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    02/02/2012 9:05:23 AM PST · by SMARTY · 12 replies · 1+ views
    Feb 2, 2012 | Unknown
    TAKES 10 SECONDS ... DO IT AND PASS IT ON Own a Gun? Please Keep This Moving Guess they were not happy with the poll results the first time so USA today is running another one... Vote now Attorney General, Eric Holder, has already said this is one of his major issues. He does not believe the 2nd Amendment gives individuals the right to bear arms. This takes literally 2 clicks to complete. Please vote on this gun issue question with USA Today. It will only take a few seconds of your time. Then pass the link on to all...
  • For Freedom's Way

    02/02/2012 6:57:00 AM PST · by EternalVigilance · 1+ views
    V-USA ^ | February 15, 2009 | Tom Hoefling
    For freedomís way the patriots bled, The crosses mark our honored dead. More clearly than mere words eíer may That field lays out their final say: No greater love, they gave it all, In answer to manís highest call. But donít forget that most returned. To them we owe esteem they earned. And last of all, remember this: Our LORD betrayed by one mere kiss. For from within true danger lies, Though carefully as friend disguised. So fight my friend, from where you stand, For freedom rides on every man. E pluribus unum
  • St. Louis hosting 1st big parade on Iraq War's end

    01/28/2012 11:29:07 AM PST · by PROCON · 2 replies · 1+ views
    AP ^ | Jan. 28, 2012 | JIM SALTER
    ST. LOUIS (AP) - Large crowds are gathering in downtown St. Louis to honor Iraq War veterans Saturday during the nation's first big welcome home parade since the last troops left the country in December. Veterans dressed in camouflage lined up alongside military vehicles at the start of the parade, while organizers handed out small American flags to people along the route, many holding signs reading "Welcome Home" and "Thanks to our service men and women."
  • The Only War We Had

    01/26/2012 10:34:18 AM PST · by ConorMacNessa · 3 replies · 1+ views
    24Jan2012 | Major Don Martin, USA (Ret)
    There is nothing quite like the smell of burning human feces in the morning. If this first sentence offends you, I make no apologies. It may offend you because you have never been in combat, or if you were in a combat zone you were far enough in the rear to enjoy modern conveniences. It reminds me of a Harley-Davidson T-shirt which many riders have worn so proudly, including yours truly. Of course, the shirt is emblazoned with an artist's cool rendition of a raucous H-D, but the words thereon say it all. "If I have to explain, you wouldn't...
  • Arlington National Cemetery Historic Photos

    01/18/2012 5:11:05 PM PST · by shove_it · 5 replies · 1+ views
    From the 1906 Book "The Latest Views of Washington", L.H. Nelson Company, Portland, Maine. Except where noted, all materials are from the collection of Michael Robert Patterson. Updated 22 January 2006
  • Middle Class Aided Its Own Decline

    01/11/2012 12:43:36 AM PST · by raygun · 43 replies · 1+ views
    Rasmussen Reports ^ | Tuesday, December 27, 2011 | Froma Harrop
    This was the Year of the Middle Class -- as in, its falling incomes, loss of job security and anger. The global economic forces fueling the decline, such as foreign competition and computers, have been well reported. But what about cultural factors? Is the middle class going down partly because it stopped acting middle class? For those who remember the American middle's golden era of 40 years ago -- or see it reconstructed on TV dramas -- the cultural losses are pretty shocking. The middle managers in "Mad Men" returned to orderly homes with tidy children, even as their personal...
  • Eaglets Amazing Feeding

    01/06/2012 3:47:58 PM PST · by Revski · 2 replies · 1+ views
    Revski youtube Classics ^ | 1-6-2012 | Revski
    This animation of a mother American Bald eagle feeding her young eaglets in a high nest that is firmly perched in a tree top, inspiring event! The song of this video is the first and last verse of, Amazing Grace! The singer is female and unknown!
  • The role of the NCO has expanded over the years

    01/05/2012 4:19:57 PM PST · by shove_it · 16 replies · 1+ views ^ | 1 Dec 2011
    Command Sgt. Maj. Jeffery T. Stitzel, regimental sergeant major for the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard), was the Armyís first NCO of the year in 2002 while serving as a sergeant first class. Since that inaugural competition Ė now known as The Best Warrior Competition and held at Fort Lee, Va. Ė Stitzel has seen the status of the noncommissioned officer evolve into having a more crucial role in the Army. "Weíre asking noncommissioned officers to do things now at the staff level that we entrusted career course-graduate captains to do," Stitzel said. Adding, "Youíve got noncommissioned...
  • Just W O W !!!

