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If Secession Was Illegal - then How Come...?

Mac, Windows QuickTime Flaw Opens 'Month Of Apple Bugs'

"Over half the Bishops (in the Synod) have already switched religion"

"Vitamin C, Titrating To Bowel Tolerance, etc." by Robert F. Cathcart, M.D.

"Waco: The Rules of Engagement" Review

"Who is John Galt?" Now Available

'Blogs' shake the political discourse

'Braveheart' Sword Leaves Scotland for 1st time in 700 years (William Wallace’s sword coming to NYC)


*Gods, Graves, Glyphs

10 Discoveries Unexplained By Science (video)

10 mile spacecraft and 60 mile highway discovered in 1968 moon photo?

10 Morale Boosters for Any Worst Case Scenario

10 Search Engines to Explore the Invisible Web

15 sites track visitors

179commentsAuthor calls for South to secede and form country called 'Reagan'

1911s Suck

20 Linux Alternatives for Common Windows Applications

22 Articles:Commentaries:Hawking's Aliens.The Search for Intelligent ET Life

3D Systems thinks Moore's Law Applies to 3-D Printing, But is That Right?

3D-Printed Weapons & the Consequences

3rd Person Involved in Beltway Sniper Case? Montgomery AL Police Chief Wants to Know.

40, 60-Watt Incandescents Out by 2014

5 Delicious Ways To Drink Beet Juice With Your Booze

7 of John Adams' Greatest Insults [Funny, but True]

7 Spelling and Grammar Errors that Make You Look Dumb

8 Things You Didn't Know About ‘The Passion of the Christ’

8 Things You Didn't Know About ‘The Passion of the Christ’

911 Callers Claim a UFO Siting

A Battle for Western Civilization

A Carolina Dog (The Dixie Dingo)

A Citizen's Suggestions (to a Reluctant Government) to Stem The Crisis of Illegal Immigration

A conspiracy so vast: it's not just the NSA, now the FBI, local police also spying on US citizens

A Doctor's Thoughts on Antibiotics, Expiration Dates

A Few of FR's Finest....Every Day....09-14-05....Castillo de San Marcos - St. Augustine

A High Mobility 72 Hour Kit - Revised and Updated

A Historic Indictment (of Pope Francis' Pontificate)

A Los Alamos Story Worthy of Stephen King (The Plutonium 239 Demon Core)

A Psychologist Talks About Normalcy Bias and Situational Awareness (Why Don't People Prep?)


A WOMAN AND A DRAGON (Catholic Caucus)

Abortions in Israel

ADHD does not exist [article says symptoms are real, but are caused by other things]

African Rock Python Devours 10 Year Old Boy

After Oklahoma Beheading and ISIS Threats, Arkansas Firing Range Becomes First To Exclude Muslims

AK and StG – Kissing Cousins

All the resources you need to stop the Senate from taking our guns

Amazon Wants to Ship Your Package Before You Buy It

American Resistance Party Press Releases Oct 30, 31, Nov 1

An army in Heaven (hospice nurse on deathbed accounts)

Analyzing The 2nd Amendment

Angels: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly! Part III

Another miracle from Israel? Prostate cancer cure in 20 minutes

Anthrax Probe Returns to Forest Close to Scientist's Former Home

Anthrax: Hatfill Manuscript Prompted FBI Forest Searches

Anybody have a CZ 52 Pistol?

Anybody tried these filters?

Anyone Want to Start Their Own Country? (Freeper Island Is Real)

Appointment with The Apocalypse- the Waco Files

Are These the “Outer Bands” of a Coming Judgment?

Assault rifle inventor Mikhail Kalashnikov dies at 94

Assembling a Gun in Occupied Poland

Asteroid With Chance of Hitting Earth in 2029 Now Being Watched 'Very Carefully' (1 in 43 odds)

Astonishing Exclusive From Mississippi BREAKING NEWS

ATF Releases U.S. Firearms Trace Data for 2012

bang list

Banking Trojan Caphaw is being distributed through Youtube ads!

