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It wasn't too long after the 2012 election that I left FReeperville. It was the Palinstas. Any criticism, or even lack of glowing praise, of Gov. Palin immediately garnered their attacks and accusations of being a "hater." I could take the rampant foolishness no longer.

Today it's Donald Trump. The ridiculous term "hater" is again being slung at anyone who dares to find any disagreement with The Donald. Even people who say they'll vote for him if he's the nominee are not safe from the stupidity of those who spew accusations of "hater."

I only started lurking again in late September 2015 and already I'm watching FR being torn apart again by the lack of reasonable behavior on the part of what are often relatively new posters. Where are the Moderators? I suspect in the same place they were during the election of 2008, cheering on those slinging accusations. It's a sad thing to watch.

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Former geek. Homeschooler. Christian. Living in the beauty of God's Country. Doesn't get much better than that.

I prefer liberty with danger to peace with slavery.

Barack Obama reminds me of my father. Watching Pres. Obama's arrogance and grandiosity has been a fascinating experience. I'm just sorry the rest of the country had to do it along with me.

December 2011:
"Half a dozen reporters contacted for this article described censorious e-mails or phone calls from Carney or his staff members that they characterized as heavy-handed. The reporters declined to speak for the record out of concern that doing so would further harm their relations with the White House."

Nah, the link's not broken, just taken down for now.

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I transcribed this from a letter I recently received. The formatting, including bizarre spacing, is that of the original letter. The quality is poor because I purposefully posted it as an image. This person is absolutely serious. What does one do after receiving such a letter? Laugh? Cry? Seek a restraining order? Make lemonade?

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But seriously, people get the friends they deserve. If someone is capable of being a good friend, they will draw similar people into their life. If they aren't, well... .