    12/12/2011 5:11:49 AM PST · by SMARTY · 39 replies · 1+ views
    Unknown | December 12, 2011 | Unknown
  • At last, the U.S. POWs of Buchenwald talk

    11/23/2011 8:32:16 AM PST · by edcoil · 19 replies · 2+ views
    OCR ^ | 11-22-2011 | edcoil
    ANAHEIM Ė He was beaten. Marched before a firing squad. Starved at Buchenwald. Only a small twist of fate saved him Ė four days before the Nazis planned to execute him. They have survived Buchenwald. But the world isn't ready to hear it. After the war, they are told to not speak about it. The official U.S. stance was that no American POWs went to Buchenwald. "We were still negotiating certain things with the Germans," says Dorsey, of Temecula. "The government didn't want to upset people by saying U.S. servicemen were held in concentration camps."
  • 90th anniversary of Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

    11/18/2011 8:41:38 PM PST · by shove_it · 11 replies · 2+ views
    DC Military ^ | 4 Nov 2011 | Chelsea Place
    In a ceremony honoring American unknown Soldiers Oct. 26, Bruno Bourg-Broc made the following observation: ďAt the end of World War II, the French poet Paul Edwards said ó regarding the millions of deported people who perished in Nazi concentration camps Ė that if the echo of their voice is extinguished, we will perish. ďSimilarly,Ē Bourg-Broc said, ďwe can say if the echo of the voices of these Soldiers who gave their lives is never heard again we too will perish.Ē Bourg-Broc is the deputy to the French national Chamber of Deputies and mayor to the city of Chalons, France....
  • Michelle Obama Announces Private Sector Commitments to Hire 100,000 Veterans & Military Spouses

    11/12/2011 2:16:15 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 24 replies · 1+ views
    JobMouse ^ | November 10, 2011 | Lynn Herman
    First lady Michelle Obama announced commitments from companies Thursday to hire 100,000 veterans and military spouses by 2014, a dramatic step in her Joining Forces initiative. She said the show of support demonstrates to military families that ďAmerica has your back.Ē The first Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden launched Joining Forces, a national initiative that mobilizes all sectors of society to give service members and their families the opportunities and support they have earned. In her keynote address to the U.S. Chamber of Commerceís Business Steps Up: Hiring our Heroes event, Michelle Obama announced that the International Franchise...
  • Thank You to our Veterans

    11/11/2011 6:07:50 AM PST · by ixtl · 10 replies · 1+ views
    America by Heart | 2010 | Sarah Palin
    This appeared in Sarah Palin's "America by Heart." I think it is especially appropriate today. It is the veteran, not the preacher, who has given us freedom of religion. It is the veteran, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press. It is the veteran, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech. It is the veteran, not the campus organizer, who has given us freedom to assemble. It is the veteran, not the lawyer, who has given us the right to a fair trial. .It is the veteran, not he politician, who has given...
  • Viral Video for Veterans Day

    11/10/2011 5:02:29 PM PST · by Madly57 · 1 replies · 1+ views
    A special Veterans Day tribute featuring Due Souths' song "The Good Guys" (written by a FReeper!!!) with a special message from Debbie Lee, whose son, Marc Alan Lee was the first Navy Seal killed in Iraq. Help make this video go viral, and in turn help Debbies'charity "Americas' Mighty Warriors" raise funds. You can hear more of Due South at "'
  • Pre-Approved VA Loan Service Questions (Vanity)

    10/25/2011 11:12:21 AM PDT · by jettester · 8 replies · 2+ views
    October 25, 2011 | Jettester
    I am looking to buy a home in the State of Illinois and wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with the on-line VA Loan programs that are available? Any in particular? Pros and cons of going this route?
  • Semper Fi: Non-active Marines called to "Occupy" (Blech!)

