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"Pro-Choice" Violence (It Isn't Just In-Utero, & Far Surpasses "Anti-Choice" Violence)

'300' Therapy ....(massacre thousands of jihadis, I meant Persians)

15 years later, Andrew remains a terror to South Florida (with videos)

A Strategy for Heroes - What's wrong with the 2006 Quadrennial Defense Review.

A Winnable War. The argument against the orthodox history of Vietnam. [Book review]

Abducted in Kyrgyzstan, she saysEvidence casts doubt on Air Force major’s account.

All about EVE and getting even [the MMORPG]

Ana Marie Cox: 'I Know Mitt Romney Is Not Himself Christian'

Are you up for a journey through the Universe? (OSS Software for Astronomy buffs)

British researcher claims 'Jews smarter, it's genetic'

Build a Simple Solar Heater

Christians & Voting

Digital World: Black Hatting on the Web (blogging for big bux)

Egg-toss prank turns deadly in Ohio


Episcopal bishops reject ultimatum [bishops in "coming out process"]

Exhibition of wartime posters reveals very different Britain, with very different values

Extolling The Female Tongue

Flashback to 1992: Gore criticizes Bush for ignoring Iraq's ties to terrorism

Folk Beliefs Have Consequences

FReepers and other Street Protesters: Check out this great poster software...

Gene Roddenberry, the "Prime Directive," and First World vs Third World Leftism

Genetic Breakthrough that Reveals the Differences Between Humans

Get with the programs, boomers, or lose them (Barf!)

GOP Protectionists

Gun shop owned by NRA board member loses its license

Hey! FR. Veronica and I were Quoted in VARIETY!!!

Hitler was a socialist

How do I find a vet's record of service?

How Hillary became New York Senator

How the GOP Lost Its Way

How to Cure Health Care (Milton Friedman Plan)

How to post a thread and other interesting facts, part II. (Welcome Newbies)

HTML Sandbox

Iraq Casualties Second Lowest In U.S. History

Iraqi Night - Windows Media Play Required -

Is Israel in America’s Interest?

Kuelap - The Machu Picchu Of Northern Peru (Chachapoyas - White, blonde haired people)

LEDs Move Into Home Lighting Market

Leftists in Search of Permanent Democrat Majority (IMPORTANT Read -- Soros and leftists org)

Looking for 9/11/01 Freeper reaction on that day

Meet man who prosecutedjailed Border Patrol agents

Minorities During the War Between the States: Collected Resources

Minorities During the War Between the States: Collected Resources

Mitt Romney's Conversion:His pro-life turn is more recent than you think.

More young blacks ready to embrace GOP

NEWBIE HELP: [Links To The Best Help Threads]

NEWBIE HELP: [Links To The Best Help Threads]

Officers, Soldiers, and God (Part III of a series)

Online storage is free and easy with GMail and XDrive

Orson Scott Card: Iraq -- Quit or Stay? [a very comprehensive review]

Pallywood-The Staged "Second Intifada" Exposed As Journalistic Fraud!!

Reading Up on Islam (Stocking Up on Intellectual Ammunition vs. the Islamofascists. GREAT List!)

Researchers identify "male warrior effect"

Rioters' Madness Shames Muslim World


SACRIFICE [Professors say Gibson's Apocalypto is biased against Mayan bloodletting]

Schools of Reeducation?

Services waive felony convictions

Shame of the Yankees - America's Worst Anti-Jewish Action [Civil War thread]

Six inconvenient truths about the U.S. and slavery

Special-Interest Secret

Students document abuse of Black History Month on campuses

Taste of the Ukraine: Classic sauerkraut dish is simmered in culture

The Effect of Mass Immigration on Population Change

The left’s intellectual disintegration.

The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS – A Nine-Year Retrospective of Fear and (Mostly) Loathing

The NRA and Gun Owner versus the Brady Campaign and Gun Opponents: Who Serves America Better

The psychological underpinnings of the new cold war

The Road to Serfdom

U.S. men, women still worlds apart

Useful tool for FreeRepublic posters - Link directly to a portion of a web page

Vanity!!! Question about Google Maps

Video: Betrayal at Little Big Horn, the evidence

Vietnam veteran full of life despite nine months of torture (terrific story)

Watch "Immigration Gumballs" on Google Video (must see)

What does "34th Signal Company Chronicle: Cassino and Its Abbey" mean to you?

Where is spirit of Christmas? Have you seen it?

Why God is allowing evil to run its course (great wisdom here)

Why The Religious Right Must Mobilize Against hillary: CLINTON CONFLATES CHRISTIANS AND TERRORISTS

Why Top Atheist Now Believes in a Creator : An Interview with Antony Flew

Will They Believe Romney? (After recent revelations, plenty of doubts among conservatives)

Youth Narcissism: Blaming the 1980s? Try the 1960s