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To: Grimmy; BiggBob

Biggbob: Now look what we did LOL


Grimmy: So, basically, they’re admitting that Bill Gates did it while trying to pretend he didn’t.

We know how fake news works.

rnote: Yes, but I wonder if this is a new variation of their “narrative.”

China and other deep state actors can enact medical martial law without ever proving a need for it.The public can be frightened into complying (moving, remaining in place, submitting to testing, forced into quarantine at the word of an official). Fear could be manipulated to allow a roomful of people to control millions with ease, and justify “disappearing them” and preventing others from seeing them, documenting etc (e.g., “National Emergency”).

Bio agents and radioactive agents have a similar fear value because hey are invisible, and because the identifying and tracking them are under the complete control of government agencies.

Black hats can claim “200 are already sick!” and who would know if it’s garden variety flu or virulent pathogen; just quarantine and diagnose (in that order), fate unknown.

Private citizens don’t have the equipment and access to samples to test, and “unofficial” testing would be dismissed as “conspiracy” if it contradicts the “narrative”.

Same with announcements of radiation spills - there doesn’t have to be any isotopes present to move a massive population to voluntary compliance. China gov. owns the testing equipment for bio or radiation hazard, and the authority to declare a hazard or not.

If China’s DS officials declare an area quarantined they can justify the “need” to detain, restrain, or even shoot those trying to escape. But who is to say that someone shot for trying to escape, was actually trying to escape if all witnesses are quarantined or “unofficial”. Those demanding to see “ill” family, can be allowed to enter, be “diagnosed” and quarantined. In this scenario, the citizen journalist would experience higher rates of phantom flu.

China’s known to engage in forcible organ harvesting - a quarantine could make it easy for them.

To provide needed public validation, China could release virulent biowarfare agents in one or two key locations around the world with potential impunity, “Hey, we didn’t do it! Our own people have it too. We wouldn’t do that to our own people, you heartless beasts! It’s not our fault the flu virus mutated after it got to your country.....”

I mention this at all because I had these thoughts BEFORE it hit the news, because epidemic and isotopes are invisible, and an invisible hazard would allow medical martial law and isolation. Could be used by China to defeat the will of millions of citizens without them knowing, (in fact, with their full cooperation).

China has begun restricting Internet Service in Wuhan (sp?). Perfect timing?

I also am following this line of speculation because I think we may have sidestepped DS plans for Martial Law on Monday.

Prepare population in advance to expect violent FF - MSM shows blood proof of “narrative” to panic indoctrinated public. Indoctrinated respond with defensive hate/fear, black hats declare martial law to protect public from “obvious dictatorship move”. Black hats beg UN, China, Mexico, Canada to rescue us, saying POTUS and his mil are enacting coup to protect him.
Plan Z would kick in...MSM would point to mil takeover as proof...all starting the day before the impeachment trial.

The DS is losing; their side lost on Monday; and now the DS is yelling SQUIRREL! and pointing to FLU! FLU! FLUE! The reportage from the MSM re the flu seems tainted with manipulative fear (they have a hitory of that). Not saying there are no real cases anywhere in the world; saying I suspect the timing, and I also suspect the loyalty of almost every single MSM and many, many black hat leaders.

President Trump and Q, and true allies know what’s going on. President Trump has a plan. We can pray to God that He show us how best to support Trump’s plans and those in actual need for their freedom or their recovery.

Prayers up for the complete recovery of any and all suffering from this illness, and for freedom of any who might be ensnared under cover of fear mongering or medical emergency, and may God grant us the wisdom, discernment and faith to know the difference.

1,372 posted on 01/24/2020 8:23:21 PM PST by ransomnote (IN GOD WE TRUST)
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To: ransomnote

rnote: Yes, but I wonder if this is a new variation of their “narrative...



1,375 posted on 01/24/2020 11:21:10 PM PST by Grimmy (equivocation is but the first step along the road to capitulation)
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