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America's irreplaceable ally

China, Israel discuss expanding defense ties

Cleric who defended suicide bombers allowed into Britain

Debate on Islamism and Liberalism in the Arab World (Deteriorates to an Exchange of Curses

Discovery Institute and Thomas More Law Center Squabble in AEI Forum

Dog Owner Indicted For Animal's Attack On Boy

Evolution Shmevolution

Fort Hood Massacre

Here is the result of libel laws

Homegrown hip-hop catching on among young Palestinians

How Russia, Germany and France protected themselves from Poland and Lithuania

HTML Sanbox

I need some positive reasons why not to plan for a SHTF scenario.;page=1#1

IAF takes first place in biannual American Hercules competition

Inside Intel / Not a reactor - something far more vicious

Iran could destroy Israel with 2 Nukes

IStrategic Depth: The Fallout of the Lebanon War ^

Jew hatred on Inquisition thread

NY has a huge public sector, enormous tax burden and is a very expensive place to do business

Operation Support Our Troops, Westchester, NY (2007)

Planning For Survival - How To Get Started

PLEASE Help save Jerusalem

Pre-war quotes from "lying" House and Senate democrats (from ETL)

Preserving modesty in the pool (Muslim women in Seattle)

Researchers: What are your favorite research sites?

Saudi Arabia denies buying Pakistan nukes

Survival Today, an on going thread #1]

Survival Today, an on going thread #2]

Unintelligent Design Hostility toward religious believers at the nation’s museum

Urgent Freepers. ( Help The Jews of Gush Katif)

What Happened in Syria?

Zalmay's Middle East Fumble Turtle Bay

‘Negligent and intolerable’ Parents bring textbook concerns to Lodi Unified