Hoosier Catholic Momma
Since Oct 5, 2006

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I am the poster formerly known as Okies love Dubya 2 (from May 2001 through October of 2006). I gave up my Okie status when we moved from the Sooner State back to my childhood home of Indiana. I was raised in Indianapolis and married a Navy man (FReeper Angry_White_Man_Syndrome) and we spent the first five years of our marriage moving from San Diego to Puerto Rico to Louisiana, then we settled in central Oklahoma from the fall of 2000 (when my dear husband ended his military service) until March of 2006, when we relocated to be closer to family.Unfortunately, it was to be short-lived, as my husband's job disappeared the summer of 2007 and we relocated back west to Arkansas in August of '07. I just don't want to change my screen name again!

Status update 2011: We are on the move again to Gallipolis, Ohio. Little did I know that being a manufacturing engineer's wife would make me such a nomad. I'm STILL not changing my screen name ;)

We are the proud parents of a 12 y.o. daughter, an 8 y.o. son, a 6 y.o. daughter, and another son aged 3. I was raised Catholic and my husband converted before our first child was born. I have been involved in pro-life work for going on the last eight years.

My hobbies (if you care to know) include reading--mainly history and religious works--cross-stitching, and volunteering at our children's Catholic school and in our parish. I never said I was an exciting person!

If you made it this far reading my profile, your suffering has ended!