay. In fact, fewer people are not going to hospitals.
– A Harvard study shows 60 percent of state residents are unhappy with the plan. The most unhappy? Those whom it should be helping the most — those making $25,000 to $50,000 per year.
– To cut costs, the program is now having to kick out legal immigrants.


10,870 posted on 07/31/2009 2:23:40 AM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All

"That's why I fear my gov't......because I don't know if the people are awake enough to do what needs to be done.....and that is to start shouting from rooftops."

This was posted to my facebook page. It sums up the fix we are in. The writer, Lisa, describes what ordinary Americans are confronting. These folks must encouraged to push back, to be unafraid against the left bots. It is a full frontal assault on all Americans. It's not just Obama's Deathcare, it's everything.

"For the first time in my life, I'm afraid of my government. My mom is 73. I have four kids. We've been looking at this legislation. I'm disabled and uninsured but tthis is insane. Tonight, four different people came at me at once on Twitter. I think they were with; They act like just "regular people" asking "innocent questions" about health care, but there were four people. I mean, Chinese water torture is not so bad compared to this. They are not just "regular people" asking "innocent questions". They wouldn't stop. Wouldn't let up. What bothers me is that so many people in America have never been involved in politics before and now want to be involved but they aren't tough enough to handle these tactics. It's getting serious in America. I can take it,,,, but what about all the newbies to politics?? That's why I fear my gov't......because I don't know if the people are awake enough to do what needs to be done.....and that is to start shouting from rooftops."

This is the protest that Obama received when he went to Raleigh yesterday. It was blocks long. The natives are restless.

Obama's motorcade going to Raleigh Town Hall Meeting, hundreds of protesters 4 blocks long.
Atlas reader Erik took some snaps, "I made the posters and my sister went to Kinko’s to get them printed and took her kids to a good old fashioned protest":




From 1988: Obama On Race Relations and "Blacks as Second Class Citizens"

Save The Planet 

10,871 posted on 07/31/2009 2:46:01 AM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All

CBS VIDEO: The 1976 Swine Flu Pandemic and Vaccine ( Remember judy roberts )

The God Who Bleeds


10,872 posted on 07/31/2009 3:12:07 AM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All

The Public Isn't Buying Obama's Smooth Talk

The same clowns in office who cannot manage a car buy-back program for four days without going bust, want to manage Trillions of dollars of taxpayer money for healthcare they claim will be a net net wash.

'They May Not Know What's Good For Them'

Thomas Sowell: Obama's Amateurism and Incompetence

OBAMA SECRET SERVICE Pulls Guns On Conservative Tea Party Protesters In Bristol

Recall this?

-Presidential Gatling Gun-Equipped Suburban Badder Than New Cadillac Limo [Video]--


General consensus is that we'd rather die fighting than fight dying under ObamaCare and whatevr plans he has for the VA System.

I think that is the only explanation that makes sense.

CNN: Inciting Race Hate

Will Krakatoa rock the world again?...

Those 'Crazy Birthers': The Obama Eligibility Debate is Far More Complex Than the Media Pretend

Obama Justice Official Nixed Black Panther Prosecution

The Obama Timeline

Hack Panthers - Justice Department is caught covering up voter intimidation

A Shooting Star Dims


Town halls gone wild

How convenient for them to say that town hall gatherings are now “dangerous”. How convenient.

10,873 posted on 07/31/2009 7:13:13 AM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All
A HEALTH-CARE SLOGAN FROM READER JOSEPH HRUTKA: “If the bill’s so great, why not deliberate?”

Town Hall Events to Counter Protest. July, August, September 2009

Here is the link for scheduled Townhalls.

Town Hall Events to Counter Protest. July, August, September 2009

For reference:

Retirees arrested at Sen. Feinstein's LA office

Town halls gone wild

Please note the house pulled a fast one an got the farm bill passed last night....Also know an scorched earth bill formally known as Monsanto bill....All small farmers need to be aware of the consequence if it passed Senate in the form it is currently in....(we will all be affected....It took ten years to undo the ALaska fishing bill under CLinton in the mean time many fishing families lost their business.)

Excellent link! can’t post it enough!

That’s a GREAT link, since I can look up my state.

Here's more:

Washington's prescription [A primer to read before your lawmakers come home for the August recess]


Congress Fears Voters; Meetings in Home Districts Cancelled
Columbia Conservative Examiner ^

Pitchforks and torches time has arrived!

Health Care Dispute: Senior Citizens Removed from LA Office of Sen. Diane Feinstein - Video

 (Watch Video)

ObamaCare, The Other Clunker Program

Chris Dodd Has Cancer: Would He Use Obamacare?

