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2010 & 2011 predictions: Pray hard that these are wrong

A Condensed Version of Judge Roger Vinson's Ruling Overturning the Affordable Care Act of 2010

A Night to Remember! Family, Faith and Freedom Banquet Featuring Mike Huckabee a Smashing Success!

Among Criminal Muslims-Danish jail psychologist gives a harrowing warning to the West

Audio recording of DeVore gunfire incident in Lebanon (with transcript)

Bailout Bill Would Require Banks to Track and Report Personal Checking Accounts to Feds

Barack Obama is the Crier in Chief

Barack Obama opponents urge census boycott......

Better Take that Conservative Bumper Sticker Off Your Car!

BILL WHITTLE launches to "shadow" Obama, releases "Virtual Inaugural" video

Brown: If I win, I’ll be in D.C. on Friday

Call From "Tea Party Patriots"

CBS' Sharyl Attkisson May Get A Personal Threat from the Obama White House After This

Census threat: $5,000 finesU.S. congressman slams 'Big Brother' questions

CNN via BREAKING on Drudge: White House releases Obama birth certificate

Department of Homeland Security releases report on "Rightwing Extremism

DUmmie FUnnies 09-11-10 (Maynard G. Krebs DUmmies Hate ...WORK!)

DUmmie FUnnies 09-25-10 (DUmmies kick the Blue Dogs!)

DUmmie FUnnnies 05-13-09 (Photos of the Planet Pitt)

Eye and hair color of our Freepers??

Firefox/Chrome Users: Get FR Tree View for Nested Threads on FR!

Fred Thompson Backs McCain


FReeper Book Club: Atlas Shrugged, The Non-Commercial

Freeper Investigation Project: Freeper Personality Types Update

Freeper Research Project: Freeper personality tests

FReeper Weekly Recipe Thread (March 10, 2012)

Funniest... quote... ever... (Obama-related)

Girl Scouts: The Awful Truth

Glenn Beck - Libya The Real Story

Got Addresses? Email your opinions.

How do we stop this....?

HTML Sandbox 2011

I Just Got Fired.... Now What?

Is Gold the Next Bubble?

Is there a list of banned sources on FR?

Let's prove Obama Was Born In Hawaii So we Can Move Onto His British Birth

Live Thread: Code Red Kill the Bill Rally and Storm the Hill Day

LIVE: Obama speaks before silent VFW audience

Muslim Brotherhood website demands that West criminalize ‘assaults’ on Islam

Must-See Video: Tea Party Member Stuns Crowd!

New Website launched called I Am The Tea Party Leader.

Obama Campaign Accuses Dinesh D’Souza Of Pushing “Conspiratorial Fear-Mongering” With Hit Doc

Obama's first act as President EXECUTIVE ORDER 13489 banning release of any of his records

Old Glory Radio Teams with Free Republic to Broadcast Weekly FREEPER Radio / Television Show

OWS Places Entire NYPD Under "Citizen's Arrest"

Palin to Attend Governors Meeting with Obama (Sock It To Him Sarah)

Secret "closed door" meeting with Congress (3/14/08)

Teen Rape Case Shows Our Depravity (I love this guy.)

The Demonic Movement Behind Earth Day

The Key House Races 2010 - Updated - Republicans Gain

The List, Obama's One Hundred and Twenty Eighth Week in Office

The Peace of Patience

The power of Palin: Don't count out the snowbilly from Alaska

The Quick Start Guide for getting prepared

The Role of Congress in the Recession of 2008

Time for the Rich to Shut Up on Taxes

Traditional Lutherans Mull Alternative Path

U.N. probe of Israel 'used false witnesses'

Uncanny Prophecy

VIDEO: Are Liberals Patriotic?

What Do Catholics Believe About the End Times? And a Plea for Sanity

When Law and Order Break Down: “People Are Afraid Right Now. You Can See It In Their Faces.”


Woman Who Called for Help Assaulted By Police; Police Suing TV Station that Exposed Them