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Liberals, This Is Proof That Sarah Palin Has Executive Experience: I Present Her Record

Massive 1,100+ year old Maya site discovered in Georgia's mountains

PING LISTS... Vol. IV - April Edition: NEW & IMPROVED!

A Magic Bullet Will Be Needed to Kill the 17th Amendment.

Home gardening offers ways to trim grocery costs [Survival Today, an on going thread]

Alzheimer's disease - a neurospirochetosis.


Voter Fraud Repository

aThe BIG Cholesterol LIE!

COINTELPRO Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of a internet forum. (Trolling 101)

Khizr Muazzam Khan, is a Muslim Brotherhood agent, working to bring Muslims into the USA

Ted Cruz Campaign Refuses To Give FEC Details of Campaign Loans From Goldman Sachs…

UPDATE: FEC Informs Ted Cruz Campaign They Must Provide Information On 2012 Senate Loans…

"A date that ought to be among the most famous in history - September 11, 1683"

"The List", Solyndra-Gate

$15 RTL-SDR for Radio Monitoring on your PC

'New release' of climate emails

(Two years and ) Six months later, where are the Benghazi survivors?

(Vanity) Dem Opponents Lead Curiously Short Lives

*I found the origin of the thing called "Tom Daschle"*

*THE* Most Amazing Graphic You Will Ever See: The Media's Incestuous Relationship With Obama's Admin

..."EVIL JEWS!"...'The Jewish Confederates'

100x faster, 10x cheaper: 3D metal printing is about to go mainstream

1939 Palestinian Flag. What does it look like? Surprised?

200 Pittsburgh Trivia Questions

6.9 million multiple voters in 28 states, report finds

65 Ways That Everything That You Think That You Own Is Being Systematically Taken Away From You


A Challenge to Much That You Believe About the Fed

A Disconcerting Tripwire – What Carly Fiorina Endorsing Ted Cruz Really Means…

A gasoline tax map that explains a lot

A lesson in Newspeak

A Listing of Participants

A Mystery Solved - Welcome to the Electric Universe!


A Reading List for the Counter-Intelligentsia

A Window Opens Onto The Left Wing Conspiracy

A-Was it really a secret that Joe Wilson's wife worked for the CIA? (AWESOME Dirt On Joe Wilson!)

A5-Washington Abuzz Over a New Kind of Scandal [Yep, Plame Worked With Foley!]

ABUSE- Oppression and Horror Inside North Korea

AG Holder discussed "Project Gun Runner" in April 2009 in Mexico. BUSTED!

Al-Qaeda in Pennsylvania: Man linked to mosque under FBI scrutiny

AMERICA ATTACKED: Online FReeper library - Post your links to memorial sites, photos, videos, etc.


Announcing the Formation of Free Republic's Pittsburgh Chapter

Anti-Semite and Jew

Anti-Semitism Today by Oriana Fallaci

Appears Judge Gonzalo Curiel may be the racist...not Trump

April 2006 Message from Dan (a long war between Islam and the West)

Arpaio maintains Obama's birth certificate is fake at Fresno GOP event (Video)

Assignment America: Smoke screens/One of the best articles I have read!

AZ TRUMP PROTESTER: I Was Paid $3500 to Protest Trump by Hillary Camp (update: FAKE STORY)

Behind the Scenes of a ZOT!

Benjamin Netanyahu: Palestinian Mufti Gave Hitler Idea to Exterminate Jews

BLACK LIVES MATTER CLAIMS to be WORKING with WHITE HOUSE. Will attempt to shut down Trump’s...

Bomb Blast in China May26th 2011

Bombshell: Second CRS Memo Covering for Obama’s Ineligibility Not Released to the Public…Until Now

Breaking the Law of Gravity

BREAKING: *NEW* FOIA HRC e-mails - Huma, Mills, Haiti Morsi, CGI, Cooper, Pagliano & more!