    10/24/2011 3:17:42 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 16 replies · 1+ views
    CBS News / The Ass. Press ^ | October 24, 2011
    A new group called Occupy Marines is calling on non-active duty Marines to support the "Occupy" protest movement. The group was formed online to support the Occupy Wall Street protests after videos circulated online of a Marine confronting New York City police, questioning their tactics used against Occupy Wall Street demonstrators.... (VIDEO AT LINK) In a video that has received nearly 2.5 million views, Marine Sgt. Shamar Thomas of Roosevelt, N.Y. an Iraq War veteran, spoke out to police in New York's Times Square, charging that they were over-reacting to Occupy marchers - and shaming their uniform....
  • Afghanistan, January 2011 (collection of photos)

    09/28/2011 4:47:58 AM PDT · by nuconvert · 11 replies · 1+ views
    The Atlantic ^ | Feb 2, 2011
    Traditionally, fighting slows in the middle of Afghan winters as opposing sides dig in to establish gains already made or make plans to retake losses. This winter, coalition troops are working to solidify positions in former Taliban strongholds in southern Afghanistan, holding ground and working with locals. Meanwhile the Taliban continues its campaign of sporadic attacks, and steps up efforts to create a sort of shadow government in parts of eastern Afghanistan. Though conflicts were light last month, 32 coalition troops still lost their lives
  • A music-video tribute to all Vets

    09/25/2011 12:45:29 PM PDT · by Madly57 · 8 replies · 1+ views
    A brand-new music video from the group "Due South" pays tribute to our Military, both past and present, as well as first responders.
  • A music-video tribute to all Vets

    09/25/2011 12:45:16 PM PDT · by Madly57 · 2 replies · 1+ views
    A brand-new music video from the group "Due South" pays tribute to our Military, both past and present, as well as first responders.
  • Retiree Benefits for the Military Could Face Cuts

    09/19/2011 8:12:18 PM PDT · by Crazy ole coot · 31 replies · 1+ views
    New Youk Times ^ | JAMES DAO and MARY WILLIAMS WALSH
    snip... By far the most contentious proposal circulating in Washington is from a Pentagon advisory panel, the Defense Business Board. It would make the military pension system, a defined benefit plan, more like a 401(k) plan under which the Pentagon would make contributions to a service memberís individual account; contributions by the troops themselves would be optional. Mr. Panetta has said that if adopted, the plan would not apply to current military personnel.
  • Vet: Honor WWII survivors now, while they're alive

    09/02/2011 7:14:37 PM PDT · by PROCON · 24 replies · 1+ views
    AP ^ | Sept. 2, 2011 | AUDREY McAVOY
    PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii (AP) - A Marine who fought in the Battle of Okinawa urged Americans on Friday to honor those who served in World War II now, while veterans from that conflict are still alive. E. Bruce Heilman, speaking at a ceremony marking the 66th year since the end of the war, noted fewer than 2 million of the 16 million men and women who served in the war are alive. They are dying at a rate of 30,000 per month, he said.
  • Oh apologizes for Green Beret 'confusion or misimpression'

    08/28/2011 5:11:24 PM PDT · by Sarajevo · 6 replies · 1+ views ^ | August 26, 2011 | Bob Warner
    City Council candidate David Oh issued a formal apology Thursday for what he described as carelessness in describing his five-year stint in the Army National Guard - an issue that led some veterans to complain he was embellishing his military record. Although Oh was assigned to a National Guard Special Forces unit, he said he should have been more careful as a candidate in his use of the terms Special Forces and Green Beret, both used to describe elite units whose combat soldiers typically have endured months of rigorous training. "I apologize to the public for any confusion or misimpression...
  • US MILITARY/agent orange....(vanity)