Banking Trojan Caphaw is being distributed through Youtube ads!

Banks implement Check 21 starting Thursday

BATF Pistol Brace Letter and Irrational Law

BATFE to Submit new Regs on Stolen and Missing Guns

Best treatment of SARS available- Photo-oxidation

Biggest Scientific Study Suggests Life after Death

Bill Allowing People to "meet Force With Force" Heads to Governor


Black Confederates

BLACK-GOLD BLUESDiscovery backs theory oil not 'fossil fuel'

Blogger admits Hawaii birth certificate forgery, subverting Obama claims (Uh-oh)

Bomb Blast at University of Oklahoma (Breaking on Fox) - suicide bomber at OU

Bombshell: British Intelligence Advisor; Obama Born In Kenya In 1960; CIA DNA Test

BREAKING: Why Are 8 Democrats Sponsoring A Bill to Eliminate the Death Penalty for Treason?

Brown Recluse Spider Bites - Now is the time to spray your house! (graphic pictures)

Bush seeks protection for gun dealers (Bush Doesn't Want AWB included in legislation)

Bush to Charge NASA with Implementing Broad Space Vision to Dominate Cislunar Space


Can You Help America?

Canadian pharmacy help

Canadian sniper cleared of desecrating al-Qaeda body

Caravan To Midnight - Episode 425 European Union Losing it’s Unity? (Matt Bracken on first)

Casus Belli

Catholic Caucus: Usain Bolt, His Catholic Faith, and His Miraculous Medal

CDC whistleblower makes statement regarding cover up of relationship of MMR and autism

China, India both know about underground UFO base in Himalayan border area deep in tectonic plates

Chinese missiles target US cities, thanks to the Clintons and media treason

Choosing my 1st Parrot. Which kind are content being pets and not screamers?

Church Leaders' Anti-War Message Fails in the Pews

Cinnamon spice produces healthier blood

Clark Post During Waco Gets New Attention

COINTELPRO Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of a internet forum. (Trolling 101)

Collusion: See who’s tracking you – in real-time

Colorado gun buys surge in wake of tragedy

Common illicitly homemade submachine guns in Brazil

Communist Plans Read on Glenn Beck Show on 3/16/2007. Anyone have them?

Company uses 3-D printing to make steel handgun

Complete list of 114 RINOs Who Voted to End Government Shutdown

Confederate Flag Needs To Be Raised, Not Lowered (contains many fascinating facts -golux)

Confederate Memorial Day (Virginia)

Conservative filmmaker behind ‘2016: Obama’s America'(truncated title, video)

Constitutional Rights to Video and Audio Record in Public

Constructive secession: a frightening possibility unless King Barack I is stopped

Convert Your Old Film SLR Into a Digital Camera with the DigiPod

Craigslist: Essay by a Teacher in a Black School

Critic of Polygraph Tests Accused of Teaching People to Lie to Government

Critical organ donation warnings and guidance in new pamphlet: “Do not do an Apnea test!”

CryptoLocker: A particularly pernicious virus

Cube, Intuit, or PayPal Here credit card swipers for a small business?

Deadly mushroom chemistry

Dealing With Medical Emergencies (preppers)

Dementia Reversal with Coconut oil - in an 85yr old at 35 days

Democrats Unveil the Weapon of the Future

Diarrhea, Emergency Preparedness, survival, life and death

Dick Morris: Bill Clinton Personally Orchestrated the 1993 Waco, Texas Tragedy

Did boy Jesus look like this? Forensic experts use computer images from Shroud

Did Communists Infiltrate the Catholic Church?

Did LBJ kill JFK?

Did LBJ kill JFK?

Digging Deep [ongoing FR research]

Dirty Jobs’ episode on Congress: Mike Rowe dishes and they’re not going to like it (Video at Link)

Dispatches: The State of the Catholic Church

Ditch Firefox and go to any other browser.