Dodd Pushes Health Reform in Cancer Announcement (of course)

Running out of rich to eat

TAX FOUNDATION: Tax Burden of Top 1% Now Exceeds That of Bottom 95%. “Newly released data from the IRS clearly debunks the conventional Beltway rhetoric that the ‘rich’ are not paying their fair share of taxes. Indeed, the IRS data shows that in 2007—the most recent data available—the top 1 percent of taxpayers paid 40.4 percent of the total income taxes collected by the federal government. This is the highest percentage in modern history. By contrast, the top 1 percent paid 24.8 percent of the income tax burden in 1987, the year following the 1986 tax reform act.”

Is Barack Obama a US citizen?

Your analysis was so spot on and succinct, I'm re-posting it. Thank you again, you refuted the leftist mantra (heard incessantly at FR of late) of no positive side to continue the birther assault:

1) If the original long form birth certificate is not released, there will eventually be a court challenge that will be adjudicated. The issue of standing cannot be avoided forever.

2) If the certificate is released and has questionable items regarding the birthplace, the controversy will be fueled further.

3) If the certificate is released and it is clean as a whistle, the controversy will be fueled further. Why pay over a million dollars and delay the release over a year if the document could defuse the situation immediately?

87 posted

79 posted

Key witness in (presidential) passport fraud case fatally shot [old article]


It's the Chicago Way to promise retaliation if you don't cooperate. I wonder if that's what's going on here:

Obama Part of Group Locked Up at Russian Airport
August 29, 2005 (Mon) -- original source: Chicago Sun-Times

March 21, 2008 (Sun)

Passport official quits amid probes
April 5, 2008 (Sat)

Passing On Passports at the State Department
April 05, 2008 (Sat)

FYI: the man's NAME is Lieutenant — it's NOT his Rank
Informant Gunned Down Amidst 5D Violence
April 18, 2008 (Fri), 8:52 pm - Washington

Man Fatally Shot in Northeast Had Been Charged in Fraud Case - Passport Information Was Used to Obtain Bogus Credit Cards
April 20, 2008 (Sun) - Washington Post, The (DC)

Lieutenant Quarles Harris Jr. Shrine
May 8, 2008 (Thur)

Security breach of passport applications
November 1, 2008 (Sat)

Barack Obama nominates Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State
December 01, 2008 (Mon) 8:42 PM

Obama’s Intelligence Adviser Involved in Security Breach
January 12, 2009 (Mon) 1:46 PM

Passport Snoop Snared State Department employee illegally accessed celebrity applications
Jan 13, 2009 (Tue)

Former State Department Employee Sentenced for Illegally Accessing Confidential Passport...
Mar 23, 2009 (Mon) 11:32am EDT

EXACT same headline, but different story 3 1/2 months later (curious)
Former State Department Employee Sentenced for Illegally Accessing Confidential Passport...
Jul 8, 2009 (Wed) 1:22pm EDT

130 posted on Friday, July 31, 2009 12:49:52 PM by BP2

MS-13 Now Controls Mexican Border

“Well... its nice to know SOMBODY is finally controlling that thing...”

Shouldn’t we be paying them?

A new record low maximum temperature set & snow comes to the mountains (Record cold in Denver)

Obama: "A clean energy economy -- that's where the jobs will come from and it's already started"

Things are so bad here my wife & I both looked at a position for "Monkey Sitter" and briefly considered it, and this fraud chatters about "already started?"

Extremist “Apollo Alliance” Dictates “Green Jobs” Scam to Congress

Obama’s Science Adviser Called for ‘Zero Economic Growth’

The Cult of Nice is Harming American Society

Cash for Clunkers May Cost Up to $45,354 Per Vehicle (Congress wants to add $2B more to program)

Why Palin Fans Feel Betrayed

The last paragraph is a nice summation:
There’s only one Sarah Palin and there’s not another soul on the national stage who can even come close to filling her high heels. At a time when the Republican Party has lost so many seats in Congress that it’s teetering on the brink of irrelevancy, Palin’s detractors on the right should ask themselves how much sense it makes to help the liberal media try to tear down the biggest star in the conservative movement.
Clearly, Sarah is an apple cart upsetter. But it NEEDS to be upset.

White House beer summit falls flat

Obama's Poll Numbers

Politicians: Wake The Hell Up

On the eve of the August recess, members are reporting meetings that have gone terribly awry, marked by angry, sign-carrying mobs and disruptive behavior. In at least one case, a congressman has stopped holding town hall events because the situation has spiraled so far out of control.

“I had felt they would be pointless,” Rep. Tim Bishop (D-N.Y.) told POLITICO, referring to his recent decision to suspend the events in his Long Island district. “There is no point in meeting with my constituents and [to] listen to them and have them listen to you if what is basically an unruly mob prevents you from having an intelligent conversation.”


Well Tim, guess what: you work for your constituents, not the other way around.

This seems like that OPERATION EMBARRASS YOUR CONGRESSMAN thing I saw that I posted about earlier.

