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"Sybil" was Hoax That Became Accepted Science (Sound Familiar?)

"The List": Obama's One Hundred and Thirty Ninth Week in Office

'Wind Is Less Costly Than Coal' Claim Blown Away by Federal Stats

(Vanity) Whither the Economy?

1 tiny electron could be key to furture drugs that repair sunburn

2011 Q2 GDP - The Numbers Don't Add Up (We have never really left recession)

A 60-Second Guide To What Michele Bachmann Really Believes (On the Key Issues)

A Short History of US Credit Defaults

Aimless Obama walks alone

All traces of Perry/Aga Khan curriculum removed from web

An Historically Weak Recovery: Outright Economic Contraction Imminent

Art Laffer: Obama Must Use Reaganomics to Save Economy ('It's not magic sauce, it's common sense')

Beinisch Rules: If It's Not State Land - Demolish It

Beinisch Rules: If It's Not State Land - Demolish It

BEYOND INSIDER TRADING: Here's How Members Of Congress Get Rich Off Earmarks

Bill Clinton, Home Wrecker

Billy the Kid tintype photograph sells for $2.3 million at Denver auction

Bush's 2001 Warning of Financial Crisis

Bush's big-bucks donors pick Romney over Perry

Cain Accuser who Settled Keeps Quiet (LOOKS LIKE I WAS RIGHT!!!)

Cain says Forbes concluded Perry camp was source of harassment leak

California, the Example of What the Nation Could Become

Can China escape as world's debt crisis reaches Act III?

Causes of Unrest: The Spiritual Roots of Rebellion

China Banks Nearly Bankrupt: "Every Province in China is Greece"

China: American Financial Colony or Mercantilist Predator?

Compound kills highly contagious flu strain by activating antiviral protein (and more)

Could the Euro Trigger A 2008-Like Crash? Si, Oui, Yes.

Criminal complaint charges Obama birth record 'forged'

Deflationary Depression In America: The Double Dip Economic Recession

Dr. Corsi Lays Out The Juicy Details Surrounding Obama's Felony Fraud; Reveals First Name of Forger

ECRI Recession Watch: Growth Index Drops Further

Emails: Obama White House Monitored Huge Loan to 'Connected' Firm (Solyndra)

Europe’s Debt Crisis Spirals Out Of Control Towards Economic Collapse

Everything’s Made in China? Not Quite.

Exclusive: Tim Adams’ Master Thesis, “There is No Birth Certificate for Obama”

Fannie, Freddie CEOs Took Millions, Far More Than Gingrich

FDR's policies prolonged Depression by 7 years, UCLA economists calculate (warning from 2004)

Financial Armageddon

Firefox - Flash player Conflict

Firefox 5 Benchmarked – Faster And Better Than Ever Before!

Five Banks Account For 96% Of The $250 Trillion In Outstanding US Derivative Exposure

Former “alarmist” scientist says Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) based in false science

FTC approves job screening agency to archive all of Facebook...

Gary Shilling: Commodities "Show Every Sign" Of Being A Bursting Bubble

Global systemic crisis – First half of 2012: Decimation of the Western banks

Goldman Sachs: House Spending Cuts Will Hurt Economic Growth(Keynesian gloom and doom)

Greenspan: They Missed Meltdown, Could Miss Again

Herman Cain vs Dave Letterman 11/19/2011

Herman Cain, Rick Santorum Tear Up at Iowa Presidential Forum

Herman Cain’s rewriting of birth-control history

House Republicans attempt to revive Real ID

How Environmentalists Cause War and Repression

How the Government Can Create Jobs(Testimony by Peter D. Schiff to congress)

How the Oklahoma City Bombing led to 9/11: NEW Jayna Davis video!

How to Detect Invisible Users on Yahoo and other Messenger

How Unique Is Your Web Browser? (You're being tracked based on how unique your browser settings are)

How websites use your browser to sell you for cash

How your community is implementing AGENDA 21


Iran Mulling Creation of 100-million-Strong Muslim Basij Army

Is Obama sinking American business? (Let us count the ways...)

Jerome Corsi: Sources Say Hawaii Forged Obama's Certificate of Live Birth Placed It In DOH Book

Joel Osteen & The Gospel of Prosperity

Kincaid: Is the FBI Investigating Obama?

La Nińa Forecast May Spell Cold, Snowy Winter

Labor Force Participation Rate Drops To 63.9%, Lowest Since January 1984

Liberalism Is Dead

Literature and the Search for Liberty

Looting Main Street. How America's Biggest Banks Looted America's Cities With Deals like Greece's

MARKETS DEMOLISHED (-417): Here's What You Need To Know

Must-See Video DHS Hearings: Big Sis Gives Secret Clearance to Muslim Brotherhood

Nancy Morgan: “Was the Economic Crisis Manufactured?”