DIYer removes screen from TV to create death ray laser

E-Bomb: The Electronic Weapon That Can Make a Plane “Disappear”

Ebola Surveillance Thread

Elio Motors and the Three Wheeled Car - A Moonshot Project ($6800, 84 mpg)

Enemies Within (Religion of peace alert)

Envelope sent to senator said to test positive for ricin

Enzyme Triggers Plaque Rupture In Hardened Arteries, Causing Heart Attack And Stroke

Exclusive: Wells Fargo to shut its 'dark pool' as demand falls

Explaining the Shooting of Governor John Connally

Faces of the American Revolution [Photos of Soldiers of Amer Revolution]

Fastest M-4gery in the East (Friday Night Gun Thread)

FBI adds to wiretap wish list

FBI agents under investigation for possible misconduct in LaVoy Finicum shooting

FBI Vault (vanity)

File-Swap Software Poses Threat to Hollywood (BitTorrent)

Firefox getting smarter about third-party cookies [blocks them]

Firefox getting smarter about third-party cookies [blocks them]

Florida House speaker to hold hearings on stand-your-ground law

For you Virginians out there. My old home. (VANITY(

Forever foods: 9 cooking staples that can outlast you (Prepper Ping!)

Four People Killed, 5 Wounded In China Mass Shooting: CCTV

FR Exclsv: Italy's Oldest & 4th Largest Bank CUTS DEPOSITORS OFF - not a single News story.

FR Exclsv: Italy's Oldest & 4th Largest Bank CUTS DEPOSITORS OFF - not a single News story.

Framers' intent still hotly debated

FReeper Canteen ~ Sunday Chapel ~ THE CRACKED POT ~ 09 February 2014

From Child Protection to State-sponsored Child Kidnapping: How Did we Get Here?

Get yourself a 30-footer and go!

Glenn Beck Threatens to Leave NRA if Grover Norquist Re-Elected

Google Chrome Listening In To Your Room Shows The Importance Of Privacy Defense In Depth

Got a PRISM and Boundless Informant problem? Whisper and Tor can help

GOTTA SEE THIS-WarEndur.Freedom 03/21/03-Convoy, Oil fires, surrender at Umm Qasr,

Govt Orders Ministers: Counterfeit Marriage or Jail

Greenfield: Friday Afternoon Roundup - This is what Revolution Looks Like

Grief with PayPal

Guest view: Could Ebola patients be helped by Vitamin C?

Gun owners claim right to take their rifles to work

Gunsmithing with a 3D printer – Part 1 (makes functional AR-15 lower)

GUT WRENCHING: Eye Witness in Detailed Interview #OregonStandoff Protestor Finicum Executed by FBI

Have an HDTV? Use this neat trick to unlock better picture quality

Have the secrets of a lost civilisation finally been unearthed?

Hawaii plane crash fuels Obama 'birther' theories

Hearing Colors, Tasting Shapes

Help, my college is blocking Freep on the servers!

Hidden secrets of 1491 world map revealed via multispectral imaging

Hiding a gun: The rules of three

Hillary Clinton to America, "We are going to take things away from you"

Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb documentary[REAL TRUTH]

Homeless piano prodigy stunned by his remarkable makeover (Ex-Marine)

Honey Bees

How billionaire George Soros is trying to hijack the Catholic Church for his progressive agenda

How Clinton's team hid Flight 800 attack: Jack Cashill details federal efforts to mislead

How Common 'Cat Parasite' Gets Into Human Brain and Influences Human Behavior

How Common 'Cat Parasite' Gets Into Human Brain and Influences Human Behavior

How Common 'Cat Parasite' Gets Into Human Brain and Influences Human Behavior

How Covert Agents Infiltrate The Internet To Manipulate, Deceive, And Destroy Reputations

How Did Earth Avoid Runaway Global Warming In The Past?

How do you do a self search for only articles you have posted?

