Since Jun 28, 2001

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I'm a *former* Republican who left the GOP on 01 Jan 1994 as one of the Republican candidates for governor of Pennsylvania was an outright gun bigot. So I left and joined the Libertarian Party and never looked back.

But even in Libertarian ranks, there are people who want to go soft on the statists and collectivists, to be "polite" with them, even though the favor will rarely be returned.

So here are some rules for living:

1. Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

2. Never initiate force, nor tolerate tyranny.

3. Live as you vote.

4. Check six, stay low, and keep your powder dry.

5. Attack in the perpendicular.

6. ALWAYS scream and leap while attacking.

The five boxes of freedom

1. Your soap box

2. Your ballot box

3. Your jury box

4. Your cartridge box

5. Your cash box

Keep them under your control and NEVER surrender them to ANYONE for ANY reason.

The Bill of Rights was meant to be enforced (See the logo on my site.)