    08/18/2011 1:55:17 PM PDT · by Doogle · 18 replies · 1+ views
    American Legion newsletter | 08/18/11 | Doogle
    I thought I would give a heads up to fellow vets who served in Thailand from 1967..forward After years of fighting, the VA finally relinquished and admitted that AO was used on bases throughout Thailand. IF YOU HAVEN'T FILE YOUR CLAIMS...get on it..the new deadline is THIS AUGUST 30th,2011. Check the VA site for details....file that claim that has been denied to you NOW!!
  • Utah's forgotten veterans receive military funeral

    08/17/2011 4:40:22 PM PDT · by robowombat · 3 replies · 1+ views
    | Associated Press ^ | August 15, 2011
    BLUFFDALE, Utah Ė It's been four years since Randall Hester last heard from his older brother, Ron, a Navy veteran his family called a lone wolf. He had no idea Ron had died in January 2009 until relatives saw the man's name in a newspaper along with 15 other veterans whose bodies were unclaimed. On Monday, Hester prepared for a final goodbye, gripping an urn containing his brother's ashes and heading off to the Manti-La Sal National Forest. "It will be our last elk hunt," the 50-year-old Hester said with a great laugh, a bit like old times. He planned...
  • Military Headstones

    08/17/2011 3:42:34 PM PDT · by SandRat · 6 replies · 2+ views
    Where do our military headstones come from? A great story. I often wondered where and how our military headstones were made .... Click on the link below turn up sound very interesting.
  • July 29, 1967 USS Forrestal Vietnam Memorial

    07/24/2011 8:34:47 AM PDT · by Revski · 28 replies · 1+ views
    Memorial of the US Naval Disaster of the aircraft carrier, USS Forrestal - CVA-59, July 29, 1967 in North Vietnam, Golf of Tonkin. Song of this Memorial video is, Pray For Me, sung by the Blind Boys of Alabama.
  • Military Veterans Learn to farm with Farmer-Veteran Coalition

    07/20/2011 1:46:29 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 5 replies · 1+ views
    Grit ^ | The July/August 2011 edition | Evan B. Welch
    An innovative, relatively young program provides active-duty soldiers and military veterans a jump start into civilian existence while bringing life to agriculture. One-sixth of the U.S. population is enlisted in the military, and 45 percent of that number is from rural farm communities, according to the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. Farms need more hands, and veterans need work after service. So Michael OíGorman founded the nonprofit Farmer-Veteran Coalition, based in Davis, California, to plow the hindrances and help reintegrate service men and women on a national scale. OíGorman, a seasoned organic farmer, watched the...
  • DOD Announces Iraq, Afghanistan Campaign Stars

    06/30/2011 3:00:12 PM PDT · by SandRat · 2 replies · 1+ views
    WASHINGTON, June 30, 2011 Ė Bronze campaign stars are now authorized for service members who have served in Iraq since Sept. 1, 2010, or in Afghanistan since Dec. 1, 2009, Defense Department officials announced today. The new campaign stars, worn on the Iraq and Afghanistan campaign medals, recognize service during Operation New Dawn in Iraq and the Consolidation III campaign phase in Afghanistan. Operation New Dawn began Sept. 1, 2010, marking the official end of Operation Iraqi Freedom and U.S. combat operations in Iraq and a new focus on advising, assisting and training Iraqi security forces. The Consolidation III campaign...
  • Face of Defense: Airman Honors Father With Bronze Star

    06/21/2011 3:34:24 PM PDT · by SandRat · 2 replies · 1+ views
    American Forces Press Service ^ | Air Force Capt. George Tobias
    PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo., June 21, 2011 Ė An Air Force Space Command chief master sergeant used the occasion of her retirement ceremony here to take care of one last troop -- her father, who was presented with the Bronze Star Medal he earned four decades ago. Army Col. Timothy Coffin, deputy commander of Space and Missile Defense Command and Army Strategic Command, pins the Bronze Star on retired Army Sgt. 1st Class Daniel Porter as his daughter, Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Nancy Geisler, looks on during her retirement ceremony June 13, 2011, at Peterson Air Force Base,...
  • A Little Help Please (Vanity)

