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Arizona ranks higher than NJ in tax burden

". . . 30 years of 'social engineering' have pushed manly traits underground."

"It will all end badly" the economy and the coming war. Great Read

'At Risk' Report 20 Years Later

'Perfect storm' brewing in health insurance: As premiums skyrocket, millions face losing coverage

'We can't reunite thousands of mothers with children wrongly taken from them'

**VANITY** Your Favorite Quotes (Sunday afternoon fun & edification)

100 Years: What a difference (Vanity)


102 Minutes: Fighting to Live as the Towers Died

20 Year Usenet Archive Now Available

A Citie's Cost is Bad for Business

A Holiday For Fools

A Manifesto for the Right


A Nation of Sheep -Dependent On DC

A Nation of Sheep, Dependent on D. C.

A Prominent Afrikaans Author/Comedian is murdered

A Quiet, Unnoticed War

A Touchy Subject (Social Class in America)

A video for the archives, appropriately titled "Taliban Bodies"

Abnormal Society

Activist Funding

Afghan targets pose dilemma for US

Afghanistan's biggest problem - poverty - can be solved

Africa's Gruesome Photo Gallery

America divided by Democrats: "The Non-Paying Class"

American Fascism

Andrew Sullivan: The Camille Paglia IMterview (part 1)

Angry White Women - Backlash against Feminism

Another Central Plan Fails - Very interesting in light of Busj's $1b for schools.

AOL Quietly Posts Version 8.0

Assault on Grozny Downtown (excerpts from a book)

Assignment America: Smoke screens/One of the best articles I have read!

Attitude Channeling and Brainwashing (Absolutely Incredible)

Australian "Thinking Cap" Stimulates Creativity

AZ: Rural People to Protest Environmental Disaster and Forest Policies

AZ: School facts overlooked by Pravda imitators

Balancing the Academy: The West stakes a claim on campus.

Bankruptcy Bill Dies in House (Abortion Protesters)

Because of the Americans (interesting analysis of Arab culture)

Benjamin Netanyahu - My beloved Freepers I warned you

Betrayal of the Democratic Party

Biologists caught planting false evidence of endangered species (my title)

BOOKS: Portrait of the poor both sharp and bleak

Boyd: Foul-mouthed maverick changed the art of war

Boyd: Foul-mouthed maverick changed the art of war

British NHS worse than American system

Bush 'Desertion' Charge Debunked

Cabin Owners

California: The tarnish on the Golden State

Cheap Cig Buyers Beware (hysterical, threatening bleating from enraged tax-collector)

Cheaper Labor Drawing High-Skilled Tech Jobs from U.S.

China challenges US in Latin America

China Is Not An Imperialist Power

China Surges Economically While America Falters

Chinese fixated on winning war against US via "assassin's mace."

City's Living Wage in Trouble

Clark Hints at Bush's Military Service

Clinton Mischief-- Bill Clinton spent the final days of his presidency planting time bombs

Collected Quotations

College Seniors No More Knowledgeable Than 1950s High School Grads

Comparative Literacy

Critics Accuse Local, State Governments of Distorting Eminent Domain Laws


Defending Western Civilization

Dell says printers will become cheaper

Democracy Has Failed, Say Argentines

Denver billionaire backs films with moral message

Desperation forced a horrific decision


Don't Look to Government for Housing Solutions -- It's the Problem

Downside Legacy: Freeper Profiles

DUI Laws: Out of Control - This Nightmare Can Happen to You

Ecusta: Slipping Into History (60 year old NC manufacturing mainstay shuts doors - my title)

Elitism -- what's it to us?

ELITIST ENNUI: The Media Elite Tire Of The War (Edward Zehr)

Ethics from the Barrel of a Gun: What Bearing Weapons Teaches About the Good Life

Even a Yale Pedigree Could Leave One Unemployed

Factory Orders Decline 2.3% In September; 2 Million Jobs Lost In 2 Years!

Favorite Freeper Quotes and One-Liners

First it was Rhodesia then SA now America paying the price of silence.

Fish and Wildlife - Midway

FL Teachers' Union paid for chief's opulent lifestyle - $2,000-a-night suite raised red flags

For many on Sept. 11, survival was no accident

Forest Facts for you ...Managing Federal Forests in the 21st Century


From Blackstone to Bentham: Why Wrongful Conviction Is On The Rise

Generation Wrecked

Good Wars

Goodbye Europe (Steyn Alert)

Got to get tougher in a hurry: David H. Hackworth says U.S. military not making the grade

graphite foam

grief police

Harvard's quiet secret: rampant grade inflation

Have "Public Servants" become our "Privileged Class"? Let's find out.

