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The Left's Master Spinner!

Why do the bad guys keep on winning?

Imagine playing a game of Monopoly where the banker gets to remake the rules during the game. No matter how the game goes, if the banker played to win , he would always win. There would be no way to stop him. If there was a way he'd simply make up the necessary rule it took to make sure he won again.

In the game of life a very rich person can make politicians rich if they write the rules the way he wants. Even if the politician is honest , an unusual occurrence , they still need money to hold office. The rigged game occurs over and over again throughout history and seems inescapable.

Of course people do find a way to escape. They see the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. They get angry. They revolt. They kill the folks rigging the game and the rulers spend lots of money returning the favor so millions suffer and die until eventually the game ends and a new game begins. Try as they might to restrain their rulers the rigged game just keeps coming back. Not a great way to run a civilization. It's the same old game over and over again.

Is there a way out?

Nobody wants millions to suffer and die and yet it keeps on happening anyways. Is there a way to keep the ruler from making the rules? It certainly seems an impossible task. The standard solution over the centuries was to get people to behave themselves with religion. With God as the ruler making the rules anybody who wanted to rule had to answer to God.

If nothing else Religion has proved to be quite successful at maintaining a stable society. One looks at the art work of the Ancient Egyptians and sees it has not changed, even a little bit, over a period of centuries. The Egyptians certainly found a way to be stable but it was stagnant too. Mankind under the Egyptians had little if any progress so their particular solution was effective but far from perfect.

The Romans were keenly aware of this problem. To prevent the rigged game from setting up again their Senate would create rule after rule to hobble their would be rulers . This constant tinkering and fussing is like the engineer who keeps on adding gadgets and gizmo's to make his machine run smoothly only to end up with a gigantic complicated mess that can't help but fail. Engineers call it a kludge when they do tinkering like that. The Roman Empire was a kludge and it failed.

There is a country that seemed to find 'The Answer'. I am , of course , referring to the United States of America. Backed up by the religion of Christianity they designed a simple mechanism from the beginning that balanced the would be rulers against each other so that nobody came out on top. Good design is simple design that works. They fit all they needed onto one page. For the most part it worked out amazingly well. The Americans went from a bunch of huts on foreign shores to landing on the moon and many other feats of science, medicine, engineering and art way too numerous to mention.

Unfortunately in America the bad guys are back. The game is once again rigged, the unearned rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer all over again. If nothing happens to stop it at this point it's pretty much moving to that big bloody ending nobody wants but gets anyways.

Believe it or not I think I have a solution.

It's not a solution how to save America, unfortunately. America is pretty far down that road already and one guy out of 315 million is not going to steer that impending wreck from happening. At least I don't see any way to stop it. William F. Buckley stood athwart history yelling 'Stop!' but it rolled on anyways without him. The answer lies in design. America was designed from scratch to rule in the rulers. It is a government by elegant design but the religion backing it is fading. I realize I'm stepping on a bunch of toes here, billions of people believe God himself is the writer of Christianity and He does not make mistakes! That is itself an example of it's power to maintain stability.

I imagine I've lost quite a few readers at this point. They have probably turned off their computers in disgust or at least clicked on a link taking them somewhere else. For those of you still with me I can't blame the disgusted readers for their disdain. Christianity reaches into the hearts of men and grabs hold in a way that is literally unquestionable. To question the unquestionable has pretty much been a death sentence for most of history. I'm questioning humanities most favored solution to the bloody mess problem after all ! Who is ANYBODY to say otherwise!

The problem with Christianity and the other organized religions is the rulers of the rigged game end up rigging the religion. Christianity was edited by the emperor Constantine. Islam was made up entirely by one rigging ruler and his ghost now rules over the minds of a billion people 13 centuries later! Judaism is the most reasonable and least tainted one around that I can see , and , as a result , the Jews are a monumentally successful people. There is a God and He is good!

I realize at this point I've succeeded in offending the vast majority of readers reading this . It is only the most questioning of souls who have made it this far. I ask this of you oh noble questioning soul : what if you had a RELIGION by design? I am talking about a religion that takes into account all the scientific discoveries, the summations of lessons learned from bloody centuries, the essence of the wisest of wise philosophies and puts it all into one big package that looks like GOD Himself wrote it because it puts an end , finally , to the rigged game.

A Prophet of Profits.

I am currently writing a fictional book about this 'Religion By Design' I am calling this religion 'The Church Of Socrates'. It takes place in a dystopian world where Islam has nearly conquered the Earth. Opposing this perpetual tyranny is the Church of Socrates. It's leaders are called 'Cosines' because the initials of the church spell 'COS' which is the mathematical abbreviation for the cosine function. They are also called 'Cosines' because in order to become a leader in this religion you must get a PhD in math! (There is some precedence here, Pythagoras had his own math based religion . It busted up after the “horror” of irrational numbers was proven!).

In this fictional religion imaginary numbers provide a sense of the mystic a religion needs. (For those who don't know what imaginary numbers are, it all starts with the square root of negative one or 'i' ). One of the symbols of the Cosines is ii . Said to be 'the Individual to the power of the Individual' it has an infinite amount of solutions, each solution is real, infinitely long and positive. ii represents the triumph of reason and the infinite potentials mankind has if the individual soul is not considered as the means to some end but instead each individual soul is a gift from God to be treated as an end in and of itself.

I believe I have a good design in mind. Perhaps God is working through me and I'm just his puppet. Perhaps he hardened my heart about Christianity for good reason. Who is to say otherwise? I can't take credit for anything but a fraction of what this design has. I have only managed to see this grand design because I have the benefit of standing on the shoulders of giants and the unfortunately hard learned lessons built upon the mangled corpses of millions of men. If you want to see everything about this Religion By Design you are just going to have to buy my book when I finish it! You can, however , for free , visit my domain:

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