BREAKING: Romney’s campaign finance accounts reactivated for 2016 race

Campaign Watchdog Group Files FEC Complaint–Cruz Failure To Disclose

Cargo Cult

Castro s Anti-Semitism and the PLO

Cernovich strikes again - BREAKING

CIA Director John Brennan emails

Classics and War

Comments from a Reader At The Boston Herald (concatenated)

Cops catch 'Islamic refugee' at U.S. border with gas-pipeline plans FBI investigates

Cops catch 'Islamic refugee' at U.S. border with gas-pipeline plans FBI investigates

Cruz Slams GOP Candidates On Trump: “Many Have Been Vocal Advocates For Amnesty”

D.C. Circuit: CAIR Must Stand Trial for Massive Fraud

Daschle/FAA Scandals

Deputy AG Rosenstein: 'I'm not quitting,' didn't threaten to quit over Comey firing

DHS ordered me to scrub records of Muslims with terror ties

DHS whistleblower: Orlando terror linked to San Bernardino

Did The Ancient Greeks Make A Computer?

Digging Deep [ongoing FR research]

Do You Know your Freeper Number?

Eldon Elliot: FBI pressured me to drop John Doe 2 claim

Electoral College Watch: State by State List of Electors

Elite’s Way Off on Palin Electability: Part 3B – The People

EPA Conducts Two Secret Meetings A Year To Decide How To Dole Out BILLIONS In Slush Fund Money

EU bans claim that water can prevent dehydration

Exclusive: Atty. Mario Apuzzo Discusses NJ Ballot Challenge Hearing

Exclusive: Deep State Using Gliph Encrypted Chat Room to Fight President Trump (with transcripts)

Exclusive: Liberty attack tapes revealed

Exclusive: The Truth About ‘La Raza’

EYE ON THE MEDIA: The Inversion Syndrome

Fact-Checking Snopes: Website's Political 'Fact-Checker' is just a failed Liberal Blogger

Favorite Freeper boards and sites

FBI Heads To San Francisco – Connecting Dots Behind Orlando Terrorist’s Wife Noor Sahi Salman…

FBI searches apartment in anthrax probe

Fifth Edition of the Lexicon of FreeRepublic * * A helpful FR dictionary for newcomers * *

Fighting Fanaticism

Flashback: Breitbart Predicts Trayvon Race War at 2012 CPAC

Food Report: One Harvest Away from a Catastrophe

Foundation cash funds antiwar movement

Free Republic Folding@home Team: Circle the Wagons

Freshman Shames Ivy League College with His Personal Story About ‘White Privilege’

Games People Play

Gene Silencing

George $oros: Not Just A Nazi Collaborator....

George Webb Passes The Torch


Giuliani to meet with Ted Cruz

Gorelick commented PUBLICLY on Bojinka!

Greenfield: This Culture War We're In

Ground-breaking work in understanding of time

Hacked Soros Memo: $650,000 to Black Lives Matter

Hamas Blasts PA Official's Auschwitz Visit(why they're called : IslamoNazis)

Hawaii Official Who Died After Crash Wore Infant Life Vest

Here are 750 well sourced examples of Obama's lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, etc.

Here Comes the Sun

Hillary University: Bill Clinton Bagged $16.46 Million from For-Profit College as State Dept.

Hollywood’s Casual Anti-Semitism

Homeschool enrollment explodes

How a Miami School Crime Cover-Up Policy Led to Trayvon Martin’s Death

How terrorists hide messages online

How the FBI is whitewashing the Saudi connection to 9/11

How To Freeze Your Credit Report at Each Credit Bureau

How to remove unwanted adware that displays pop-up ads and graphics on your Mac

HTML Bootcamp

Huge development - Reddit has shut down The Donald

I just added items #1,162 through #1,172 to my list of Obama’s lies, lawbreaking, etc.

I was told yesterday that Trump is a liberal Democrat. My reply:

Ice Cores Unlock Climate Secrets

In Yellowstone, a Subterranean Volcano Exerts Its Influence

Inside Israel’s Hunt for Arch Terrorists: How Shin Bet Always Gets Its Man

Interview with Counter-terrorism Professional re: Orlando, the FBI, G4S, & more

IRS Documents Given to Soros and Gorelick (another wrinkle in IRS targeting scandal?)

Is this really it? (re: possible Obama's Kenyan B.C. - Attny Taitz) Click on the link

Islamic concept of Al-Taqiyah to infiltrate and destroy kafir countries

Jayna Davis Radio Interview on JIhadist Involvement in Oklahoma City Bombing

Jeb Bush Attacks an American Patriotic Movement From the 1850s Created By a Patriotic Jew

Jews Need Not Apply to Fight Terror

Jim Quinn interview David Shippers and Janya Davis concerning OKC terrorist connection(6/27/02).

