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'I Donít Know My Country Anymore'

'Mr. Trump will not be president': Obama unloads on the entire Republican 2016 field

'No Doubt' President Obama Loves His Country, Says Sen. Lindsey Graham

'Repeal every word': Potential GOP 2016 rivals hammer ObamaCare, IRS at Iowa summit

13 Percent of People Would Rather Have a Meteor Hit Earth Than Elect Trump or Clinton

35 Things Wrong With America

6 New Gun Control Laws Enacted In California, As Gov. Brown Signs Bills

7 Things We Know About the New Net Neutrality Regulations Even Without the ĎConfidentialí Documents

8 RINO Rules

9 attempts to explain the crazy complexity of the Middle East

A Message from Ron Paul: Speak Truth to Power on Veterans Day (Paul channeling far-left Salon)

About Those Loser ĎTrumpkinsí

Al Shabaab calls for attack on Mall of America in new video(Video)

America already deeply involved in World War III

Andrea Leadsom supporters confident she can win Tory grassroots

Ann Coulter: My VP Prediction ó Donald Trumpís First Mistake

Anthony Weiner on Republican Primary Voters: ĎMouth-Breathing, Hunched Over, One-Toothí

Anti-Donald Trump Forces See Convention Coup as Within Reach

Anybody Else Disturbed by the Dallas use of the "Bomb Robot"?

‚ÄėA Shocking Truth Is Unfolding‚Äô: Matt Drudge Teases Bombshell Claim About U.S. and Islamic State

Bachmann under 24/7 guard after ISIS threat

Barack Obama Goes Full Stalin

Beck: Trump Is Creating a Conservative Version of Black Lives Matter

Beyond The Headlines (FR Research Tool)

Biden: Free Community College For All - Paid By Financial Transaction Fee (Video)

Bill Whittle: Weíre Number Two

Black Lives Matter Protesters Shut Down I-880 In Oakland

Black middle schooler SLAMS Obama in Youtube speech

Bloggers Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer Banned From Entering Britain


Boris Johnson rules himself out of Conservative leader race

Brat: Gingrich would be Trump's smartest choice for running mate

Brawl at Ďfamily orientedí country club leaves one dead, others stabbed and beaten

Breaking! Hostage and active shooter situation in Neenah, Wisconsin

BREAKING: confirmed San Berdo, CA suspect FAROOQ SAAED

BREAKING: Fox Newsí Gretchen Carlson Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Roger Ailes

BREAKING: Hillaryís Handler Carrying Auto-Injector Syringe For Anti-Seizure Drug Diazepam

Breaking: Trump Soars in Latest Poll

BREAKING: Walker about to sign right-to-work in Wisconsin

CAIR asks Fox News to drop Islamophobe commentators

CAIR to hold press conference on San Bernardino Terror Attack

California man accidentally kills member of own gang who was wearing wrong colors

Caller puts it ALL into perspective on the Middle East and the US Govt

Castro Encourages Obama To Rule By Executive Orders ó And To Throw One His Way

Catfish, the Other Cronyism Meat?

Charlie Daniels: This World Gets More Evil Every Day, and It's Only Going to Get Worse

CIVIL WAR II AmericaÔŅĹs new cold war

Close Encounters with the Loony Left [link-list vanity]

CNN Airs ďThe Truth About BenghaziĒ Ė But Fills The Story With Lies and Deception Ė We Explain Why

CNN: American Right Wing "More Dangerous" Than ISIS

CO Police Respond to Reports of Active Shooter [captured #750] at Planned Parenthood Clinic


Comey: Clinton gave non-cleared people access to classified information

Communism Left So Many Scarred Lives Behind

Communist Party USA Chairman Vows Cooperation With Democratic Party

Concealed Carrier Prevents Mass Shooting At SC Nightclub


Coyote enters Laguna Beach home and snatches pet Chihuahua, owners say

Cruz: A Vote For Trump Is A Vote For ‚ÄėCronyism And Bailouts‚Äô [VIDEO]

Dallas: 'Black Power group' claims responsibility for police killings, warns of more assassinations

Dana Loesch unveiled as first woman on cover of ĎGuns & Ammoí since 1961

Define Socialism

Democrats Try To Play Politics With Zika, And It Backfires

Did you know the US Government has a Sharia Czar?

