Texas Mulerider
Since Feb 18, 2006

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The original, four-legged equine kind, not the Kawasaki.

If you’re not familiar with the noble mule, just think of him as a four-wheel-drive, diesel horse...with more intelligence! (For city folks with unfortunate gaps in their educations, a mule is the hybrid offspring of a male donkey and a female horse. The product of a male horse and female donkey is a "hinny.")

Born, raised, and still live in the Pineywoods of Northeast Texas. Small business owner, kids grown and gone. Enjoy trail riding on Claire the Wonder Mule, English pointers, fine shotguns, quail hunting, sporting clays, and Civil War reenacting. Just a few years from retirement, and hope to spend a lot of it in the wilds of West Texas on the Llano Estacado during hunting season. If it's not hunting season, you can find me drowning minnows in the cypress bayous of Caddo Lake. Proud member of Sons of Confederate Veterans since 1992.