Heartbroken: Is rural America really such a great role model for the nation?

High Tax Republicans Replacing 'Tax and Spend' Dems?

Hillary used Goon Squads To Beat Protesters In 20000 Senatorial Campaign!

Home Educators: Coming of Age in an Unfree Society

House Passes Bankruptcy Bill (Pro-Banker, AntiHomeowner, AntiConsumer,AntiBusiness AntiAmericanBill)

How can you Live Without Knowing These?

How Does Your State Rank on Taxes?

How fast things change (AWESOME ARTICLE)

How Freepers Make a Living

How immigration helps keep the U.S. competitive and financially strong

How taxes affect population growth

How the West Was Won and How It Will Be Lost

How to Achieve the Miracle of Poverty

How to make people more responsible

How Tyranny Came to America

How We Lost the High-Tech War of 2007 (re-post from 1996 - scenario is rapidly coming true)

Hunting Hatred

I need the 'censored' photos.

If It Quacks Like Japan

If you want to stop Liberalism - vote Democrat

Illiterate America

Imperium in Imperio

In Pursuit of Pancho Villa 1916-1917 (An Almost Forgotten Episode of Terrorism on American Soil)

In Towns That Slowed Growth, Backlash Stirs

Increase in Autism Baffles Scientists

IQ Inherited, Suggests Twin Study

Iraqi death toll doesn't add up (flawlessly debunks sanctions myths)

Is Great Literature Dead?

Is the United States Broken?

It's The Elite Who Are Corrupt

Jeffrey Amherst and Smallpox Blankets

Keeping Slaves Happy

Krauthammer: The Japan Card

LADIES - Learn The RULES!!!!!!

Lawmakers break yearlong deadlock over bill making it harder to dissolve debts through bankruptcy

LETS FEAST! - An Index to Online Great Books in English Translation

Lib Convert Caller to Rush Limbaugh Show Sheds Light (Bush vs Clinton)

Libertarian Litany [Why I'm Doing It]

Light Replacing Darkness: A Story of Spanish Colonization in the Americas

Linking African aid to Responsible Government

Lofty pleadings for giving back

Lost in the Ghetto (very interesting and very sad)

Lost Or Unrecognized Multi-National Economic Principles And Slavery

Machiavelli - Quotes Justify the Man

Man stops car, tangles with demonstrators

Manufacturing jobs are leaving Mexico

Mark Steyn: The war Bush is losing

Mark Steyn: Unless we change our ways ...

McStain repeats and intensifies "Circus Clown" dig at Limbaugh.

Modern Manhood

Modern Politics: The Conspiracy of Enlightenment

Musashi on Strategy

Nation's last major shirt plant closes, production moves overseas

Need some help with AOL

new non-lethal weapons systems may be used against us citizens

New Writers Get Their Chance

No kidding: U.S. taxes are a bargain

Objectivism Revisited: Ortega on Philosophy and Science

Outsourcing guides see green offshore

Owl Data Knowingly Falsified

P21: The Problem of Liberal Government and Black Bastards

Pay Raise For The Parasites

Personal attacks, petty (and not so petty) bickering, flame wars, feuding, etc.

PICS From Ground Zero....

Plague In The Heartland

Playing with fire - Spin on science puts national treasure at risk

Politics and the English Language

Port move too late for Asian exporters

Port move too late for Asian exporters

Practical Jokes and Pranks

Precise postioning [of Ground Zero remains]

President's Science Council Says Future Health Of Technology Sector Is In Jeopardy;

Prole Models [America's elites take their cues from the Underclass]

R U new? Some Tips....

Racial Sensitivity Can Be Deadly

Rangenet 2001: Earth First! Militants and Environmentalists Meet in Phoenix

Republicans miss effective approach to Hispanic voters

Researchers: What are your favorite research sites?

Restroom Signs (18 and over language)

Rural America Faces Inevitable Death

Russia, Islam, and Spengler's Vision

Russia, Islam, and Spengler's Vision

Screw the Welfare State? The Welfare State Requires Totalitarian Controls

Slavery, and what happened when the "Yankees" came

Smart Growth Policies 'Hurt Poor and Minorities,' Report Alleges

Smug in a no-think existence

Sobran: "The Prophetic C.S. Lewis"

SOBRAN: Bellocís Prophecy

Some Techniques for Personal Growth and Confidence Building

Something Frivolous (American Innocence is Alive and Well)

Source List and Detailed Death Tolls for the Twentieth Century Hemoclysm


Start by making illegals into legal Americans

Stereotypes Aren't So Bad: Academia Weighs In

Stratfor War and Geo-Political Analyais (Don't miss this one!)