Digging Deep [ongoing FR research]

Dinesh Was Right Ė Obama Forming Global Caliphate


Donald Trump: 'I'm running against two parties'

Early Voting Limits Time for Trump Comeback

Election 2016: Your money, your vote 71% of Americans believe economy is 'rigged'

ExclusiveĖFarenthold: Trump Meeting with House GOP Members Huge Success

FBI didnít record Clinton interview, did not administer sworn oath

FBI Director James Comey to Testify at 10 a.m. ET on Hillary Clinton Email Probe-LIVE THREAD

Federal Judge Blocks Mississippi's Religious Freedom Law

Federal regulation of Internet coming, warn FCC, FEC commissioners

Four Reasons People Are Abandoning the GOP

Four Suspects in Dallas Police Murders, Tell Cops 'End Is Coming'

Fox News Co-Host Says Itís Time to Ask: ĎIs This White House Antisemiticí (VIDEO)

Fox News Goes Gay

Fox News Reporter: Obama is Gay Over LGBT Olympics Support (Lavender Mob furious)

Fox News Reporting Enemies Of The State -IRS Targeting Continue

FOX News Showing Officers Down at Dallas Protest. Shots fired [4 confirmed dead]

Free Republic "Bump List" Register

FreeRepublic Ping List Compilation

French President Hollande endorses Clinton

Gingrich wins Western straw poll for Trump running mate

Girls jealous after ĎFameí high school crowns boy prom queen!

Giuliani Receiving Death Threats

Globalists Move to Sabotage Brexit

GOP chieftains 'prefer Hillary' as president

GOP official: Newt Gingrich has 1 in 3 chance of being Donald Trumpís running mate

Gov. Bobby Jindal: U.S. Needs a Spiritual Revival

Gov. Jerry Brown signs bulk of sweeping gun-control package into law, vetoes five bills

Gowdy calls for Cruz to denounce 'underhanded tactics'

Green party's Jill Stein invites Bernie Sanders to take over ticket

Gutierrez: Boehner a 'Friend and Ally' in Immigration Reform Fight

Here Is The List of People Speaking at the RNC Convention

Here’s How Ted Cruz Makes Donald Trump Look Acceptable

Hereís Why Clinton Will Lose the Election to Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton Will Win by a Landslide Against Donald Trump

HISTORICAL IGNORANCE II: Forgotten facts about Lincoln, slavery and the Civil War

History Upended:Obama's Legacy Is One for The Record Books

Horowitz: Why Trump Will Win in November

House Republicans Renege on Every Promise with Infuriating Budget Deal

How do we send the left controlled media to the trash heap of history?

How One TV Channel Is Positioning Itself to Be the Next Fox News

How to join ping list?

Huckabee: Iíll never back down from saying we need a path to citizenship for DREAMers

I Am No Longer a Republican

I am sorry to "Gays"

If Hillary Clinton Picks Elizabeth Warren, the TPP Is Dead (But She Will Pick TPP Kaine)

In Praise of Ted Cruz

Iowa Conservatives Abandoning Carson for Cruz

Is anyone aware of any ISIS training camps in the U.S. yet?

Is Oath Keepers dying? (vanity)

Is Sarah Palin Too Toxic for 2016?

ISIS Terrorists Used Obamaís ĎFast and Furiousí Gun During Paris Attack!

ISIS Threatens Europe

ISIS vs. Al Qaeda: The good news and the bad news

IT BEGINS: Turkey INVADES Syria to spark war, bring about new GRAND CALIPHATE

It's Official! Ted Cruz To Speak at GOP Convention; What Do You Think?

Jeb Bush, John Boehner And The Anti-Reagan Republican Establishment


Jihad vs Crusades (548 Moslem battles for Conquest, 200 battles fought in Spain alone)

Jill Stein: Prosecute Clinton for Reckless Abuses of National Security [Green Party]

LAPD Called When Terrorist Threats Are Made By This Woman At LAX!

