Since Oct 30, 1998

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The Fixed Game and how to fix it.

     Imagine a game of Poker where all the players are paid professionals. The chips on the table are not theirs but the ruthless ones get to steal some of it. The winning players routinely win by cheating and changing the rules. The losing players have a trump card which is guaranteed to win but they refuse to use it. They think the card is too powerful and it should never be played. The losers are quite happy maintaining the illusion of being real players because they get paid win or lose.

Would you continue to sponsor your losing player? Would you continue to fund the illusion that he is actually a viable player in this game? You already do!

Give us your chips, sucker, and go away!

      The losing player is your representative in the state legislature. Sometimes it's even yourself when you make a direct play by ballot initiative. The winning gangsters are the ruling elites of the Federal Government. The chips on the table are your life and your property. You and millions like you may even have voted for a rule change but one of the winning gangs stooges, in this case a federal judge , merely brushes your change off the board. The same stooge routinely makes sure your state rep loses as well. Try as you might to get the right players, getting enough is all but impossible. There is simply too much incentive for them to join the cheaters team. The sad truth , it seems , is that if your vote could change anything you would not be allowed to do it.

      There is a remedy. Your state representative does have a trump card and if he were to use it the game could be made honest again. This trump card gives your state representative the ultimate control of all the rules and was given this power by America's founders for exactly the situation we are in today. A situation where a handful of Federal elites have twisted the system to the point where the circle of liberty for the common man continues to shrink with no end in sight and no obvious way out.

What is this trump card your state reps believe is too powerful to use?

It is Article V of the Constitution

The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution, or, on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments, which, in either case, shall be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the legislatures of three fourths of the several states, or by conventions in three fourths thereof...

      I use to worry this was too powerful a card as well. The Ruling Elites routinely play a similar card. They rewrite the Constitution at will, altering it's meaning and intention by hand picked black robed stooges. It's their idea of a “Living Constitution“. Who would sign a contract with somebody that could change the meaning and intent on a whim? That's not a “Living Constitution“ , that's a dead or dying one! No wonder I was afraid! I know the results of this tampering of the Constitution all too well by the antics of these self appointed tyrant judges of cosmic law!

      I don't worry anymore. Of the thousands of proposed amendments in the last two centuries only 17 have passed. That is about one every dozen years. This is because no matter how a proposed amendment is created it must pass a 3/4's vote of the states. It's a pretty high hurdle to overcome which is why so few have made it. On the other hand, Federal regulations , written by nameless unaccountable drones, in 1998 were 134,723 pages long , taking 201 volumes to hold them in 19 feet of shelf space. The rate at which more are made has only increased since then! One can see why change is necessary!

Article V is in the Constitution for a reason.

      The folks who wrote the Constitution were worried the day would come when the Federal Government somehow managed to slip out of the boundaries they wrote. They gave us an escape clause. Like the glass case you break in case of fire Article V was written for the time when the Federal Governments fire was out of control. Article V gives the states control of that fire by giving them ultimate control. The power to amend the Constitution independent of the federal leviathan.

Won't the Ruling Elites keep the State Reps in line?

      The people have another trump card for that. The statists have inadvertently handed us the weapon needed to defeat them: state initiatives. With the proper initiatives the people can force those states to use Article V. Once you get the issue on the ballot the statists will have a hard time winning that battle. The country is broken and the polls reflect that the people know it.

America can be saved! Here is the math.

     In 26 states you can by-pass the state legislature and get either a law passed and/or it's state constitution amended. You have 9 states which don't have initiatives but which voted for the Republican in the last 4 Presidential elections. Those 9 states clearly want limited government. That's 26 + 9 = 35. That's one more than you need to propose amendments without Congress. (2/3 * 50 ) = 33.33 or 34 states needed to propose amendments. There are 11 states which have no state initiatives and which voted for the RAT in the last 4 Presidential elections. Not enough to block ratification of the proposed amendments. ( 3/4 * 50 ) = 37.5 therefore 38 states needed for ratification. (50 − 38 + 1) = 13 states needed to block ratification . In conclusion, saving America is a possible proposition! x= 5. Article 5.

So what amendments would work?

      My favorite idea is one that would balance the budget , pay off the debt, and trim spending until the income tax is no longer needed. (Then eliminate the Income Tax!). How about a sunset provision on all laws that makes a 2/3 vote necessary to keep it every 50 years? I'd like to see the 14th Amendment repealed. This last vestige of the Civil War has completed it's purpose and is now used almost exclusively by the enemies of liberty. The details of any ideas will be debated intensely. I created this posting because of Mark Levin's The Liberty Amendments. It convinced me that Article five is the cure for our statist cancer! He's got his own ideas for amendments which I believe will stuff the Federal monster back into its cage. The cage the Constitution was made to hold it in before it found a way to break out.

Why are you still reading this? Get to work!

      The ballot box is preferable to the ammo box and time is running out. You don't want to end up the way Europe is going. The bad guys are getting better at stealing elections or packing the voting booths with invaders who only care about getting free stuff. (Or worse!). Soon they will be unstoppable by peaceful means. For all the American's who fought and died for liberty, for the generations yet unborn, for YOURSELF, get started NOW! I can't do all your thinking for you. In fact, I know you can come up with better ideas than mine! That's why liberty works and why we're going to WIN!