How Horrific Will It Be For The Non-Prepper?

How Pius XII helped Jews before the Nazi regime occupied Rome

How to beat the drug busts - by the best narcotics officer in America

How to build your home from scratch for $35,000

How to deal with diseases in long term survival situations

How to Install and Try Linux the Absolutely Easiest and Safest Way

How to Kill a Parasitic Worm Living Inside of You

How To Make Firefox Even Faster

How to Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse

How to put a background on your "about" page

How to Sell Gold

How To Speed Up Firefox (Helpful Vanity)

How to turn off automatic updates--- Firefox. Keep v 28

How To Use Trees To Prospect For Gold

How Your Cat is Making You Crazy (Toxoplasmosis)

HTML Sandbox 2010

Huge Asteroid to Fly Past Earth July 3

Huge raid to shut down 400-plus dark net sites

Imprint shows Mars craft landed in 'weird stuff'

In 2000, Cardinal Ratzinger admitted Russia has not been consecrated

In a Multiverse, What Are the Odds?

In WWI, Alvin York Captured 132 German Soldiers Pretty Much Single Handed

Interstellar: the movie

IRAQI DEMOCRACY A FARCE! Vote Not The Purple Success We're Lead To Believe


Is Federal 'Leviathan' Pushing This 'Mark of the Beast' on Christians?

Is it true what they say about Dixie?

Is The ATF Using Tactics Akin To Fast And Furious At Home To Undermine Gun Rights?

Is The End Of The World As WeKnow It Right Around The Corner? (Lunacy or The Coverup Of History?)

Is there a scientifically detectable difference between high-price liquor and regular stuff?

Is this an alien structure or a secret human moon base?

Is this even legal ? (OBAMA to bus people in to protest NRA in Albany. This is a big deal)

Is This Just a Nightmare, or Did It Really Happen?

Islam, a Religion of Peace®? Some links...

Israel Aims to Recreate Wine That Jesus and King David Drank

Italian Geo-Strategist Fuels Debate Over Pope Benedict’s Resignation

Jefferson Davis: beyond a statue-tory matter

Jesus Was was no “Girlie-man.” On Restoring a Truer Vision of the Biblical Jesus...

Jesus' word to homosexuals

Joe McCarthy was right!

John Adams Repents in Heaven

Judaculla Rock [ Sylva, North Carolina ]

Judge Jeanine Makes Shocking Allegations Of Obama’s Plan To Destroy America


K31 Swiss Rifle (Video 12:52)

Killer High: The Drug That Turns ISIS Terrorists Into Superhuman Soldiers

LAPD Spree Killer's Supposed Full Manifesto Shows Support For Gun Control And President Obama

Lawsuit against anti gun groups

Leave the Church of Nice

Lee Marvin, Navy Cross Recipient?

Legislator to tea party: Get your guns ready for economic collapse

LIVE THREAD: Spaceship One Launch

Living like a sultan at sea (Greene met man living full-time on cruise-ships at rock bottom rates)

Lowbridge scams the Nigerian 419 Email Scammers

Malicious Malware Uses Photos of Sunsets and Cats to Steal Banking Credentials

Man (Freeper kanawa) stabs bear to death

Mars Exploration Rover Mission

Martial Law, Detention Camps and Kangaroo Courts

Meeting Windows User Expectations With Linux

Microsoft Security Essentials misses 39% of malware in Dennis test

Milgram's 1963 obedience experiment is still a disquieting study today

Military in Iraq Used 70M Rounds of Ammo Annually: DHS Ordered 750M Rounds in One Month

Military's Next Maneuver: Going Green (re: alternate ammunition)

Missing parts? Salamander regeneration secret revealed

Most Vitamins Are From China. It’s a Bigger Problem Than You Realize

moving all the data from one laptop to

Mozilla sleeps with the enemy as DRM arrives with Firefox 38

Muslims Capture Christians, Take Them To Slaughterhouses, Dissect Them While They Are Still Alive

MUST READ: Young person’s account of harassment and violence at WYD

my shtf expirience-wartime

Mystery Creature Lurks in Baltimore County

Mystery of Prince Rupert's Drop at 130,000 fps [video only]

Natural Health Vanity- Has anybody tried hydrogen peroxide therapy?

