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A Confederate Soldier in Egypt (Long Read)

A Dirty Little Secret Gasoline Companies Are Keeping From You (High Octane Rip-Off)

A Guide to Imposing Your Morals on Others Without Feeling Guilty About It

Army to ditch M9 for new .45 cal

Can "No Child Left Behind" be defended?

Can the Freedom Nexus Be Saved?

Daniel Boone vs. the Nanny State

For Sailors or Pilots or Former Grunts, There's a New and Kinder Route Back to Military Life

Founders Quotes - Jefferson's Recommendations on Reading

Founders' Quotes - Madison and Franklin on the BIG U-Turn of government

Four Pathetic Young Bombers (Written by One Fed-Up British Woman)

FReeper Canteen ~ USAF Heritage Flight ~ March 22, 2004

German sailors render extraordinary honors to US at sea

Gods Graves Glyphs

Going to fight in Iraq? Lessons from an infantry company commander

Government Always Grows (from John Stossel's "Give me a break"

Gross Minus Net Equals Zero: Repeal the Sixteenth Amendment

HB 124 Introduced to Require Registration of Handguns (vanity)

Iran Plans on Destroying Tomb of King Cyrus, Friend of the Jews

Iraq combat: What it's really like over there

Is Pork Pushing Amnesty

James Michener : A Letter to a Pacific Veteran



Lethal weapons: Parks and Recreation hosts gun safety class

Liberty Is Overrated--Safety Should Be Our First Concern*

Media's coverage has distorted world's view of Iraqi reality

Mugabe Forbids Food Growing In Backyards - Millions Starving (CHICOM's man in Zimbabwe)

New ID Rules May Complicate Air Travel(REAL ID)

Oppose American Independence

Our Wounded Military Need Our Help

Politically Correct Call Signs

Property Rights Slight

Remembering [By Fred Thompson.....]

Research Shows Dogs Understand Language

Sex, Lies, Videotape, Teenagers, Drugs, Blackmail, and Death

Sidewalk Snow Removal Laws - Nanny Governments Cause Heart Attacks (my title)

Son of Dutch military chief killed in Afghanistan

Steamroller Ashcroft

The Decline and Fall of the Right to Property: Government as Universal Landlord (Gov't Power Grab)

The Hobbit Hole XVI - Still round the corner there may wait...

The Loss of Freedoms List (Vanity Post)

The Manchurian Candidate (1962 Movie is being remade)

The Republican's Real Problem in a Nutshell

The Vermont butcher - John Kerry

They Said It! (Sen. Hillary Clinton [D-NY])

Tom Clancy transcript from O'Reilly Factor

U.S. Constitution gives people of the U.S. the power to amend the Constitution

Updated FR Excerpt and Link Only or Deny Posting List due to Copyright Complaints

Viking Kittie Lightning Strike

Why Gun Owners Worry:

Withholding Identity From a Law Officer: Your Right or Not?


Your Right to Use Vitamins Is in Jeopardy,