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Abortion Breast Cancer Coalition

Abortion Cams

Abortion Concern

Abortion Essay

Abortion Files

Abortion Information Center

Abortion is Murder

Abortion Law Homepage

Abortion Quotes from Pro-Choice Sources

Abortion Survivors

abortion tv




Abstinence Clearinghouse

abstinence educators network

Action Life (Ottawa)


Adoption Management Research Expertise

Adoption Search

Affirming Life

Agape Press

Aggies for Life at Texas A&M University

Aid for Women

Alaska Right to Life

Alberta Life Issues

Alberta Pro-life

Alliance for Life Ministries

Alpha Pregnancy Care Center Latham New York

Alternatives and Choices

America's Pregnancy Helpline

American Association of Open Adoption Agencies

American Association of Pro Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists

American Center for Law and Justice Pro-life Task Force

American Collegians for Life

American Conservative

American Conservative Union

American Enterprise

American Family Association

American Family Association of New York

American Life League

American Portrait Films

American Prowler

American Renewal

American Values

Americans to Ban Cloning

Americans United for Life

Americans United for Life

AMS Lifeline Club of University of British Columbia

Anglican Catholics for Life

Anti-Abortion Signs

Aquinas Publishing

Arizona Right to Life

Arkansas Right to Life

Association for Interdisciplinary Research in Values and Social Change

Association of Maryland Families

At the Center Magazine

Australian Capital Territory Right to Life

Austria Youths for Life

Baby Center

Ball State University Students for Life

Baptists for Life

Baylor University Bears for Life

Be Not Afraid

Becket Fund for Religious Liberty

Berkeley Students for Life

Bethany Christian Services

Birth Psychology


Boston Globe

Boston Rescuer

Boundless Webzine

Bradley University Students for Life

Breast Cancer Prevention Institute

Bridge to Life

California Life Coalition

California ProLife Council

California Right to Life

Campaign for Working Families

Canadian Physicians for Life

Capitol Hill Blue

Capitol Resource Institute

Capitol Resource Institute

Care Net




Catholic Defense

Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute

Catholic Medical Association

Catholic Medical Association

Catholic Planet

Catholic Spiritual Direction

Celebration of Life

center for bio-ethical reform

Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity

Center for Disease Control

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Center for Reclaiming America

Center for the Study of the Great Ideas

Central Illinois Right to Life

Child Predators

Children of God for Life

Children of the Rosary

Choose Life, Inc.