Navy SEAL Lessons Learned From Aurora Colorado

Need Help Finding A Decent mp3 Hosting Site (Vanity)

Never Accept the Premise of Your Opponent’s Argument

New data reveals the devastating nature of Russia's meteor

New U.S. 2014 Tax Regime is "Devastating," Experts Say

New U.S. Army Rifle:

Nikon Introduces New Riflescope For .300 AAC Blackout

Noah's Ark, 2005

North American Law Center to Cruz: ‘Two Weeks to Admit You’re a Fraud – or We Will’

NSA reportedly intercepting laptops purchased online to install spy malware

Oath Keepers Pour into Nevada from Across America to Support Cliven Bundy

Obama Announces Executive Orders to Limit Gun Ownership – US Veterans Hardest Hit

Obamacare Shock: Strip Assets From Dead Seniors (Medicaid)

Observe and Serve: RESOLVE to SAVE the U.S.A.

October 13, 2014: The Day That Will Be Remembered for Starting the Catholic Schism?

OK, is ANYONE here really off the grid ?

Oklahoma Islamic Murder -- America's REQUIRED Book List for Defeating Islamic-CAIR Propaganda

Old Comet Strike On Earth

One Man Found a Mysterious Box in a Dumpster – What was in it was Absolutely Baffling

Open Access Maps at New York Public Library (20,000+ cartographic works free download)

Opt out of PRISM, the NSA’s global data surveillance program. Stop reporting your online activities

Ostension of the Holy Shroud on Televisions Worldwide

Our Lady of Fatima – Her Prophecies and Warnings Remain as Essential as Ever!

Parallel Universes

Patrick Kennedy Says Resistance to Gun Ban is 'Insanity'

PayPal Problems

Perspective: Die-hard Confederates should be reconstructed

Perspectives : ’Sudden Jihad Syndrome’ - A reason to carry firearms for self-defense

Photo op with Newt isn't free, campaign charging $50 (First Lady's price: $10,000)

Photos of WWII aircraft

Physical Silver Price is Really $50 per Ounce (80% Premium on COMEX Silver Non-Delivery)

Picture searches on crime victims and perpetrator.

Police Militarization, Abuses of Power, and the Road to Impeachment

Police Militarization: It's Gone Too Far

Pope says it is wrong to equate Islam with violence

Preparing for War Part V: Forget the plastic sheets (Chemical attack seriously overrated)

President Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens, former Pentagon consultant claims

President Signs REAL ID Act

Printed AR-15 Magazine data now free for all

Processed food NOT fat is the real cause of heart disease, claims heart surgeon

Purpose of FR and why we can never support Mitt Romney

Quantum physics proves that there IS an afterlife, claims scientist

Question: Where Can I UPLOAD pictures to the web?

Rainwater recovery for the garden and emergency use


Reference HTML Cheatsheet

Reference For Excerpting Articles - Please Read And Bookmark.

Release the Videotapes!

Reloading Ammo - Questions & Discussion (Vanity)

Remembering When We Were Strong: Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and the Moral Necessity of a Nuclear Strike

REMINDER: Three Lessons on Your Right to Keep and Bear Arms

REMNANTS: The best TEOTWAWKI movie trailer ever!

Report: Brit Special Forces sniper takes out ISIS sniper 1.5 miles away(.408)

RePost: Message from a Time Traveler

Resistance S4: The Logistics of Successful Re-Supply Cache Planning by John Mosby

Revised & Updated! -- THE LEXICON OF FREEREPUBLIC -- (FR dictionary, more help for newcomers!)

Rifle scope stops incoming fire, saves Marine’s life


RUSH: Wouldn't Obama Rather Talk About Where He was Born Than the Economy?