Jordan King says WMD Vx gas attack stopped. Al Qaeda/Syrian connection suspected.

Judge in Trump University case changes order to unseal docs "records mistakenly released"

Know your enemy

Law Enforcement Sources: Gun Used in Paris Terrorist Attacks Came from Phoenix

Layoffs Since The Election, End-Of-The-World-Week edition

Lib Commentator:Refreshing to See Someone JournoList

Like a Bad Zombie Flick, Dead People Just Keep on Voting

Logical Fallacies, Formal and Informal

Lord Monckton: Obama’s ‘Inauguration’ Signals End of the Left

Lydie Denier former fiancée of Ambassador Chris Stevens destroys Hillary VIDEO

Malpractice Crisis Has '70s Roots (Frightening)

Manafesto (Why Israel belongs to the Jews)

Maps Don't Lie

Media blackout: Mob "hunted" white victims in Cincinnati

MEMO RECEIVED BY CLINTON: Obama Admin Aided Group That Became ISIS to Control Area Where ISIS

Military Vote Thief Lawyer Identified

More Fast and Furious guns surface at crimes in Mexico

Mussolini: The Doctrine of Fascism

Mystery surrounds the ritzy Florida home linked to 9/11 terrorists - and why the FBI didn't tell...

Nature ISN'T fragile nor a bossy mother-in-law - top eco boffin

Nazi Legislation for a "Judenrein" (Jewfree) California: Banning Judaism

New details revealed in shooting of lobbyist investigating murder of DNC staffer (Seth Rich)

New evidence suggests increased CO2 follows, not causes, global warming.

Newly Revealed Evidence-Madison Admin Req. Citizen Parents - Native-Born Persons - U.S. Citizenship.

None Dare Call It Fascism

Nuclear, Biological, & Chemical Warfare- Survival Skills, Pt. II

Obama Orders Launched Fast And Furious (Video)

Obama Was Hand-Picked, Was NOT a Natural Born Citizen, Congress Knew It, and Tried to Protect Him

Obama, Clinton, McCaskill ORIGINAL 'BIRTHERS' (April 10, 2008): Scrubbing McCain's NBC Status

OCON DOCS: Hawaii Ballot Chief...Grandma, Called Obama To Hawaii In 2008

Open Letter from Military Leaders (88 military leaders endorse Trump!)

Operation Wide Receiver: It Was Different

Orlando Jihadist Was Radicalized By Prison Trained Black Panther Marcus Dwayne Robertson

Orlando Terrorist Signed Over Home to Brother-in-Law Just Before Attacks. Wife legal witness.

P.I. Susan Daniels Explains Obama's Social Security Number Fraud

Palin Postings--The Phony "Per Capita" Argument and ANWR

Peter King: “I’d Be Embarrassed” To Talk About Lewandowski Incident If I Were Fields-cawwglobalist

Piers Morgan looks like a fool debating the 2nd Amendment on Twitter.

Please show everyone these 271 well sourced examples of Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption

Popular Women's Studies 101 Textbook: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Poverty, American Style: Cars, TVs, Three-Bedroom Homes

President Trump Drops Another MOAB – Media Missing Sally Yates and James Comey Timeline…

Propaganda Techniques [Free Republic]

Puerto Rico Teamsters Union, “Frente Amplio”, Refuse to Deliver Supplies

Racketeering Charges against SEIU; What Does Obama Know?

Receipt shows Vegas gunman...may have had a guest visiting him

Report: Were judge's Mexican parents illegals?

Russian Anchorwoman Tatiana Limanova gives the middle finger...TO OBAMA

Salman Pak: Iraq's Smoking Gun Link to 9-11?

