Since Jul 25, 2011

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*******"Hold it right there look like a dog person to me!"



*****************Taking summer time off from my rowing expedition. Bought a new bike. Not particularly expensive but works well for me.

*****************Here is my new bike. I bike for a hour to an hour and half every day and lift weights at my local wellness center several times a week. Addicted to it.

*****************BTW, my health club membership is free, thanks to Silver Sneakers. If you are on Medicare and have a qualifying supplemental insurance policy, you might also qualify. Check it out and best of luck.

*****************Stay fit and live well.


*****************Will return to rowing when the weather turns chilly. Rowing again.

***************** I am rowing from Fernandina Beach, FL to London, England (up the Thames to the Tower of London) without leaving my den. 4,502 total miles, about 534 miles off shore of Florida as of 3/4/2018 (now covering *****************about 3.1 miles a day).

*****************Here's my trusty rowing shell (Concept in the world):


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