Since Oct 14, 2003

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Philosophical underpinnings of Christianity:

From these statements flows Christianity. How? The combination of a universe and the purposeful words of good and evil mean we have a purposeful existance. Good being better than evil means there must be an ultimate good--a standard bearer whose description can only be God. Evil being easier to do than good means that there must be something wrong with the world that needs to be fixed by the ultimate good. Furthermore, any solution but God's own sacrifice would be a morally bankrupt solution to the problem of evil, and therefore not good and outside the definition of God. And God's sacrifice on the cross is Christianity.

The six stages of Democrat defeatism:

  1. The president is a “cowboy” for pursuing an enemy of the U.S.
  2. We are making things worse by confronting the enemy
  3. We can never win
  4. We have lost
  5. Everyone who says we are winning is a liar
  6. The enemy fell on its own

30 year old Silicon Valley Computer Engineer who has lived most of my life on the coast of California, steeped in liberal propoganda.

This country’s Christian heritage and culture have been actively repressed and slandered by those who wish to feel comfortable in an immoral life. Schools, churches, and public events should be the culture carriers, but thanks to the ACLU and liberal attacks, schools slander the founding fathers, churches are penalized for speaking politically, and public events thrust immorality into the public square.

Schools should teach the Bible respectfully and Christian theology from the highschool level in the junior and senior years. Biblical and theological ignorance and misinformation has led to a vast misunderstanding of history and the culture of the United States. People ignorantly assume their rights come from the government rather than God, and get evil caricatures of America’s historical culture. They make theological and philosophical assumptions out of ignorance that no person with so much schooling should make.

I see my peers defending public indecency and claiming rights to offend moral people and the right to not be offended themselves. I see Christianity being flogged on the public square and massive public attention given to arrogant morons who disrespect the majority of humanity by calling God an “invisible pink unicorn”, and mocking beliefs with the FSM. I believe that this focus on Christianity shows its power and truth.

I believe that most people have little to no philosophical or theological understanding and hence make nonsense arguments against God that cannot be countered rationally because they fall apart internally. Questions like “who created God?” and “How can God be good if...?” demonstrate ignorance rather than intelligent inquiry. Schools promote this ignorance out of fear of legal and political powers in the gay rights, feminist, environmental, and other liberal groups.