Christian Gallery

Christian Answers

Christian Communication Network

Christian Educational Voice for New York Families

Christian Legal Society

Christian Life Resources

Christian Medical and Dental Society

Christian Patriots For Life

Christianity Today


Citizen Impact Canada

Citizen Magazine

Citizens Concerned for Human Life

Citizens for Educational Freedom

Citizens United Resisting Euthanasia

City Journal

Clinic Facts

Clinic Worker

CNN Election

CNSNews Election

Coalition for a Fair Judiciary

Coalition for Life

Collegians Activated To Liberate Life

Colorado Right to Life

Compass Arts

Compassionate Health Care Network

Concerned Pharmacists for Conscience

Congressman Chris Smith

Congressman Jeff Flake

Congressman Joe Pitts

Congressman John Shadegg

Congressman Mike Pence

Congressman Todd Akin

Conservative News Service

Consistent Life Ethic Ring

Constitution Party

Cook Political Report

Cornell Coalition for Life

Couple to Couple League

Covenant News

CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCare System

Creighton Students for Life

Crisis Pregnancy Centers Link

Crisis Pregnancy Centers Online

Crisis Pregnancy Centers World


Crusade for Life


Culture of Life Foundation Institute

Current ProLife News

Cyber3D Ultrasound Society

D.C.'s Political Report

Dartmouth Coalition for Life

Democrats for Life

Diana Lopez

Diane S. Dew

Doctors for Life International

Drudge Report

Duke Students for Life

Eagle Cross Alliance

Eagle Forum

Eagle's Nest Homeschool


Elijah Ministries

Elliot Institute

Endeavour Forum

Epiphany Caring for Life

Eternal Perspective Ministries

Ethics Updates


Euthanasia Prevention Coalition of British Columbia

Faith Action Counseling and Education for Life

Family and Society Database

Family and Life

Family Life Center International

Family of the Americas

Family Research Council

Federalist e-Journal

Feminism and Nonviolence Studies

Feminists for Life

Fertility Care Centers of America

First Do No Harm

First Journey

First Things

Florida Right to Life

Focus on the Family

For the Children Adoption Ministry

Foreign Affairs

Fox News

Free Republic

Freedom Network

Friendship Center for New Beginnings New Jersey

Front Page Magazine

Full Quiver Mission

General Electric

Georgetown University Right to Life

Georgia Right to Life

Gift Foundation

God's Little Ones

Gonzaga University Right to Life

Good Bye Good Men

google news

Grand Valley Students for Life

Gravity Teen

Green Papers

Guilfoy Family Homepage

Hannah's Prayer Ministries

Harbor House Maternity Home

Harvard Law School Society for Life Law and Religion

Hawaii Right to Life

Healing Hearts Ministries

Healthy Beginnings

Heart Beat International

Helping and Educating in Abortion Related Trauma

Her Choice

Hnuti Pro Zivot CR

Holy Lamb

Hope After Abortion
Nebraska Right to Life
Movimento per la Vita

Human Development Resource Council

Human Embryology Website

Human Events

Human Life Alliance of Minnesota

Human Life International

Human Life of Washington

Human Life Review

Illini collegians for Life

Illinois Federation for Right to Life

Illinois Leader

Illinois Right to Life Committee

In the Fight

Indiana Right to Life

Indiana University Students for Life

Inside the Vatican

Institute on Religion and Public Policy

Interim Newspaper


International Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

Iowa Right to Life Committee


Jeunesse Action

Jewish World Review

Jews for Life

John Kindley, J.D.

Judicial Watch

Just One Life / Nefesh Achat B'Yisrael

Just the facts

Justice for All

Justice Foundation

Kansas for Life

Karinya House for Mothers and Babies

Kentucky Righ to Life Association

Kevorkian Papers

Kill Babies

Kitchener-Waterloo Right to Life Association

La Cruz de California

Last Harvest Ministries

Lee Rockwell


Legal Action for Women

Legal Life Defense Foundation

Lektrik Press

Libertarians for Life



Life Research Institute

Life Advocate Magazine

Life Advocates

Life and Liberty Ministries

Life Athletes

Life Begins

Life Call

Life Canada

Life Checks

Life Coalition International

Life Cycle Books

Life Decisions International

Life Dynamics

Life Educatioin and Resource Network

Life Education and Resource Network Northeast Chapter

Life Education Fund

LIFE International

Life Issues

Life Issues

Life Media

Life Resource

Life Savers

Life Teen

Life Views

Life Watch



Lifespan News

Link Adoption

Little Feet

Lives on the Line

Long Island Coalition for Life

Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission

Louisiana Right to Life Federation

Love Matters

Love Them Both

Lutherans For Life Australia

Lux Veritatis

Maine Righ to Life Committee

March for Life

Maryland Right to Life

Masda and Ford Motor Boycott

Massachusetts Citizens for Life

Media House International

Medical Institute for Sexual Health

Medison 3D

Michael Coren

Michigan Christians for Life

Michigan Family Forum

Midtown Pregnancy Support Center

Minnesota citizens Concerned for Life

Missionaries to the Preborn

Missionaries to the Unborn

Missouri Right to Life

MIT Pro-Life


Multi-Dimensional Human Embryo

National Abortion Rights Action League

National Association of Pro-Life Nurses

National Campus Life Network Canada

National Center for Policy Analysis

National Coalition for Life and Peace

National Federation of Officers for Life

National Foundation for Life Litigation Project

National Institute of Family and Life Advocates

National Journal

National Life Chain

National Mail Voter Registration

National Memorial for the Unborn

National Office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation and Healing, Inc.

National Organization of Episcopalians for Life

National Organization of Women

National Pro-life Alliance

National Pro-Life Religious Council

National Right to Life

Nevada Republican Assembly

New American

New Beginnings

New Hampshire Citizens for Life

New Jersey Committee for Life

New Jersey Right to Life

New Jersey Right to Life Political Action Committee

New Paltz and Saugerties New York Pregnancy Care Center

New South Wales Australia Right to Life

New York Christian Coalition

New York State Conservative Party

New York State Right-to-Life Committee

New York Times

News with Views




North Carolina Right to Life, Inc.

