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Q Anon: 05/12/20 Trust Trump's Plan ~ Vol.247, Q Day 928 ^ | 05/12/20 | FReepers and FReeQs, vanity

Posted on 05/12/2020 6:29:57 PM PDT by ransomnote

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To: bitt

I’d just leave that at ANY vaccine given that it’ll probably be the roofie for the beast tat...

1,661 posted on 05/14/2020 11:50:41 PM PDT by Axenolith (WWG1WGA!)
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To: Axenolith; bagster; ransomnote

Sometimes, in Festival, one finds Gold.

“I’d just leave that at ANY vaccine given that it’ll probably be the roofie for the beast tat...”

“roofie for the beast tat...”


1,662 posted on 05/15/2020 12:22:08 AM PDT by EasySt (Say not this is the truth, but so it seems to me to be, as I see this thing I think I see #KAG)
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To: Steven W.

Hell, the whole purpose of 5-eyes is so the 5 participating nations can circumvent their individual internal spying limitations...

1,663 posted on 05/15/2020 10:01:28 AM PDT by Axenolith (WWG1WGA!)
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To: Typelouder

Just ordered my ‘APPEAL TO HEAVEN’ flag from the Gadsden link you provided...can’t wait to display this beauty from the front of my home upon arrival...thanks again!

1,664 posted on 05/16/2020 9:42:10 AM PDT by who knows what evil? (Yehovah saved more animals than people on the
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To: who knows what evil?

You’re welcome! I placed an order also. I needed to replace my Stars and Stripes. The current one is a bit faded so I’ll have one that looks sharp for Memorial Day. God bless you and your family. WWG1WGA!

1,665 posted on 05/16/2020 3:36:43 PM PDT by Typelouder
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May 14, 2020

Re VACCINES and reported death rates from flu. Transcript is autogenerated and contains errors that made me check the audio of the video to understand the text, so I made a partial pass through the text trying to improve readability (errors remain). The speaker has a rough voice that doesn't transcribe well, but he is getting the word out about vaccines, (e.g., not safety tested partly due to CDC originally being military, still have military rank, avoided calling it a "medicine" and called it a "biologic" and biologics are exempt from safety testing etc.) Also, vaccine manufacturers are often exempt from legal repercussions.

The part that most intrigued me was his comments about the death rates from flu. In my opinion, they make sense and that means the CDC and other agencies says 95K died of the flu 2 years ago but in fact, almost all of that number were pneumonia which the CDC counts as flu (combines the two numbers). They use the pneumonia numbers to over count the flu, and use that number push the flu vaccine/

Text posted beneath the video asserts it is banned in many countries. I don't know if that's true but I'll put the transcript below in case the video is removed.