Lee on lack of Trump endorsement: 'He accused my best friend's father of conspiring to kill JFK'

Levin: Iran Deal "Planted The Seeds" "For World War III" "This Is Munich"

Like Father, Like Son: Mitt Romney Shivs Donald Trump Like his Dad Knifed Barry Goldwater

Live Thread: Egypt Revolution 2.1 The Ikwhan Strikes Back: Deadly "Day of Rejection"

Live update: Hostage situation, shooting at Gulshan -[Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh]

Looking back at Michele Bachmannís career in Congress

Man Arrested for Threats & Throwing Pack of Bacon at a Mosque


Man, Bill Clinton Is An Idiot

Marco Rubio Tells Pastors to Love Gay People, 'Abandon a Spirit of Judgment'

Mark Cuban Terrified Of What The FCC Could Do

Massive brawl erupts inside Mexican restaurant in Dallas over chips and salsa (video)

McCain Warns NRSC Against Using Immigration Votes Against Dems

Mika Rips Media Blackout on Clinton-Lynch Meeting: ĎPeople Too Afraid to Talk About the Truthí


Milo Yiannopoulos: 50% of Gays Will Vote for Donald Trump After Orlando Islamist Massacre (VIDEO)

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke: Black Lives Matter Ďwill join forcesí with Islamic State

Mitch McConnell Praises Hillary Clinton ó Day After Benghazi Report

Mitt Romney: My family still wants me to run for president


MSNBC Source: 'The Goal Is To Move Away From Left-wing TV'

MSNBC's Alex Witt: "I'm guilty of white shame"!

Multiple Victims Reported in San Bernardino Shooting (Another Mass Shooting)

Muslim Brotherhood-Aligned Leaders Hosted at State Department

Mutilated body found near Rio Olympic beach volleyball site

My Podcast Roster


National Polling Results (Hillary 50%, Trump 50%)

New Harmony, a utopian experiment in the American wilderness

Newt Gingrich Makes Announcement That Many Have Been Awaiting

Newt Gingrich: White Americans ĎDonít Understand Being Black in Americaí

No, Conservatives Aren't Really Turning on Sarah Palin

No, I Don't Believe Donald Trump Is a Conservative

Numerous fights break out Friday night inside Monroeville Mall [Pittsburgh, PA]

NY Daily News Mocks Those Who Invoke God Instead of Gun Control

Obama and the Muslim Gang Sign (a very important repeated article)

Obama goes after Trump. Big time.

Obama just gave Republicans a new ad to use against Democrats before the midterms

Obama to ICE: There ďwill be consequencesĒ for doing your job

Obama Will Need His Oratory Powers to Sell Globalization

Obama's 'Free' Community College - Not a very sound idea

Obama: Christianity No Different Than the Islamic State

Obamacare: The Real Pain Starts This Year

Officer shot in Ballwin; suspect apprehended

Officials: San Bernardino shooter apparently radicalized, in touch with terror subjects

Paul Ryan Struggles to Explain Why Border Security Must Be Tied to Amnesty

Pentagon Ends Ban on Transgender Soldiers

Ping Lists: How to?

Please Help Me Find the Master List of Ping Lists

Police: Dallas Shooting Suspect Micah Johnson ďWanted To Kill White PeopleĒ (Freeper question)

Poll shows gun ownership in decline

Polygamists predicting multiple people relationships will be next

President of Ecuador Tweets ĎHeil Hitlerí

President Of The EU Parliament: "It Is Not The EU Philosophy That The Crowd Can Decide Its Fate"

Rasmussen poll: Trump holds 4-point lead

Remembering the Jimmy Carter vrs. Ronald Reagan election in 1980.

Rep. Steve King: Hillary Clinton "Someone I Can Work With"

Repeat of "In-Depth" with Sebastian Junger Scheduled for 1:00 AM on C-Span2

Reporter: FBI ordered Ďno photos, no pictures, no cell phonesí during Clinton/Lynch meeting

RNC Rules Fight Begins With Plan to Lock In Donald Trump

Romney Proves "He Is Who We Thought He Was": Bitter-Sweet Vindication for Conservatives

Rubio Schools Republicans On How to Handle MSM's Gotcha' Questions

Rubio: Border security complaints Ďnot trueí

Rudy Giuliani clarifies Obama comments by claiming the President influenced by communism, socialism

Rush Limbaugh Show,M-F,12NOONPM-3PM,EST,WOR AM,December 3,2015

Russia to release Clinton emails?

