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Barack Obama's Rules for Revolution - The Alinsky Model

Economic Libertarians Will Have a Friend in Ted Cruz

More on Incredible Wisconsin Shenanigans Against Scott Walker

Scott Walker: W. Without the Compassion

The Sounds of Science - global warming scientists initiate "More than Science" movement

"persistently dangerous" - School-safety rankings - or just black marks?

'I have at least 20 Muslim friends', says Donald Trump, but can't name them

'Pluralism' manifesto lights a furor - Academic Bill of Rights

'Trust me' isn't going to turn Latino vote for Cruz, GOP

2004- the Year of Returning to Space

2009: Debate over health clinic turns to minority access [targeting minorities]

2016 Texas Republican Presidential Primary

A Closer Look at Scott Walker’s Record on Jobs

A cry in the black education wilderness

A Scott Walker shift on legal immigration?

Absolutely vital for U.S. to lead in nation-building

As 'Retirement Gap' Concerns Reach Across Partisan Divide, Senators Propose Savings Solutions

At the Crossroads

Behind Al-Arian's facade (founded the World and Islam Studies Enterprise at USF a decade ago)

Beyond Body Language: Carly Fiorina and Hillary Clinton

Breitbart California Interview: Governor Scott Walker

Breitbart, Malkin, Scott Walker, and Strategery

Byron York: The facts on Rubio, Cruz, and immigration

CA public employees rally in support of WI counterparts (claim: WI compromise would hurt CA unions)

Campaign 2016: Nobody Cares About Climate Change [But Cruz Focuses on Energy, Jobs and the Economy]

Campaign rules pinch Christie, Walker harder [kill off campaign donations, kill off threat]

Candidates Win Evangelicals with Pro-American Worker Immigration Policy

Carney: Green stimulus profiteer [Elon Musk] comes under IRS scrutiny

China details space plans

Climate skepticism is just bad science: "There is no cohesive, consistent alternative theory.."

Clinton: Including Women Essential to Peace Processes - Launches National Action Plan Academy

Co-op shouldn't be in the boycott business

Common Core: Scott Walker’s Veto on State Assessment Budget Language

Confronted by Jorge Ramos [Trump:"I have a bigger heart than you, I want them to become legal"]

Conservatives provide a reality check on Donald Trump's mass deportation plan

Criticism by Obama raises Scott Walker’s stature in 2016 field

Cruz lashes out at Rubio, Trump in NH

Cruz Woos Evangelicals, Saying Religious Liberty Will Be the Defining Issue of 2016

Dangerous Disaffection (The GOP can’t afford to lose blue-collar whites)

David Horowitz: Uniting the Right

Dealers call Tesla factory stores illegal

Democrats Unveil the Weapon of the Future

Dems answer Walker with labor law bill

Department of Education Starts Award for 'Green' Schools [Al Gore's Green Civil Rights takes root]

Donald Trump: Legalize ALL the Drugs [wayback machine]

Donald Trump’s Donations to Democrats

Donna Shalala to head Clinton Foundation [long history with Hillary]


Education 'Change Agent' Michelle Rhee: The Left Connection [bamboozle and infiltrate]

Enraging industry, labor board asserts its power under Obama

EXCLUSIVE — Scott Walker Lays Out Plan To Secure Border, Stop Immigration Insanity In New Interview

Fidel Castro - Cuba

From Free Fall to Free Markets: How Wisconsin Turned Itself Around

Get Ready for Scott Walker… and the Ruthless Politics of Walkerism

GOP hopefuls gather to woo Iowa social conservatives

Gov. Scott Walker walks away from the public on immigration

Gov. Walker Proposes Bold Education Budget

Higher Education Coalition attack on [Texas Gov. Rick] Perry raises eyebrows

How Environmental policies are causing havoc for farmers from California to Great Britain

How Innocent Scott Walker Supporters Were Persecuted in Wisconsin

How Scott Walker Dismantled Wisconsin's Environmental Legacy

How the End of NASA Affects US National Security

How the Left Moved into Religion

Hugo Chavez - Venezuela

I Want a President who is a 'Strong Leader'. Not!