    06/19/2011 2:52:20 PM PDT · by Steve Newton · 8 replies · 1+ views
    Vanity ^ | 2011 | Steve Newton
    Need a little help with voting
  • Group, event will benefit Marines

    06/10/2011 4:26:35 PM PDT · by SandRat · 1+ views
    SIERRA VISTA ó A Marine Corps League event Sept. 18 will benefit active, retired and former Marines and their families in the area with social functions, morale and welfare. The Marine Corps League Poker Run will kick off with a rally at 9 a.m. at Cochise County Choppers on Highway 92 in Bisbee. Register from 10 a.m. to noon, with the last rider out at 1 p.m. and in by 4 p.m. Cost is $10 per rider, $5 per passenger. A parts swap meet and 50/50 raffle also are planned. For more information, call 234-6402. The Marine Corps League can...
  • Face of Defense: Vietnam Vet Guardsman Savors View From Top

    06/09/2011 5:43:01 PM PDT · by SandRat · 3 replies · 1+ views
    American Forces Press Service ^ | Army Sgt. Darron Salzer, National Guard Bureau
    ARLINGTON, Va., June 9, 2011 Ė As one of the last remaining active-duty National Guard members with service experience in Vietnam, Army Master Sgt. Leland Lesher said the most rewarding thing about his career is the view from the top while at the Army Guard headquarters. Army Master Sgt. Leland Lesher, Army National Guard force protection branch noncommissioned officer in charge and an Illinois National Guard member, swears the oath of extension and enlistment at the Army National Guard Readiness Center in Arlington, Va., June 7, 2011. Lesher is one of the last active-duty Guard members who has service time...
  • Salute to D-Day Veterans - [Vanity]

    06/06/2011 1:06:05 PM PDT · by PieterCasparzen · 8 replies · 1+ views
    Self | 6/6/2011 | Self
    Thank you D-Day veterans. You service will always be remembered, as well as that of the fallen.
  • The Incredible Story of "Reckless" - Equine Korean War Vet & Heroine

    06/02/2011 7:12:23 AM PDT · by soozla · 2 replies · 1+ views
    YouTube ^ | 06/02/2011 | 5th Marine Recoiless Rifles - 1st Marine Div
  • Memorial Day In Brooklyn

    05/30/2011 5:00:02 PM PDT · by OddLane · 4 replies · 1+ views
    American Rattlesnake ^ | May 30, 2011 | Gerard Perry
    Iíll attempt to keep my commentary to a minimum, since I donít think I can add much to the images Iíll be posting today. The image above is of the Field of Flags, a memorial to the 266 New Yorkers who been killed in action during operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and associated theaters of the War on Terror. The fact that I couldnít get the entire field into view illustrates the extent of the sacrifice made by men and women of our Armed Forces, but also the contribution New York as a state has made to their missions overseas....
  • Marine Corps foundation honors heroic Vietnam War priest

    05/22/2011 3:46:20 AM PDT · by GonzoII · 9 replies · 2+ views
    CNA ^ | Triangle, Va., May 20, 2011 Marine Corps foundation honors heroic Vietnam War priest By Marianne Medlin Marine Cpl. James Capodanno, stands next to the window dedicated to his brother. Credit: Marine Corps Heritage Foundation Triangle, Va., May 20, 2011 / 02:35 am (CNA).- Servant of God Fr. Vincent Capodanno, a chaplain who was killed in action while protecting U.S. soldiers during the Vietnam War, was honored with a permanent tribute at the National Museum of the Marine Corps.ďThe Marines who served with Chaplain Capodanno remember him as the Chaplain who went wherever his Marines needed his comfort and guidance, no matter the personal...
  • Old Guard Soldiers recall 9⁄11 role at ceremony