Town halls gone wild

FOLLOWING UP ON YESTERDAY’S POST ABOUT THE CHEAP AND GOOD FLIP MINO HD VIDEO CAMERA, I notice that Gizmodo really likes the Kodak Zi8. For $180 (about the same as the Flip) the Kodak has image stabilization, 1080p recording, and an SD slot. Plus an external microphone jack (key) and the ability to take 5 MP stills. Sounds like the perfect guerrilla-videographer’s tool. But the Kodak won’t be out until September.

The 15 Creepiest Vintage Ads Of All Time

You better wash out your privates with Lysol, or your husband will install cartoon locks on the door.

10,874 posted on 07/31/2009 2:02:32 PM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All
BODY LANGUAGE. “I am stunned that the official White House Blog published this picture and that it is in the public domain. The body language is most revealing.”
This picture truly is worth at least a thousand words.

after the beers

I am stunned that the official White House Blog published this picture and that it is in the public domain. The body language is most revealing.

Sergeant Crowley, the sole class act in this trio, helps the handicapped  Professor Gates down the stairs, while Barack Obama, heedless of the infirmities of his friend and fellow victim of self-defined racial profiling, strides ahead on his own.

A Hole They Dug for Themselves: There’s nothing surprising about the crises in state budgets. “The crisis in state budgets is not an accident, and it wasn’t unforeseeable. For years, most states have spent like there’s no tomorrow, and now tomorrow is here. . .

What to do to prepare for a Presidential declaration of a Bank Holiday

Dodd and Obama: Corrupt birds of a feather; Update: Resisting subpoena

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 31, 2009 07:17 AM

Scroll for updates…

Dodd and Obama: Corrupt birds of a feather
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2009

Everything you need to know about false Hope and Change can be found in one picture: The image of President Obama embracing embattled Sen. Chris Dodd.

The embattled Democrat is in deep doo-doo over his Countrywide sweetheart home loan deals, corporate bailout cash, and crony associations. New revelations by Countrywide whistle-blower Robert Feinberg confirm what more and more of Sen. Dodd’s constituents in Connecticut are coming to realize: He’s a lying crapweasel. Dodd denied knowledge of the special treatment the sub-prime mortgage company had given him and Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad on home loans. (Dodd’s were worth more than $800,000). Feinberg flatly contradicted him in secret testimony on the Hill this week.

Connecticut voters are not smiling about Dodd’s hypocritical bashing of lobbyists on the airwaves while he parties with them behind closed doors. And as they scrimp through the recession, they haven’t forgotten about Dodd’s dozy Irish cottage deal with convicted insider trader Edward Downe, Jr. (who received a Clinton pardon with Dodd’s generous help). Sandra Harris, an unaffiliated voter from West Hartford, told the Hartford Courant: “I’ve lost respect for him…It’s time for a change.” A Quinnipiac poll now shows that 60 percent of key independent voters disapprove of Dodd.

But Dodd’s cratering numbers and mounting ethics scandal aren’t just about Dodd. Damaged birds of a feather flock together. Even before these latest disclosures, Dodd’s approval ratings had dropped to their lowest levels ever. Yet, President Obama – agent of the “new politics,” erstwhile Breath of Fresh Air, guarantor of all that is good and clean in Washington — declared his support for Dodd’s 2010 re-election campaign bid.

“I can’t say it any clearer: I will be helping Chris Dodd because he deserves the help,” President Obama announced in April. “He just has an extraordinary record of accomplishment, and I think the people of Connecticut will come to recognize that.”

Obama progressives should cringe at their president’s bear hug of one of the most ethically-compromised politicians on Capitol Hill. The Beltway swamp is teeming with Democratic corruption scandals (Pennsylvania congressman John Murtha’s earmark factory and tax-subsidized airports and radars to nowhere; New York representative Charlie Rangel’s rent-controlled apartment scams and tax scandals; California representative Maxine Waters’s business ties to a minority-owned bank that received $12 million in TARP money under smelly circumstances, for starters). But Dodd’s career epitomizes the most fetid aspects of Washington’s culture of corruption. It’s a textbook case of nepotism, self-dealing, back-scratching, corporate lobbying, government favors, and entrenched incumbency.

When he launched his presidential bid in February 2007, Barack Obama inspired millions and rallied the world with his pledge to “build a more hopeful America.” He told a cheering crowd in Springfield, Illinois, land of Lincoln, that he recognized “that there is a certain presumptuousness in this, a certain audacity to this announcement. I know that I have not spent a long time learning the ways of Washington, but I have been there long enough to know that the ways of Washington have to change.”

Two years later, Barack Obama declared his support for an entrenched U.S. Senator drowning in the decrepit old politics of pay-for-play.

Two years later, at an “historic and “unprecedented” record pace, Barack Obama presided over a heap of botched nominations, crony appointments, lobbyist paybacks, union and left-wing activist payoffs, and abandoned promises to make government more transparent and accountable to ordinary Americans.