Scientist: Asteroid May Hit Earth in 2029

Scientists Claim That Quantum Theory Proves Consciousness Moves To Another Universe At Death

Scientists closely monitoring Yellowstone. 200 degree ground temperatures reported.

Scientists Discover First ‘Virological Penicillin’(Honeysuckle)

Security expert builds fully operational GUN from items that can all be purchased...

Selected Civil War Photographs Collection

Selected Civil War Photographs Collection

Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression

Sex with early mystery species of humans seen in DNA.(Proof of Fallen Angels)

Sharyl Attkisson: Docs indicate ATF was using Fast and Furious to justify new gun regs

Shodan: The scariest search engine on the Internet

Shot Show 2013 Archangel Mosin Nagant stock (10 round and 5 round detachable mags)

Should We Just Follow Orders? Rules of Engagement for Resisting the Police State

Show's over for the video recorder

Shuttle Pic--SIDE VIEW!

Skeletons Rattling In Frist's Closet?

Skunk Gel Repels Drug Users, Prostitutes

Slavery and Confederate Nationalism

Sniper tips to aid hunt for firearms

So when's the revolution?

So WHY EAT Hog Jowl, Black-Eye Peas, Collard Greens and Cornbread on New Year's Day

Something About The Way She Died Part 2

Space Shuttle Columbia Will Be Visible In San Francisco Area (6AM Pacific)

Spider bite causes four hour erection

Spray-On Solar-Power Cells Are True Breakthrough

Staples to sell 'affordable' $1,299 3D printer starting in June

State troopers performing shocking illegal cavity searches on women 'all over Texas'

Steps to take when debt collectors dial you by mistake


Suggestions to possibly make your FR pages load faster [thread II]

Survival Kits For Our Upcoming "Future"

Swiss Gun Laws- and some rebuttal to HCI "spin"--

Ted Cruz Goes Nuclear on Mitch McConnell (Video- 20 min)

Telemarketer reveals tricks of trade

Terminal Ballistics as Viewed in a Morgue (an oldie but goodie)

Terri Schiavo has passed away

Terri Schiavo: Myths and Facts - Dr. Dianne Irving, PhD

Texas Chili Cook Off (Humor - Warning: Rough Language)

The 1994 Assault Weapons Ban

The abortion—I can give money specifically for a black baby [Planned Parenthood donation]

The Agenda of Islam - A War Between Civilizations (cease-fire tactic)

The amazing woman who can smell Parkinson’s disease — before symptoms appear

The American Revolution 2.0 – A Thought Experiment (Must Read)

The Anatomy of Original Sin: The Sin of Adam was Far More than Eating a Piece of Fruit.

The Antibiotic Vitamin

The Attempted Lynching of George Zimmerman

The Berg Beheading- some links

The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression

The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression

The Culture of Violence in the American West: Myth versus Reality

The Deadly Virus MERS Has Arrived In The US — Here's What You Need To Know

The FBI and Southern Poverty Law Center knew in advance about the Oklahoma City bombing

The FINAL Answer: 9mm v. 45! A Doctor Explains Wound Ballistics

The Genographic Project (Have Your DNA Checked, Find Your Roots)

The Great Ammunition Myth - The government is not planning a violent putdown of civil unrest.

The Hoplophile's Favorite Gun Page?