Nasty Firefox malware warning

New Paradigm for Israel

News Release: Legal Proof That pResident Obama’s Certificate Of Live Birth Is A Forgery (Lengthy)

Newt Gingrich Will Fight The Media That Has Him In Its Sights

Newt Gingrich Will Fight The Media That Has Him In Its Sights

Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist Resigns Over Global Warming

Nouriel Roubini "We're Going Into A Recession"

Obama kills investigation getting too close for comfort

Obama may be in deep trouble… Chief Justice John Roberts, U.S. Supreme Court

Obama Sets Up America for Helter Skelter 2012 Summer

Old video found. Obama admits to Egyptians(?) that he was born in Kenya!

Out Of Nowhere, Markets Around The World Dive Simultaneously

Oxford Researchers Seek Public's Help to Decode 'Lost Gospel' Text(Mark of the Beast)

Panetta Report 3: Leon Panetta and the Santa Cruz Socialists

Partners: Will Clarence and Virginia Thomas succeed in killing Obama’s health-care plan?

Pasadena-based KiOR plans to have renewable crude oil at the pumps next year (Condi Rice on board)

People take an old picture and photograph it in the same spot NOW, with captions.

Perry as a (Very Conservative) Democrat

Perry’s Legion: The Folks Behind the Man

Photobomb! Obama's friendly wave hijacks group picture at U.N. photocall

Predicting the Soviet Collapse: Herb Meyer deduced from solid research what Ronald Reagan...

President Bill Clinton appears on David Letterman show [two slime ball wife cheats yuk it up]

Producing Propaganda: ‘Mainstream’ Media Tactics

Progressivism: Distortion of the gospel and the roots of social justice

Public School Teachers Aren't Underpaid

Real Unemployment Rises to 16.2% in June -- 25.3 Million People

Real Unemployment; What the Experts Won't Tell You Mish Will

Rick Perry's dangerous Muslim compromise

RNC Chairman Shared Scripture with Cain Before The Debate (Pic)

Robots of a feather.

Roger's Reality Show (Roger Ailes Repositions Fox News)

Romney Supporters Banned From Free Republic

Scholar: China Notices Link Between Christianity, U.S. Economic Success

Scientists Expose Inside Job Behind Endangered Species Scam

Scythian and the Magog Identity

Seventeen (17) things that critics are saying about Rick Perry

SPIEGEL Interview with George Soros: 'You Need This Dirty Word, Euro Bonds'

Stupid Presidents: How America Blew-Up The Middle East

The Aramaic Language is Being Resurrected in Israel

The Bear is Back

The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Buying An HDTV

The Bridge from Fascism to Environmentalism was Built by the European Aristocracy

The Coming Deflationary Contraction

The Corruption of Science in America

The despicable data dump (did Karl Rove orchestrate hit on Cain?)

The Establishment, Not the Base, is Pressuring Republicans and Lying With Threats of Dire Default

The Greater Depression Is Upon Us

The List, President Obama's One Hundred and Thirty Second Week in Office

The Monetary Tsunami Is Coming

The Not-So-Fractional Banking System

The Size of the 5.6% Millionaire's Tax (A look at a "typical" millionaire to be affected)

The TRUTH About Who Really Owns All Of America's Debt

The Twenty-Five Most Valuable Blogs In America – 2011

The Unemployment Rate Didn't Fall in July, It's Actually at a Record High

Three top pack in GOP race (Position Poll / Cain 24.4%, Romney 19.5%, Gingrich 19.0%)

Timeline shows Bush McCain Warning Dems of financial and housing crisis; meltdown - YouTube

Today is National Remembrance Day for Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens

TSA Now Storming Public Places 8,000 Times a Year

U.S. Government Invokes National Security to Conceal Deal Cut with Mexican Drug Cartel

Unreported Soros Event Aims to Remake Entire Global Economy

Update on Taitz's Congressional Meetings with 12 High Ranking Senators and Congressmen

US Futures Keep Heading Lower, And Japan Is Falling Sharply

Verified CIA Front, Business International Corp, Paid for Obama’s Columbia College Tuition

Very slow growth 2012 then long bear to 2020

Weiner's inlaws tied to Muslim Brotherhood?

WH Pressured OMB on Solyndra Decision

What Killed American Lit.

What the Japanization of the World Economy means for Stocks, Bonds, and Commodities

What's Going On With The U.S. Economy?

When Karl Marx Worked For Horace Greeley (JFK mentoned this in 1961)

White House Releases Staffers Salaries

Why Americans Hate Economics (fancy theories of macroeconomics defy basic common sense)

Why companies are flocking to HTML5

Why Islam is in as much trouble as the West

Why Obama Can't Support A Real Jobs Program

Why Obama has to get Egypt right (Soros has USA, now about to get Egypt)