Since Jul 5, 2009

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If your a Man/Woman of God, rather than a God,
If you believe in a Judgmental God and don’t need or want a Messiah,
If you value and love life and will stand up for your self, your family, and your neighbors,
If you think virtue is defined by the Commandments and not by government,
If your a leader not a member of the Group,
then WE HAVE A CALL TO ACTION and I am with you.

Reading “A MIRACLE That Changed the World THE 5000 YEAR LEAP”;

“Virtue the Protector Guardian of our Liberty and Constitution...”
Virtue in our Leader and Virtue in ourselves

We were scared on 9/11, It rang an alarm in all of us. An Alarm is a call or summons to prepare and plan. A CALL TO ACTION.

We Americans, were adaptive, creative, with ingenuity, common sense, and a spirit to get things done.

Have we lost our God given Virtue? Did we turn it over to the Government to let it solve our problems?

Lets peaceful get together and figure this out!

We had a call to duty on 9/11 on 9/12 we were united.