Ryan gets House GOP speaker nod

Ryan Seeks to Restore GOPís Elite-Focused Agenda

Sarah Palin's scorched-earth plan for the GOP: Governor challenges party to move sharply right

Scott Walker and the art of winning

Scott Walker: 'I Don't Really Know' Whether Obama Loves America

Second Case of Superbug in United States Found in New York Patient

Sen. Jeff Sessions Slams Hillary Clintonís Foreign Student Plan, Would Hurt American Grads

Should the sniping and killing of Dallas Police Officers be considered an act of TERRORISM?

So why don't I like Donald Trump?

Steve King: We're on 'suicide watch' over GOP

Still Report #621 ‚Äď Cruz Delegate Quits Cruz in Disgust

Switzerland denies citizenship to Muslim immigrant girls who refused to swim with boys: report

Ted Cruz Comes to Florida to Attack Jeb Bush on Common Core

Ted Cruz Grills Snooty Jeh Johnson at Senate Judiciary Hearing

Ted Cruz just compared Obama to Richard Nixon

Ted Cruz Vows to Vote Against TPP Trade Deal in Iowa

Ten Reasons Why I Am No Longer a Leftist

The DNC Is About to Coronate Donald Trump

The DNC Is About to Coronate Donald Trump

The fix is in

The GOP plot to stop Trump is real

The List: Obama's Three Hundred and Fourteenth Week in Office

The List: Obama's Three Hundred and Thirteenth Week in Office

The List: Obama's Three Hundred and Twelfth Week in Office

The Megyn Kelly Moment

The Most Beautiful Spot in Every U.S. State

The Party of Lincoln AND Calhoun? The Right and the Civil War

The top 40 conservative websites: February 2015 edition

The Truth about Islamic Crusades and Imperialism

The Wal-Mart Rule

The Web Sites They Don‚Äôt Want You To Read: "These Sites May Be Run By Truly Insane People‚ÄĚ

The World Has Officially Gone Mad. And Iím DONEÖ

There are actually more Mexicans leaving the U.S. than coming in

This is exactly why Democrats are the ultimate hypocrites


Trends are Rapidly Lining up for Big Trump Win

Truck crashes into Bastille Day crowd in Nice, France

Trump 'unlikely' to pick Christie, according to sources

Trump campaign vetting Chris Christie for VP

Trump isnít in the mood for Jeff Flakeís stupid crap

Trump isnít in the mood for Jeff Flakeís stupid crap

Trump Leads GOP Nationally Ahead of GOP Debate


Trump warns against Syrian refugees: "A lot of those people are ISIS"

Trump's Muslim-Registry Blunder

Two Black Assassins Try To Kill Durham, NC Cop On Christmas. National Media Silent.

Two Clashes of Civilizations

UH OH: New Ebola Czar believes Ďoverpopulationí the biggest leadership issue for the world

UKIP leader Nigel Farage stands down

Unbelievable: Obama’s VA issues BAN on Christmas trees…this happens IMMEDIATELY

Utah polygamist family celebrating DOMA ruling

Video: Donald Trump at the Republican Jewish Coalition Forum

VIDEO: Ď3 Amigosí look more like 3 Stooges during botched handshake

Walker Says He Is Unaware Whether Obama Is a Christian

Watch as Canadian Lawmakers Chant for ĎFour More Yearsí of Obama

WATCH Ė Conservative English MP Hannan Lights Up Crowd Observing ĎHitler was a Socialistí

WATCH: Giuliani Destroys Obama in Epic Speech

Where is Ted Cruz?

Where would Ronald Reagan fall on the GOP meter?


White House is Sad

White House Watch (Trump 43%, Clinton 39%)

Who Owns Yahoo News?

Why Does Obama Disregard the Law?

Why donít Americans trust Republicans on foreign policy?

Why the sun going blank means a ĎGame of Thronesí-like winter is coming

Will the Other Sleeping Giant Awake?

Will There Be War? (Are World War III and the Second Civil War on the horizon?)

Woman Arrested for Whipping Great-GrandDaughter With Switch

World War III will be caused by Islam

You Need To Suck It Up And Vote For Trump