In Georgia, Scott Walker explains how the GOP can win anywhere

Inside Scott Walker’s Secret Brain Trust

Interesting Scott Walker OP at Wiki got "speedy deletion" treatment w/ link to work prod discussion

Interview Transcript Proves Rubio Promised Hispanics en Espanol He'd Keep Exec Amnesty in Place

It’s Not Just Hillary: Scott Walker’s Email Controversy [Will the Daily Beast print the truth?]

Ivy League School Holds Funeral For Michael Brown And Non-White People Killed By Racism

Labor Watch July 2015: Scott Walker vs. the Unions, Part 2: Unintended consequences: [How you win]

Leaked Audio: Hillary Clinton Calls at Private Fundraiser for Infrastructure Bank...

Liberals Sputter As Scott Walker Proposes Bold New Immigration Platform

Media Amnesia on Walker and Common Core

Megachurch Pastor Paula White Marries 3rd Husband.. [Trump's evangelical connection]

Megyn Kelly to Ted Cruz: "The record supports you."

Milwaukee County says nearly all Walker emails released [Taxpayer funded witch-hunt in Wisconsin]

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett Blames Gov. Walker for Uptick in Gun Violence

Multiculturalism and the Myth of Compromise

NASA's Bolden: criticism of agency’s direction ‘undermines nation’s goals at a very critical time’

NASA's Rubber Ruler Scandal

NEA challenged on political outlays - Teacher's union fields "army of campaign workers"

Newt Gingrich: Rick Perry's book "almost came too late" [Foreward to "Fed Up!"]

Obama changes rhetoric to try to sell Congress on transportation spending (new bank)

Obama funder gets insider deal at NASA

Obama urges world action on climate change: No nation ‘immune’ to global warming

Obama's Ersatz Space Program - Questionable Agenda

Obama's Next Move: the Global Warming Tax [global wealth redistribution]

Obama’s Failure [consistent, misrepresentation of terror threat; Iran]

Occupy Democrats group says Wisconsin is 'dead broke' due to actions by Scott Walker, GOP

On Immigration, Scott Walker Bucks the Beltway Consensus

Options for Reducing the Deficit: 2014 to 2023 Office: Eliminate Human Space Exploration Programs

Panel installer SolarCity files for $200 mln IPO [Elon Musk of Tesla Elec cars]

Politico Quotes Scott Walker Wildly Out Of Context To Invent Abortion Attack

Poll: Majority wants Scott Walker to address potential Obamacare crisis

President Obama’s Executive Power Grab - could forever change the way Washington works

Professors take on role as high priests of activism

Ron Paul: Ted Cruz is no libertarian [truth is, libertarians in Iowa stood with Ted]

Ross Douthat: Scott Walker vs. the World

Schools at odds in racial division - Hearne ISD sues nearby Mumford for "white flight"

Scott Walker Debated David Duke In 1992!? Yep, And There's Video

Scott Walker denounces Charleston slayings, sidesteps flag debate [allow loved ones to bury...]

Scott Walker Is Right on Iran

Scott Walker is Unbending (and unexcitable)

Scott Walker Isn't Sorry - Wisconsin governor concedes nothing to his critics [race-baiters]

Scott Walker On The Dana Show 5-22-15

Scott Walker Shows How Pro-Life Presidential Candidates Can Avoid the Media’s Abortion Trap

Scott Walker Stands By Claim Reagan's Union-Busting Was 'Most Significant' Foreign Policy Decision

Scott Walker Takes Dead Aim at Obamacare

Scott Walker To Appear With Jeb Bush

Scott Walker to keynote voucher school summit

Scott Walker to propose abolishing unions for federal workers - ABOLISH NLRB

Scott Walker Versus the Wall St. Journal on Immigration

Scott Walker Would Be the Most Conservative GOP Candidate Since Goldwater

Scott Walker's 2015-17 Budget Proposal: What You Need to Know

Scott Walker's test of academic freedom

Scott Walker, Over the Target, Taking Flak

Scott Walker, prosecutors trade pointed swipes on John Doe

Scott Walker: Satan's Candidate

Scott Walker’s State Caucus Moves Quickly To Ban Sale Or Donation Of Fetal Tissue

Scott Walker’s wife, toughened by life, adds steel to candidate’s spine

Selective use of science ‘as bad as racism or homophobia’ (war against "bad" science)

Senator Ted Cruz's Contradictory Position on Illegal

SolarCity — Another Obama Scandal

SpaceX Head Obama Bundler?

