Since Sep 28, 2008

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Okay, this profile page needed a makeover since I haven’t updated in several years. I’m former active duty military who transferred to the Reserve in order to be more politically active. Contrary to John Kerry’s beliefs, I’m a highly educated NCO with an MBA, a couple finance certifications, and this fall, I’m taking the plunge and going to law school because somebody has to stop the liberals in court.

My views fall along the conservative spectrum and I am a strong advocate of what I call the “Reagan Delivery Method”. This is something any conservative candidate aspiring to office should be familiar with because it holds the key to not only winning elections, but educating and transforming people with non-conservative views.

My dream job would be working for a conservative candidate behind the scenes and helping them get elected. I also like to number crunch, though 2008 was unkind to me.