Since Jan 29, 2001

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Husband, father (and as of Jan. 25/14 a grandfather!), writer, broadcaster. I publish and invite you to drop by and say hello.
My first novel "Ransom for the Stars: the Last Supra" is available in e-book form (anyone want the movie rights? :-) )
Also, syndicated columnist (cars and other tech stuff), web and graphic designer, desktop publisher (jerk of all trades!)
Canadian by birth, American in spirit.

- Lurker since Drudge linked during Whitewater, finally signed up in 01. Am a monthly donor when I can and look forward to being one again.

"May the wings of liberty never lose a feather!" - Kurt Russell, as "Jack Burton" in "Big Trouble in Little China."

If you get an email telling you that you can catch 'swine flu' from tins of ham then delete it - it's spam.
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