Study discovers Swedes are less well-off than the poorest Americans

Taco Bell

Taking Back Control of Schools (*article by N.C. Freeper*)

Talent Pool Worries Silicon Valley Businesses

Teacher Fired For Disiplining Students

Teachers earn more than editors & reporters

Ten Principles - (OF WAR, my addition)

Tesla and UFOs

The "In" Crowd and Social Cruelty / Stossel

The 1930s, Again: A hard rain is going to fall.

The Academy Encounters the Real World


The Barbarians at the Gates of Paris (The Underclass in France)


The Best Notable Quotes of 2000

The Big Lie of Socialized Medicine


The Bush Doctrine (Look now and see what you think)

The Celtic-Southern Thesis and the Old West:Forrest Carterís 'The Outlaw Josey Wales'

The Clash of Civilizations (my title)

The College Squeeze

The Coming American Dictatorship

The coming American dictatorship

The Coming Transformation of the U.S. Military

The crash of the Venezuelan welfare and mighty state

The Denial of the Victims

The Farewell Dossier

The Free Ride is Over

The genocide beyond the Hindu Kush

The genocide beyond the Hindu Kush

The Grade Distortion Epidemic


The Interview: Lawrence Kudlow

The Irony of Being Human

The New Civil War

The New Stupidity

The New, Improved SAT

The night I would have killed (Do not read while eating)

The Public School Nightmare

The Rhodesian Example



The Road To SERFDOM [Free Republic]

The SAT Revolution

The Secret Freedom Fighter (mature content) Patricia Neal repeat

The Social Contract and Other Myths

The Social Contract: The Ultimate Issue Between Liberalism and Conservatism

The Soviet Union Won World War II

The State and the Beehive

The Tragedy of Democracy

The True Believer - A Timely Book

The Tyranny of Our Neighbors

The World at Night

They Were Socialists, and They Were Monsters!

Think Tank: As Definitions Change, the Moral Turns Trivial

Thirty-five Hours (Economic Self Destruction in France)


Time for a Coordinated Response to Media Bias- Free Republic Can Lead the Charge

Time for outrage! Linda Bowles reports latest results in America's public schools

Too bad, Mrs. Toogood, we're taking your kids

Top Ten Pieces of Music Written Before 1900

Transformation of American Opinion

Truth Revealed - The Facts About Outcome Based Education


U.S. Chest-Beating is a Growing Turnoff Among Germans

U.S. firms moving more assets offshore

Understanding America (By an Australian "Intellectual")

Unforgettable Threads

Unskilled and Unaware of it

US is primed to overtake Europe and Japan as the technological leader in cell phone technology

Users Swarm to StarOffice 6 Beta [Free Microsoft Alternative from powerhouse company Sun]

Vanity - Amazing Website for Literary Freepers!

Vilifying Manhood; Sound and Fury

Vulgarity: the style of our days

Walmart Trumps Moore's Law

War stress wears out prostitutes

Weirton Steel Cutting 500 Jobs

What Do We Owe the State

What Gangs of New York Misses

What it was like to jump from the World Trade Center on 09-11-01

What Makes a Republican a REPUBLICAN?

When the Dungeon Doors Swing Open...

Where We Are Now: 12 Things You Need to Know about Public Opinion and Public Schools

Who is Antonio Gramsci? You Better Learn!!!

Who Is Smarter?


Why America lost the "Civil War"

Why Arabs Lose Wars

Why Bush Is Innocent and the Democrats Are Guilty (David Horowitz Column)

Why Do Intellectuals Oppose Capitalism?

Why Johnny can't do the math

Why the U.S. Will Always Be Rich


Why they hate me: An Arab student speaks out [ASU]

Wiping out civilization

Woken giant is a world-beater (Chinaís economy should overtake US in size by the 2020s)

Women are just catching up with violent, drunken men

Worsening Job Prospects for White Males

Yes, Mommy: A Well-Regulated State

Yes, we should cry for Argentina

You have no right (rebuttal to editorial that laid claim to home school kids)

You Will Volunteer!