The Land of the Lost Story [1999] returns! AnnaZ/William Cooper/aliens "conspiracy" ROAD TRIP video

The laws of Ivory: The Truth of Buying and Owning It

The Legenday White-Skinned Cloud People Of Peru

The many ways that you’re being tracked, catalogued and controlled

The Modern Defensive Rifle

The Most Divisive Campaign in American History

The Most Radical of Traditionalists

The Original Secessionists

The police are still out of control - I should know. - (Frank Serpico)

The police are still out of control - I should know. - (Frank Serpico)

The Real History of the Crusades (2002)

The Revolutionary Communist Party lays out their strategy for communist takeover of the US

The Revolutionary Gun Clubs Patrolling the Black Neighborhoods of Dallas

The Second Amendment - Commentaries

The Shroud of Turin

The Smoking Gun: "Document 17" Links Saudi Embassy In Washington To Sept 11

The True South Through My Eyes - HK Edgerton (Black Confederate Reenactor)

The Unintended Consequences of Gun Control

The Wal-Mart Rule

The Woman Who Ate Chernobyl's Apples

They asked Jeff Foxworthy what he thinks about Muslims...

Think on these things before you go to that porn site: An Appeal to Count the Personal Cost of Porn

Thinking the unthinkable: A case for orchestration

This bullet makes 3D printed guns genuinely dangerous weapons (but don't panic just yet)

This Incredible New Footage Shows How Close Bundy Standoff Came To A Massacre

This Incredible New Footage Shows How Close Bundy Standoff Came To A Massacre

This is the true face of the Sexual Revolution. I apologize in advance.

This Is What People Ate When They Had No Money During The Depression

Thw Weirdest Possible Outcomes for the Strangest Elction in U.S. History

Time to Buy a Dishwasher and Boy Have They Changed! EPA ruins dishwasher tech

Today In Creepy Privacy Policies, Samsung’s Eavesdropping TV

Toshiba Satellite Windows 7 freezing

Trying to get a glimpse of what’s over on the other side (Signs of Life after Death?)

Tsunami Aftermath Photos (WARNING:GRAPHIC!)

TWA Flight 800: Attacked, destroyed, covered-up

TWA FLIGHT 800: Pilot takes NTSB to court: CIA lied, expert eyewitnesses come forward

UFO still puzzles 30 years later

UFO Strikes Train

Updated FR Excerpt and Link Only or Deny Posting List due to Copyright Complaints

Updated: Federal Building Shooter Dead

VA-ALERT: BATFE sinks to a new low in Richmond

VANITTY: Do any FReepers know anything about Oil/Gas Rights leasing?

Vanity: Identity Theft Protection Services

Virginia’s Black Confederates

Waco Timeclock (Fourth Draft)

War Crimes Against Southern Civilians

Wargaming Termination of Tea Party Extremists

Warning over electrical brain stimulation

WARNING: Extremely shocking pictures: China executed young female criminals

Was Chris Kyle’s killer a converted Muslim?

Watching Movies On-Line? (vanity)

Ways to Buy Silver for Storing Value to Survive Tough Times

We are NOT a Democracy! (An OUTSTANDING Article!)

Wesley Clark....An unacceptable candidate to conservatives,liberals who know his shocking past

What Good Can a Handgun Do Against an Army.....?

What I Saw At The Coup

What If America Had Lost the Revolutionary War? A Fourth of July thought experiment

What one silly app reveals about Google's grand plan for Android

What's Behind the Ashcroft Shift

When did we get advertising?

When The Music Stops – How America’s Cities May Explode In Violence

Why did Youtube pull this video about Barack Obama?

Why Do Ink Cartridges Cost So Much?

Why the South lost the Civil War

WikiLeaks Publishes Over 30,000 Hillary Clinton Emails

Wildlife agency takes up lead ammo ban this week(MT)

Working towards a warp drive:In his garage lab,Omahan aims to bend fabric of space

World's fastest archer Lars Anderson debunks Hollywood archery myths

World’s First 3D Printed Metal Gun (printed 1911 .45acp)

WWI in color photos

Yale libertarian plans drastic 'Free State Project'

You might be an EXTREME redneck if...

You Too Can Bomb Google

Your nose knows when death is imminent

Zots Impacting around the World

“DIY Antibiotics”: What To Grow to Protect Your Health In a Crisis

“We are Preparing for Massive Civil War,” Says DHS Informant

“We Kill People Based on Metadata,” Admits Former CIA/NSA Boss