“Washington is broken,” Obama lamented on the campaign trail. Yet, under President Obama, the business of Washington is booming. The collapse of the Era of HopeNChangeyness demonstrates the first and last law of political physics: As government grows, corruption flows. Massive new federal spending plus tens of thousands of pages of new regulations plus unprecedented new powers over taxpayers and the economy ensure limitless new opportunities for sleaze, favor-trading, deal-cutting, and influence-peddling.

The president’s dwindling blind faithful may still cling to the belief that he can work miracles. But no one, not even Barack Obama, can drain a swamp by flooding it.

Michelle Malkin is author of the just-released Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies (Regnery).


Update: Dodd is resisting subpoenas for his Countrywide VIP loan deals.
Related reading:

Criminal-probe time - NYPost

Dodd’s Danger - Kevin Rennie

I THINK IT’S THE MOLE PEOPLE DRILLING UP FROM BELOW: Mysteriously High Tides on East Coast Perplex Scientists. “From Maine to Florida, the Atlantic seaboard has experienced higher tides than expected this summer. At their peak in mid-June, the tides at some locations outstripped predictions by two feet. The change has come too fast to be attributed to melting ice sheets or anything quite that dramatic, and it’s a puzzle for scientists who’ve never seen anything quite like it.”
Richard Warman attempting to seize elderly couple's home
"The above report was written by Paul Fromm. William Grosvenor has written some vile things online, but two questions have to be asked:
1) Is it just for an elderly couple to be thrown out on the street because of some words that he wrote on the internet?
2) And, how many tens of thousands of dollars (and houses) is Richard Warman's reputation worth?
These people's lives will be destroyed while Warman continues to make a nice juicy salary at the DND and spends their life savings on lattes and Robert Simpson beer.
This isn't justice. It's wealth redistribution from the poor to the rich."

10,875 posted on 08/01/2009 1:31:22 AM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All

'Euthanasia' claims stoke seniors' fears on health care (talk radio, end-of-life rationing)

House panel approves health bill (Waxman committee)

Logans Run

Øbama's Deathcare™?

Canadian Health Care: A Viable Model? (John Stossel on ABC's 20/20 TONIGHT 10pm EST)

Yes Virginia – The Government Has Determined Your Time is Up.

Seniors – Beware the AARP’s Support of ObamaCare

Speaker Will Keep 'Villains' Money (Pelosi)

Pelosi is getting sound bites from Hugo Chavez.

Birds of a feather and all that.

New poll shows birthers growing

Doc dump details Air Force Ones' New York City mishap


Happy Days Aren’t Here Again (The recession is over??? then the Depression is coming)

A Woman’s Journey Into Guns

The per-pupil spending myth

Pulling No Punches [John McCain on Obamanomics, Sarah Palin and the media]

"About damn time he defend Sarah Palin, but what Mac forgets is that it was those in his own inner circle who were the ones bashing her, Nicole Wallace, Steve Schmidt, shall I go on..It was those people that he chose, they were Romney people, and he chose them, and they bit him in the ass. The ONLY reason why he did not lose in a landslide was because of Sarah Palin. I would never have voted for him if it hadn’t been for her. I applaud McCain for his comments about her but I am VERY skeptical..."

Drudge: "The government plans big revisions to historical economic data... Developing..."

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

‘A $550 Billion Electronic Run on the Banks’”

Pelosi’s in a panic

She’s not in a “panic”. She’s in full aggressive tilt against all the enemies she’s always hated: individual liberty, economic independence, and American strength. She hates her country and she hates her countrymen and she sees blood and the floor and she’s going in for the kill.

She’s not panicking, she’s attacking.

"The List" for the 27th week of the Obama presidency

10,876 posted on 08/01/2009 3:18:40 AM PDT by backhoe (All across America, the Lights are going out...)
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To: All

Honing those pitchforks

Health care rally draws big crowd (Winchester - HERE COME THE TEA PARTIES!)

What Does Ezekiel Emanuel Really Believe About Rationing? Age, Maybe. Quality of Life, Yes

Talk Radio Campaign Frightening Seniors

Shoe fits, gotta wear it...







by Michael Ramirez


Banks Go "Gotcha!"

Winds shifting on gay marriage

I pseudo-blogged this odious subject until I just burned out:
A Gay ( or not! ) Old Time- GM links
various FR links | 02-22-04 | The Heavy Equipment Guy

But here is the Money Quote:

“Here’s actor John Barrowman on what it really means:

‘It’s been a long wait but we legitimised our relationship to each other a long time ago when we signed our mortgages together and this is just something that forces people who don’t want to recognise it that they have to.’

