Since Oct 20, 2004

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44 year old white male, single.
6'2", 200#, Dark hair and brown eyes.
Real name is Jeff
Live in Boise, ID
Part of the Atkins Cult of Thin Meat Eaters
Registered Pubby when I was 18 and voted for Bush 41 ('88 election) while I was in Navy bootcamp in San Diego. Been voting regularly in primaries, and a straight Pubby ticket in general elections ever since. Well, except for 2002, when I voted for the Libertarian candidate for Nevada Governor. Guinn is a RINO from hell! I almost got sick when he introduced W to a Vegas rally crowd.
Used to own a computer repair biz in Boise, but decided it was time to quit living the dream and get a real job as a system engineer at a local technology company. They laid me off 5 years later, and I got a job as an Engineer at HP.