You all are gonna stay in the house
until we have a vaccine. It's not gonna
be safe to come out, and that is a
tremendous power to tell people they
have to wait and do that until you get
a vaccine out.
You know what I think there is
a struggle between two different ways to
handle this quarantine and nobody
everybody saying listen to the
scientists, but there's a flaw there
which is the scientists can tell you,
maybe can model. It can model how many
people are gonna die from coronavirus
using different scenarios. You know, if
you all go back to work tomorrow
here's how many people die if we all
stay locked up for six months, here's how
many people and they can do that
probably pretty well.
Number one
isolation kills lots of people, kills
people through a depression and it kills
people through mistakes and kills people
from not getting, you know routine medical
care it kills people a lot of different
ways, But also it, unemployment kills
people so there's a really good 1982 book on
this that is considered authoritative and
that book did all of the modeling on, you
know. on historical unemployment rates
and this was a long time ago, so our
population is
What they have found is
that for every point in unemployment, if
there's thirty seven thousand people
died, nine thousand people die from heart
attacks and 900 people die from
suicides, all these different reasons
that they died, and then three thousand
(thirty three hundred) people go to
prison, every one point [edited to add: in unemployment statistic]
an extra four
thousand people end up in mental institutions.
And instead CNN reports every year at the
flu deaths in this country were between
60,000 and 90,000 and they'll say it's
worse than ever.
It could be 95 thousand deaths this year from flu.
"Take your flu shot," but if you go
around and ask people,  "Do you actually
know anybody who's ever died of a flu?"
most people tell you, "No." You know ,if ninety
five thousand people were dying every
year, we'd all know people who died of
the flu.
The truth is at the year they
said 95 thousand, which was two years ago,
there were two thousand people who died of the flu.
average death rate for the flu over the
past 20 years, around thousand people a
year and what they do is they conflate
the mortality morbidity data for
pneumonia with the flu, and only 7
percent of pneumonia cases are actually
caused by the flu of pneumonia deaths
rest of them are non flu or respiratory
infections. So CNN just lies about that
every year and I don't think Sanjay
Gupta , Anderson Cooper actually want to lie but
it's part of their gestalt, if
they're you know, they're supposed to
push the flu vaccine, there's supposed to scare
the hell out of everbody, and make everybody think they're
gonna die if they dont' get it [edit: the vaccine].
They do that, and the fact
is that the flu does not kill that
many people in this country, it's not a
dangerous disease, it and the flu vaccine
it costs a lot more harm than the flu does.
third leading cause of death in this
country is pharmaceutical drugs.
They're not making us healthier. We have
the most aggressive vaccine schedule in
the world in this country and we have
the worst health in our children and
adults. We have worst infant mortality.
We have, if you look at any of the
metrics, the US I think is 72 in
infant mortality in the world, we're
around Syria and Costa Rica. When I was a
kid, we were number one on all of those.
We were
the best,  the healthiest people in the
world, the best healthcare system. Today,
We get, you know, we're paying the most
money for the worst outcomes. A lot of
that is because pharmaceutical
advertisements, not only do they
advertise on TV, but they control content.
And my family, I worked for hundreds of
hours when I was in high school at
a home for the
retarded, because it was a
central preoccupation of my family,
children particularly with intellectual
disabilities. It's not, I had a lot of
exposure to it, but it's not where I wanted
to spend my life, of empathy
I really was committed to spending my
life trying to clean up rivers and clean
energy and pose issues. One of these
women came to my home in the
summer of 2004 with a big pile of of
scientific studies, about an 18 inches
thick, and she put it on my front porch.
She was a psychologist from Minnesota
and named Sarah Bridges (sp?)..... she had a child
who got autism from vaccines, and had
actually got the twenty million dollar
award from the vaccine Court which
recognized autism that comes in vaccines.
She brought that, she didn't want it to
happen to any other kids.
She bought me this big pot of scientific
studies and she said, "I'm not leaving
here until you read these." Now I'm very
accustomed to reading science; I brought
over 500 successful lawsuits in my career,
almost all of them involve some kind of
scientific controversy. So I actually
started, I'm not gonna say I read all the
studies cover to cover, but I read the
abstracts for all of them which is the summary of
the study. Before I was six
inches into that pile,
I was already dumbstruck, the
huge Delta between what the actual
published peer-reviewed science was
saying, and what the public health
regulators were telling the public and
doctors everybody else about the safety of vaccines,
I realized that there was a real problem,
and that the  vaccines in our country,
unlike other medicines, are never
safety tested. People find that
astonishing. The reason for that is an
artifact of the CDC's legacy as the
Public Health Service. That was the
predecessor organization to CDC.
The Public Health Service was a
quasi-military agency, which is why
people at CDC still have military ranks
like "Surgen General" etc. And the vaccine program
was initially launched as a national
security defense against a biological
attack on our country, so regulators and
the Pentagon wanted to make sure
that if the Russians attacked us the
anthrax or some other biological agent they could
quickly fabricate and deploy a vaccine
to 200 million people without regulatory
impediments. And so they said if we call
it a medicine we're going to have to
safety tested and that usually takes two
to five years; let's call it something
else. We'll call it biologic and then we
will exempt biologics from having to do
safety testing.
So the industry, the four
companies that make all seventy-two
vaccines that are currently mandated for
our children, got another gift
that has contributed to the lack of
safety assessments and lack of safety
concerns with vaccines, and that is, in 1986
there was a vaccine, I got three vaccines
when I was a kid,  by '86 it was about
eleven of them, and one of them was called
Diptheria, Tetanus and Pertussis or the
DTP vaccine and it was killing lots and
lots of children, and it was causing
brain damage in a tremendous number of children,
and the industry was getting sued. called Pfizer went to
Congress and said, "We are getting out of the
vaccine industry because well we're
paying $20 in damages every $1 we make
from this vaccine, and you cannot make a
vaccine safely. You cannot; it is
impossible to make a vaccine that's
completely safe. You are going to injure a
certain amount of people, and the injury
is going to be grievous enough that
nobody will ever make any money on
vaccines, because they're gonna have to pay
for injuries and we can't make them
better and we're going to get out of the
industry altogether and stop making vaccines
vaccines unless you give us complete
blanket immunity from liability."
So Congress, the Democratic Congress,
Republican President Reagan - all of them
taking lots of money from these
pharmaceutical companies that are the number
one contributor,  passed along in 1986 the
vaccine Act or VICA which was blanket
immunity,  so no matter how grievous your
injury, or your child's injury, no matter
how toxic the ingredient, no matter how
sloppy the line protocols, no matter how
negligent that company, you cannot sue
them for redress, so there's no discovery,
there's no depositions there's no
medical malpractice, there's no class
actions, zero consequence if they kill
you or if they injure you for life.

1,666 posted on 05/16/2020 8:40:35 PM PDT by ransomnote (IN GOD WE TRUST)
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