Scientists Find Way to Stimulate Anti-Aging Enzyme

Sen. D’Amato Drops Bomb: Hillary Allowed Russia to Take Ownership of US Uranium to Sell to Iran

Shocker. Obama’s Top Political Advisor Directly Linked to Occupy Wall Street Protests

Smoking Studies

Socialism = Fascism

Socialist "Journolistas" (FReerpers--store this in your files, it names names)

Something Rotten in Norway

Soros Groups Get Hacked, Hundreds Of Documents Leaked

Sowell: Naming Names in "Africa-America"

Spend a day visiting George Washington's Western Pennsylvania


Steam fires underwater jet engine

Stephen's Guide to the Logical Fallacies (Index)

STEVE MILLER Drops Bomb on TED CRUZ: He Proposed Legislation to Double Muslim Immigration in America

Strategic Transformer Reserve

Study: Death penalty deters scores of killings

Summer Camp? Antisemitic Indoctrination Training Center

Survival Supplies and Other Links

Syria’s Next Act (Obama DNI Clapper: WMD "unquestionably" moved from Iraq to Syria)

Tale of a Teenage Communist (the real deal)

Tea Party Rejects IRS Apology, Republicans Vow Investigation

Ted Cruz Made $1 Million Representing Sketchy Clients While Running for Senate

Ten Million Man March

Ten Million Man March on DC?

Terrorism Against Israel More Justified Than Terrorism Against Norway?

The 1930s, Again: A hard rain is going to fall.

The 2009 FreeRepublic Lexicon (Lingo, Dictionary, Lore Handbook) - UPDATE TIME!

The Biodiversity-Socialist Movement in Pennsylvania {And your state, too...}

The bus stops here: The truth about public transit

The CBO Effectively Used Gruber’s Model to Score Obamacare

The Confederate Constitution



The Effects of Inbreeding In Saudi Arabia & Other Arabic Countries

The Election Fraud Theory

The Elite "Have No Idea" - Society Is Near The Breaking Point

The End of Islam (kind of long - but worth it)

The FBI and Southern Poverty Law Center knew in advance about the Oklahoma City bombing

The FReeper Foxhole Remembers The Battle of The Bulge - Dec. 16th, 2002

The Gramsci Factor

The History of NAZI Gun Control or How Democraps Emulate The NAZI's For Domestic Policy

The Jew-Hating Dem Behind the ‘Million Muslim March’

The Kursk Sinking, the Squall Torpedo and Edmund Pope

The Media s Occupation Myth

The Myth Of The Palestinian People

The Nazi War on Cancer (Book Review)

THE NEW DARK AGE- The Frankfurt School and "Political Correctness"

The New Fascism

The next American Revolution will be televised and recorded.

The Origins of the Slave Trade

The Photoshop Playbook: 50 Short Video Tutorials on Fundamental Skills in Photoshop

The Privacy Factor - Yet Another Reason Why The Wealthy Are Leaving The USA


The Skinny on Ham Radio: Getting Licensed

The South and Southern History

The True Spirit of Kwanzaa

They Were Socialists, and They Were Monsters!

Three-Fifths of Milwaukee’s Black Voters Have Vanished Without a Trace

Tim Berners-Lee tells us his radical new plan to upend the World Wide Web

Tom Daschle's Deadly Skeleton Closet

Transparent Alumina - (aluminum oxide) Three Times Stronger Than Steel

Trump Speech On Islam At St. Anselm College NH (MUST READ!!!)

Trump University Lawsuit Brought By Firm Who Paid $675,000 To Bill and Hillary Clinton…

Trumpees [my opus] Libbylu


Underground History of American Education - Prologue [LONG]

Update on Underwater Megalithic

UPDATED - Illegals Wearing USMC Uniforms Caught in Allegedly Stolen Van with Gov't Plates

US v Emerson

Vallely: Iran Goal EMPs on US Coastal Cities in Reach

Vanity: Seth Rich Murder Developments

VIOLENCE IN THE KORAN AND THE BIBLE (very long, but, worthwile)

Voter Fraud? California Man Finds Dozens of Ballots Stacked Outside Home

Wahhabis in America

Washington Examiner:Ted Cruz Pushed to Dramatically Expand Muslim Migration in 2013

We just found out what Bernie’s first job was. It ALL makes sense now…

Were you ever poor?

What Arab Civilization?

What are liberals so afraid of?

What is Wahabi and why haven't we been talking about it?

What The Media Is Not Telling You About The Muslim Who Attacked Donald Trump...[by a former Muslim]

What Will The End Of The United States Look Like ?

Why Anti-Semitism Is Moving Toward the Mainstream

Why July 4 is significant to Islamists

Widows told "60 Minutes" Daschle Caused Husbands' Deaths

World War II + 70 Years Forum Continuing Discussion Thread

WOW: Trump Hatin’ “Mexican Judge” Awarded Scholarships To Illegal Immigrants