SpaceX's Falcon-9 Dragon successfully lifts off to resupply ISS [One of 9 Engines "shuts down"]

Storm gathers around Clinton finances

Study: Schools Resegregating by Race

Supreme Court: Health providers can't sue for more Medicaid money

Teachers' Union Fat Cats

Ted Cruz on Net Neutrality: 'Obama Is Salivating to Regulate the Internet'

Ted Cruz's Path From George W. Bush Adviser to Immigration Reform Opponent

Ted Cruz, Homeschooling, S.306, Dishonesty and Pig-Ignorance

Tesla shares drop after cutting outlook [amends loan agreement with U.S.Energy Dept]

The American 'allergy' to global warming: Why? (it's that "faith" thing)

The Audacity to Win

The CBO Effectively Used Gruber’s Model to Score Obamacare

The Conservative Populist Breakout - Republicans acting in the spirit of Barbara Jordan

The Did-Something Candidate [Scott Walker]

The Dirty Business of the Billary Machine, Again ["She gets angry, she remembers it forever"]

The DOE Restructured Its Loan to Tesla [Elon Musk's green car]

The facts on Rubio, Cruz, and immigration [votes Rush is talking about right now]

The GE Years: What Made Reagan Reagan [Newt said this book explained Ronald Reagan's leadership]

The GOP's Daddy issues

The GOP’s destructive Vietnam mythology: How the right’s self-glorifying delusions led to...

The Greens, Religion, and Science

The Nazi Origins of Apocalyptic Global Warming Theory

The perils of designer tribalism

The race into space - Is the U.S. in it?

The Royal Society is a joke

The sixth mass extinction on Earth has officially begun and could threaten humanity's existence

The Trumpster as Joker: Can He Go All the Way?

The Truth about Scott Walker’s ‘Taxpayer Funded’ Arena

Time to Rein in Public Sector Unions [Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker did this in 2011]

Top Fundraiser for Scott Walker Meets With Trump - True to form Trump spins the facts

Trans-Pacific Partners (TPP) Countries: Comparative Trade and Economic Analysis

Trump open to big campaign donors - "moral investment"

Trump pro-amnesty? Walker stands firm against pro-amnesty ambush. Lots of changed ratings.

Trump threatens to sit out next GOP debate

Trump’s Hearing Problem

Trying to Kill Tenure [Gov. Scott Walker's state budget]

Two tribes split on Alaskan oil plan--ANWR

U.S Air Force and NASA Work Closer on Strategic Space Control

Upscale school revives a satire about race

USA Today reporter covering Scott Walker’s campaign signed petition to recall him

Valerie Jarrett Secretly Lobbying Big Corporations To Support UN Climate Talks

Walker Denies Remarks Indicating Change in Immigration Stance

Walker Fires Back - Trump Blasts Governor's Record In ...

Walker On National Security: ‘You Feel It In Your Heart And Soul’ [motorcycle tour will be a hit]

Walker Revokes In-state Tuition For Undocumented Students Attending Univ And Colleges In Wisconsin

Walker says he supported path to citizenship, but not amnesty

Walker: We’d Be Sending in Navy to Stop Illegals if They Were Swarming Our Sea Ports..

Walker’s destructive war on education: Let’s judge Tea Party pols by the same dumb standards

Walker’s Obamacare Alternative: Setting the Record Straight

Walker’s Obamacare Alternative: Setting the Record Straight

We Need More "Ed Sullivan" and Less "The View" and "The Five" - Ditch the Inane Chit-Chat

We're all pro-amnesty now

What Next? Friendly Competition or New Cold War?

What We’re Watching: Gov. Scott Walker on Improving Education

When it comes to contributions, Trump doesn't play in the big leagues [loyal to Boehner & McConnell]

Who was the reporter outside Cindy Archer’s house? [Wisconsin blockbuster raids story]

Why Cruz finally took on Trump and won't let up

Wisconsin governor drops previous opposition, signals support for phase-out of Ethanol

Wisconsin Tyranny – Leftists Use Force to Silence Political Opponents Like Scott Walker

Wisconsin: Gov. Walker speaks with mother of Tony Robinson, youth leaders

Yes, Trump University Was a Massive Scam

Zimbabwe court rules seizing of white-owned land legal

[Petition] Governor Walker: Stop Climate Censorship!