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**VANITY** Your Favorite Quotes (Sunday afternoon fun & edification)

100 Years of Saving the French

2002 Kondratieff Wave Cycles

2nd Amendment Petition Sent to Ashcroft

A Synopsis:Clinton Set the Stage for 911

Alliance of Domestic and Foreign Terrorists Who Helped Do OKC Bombing Could Strike Again

American soldier killed in firefight in Afghanistan

B-2s getting hangars on Diego Garcia


BOWLING FOR COLUMBINEDocumentary or Fiction?

Burton's panel finds links to foreigners in Oklahoma blast (MIDDLE EASTERNERS IN OKC BOMBING)

Cable Modem & DSL Tuning Tips, Tricks & Software For FR Users.

Camera saw figure in bomb truck ,Oklahoma City video is unclear, but it may show John Doe No. 2


Clinton 'sweetheart 'deal sped up Enron's collapse

Clinton gave nuclear power to N.Koreans

Congressmen pick up pace of OKC bombing probe --BurtonSends Subpoena to Secretary of the Navy

Curing the Vietnam Syndrome: Enough quagmire talk.

Daniel Pipes: A War Against What?

Democrat (Zell Miller) to Give Speech at NRA Meeting

Election troubles in missouri

Enron and the Clintonites

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Soviet Weapons (What They Export Anyway)

Facts and Parables: Vietnam Remembrance

Federal Agencies, Others Stockpile Pills to Fight Radiation

Fools' Gold (The Clinton-Carter Legacy)

For wounded Vietnam vets, the healing continues

Four Myths About Muslims

Franklin Graham: Few realize America being 'Islamized'

Freeper Alert: Sen. KERRY / Communist Vietnamese Killing Off Christains in Central Highlands...

Gaffney: Saddam Possibly Tied to Oklahoma City

GOP takes Mo. House, Senate by clear margin

Gulf War Syndrome- Where there's smoke, *is* there fire?

Gun Control's Nazi Connection - Gun Control Act of 1968 lifted almost entirely from Nazi legislation

Hail to the Army's Oldest Division - The 'Big Red One'

Hanoi Chomsky II: The Left stands by its man, who stands by Ho Chi Minh.

Her Own Bodyguard

Hunt for Bin Laden: Troops follow DNA trail in dead menís fingers

Ike's dark days: How an unlikely leader taught an unprepared army to fight

IMMIGRATION FROM THE MIDDLE EAST A Profile of the Foreign-born Population from Pakistan to Morocco

IRA + PLO =Terror.

Islam's Threat to the West

It's Ashcroft-Metzenbaum vs. NRA

Jack Abbot

Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership: Year End Progress Report

Keane: Army To Hike Troop, Special Ops Numbers

Khilafah: The Move Toward A One-World Islamic Government

Kurdish Claims to Turkey

Living in Exile -- Federal prisons are filling up with people whose only crime is gun possession

London's Evening Standard -- "Iraqis Linked to Oklahoma Atrocity"

Mainstream? By the Numbers: CBC, CHC + Progressive Caucus [it's not about "race"]

Mary Jo White's Tenure in the Southern District of New York ~ Capital Research Center


Missions keep helicopters flying in face of danger

Modern Warfare Is Testing An Old U.S. Weapon: The Infantryman

Muhammad, a 'demon-possessed pedophile'?

National Taxpayers Union Endorses FairTax - Testimony before Ways and Means

No Due Process For Enemy Combatants


Officials Say Records Show Gun Was Illegally Owned

Oil from Coal....Boon, Bane, or Boondoggle?

Once diverse, Kashmir is now valley of Muslims

Pelosi leader of 'Progressive Caucus'(Lefty alert)

Pelosi's Socialist Ties

PLEASE, House Dems, elect Rep. Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco as your new minority leader

Republican Raise record amount of $$ for off -election year $82 million

Rick Rescorla

Sen. Robert Byrd(D),ex-Klansman

Sen. Specter Wants Probe of Possible Link Between Iraq, Oklahoma Bombing

Sens. Kerry, Byrd Refuse to Step Down

Seven Myths about Vietnam-JBS

Specter Wants OKC Bombing-Iraqi Connection Probe

State Sponsored Terrorism? (OKC Bombing and 9/11/02 Attack Suspects Connected by FBI)

Stephen Jones Speaks to CBN -- Oklahoma City Cover-Up: The Iraq Connection

Sudan's Christians Fight for Survival .

Summary of Evidence of Middle Eastern Complicity in 1995 Oklahoma Bombing [by Jayna Davis]

Tetovo and Greater Albania

The 1994 Assault Weapons Ban - A Public Opinion Nightmare

The Bay Of Pigs--The Truth

The Cowboy Way in Southeast Missouri

the current crisis calls us to remember values of our past

The Democrats in decline

The GOP's silent legions


The Iraq Connection (Was Saddam involved in Oklahoma City and the first WTC bombing?)

The New Opium War: How U.S. Lost the War on Drugs

The OKC Bombing Roundup--

The Re-emerging Republican Majority


The Second Amendment Strikes Back

The U.S. Shouldn't Let the UN Tell it How to Defend Itself

The Very Mysterious Deaths Of Five Microbiologists

This may be the year from which there is no turning back

U.S. Boosts Precision Weapon Stocks

Ujaama and Mohammed

UN cash for accused Nazi (Waldheim got 4,1 million)

Union Scandal and Democratic Troublie

US native tribes 'want smallpox vaccine now'

US seeks Pakistan's oil nod

Vietnam Leader:"Too much democracy"

Vietnam: The trail not taken

Was I That Stupid? [Vietnam-era antiwar activist regrets it, thinks present protestors will too]

What kind of Gas Mask should I buy?

What's Behind the Ashcroft Shift

Where's the cavalry?

While Clinton Fiddled