No room for misquote there then. Yes, indeed. It was never about folks solemnly waiting for the State to endorse their lifestyles, it was always about using the power of Big Government to impose their lifestyle on third parties”

I like the article Tammy Bruce did on the subject some time ago.

Palin Bullies: Exposed And Whining

"I’m not a “birther” so much as an “anti-anti-birther.” I don’t get how the same people who point out how Obama lies about everything, every day, are also vehement that he’s not lying about this" -- Jim Treacher on July 27, 2009 on Hot Air

Mark Joseph

Mark Joseph is a producer, author, talk show host and editor of
Posted: July 30, 2009 05:49 PM

The Only Thing Weirder Than The Birthers....

The only thing weirder than the Birthers are the anti-Birthers, who blame the Birthers for being conspiracy theorists yet actively feed the conspiracy by refusing to call for President Obama to release his birth certificate.

The state official in Hawaii who manages such things has reiterated that there is indeed an original birth certificate on file which would confirm President Obama's having been born in Hawaii and that she has seen it, but state law won't allow her to release it unless the president authorizes it.

So what's the problem here? Release the original and let's be done with this madness.

I realize there are some faith-based Obama supporters who believe without seeing, but the rest of us in the reality-based world are starting to get that strange feeling we got when Mark Sanford tried to convince us that he was away from his family on Father's Day, hiking the Appalachian trail in order to clear his head and write a book.

During the last campaign, John McCain faced similar questions and promptly responded by releasing his original birth certificate. That's how normal people with nothing to hide handle these things.

Most American's aren't Birthers or anti-Birthers, but we are beginning to wonder why the president doesn't put this one to rest once and for all. Every day he allows this circus to continue is another day that he behaves less like the President of the United States facing weird accusations from fringe groups and more like a strange politician flying to Argentina to visit his soul-mate while pretending to be hiking the Appalachians.

Oakland Dems admit letters were falsified
An Oakland County Democratic Party official used interns to send falsified letters to Republican county commissioners in order to persuade them to vote for a health care resolution...

Florida Congressman Alan Grayson Laughs in Ben Bernanke's Face - Priceless!

This was on Glenn Beck’s show yesterday.
What a rare moment to see Bernanke so flustered as this very sharp congressman burst into laughter at his pitiful answers. What is not so funny is realizing this man and a few members of the FOMC can literally give away TRILLIONS of tax dollars and refuse to tell Congress who got the money. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 needs to be repealed NOW.

Video: The (Vaguely Disturbing) Death of a Clunker

Cash for clunkers may destroy second hand car market

***Must watch *** Cars for clunkers video from the news

This gives the government full access to all your freedom. You really need to watch this video.
“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.
The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years. These nations have progressed through this sequence: from bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to great courage; from courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance; from abundance to complacency; from complacency to apathy; from apathy to dependence; from dependence back again into bondage.”
– Alexander Tyler

Weekly Unemployment Claims Portend Disaster

The MSM doesn’t want to hear this. They want to hear green shoots.

In all seriousness, Mish’s blog is quite good.

Democrats have no place to hide from angry public

Bush vs. Obama in photos

...end to the debate.

Linked by Hot Air. Thanks.

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To: All

Clearing the Smoke on Obama’s Eligibility: An Intelligence Investigator’s June 10 Report

Was Obama adopted by Indonesian Citizen Lolo Soetoro?

Todd and Sarah Palin to divorce
Comin' Nawth soon?

FARC use homeless woman as human bomb: authorities


MS-13 Member with Arabic tatoos (Police Photograph)"]MS-13 Member with Arabic tatoos (Police Photograph)

La Raza: A Mexican Terrorist Organization

And she's been a member for 6 years:
Totally Divorced from Reality or a Blatant Liar?(Sotomayor)



In Rural America, Skepticism of Health Care Reform


49% Now Say America’s Best Days Are In The Past

Very odd 3.1 eartquake in Ducktown Tn. Ga and NC boarder

Michelle Malkin Talks with Glenn Beck About Obama's "Chicago Way" Organizing Tactics - Video


Succinct Summary of Obama's First Six Months (Found on CraigsList Forum)

1. Offended the Queen of England.

2. Bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia.

3. Praised the Marxist Daniel Ortega.

4. Kissed Hugo Chavez on the cheek.

5. Endorsed the Socialist Evo Morales of Bolivia.

6. Announced we would meet with Iranians with NO pre-conditions.

7. Gave away billions to AIG also without pre-conditions.

8. Expanded the bailouts.

9. Insulted everyone who has ever loved a Special Olympian.

10. Doubled our national debt.

11. Announced a termination of the space defense system the day after the North Koreans launched an ICBM.

12. Despite the urgings of his own CIA director and the prior four CIA directors, released information on intelligence gathering.

13. Accepted without public comment the fact that FIVE of his cabinet members cheated on their taxes and two others withdrew after they couldn't take the heat.