North Dakota Right to Life

North Dakota State University Collegians for Life

Not Dead Yet

Not Me Not Now

NOVA Life's Greatest Miracle

NRLC Legislative Action Center

Obstetric Ultrasound

Ohio Abstinence Campaign

Ohio Right to Life

One More Soul

Online Archive

Open Secrets

Operation Outcry

Operation Rescue Colorado

Operation Rescue West

Operation Save America

Oregon Right to Life

Orthodox Christians for Life

Orthodox Christians for Life

Ottawa Youth for Life

Parents Place

Pastors for Life International


Peers Educating and Encouraging Responsible Sexuality

Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

People for Life

people of life

Peterson Family

Pharmacists for Life International

Physicians Life Alliance

PHysicians'Ad-hoc Coalition for Truth

Pill Truth

Planned Parenthood

Political Oddsmaker

Polling Report

Pontifical Regina Apostolorum University

Pope Paul VI Institute

Population Research Institute

Portland Porcupine

Post Abortion Stress Syndrome Awareness

Post Abortion Trauma Healing

Preborn Christ

Precious Feet

Precious Life


Pregnancy Centers Online

Pregnancy Support Service Tasmania

Pregnant Pause

Presbyterians Pro-Life

Priests for Life

Priests for Life Canada

Prince Edward Island Right to Life

Princenton University Pro-Life


Pro-life Across America

Pro-Life Action League

Pro-Life Action Ministries

Pro-Life America

Pro-Life America

Pro-Life Campaign

Pro-Life Campaign Committee

Pro-Life Communications

Pro-life Data Exchange

Pro-Life Democrats of Kentucky

Pro-Life Feminism

Pro-Life Indonesia

Pro-life market Long Distance Telephone Service

Pro-Life Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Pro-Life Movement

Pro-Life Research Institute

Pro-Life Ring;action=list

Pro-Life Victoria Australia

Pro-Life Waco

Pro-Woman Pro-Life


Professional Women's Network Pittsburgh

Professional Women's Network

Professionals for Excellence in HealthCare

Project Grace

Project Rache Pittsburgh

PROLIFE Alliance

Prolife Campaign Committee News


Proyecto Divulgacion

Puerto Vida (spanish)

Purdue University Students for Life

Queensland Australia Right to Life


Rachel's Vineyard

Ramah International

Randall Terry

Read the Truth

Real Clear Politics

Real Facts

REAL Women of British Columbia

REAL Women of Canada


Religious Freedom Coalition

Renovation Ministries

Republican Governor's Association

Republican National Coalition for Life

Republicans for Fair Media

Respect Life


Richmond Right to Life

Right to Life Association of Toronto and Area

Right to Life Babies and Mothers

Right to Life Committee of New Mexico

Right to Life of Jackson

Right to Life of Michigan

Right to Live Amendment

Right-to-Life New Zealand


Rochester Area Right to Life Committee New York

Rock for Life

Roe No More Ministry

Roe v. Wade

Roll Call

RU-486 Files

Rush Limbaugh

Rutherford Institute

Sacramento Teens for Life

SafeHaven Ministries

San Diego News Notes

San Francisco Faith

Sanctity of Life

Save My Children Ministry

Save the Baby Humans

Seamless Garment Network

Seattle Catholic

Second Look Project

Sex Respect

Shake the Nation

Sidewalk Counseling

Silent No More

Silent No More

Silent Scream

Silent Voices

Simon Fraser University Students for Life

Sites for Life

Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

Society for Truth and Justice

Society for Truth and Justice

Sound Wave Images

South Carolina Citizens for Life

South Dakota Right to Life

St. John's University Students for Life

Stand Up Girl

Stem Cell News and Resources

Stop Planned Parenthood

Stop the Insanity

Student LifeNet

Students Turning Around a Nation of Death

Susan B. Anthony List

Sword and Spirit

Teachers Saving Children


Teens for Life

Tennessee Right to Life

Terri Schindler-Schivao Foundation

Texas Right to Life

The Hill

The Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society

The Protection of Conscience Project

Thomas Legislative Information on the Internet

Thomas More Law Center

Thunder Baby Ontario Right to Life

Time Magazine

Timothy Plan

Too Good Reports

Town Hall

Tracey Gates

Traditional Catholic News

Traditional Values Coalition

Transive - Plateforme francophone de documentation sur l'avortement


True Love Waits

U.S. Senators

UCD Yes to Life

UK Guild of Catholic Doctors

Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List

Unborn Jesus

Unborn Person

United Nations

United States House of Representatives

United States Justice Foundation

United States Senate

United States Supreme Court

University Faculty for Life

University of Alberta's Campus Pro-life Association

University of Alberta's Campus Pro-Life Association

University of Houston Pro-Life Cougars

University of Notre Dame Right to Life

University of Pennsylvania Basic Embryology Review Program

University of South Wales Embryology

Vanderbilt Students for Life

Ventura County Crisis Pregnancy Center

Vermont Right to Life Committee

Victory Won

Virginia Society for Human Life

Virtue Media

Visible Embryo

Visible Embryo

Vitae Caring Foundation

Vital Signs Ministries

Viva pro-life

Voice for Life


Walk for Life West Coast

West Virginia Teens for Life

West Virginia University Mountaineers for Life

West Virginians for Life

Westside Pregnancy Resource Center


William & Mary Students for Life

Wisconsin Dodge County Right to Life

Wisconsin Right to Life

Wisconsin Sheboygan County Right to Life

Witness for the Right

Women Affirming Life

Women and Children First

Women at Risk

Women Deserve Better

Women for Faith and Family

Women's Center

World Life League

World Magazine

World Net Daily

World Organization of the Ovulation Method (Billings)

World Organization Ovulation Method Billings

World Partnership in Hope Fund

World Youth Alliance


Xavier University Students for Life

Yakima Human Life

Your Catholic Voice

Youth Defence Ireland

Youth for Life International

Yuba-Sutter California Right to Life Committee

Yuma Arizona Right to Life