Since Aug 12, 2011

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Gabriella Hoffman is a senior at UC-San Diego who balances life as a student with life as a conservative activist. She’s majoring in Political Science and minoring in History. She serves as the Executive Assistant on The Rick Amato Show, and produces the “Top Young Con of the Week” segment each Monday.

Unlike many out there today, Gabriella attributes her parents – Lithuanian immigrants – to her conservative upbringing. Her parents have a remarkable insight into conservatism because they fled the evil empire as political refugees in 1985 and entered the U.S. legally in 1986. As a result, she is quite the firecracker in defending her conservative beliefs against all odds.

From early on, Gabriella was a conservative activist. She brought David Horowitz to campus May 2010, where he successfully highlighted the dangers involved in radical Islam with efforts like “Apartheid Week” and comments made by those proponents like Jumanah Albarhi. The event made national headlines, with mentions on Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. She is one of the foremost conservative activists at UC-San Diego, having interned for Young America’s Foundation at the Reagan Ranch Center in Summer 2010.

Gabriella has spoken at several events, including Tea Party events throughout Southern California and similar gatherings. Her latest appearances were at Eagle Forum’s 18th Annual Collegian Summit in Washington, D.C. and Eagle Forum of San Diego’s “Taking Flight” Convention as a youth panelist. In April 2011, Gabriella was awarded a one-time $5,000 scholarship from the Phillips Foundation after it recognized her as a Ronald Reagan College Scholar. She was also a Production Assistant for “Landrieu Dance,” a music video directed by conservative filmmaker Christian Hartsock starring James O’Keefe.

Gabriella maintains her own blog at She is a regular contributor and staff member of UC-San Diego’s conservative paper, The California Review. She also serves as the Director of College outreach for Eagle Forum of San Diego, and is the New Media Intern for Ann and Phelim Media, LLC. Follow her on twitter @Gabby_Hoffman and like her Facebook page.

Gabriella is also a columnist and blogger. You can find her columns at Washington Times Communities “Being Young, Conservative and Spicy” and at Landmark Report.