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Christian Healthcare Cost Sharing Links

Christian Healthcare Cost Sharing is an alternative to regular health insurance that is acceptable under the obamacare individual health insurance mandate. It is not insurance in the contractual sense of the word, therefore there are no legal guarantees that claims will be paid. However, reputable Christian health cost sharing ministries have an excellent track record. And unlike policies from the "affordable care act" marketplace, the coverage is affordable. Members must be regular churchgoers, and must abstain from smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and other behaviors incompatible with good health and Christianity. Pre-existing conditions are frequently not unconditionally covered.

We are researching moving to Christian health insurance and dumping our expensive "regular" insurance. Perhaps these links will be useful to you. They are only informational and do not constitute recommendation or endorsement of any product mentioned.

Fox News: Christian alternative to ObamaCare growing fast as deadline nears

Informative pamphlet from Christian Healthcare Ministries

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The Orwellian Chart Barack Obama Doesn’t Want You to See

Ezekiel Emanuel's Lancet paper (PDF)

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