14. Appointed a Homeland Security Chief, Janet Napolitano, who quickly identified as "dangers to the nation," groups including Veterans Of The Military, and opponents to abortion on demand, and who ordered that the word "Terrorism" no longer be used but instead referred to such acts as "Man Made Disasters".

15. Circled the globe so he could openly apologize for America's greatness.

16. Told the Mexican President that the violence in their country was because of us.

17. Politicized the census by moving it into the White House from its Department of Commerce origins.

18. Appointed as Attorney General, Eric Holder, the man who orchestrated the forced removal and expulsion from America to Cuba of a nine-year old (Elian Gonzalez) whose mother died trying to bring him to a life of freedom in the United States.

19. Salutes as heroes three Navy SEALS who took down three terrorists in a boat who threatened one American life, and the next day announces that members of the Bush administration will likely stand trial for "torturing" one terrorist by pouring water up his nose, who had played a part in killing 3000 Americans on 9/11.

20. Allowed Air Force One to circle low over New York City for a photo op.

21. Sent his National Defense Advisor to Europe to assure Europe that the US will no longer treat Israel in a special manner and they might be on their own with the Muslims.

22. Began the process of nationalizing the Auto Industry and the Insurance Industry.

23. Announced that for all intents and purposes the Health Insurance Industry will be nationalized.

24. Denegrated an Police Officer for acting "stupidly" while trying to do his duty.

America's Future, Get Used to it, or Fight NOW!

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To: All
 People are too stupid to know what’s good for them.
BIRTHERS VS. true believers.
solar / power inverters / batteries, who's got info?
 Dodd-Gate and IG-Gate: The Connection.

Dodd-Gate and IG-Gate: The Connection

OK, Byron York ate my lunch on IG-Gate Friday, so I was calling Hill sources trying to scare up a break. Called one source to ask him about the Justice Department angle York was looking at.
"Have you seen York's column?"
"Sorry, but it's been all Countrywide all day up here."
"Ah, our old friend Senator Dodd!"
"Yeah, it's been crazy."
Michelle Malkin devotes her latest column to Chris Dodd and the Countrywide VIP scandal, and she joins Instapundit in linking to an AP story about House Democrats refusing to investigate:
Rep. Edolphus Towns, D-N.Y., chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said he has other work to do on the causes of and fixes for the financial crisis and will not interfere with other investigations of the VIP loans.
And here we see how the Dodd-bone is connected to the IG-bone, as it were. For weeks, Republican sources on the IG-Gate story have been suggesting that Democrats on the Hill are less interested in finding the truth than in playing P.R. games. The American Spectator July 14:
Investigations of the inspector general firings are "moving forward in a bipartisan fashion," I was told . . . in separate face-to-face meetings with both Democrat and Republican staffers on Capitol Hill. The Democrat said it with apparent sincerity, while the Republican's repeated the same words with transparent irony.
Exactly how "bipartisan" are these investigations? Republicans remain skeptical of Democratic sincerity. Some telephone interviews with key witnesses have been scheduled as bipartisan conference calls. Sometimes Democratic investigators are on the call; other times, they're no-shows.
The same theme was repeated in my July 21 report at the Hot Air Green Room:

Behind closed doors on Capitol Hill last week, I asked a Republican source about the investigative efforts of Democratic staffers for the House Oversight Committee.
"Honestly?" the source said. "They’re useless."
More than three weeks have passed since Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Edolphus Towns (D-N.Y.) joined the committee's ranking Republican, California Rep. Darrell Issa, to launch an investigation into the case of former Amtrak inspector general Fred Wiederhold Jr. . . .
Despite the "grave concerns" expressed by Towns and Issa three weeks ago, however, Republican sources on Capitol Hill have complained that Democratic staffers on the Oversight Committee have not shown much zeal for the investigation.
This is all very delicate business. Democratic chairmen control every committee in Congress now, and nothing is going to happen in terms of hearings and subpoenas until the Democrats say so. Therefore, the Republican minority, both staffers and members, don't want to alienate the majority by making direct, public accusations of mala fides.

A couple of weeks ago one GOP staffer breached that protocol in an interview with The Hill about the Bank of America/Merrill Lynch merger investigation:
"You would think that the majority would be just as vested as we are at exposing who knew what and when," said Kurt Bardella, spokesman for committee Republicans. "What exactly is the majority afraid we'll find?"
Obviously, the spokesman wouldn't have fired that kind of hard shot without authorization from Issa, which gives you an idea of how intensely frustrated Republicans on the Hill are about this clear pattern of non-cooperation. So now let's go back to Larry Margasak's AP story about Dodd and Countrywide:
The senior Republican on Towns' committee, California Rep. Darrell Issa, has been trying for months to get Towns to subpoena Bank of America for Countrywide's records. He said in an interview with The Associated Press that he asked Towns again this week to issue the subpoena. . . .
Daniel Frahm, a Bank of America spokesman, said the bank is ready to turn over the Countrywide VIP documents if it receives a subpoena. The bank's lawyer sent Issa the same message in a June letter.
"They have it packed and ready to go," Issa said in the interview.
Early into my reporting on IG-Gate, a source told me that it's important to ask the right questions. OK, so back to the Walpin investigation. As I reported last week, Republican investigators on the AmeriCorps firing are curious about what role pressure from Rep. Doris Matsui (D-Calif.) played in the events that led to the firing of IG Gerald Walpin.

