Since Nov 23, 2000

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The World according to Petey the Dog and Me

Petey the dog is my pal. I like to throw the tennis ball, and he likes catching it and bringing it back to me. How cool is that?

You know how everyone says not to get tattoos of a girlfriend,wife, or lover's name? I agree - but I wasn't that smart when I politically "tattooed" myself with the Free Republic name "TNGOP". You see, The GOP and me (because I doesn't rhyme with GOP, and 'me' does) parted ways a few years ago.

It was similar to a divorce in many ways: I stayed conservative while my party went and flirted with the liberals, tried to get the press to like them, and such. They spent my hard earned money on growing government, new entitlements, and funding our enemies. Finally,. I could no longer take the embarrassment that my party had caused - so we parted ways.

The separation itself was a lot like a divorce, too. I got my clock cleaned. I was left paying for all of the spending my party put on my while they and their new liberal friends try to think of new ways to get more of my money.

SO.....Don't judge this conservative-libertarian independent by the moniker of his former party.