California blogger Eric Hogue brought attention to a March interview in which Matsui vowed that the St. HOPE Academy scandal involving Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson wouldn't prevent Sacramento from getting its share of "stimulus" money. Gerald Walpin told me Tuesday that he's curious about the Matsui connection, too. (So far, I've been unable to get a response from Matsui's people.)

The questions now being asked on Capitol Hill have taken an interesting turn, as Byron York's column in the Examiner makes clear:
Within days of Matsui's [March] statement, a settlement was reached. Johnson was unsuspended, and in a particularly unusual move, acting U.S. Attorney [Lawrence] Brown issued a press release hailing the arrival of stimulus funds. “The lifting of the suspension against all parties, including Mayor Johnson, removes any cloud whether the City of Sacramento will be prevented form receiving much-needed federal stimulus funds,” Brown wrote.
Republicans on the Judiciary Committee want to know why a U.S. attorney was touting his own actions in bringing stimulus money to the city. That's not the normal role of prosecutors. "We need to hear whether the settlement in this case was tainted in any way by political influence or political factors," says the senior Republican aide.
So far, Brown has refused to answer any questions. In June, Rep. Darrell Issa, the ranking Republican on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, sent a list of 20 questions to Brown and received no response. A follow-up in July was similarly ignored. "Your unwillingness to be cooperative with our investigation raises further questions about your role in this matter," Issa wrote Brown.
Ah, so here we are back to Issa again, you see? Issa says Brown is not cooperating on the AmeriCorps probe. Issa also says that the committee chairman, Towns, is not cooperating on the Countrywide probe.

So there's a whole lot of non-cooperation going on -- not all of it involving Issa or these two particular investigations -- and the question that intrigues me is whether all this non-cooperation is merely a coincidence. We must resist the urge to slide into connect-the-dots DKos "question-the-timing" mode. But if there's no evidence that there is a cover-up or a conspiracy at work here, it's sure as heck starting to look like a pattern.

Lots of questions, as York says, and you should definitely read his entire column. As Dan Riehl said today, York is "is doing some terrific work for The Examiner. Best hire they've made since I've been looking in." And I agree completely. The healthy competition on this story -- Jake Tapper of ABC and Ed O'Keefe of The Washington Post have also done excellent reporting on IG-Gate -- is something that folks on the Hill very much want to encourage. The more media, the merrier, as far as they're concerned.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn't give full credit to Michelle Malkin, whose June 17 column on the Walpin case got me paying attention to the IG-Gate "dominoes." And she is, after all, the author of the Best. Book. Evah!

When you're working a competitive story like this and another guy eats your lunch, you can't pretend you just accidentally misplaced your brown bag. So I hope you enjoyed that sandwich, Byron.

However, I don't aim to be missing too many meals in the future. I've recently finished a 3,000-word article about IG-Gate for the September print edition of The American Spectator (subscribe now), and I just outlined to Mrs. Other McCain my plan for The Mother Of All Shoe-Leather Trips to D.C., so I can work the Hill for several days in a row.

Readers, please hit the tip jar, and be sure to see all the updated links at Bob Belvedere's IG-GATE BLOG.
Palin Bullies Exposed: A video
Palin divorce rumor spread by CNN stringer Dennis Zaki
Obama as Dr. Strangelove
I just finished wading through this and if it's accurate; we have something going on that's more sinister than Dr. Strangelove...

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To: All
Good god! Have been so preoccupied with the Deathcare and Tax and TRade bills that didn’t see this one.

The Jackasses did it……HR 2749 the Seizure of the US food supply and production passed the House

This site, Food Freedom, provides a good overview of the objections to 2749.
And that exclusion for farms??? Gone! And that includes you organic idiots who thought you had kissed enough behinds to have your industry excluded.
And what was the model that gave these A-Holes the precedent, courage and temerity to do something like this?

"Click it or Ticket", MADD, smoking bans, etc.

Some of us tried to warn you about the lifestyle Nazis, but you weren't interested in listening.

This is only the beginning.

Vote everyone out in 2012 - I mean everyone. A clean slate, and maybe we’ll have a chance to regain our country.

'Throw the bums out' is national mood (Recall efforts are up more than 100% over last year)

Have a backyard garden? You could be subject to warrantless searchs or not allowed to grow one at all.

The bill that passed does only two things…… seizes control of food production and supply and then hands it over to big agri-corporations.

The remaining content of the bill

is a primer on enforcement……meaning all the powers they have granted themselves to prevent you from claiming Constitutional protections, and enabling them to violate your rights on multiple levels…..all for food safety of course.


Obama Poll Numbers Plummet Faster Than Carter's

RCP / Pew saying Obama popularity plunge fastest EVAR!
"...plummeted faster than President Jimmy Carter’s, reports RealClearPolitics in its review of Gallup polling...By contrast, Richard Nixon was in office more than a year before polling in the low 50s. Lyndon Johnson did not dip that low for several years."
539 Kathy, Blacks are getting nervous. At a cafe in Crown Heights, right after a double homicide in the street outside, customers were trying to rationalize it. "Obama got elected, but people are out of jobs." They think he might have made it worse, though no one will attack him.
533 Christmas Ghost,
You make a very good point about vulnerability to blackmail.
Very good point indeed.
But that needs to be counterbalanced by the near-certainty of civil war in this country that would break out if Barry were ousted at this point.

Obama’s ratings fall back to earth

Is There Nothing

That Obama can't do?

Looks like it is the accused racist that has the manners to help someone down the stairs rather than The One…


Posted by Kate at 2:26 PM| Comments (15)

Clintons’ Sludge Ruins Obamas’ Garden

August 1st, 2009

We almost missed this howler, perhaps because it was discreetly buried in AOL’s Daily Finance site:

Michelle Obama’s toxic veggie nightmare: White House organic garden polluted with sludge

Alex Salkever
Jul 30th 2009

When First Lady Michelle Obama planted an organic vegetable garden on the White House lawn in March 2009, she hoped to both set an example of healthy eating and to grow tasty edibles for her daughters and husband. But Michelle’s organic dream has been dashed by a nasty toxic legacy lurking in the soils of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It turns out that a previous Presidential gardening team had used sewage sludge for fertilizer.

This is a fairly common practice with one huge problem. Sewage sludge tends to be laced with anything that people pour down the drain and often contains heavy metals. Not surprisingly, the National Park Service tested the dirt beneath Michelle’s garden and found the plot has highly elevated levels of lead averaging 93 parts per million. That’s below the 400 ppm that the Environmental Protection Agency says is a threat to human health. But I’d wager that Sasha, Malia and Barack won’t be getting arugula or tomatoes from this garden any time soon.

The likely source of the toxic sludge that has ruined Michelle’s garden? The Clinton White House apparently used a sludge-based product to fertilize the lawn during the 1990s! Aside from casting a shadow on the first White House vegetable garden since Eleanor Roosevelt resided there, the sludge ensures that Michelle’s garden will never attain organic status. Organic certification processes strictly prohibit the use of sludge as a fertilizer substitute.

The White House has sought to downplay the issue, and a number of experts have pointed out that 93 ppm of sludge in soil is somewhat normal for older urban locales. However, the EPA recommends not growing food in soil that has 100 ppm. Several major food producers, including H.J. Heinz and Del Monte, won’t accept produce grown in sludge. That’s despite decades of U.S. government efforts to encourage farmers to use solid sewage wastes in lieu of traditional fertilizer products.

What a surprise it is to see that it’s the Clintons who are to blame?

Did you ever think you would hear ‘the Clintons’ and ‘sludge’ mentioned in the same sentence?

(Thanks to BigOil for the heads up.)


Charles Manson Follower Ends Her Silence 40 years After Night of Slaughter

No, it didn't end the "decade of love". The Manson Murders were the culmination of the 1960's. An end result of choices made. Rebellion has consequences, most are unintended.

No, the decade of hate called love did not end in the 1960s. Its culmination is the Obama presidency. The 60s have triumphed after all.

The Bastards Are Inside The Gates

Obama takes away profits, and then tries to invokes 'continuing innovations'?

Obamacare to Dump Expensive Elderly in Group Homes


Congress' Own Healthcare Benefits: Membership Has Its Privileges[ Our Kings & Queens!]


Some speculation that solar cycle 25 has already begun

Disturbing Video: Volvo Cash for Clunkers Engine Disabling

Your Overlords don't want cheap transportation available.

Then everyone would have it.

You can't destroy the economy one cut at a time if you give “cash for clunkers” and don't destroy the perfectly good cars that are turned in.

Right-Wing Harassment Strategy w/Dems Detailed In Memo: Yell, Stand Up And Shout Out, Rattle Him

the obamanation has made people, American people, realize that there is no “sitting on the fence” and be neutral when it comes to American freedom. I believe that is why we are finding people who are saying “H@#$ yes, I am conservative and I love America”. You are either for it, or against it. There is no in between .
obamanation and pelosi are definitely trying to force fascism on this country.

Peasants with Pitchforks and Torches

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