    05/14/2011 2:27:59 PM PDT · by shove_it · 1 replies · 1+ views
    DC Military ^ | 12 May 2011 | Sgt Erica Vinyard
    ¬Ď¬ĎLast Monday morning, the nation woke to the news of the death of the mastermind of the 9‚ĀĄ11 attacks and the nation¬ís most wanted criminal, who met the same fate that he imposed on more than 3,000 citizens,¬Ē said Maj. Gen. Karl R. Horst, commanding general, Joint Force Headquarters-National Capital Region and Military District of Washington, during a May 9 ceremony at Fort McNair, commemorating the actions of MDW personnel who responded to the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. ¬Ď¬ĎLast Sunday¬ís actions are a striking example of American commitment; that same commitment that brings us here today, to dedicate a...
  • Navy wife makes desperate plea for missing husband with PTSD

    05/06/2011 12:45:44 PM PDT · by Michael.SF. · 11 replies · 1+ views
    KFMB 8 TV ^ | May 6, 2011 | Craig McKee
    SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A local Navy wife is desperate to find her missing husband, who has post traumatic stress disorder and hasn't been seen in days. "My whole world is collapsing because this is the guy I was going to spend the rest of my life with," says Amanda Hamilton. She and Nicholas married four and a half years ago and have two sons together. As a couple they've faced deployments, but the most recent deployment on the USS Ronald Reagan to provide humanitarian relief to Tsunami victims in Japan proved to be a tipping point, according to...
  • President Honors Wounded and Ill on Silver Star Service Banner Day

    05/01/2011 4:01:03 PM PDT · by Steve Newton · 1+ views
    The Silver Star Families of Ameria ^ | May 2011 | Steve Newton
    Today is Silver Star Service Banner Day and the start of Military appreciation Month.
  • Respect our Flag Disposal Locator

    04/22/2011 11:35:49 AM PDT · by respectourflag · 11 replies · 1+ views
    Repect Our Flag ^ | April 22, 2011 | J. Brennan
    I'm writing this post to ask for some help from fellow veterans and anyone who loves our Flag. I recently went into a local car dealership to buy a new vehicle. While doing the deal I was asked if i wanted to buy a used factory cover for my truck. When I went into the storage room, my heart sunk. Over in the corner covered with dust (thick as dry wall dust), was LARGE flags that were previously flown laying in the dirt. I immediately went to the CEO and told them I wanted the flag, and I took them...
  • Anti-War traitor, ADAM KOKESH, joins staff of RUSSIA TODAY!

    04/04/2011 5:29:26 PM PDT · by RaceBannon · 18 replies · 1+ views
    Youtube ^ | 04/04/2011 | Russia Today
    Darling of the peace movement and anti-War traitor, Adam Kokesh has joined in with the left wing RUSSIA TODAY!
  • Stetson hat to be new Army standard headgear

    04/01/2011 3:47:27 PM PDT · by SandRat · 23 replies
    Stetson hat to be new Army standard headgear In a tip-of-the-brim nod to its American frontier history, the Army is likely to change hats again - returning to the days of the wild west and adopting a dark blue Stetson as the official head cover... Read More
  • Vets and Active Duty personnel Gary D. Barnett needs a good Freeping

    03/31/2011 5:02:49 PM PDT · by robowombat · 1 replies
    Robowombat ^ | March 31 | Me
    I posted this earlier on the Blog page but thought Vets and active duty military personnel and just other Americans would find this of interest. Mr. Barnett needs a lot of communications to shake his smug universe. The Lew Rockwell site is disliked ,correctly, for a number of reasons here. However, I have found that many of the posters such as Tom Wood are gentlemen and will discuss substantive disagreements in a civil and even friendly fashion. But there are those whose combination of abuseness and vulgarity particularly towards the armed forces merit slamming. One such is Mr Gary Barnett,...
  • What happens when the CinC issues an unlawful order?

    03/28/2011 7:18:32 PM PDT · by sarasmom · 26 replies
    self | 032811 | sarasmom
    When there exists a situation where the specific directives of the UCMJ, and an elected CINCs orders are in direct conflict, which directive order is primary?
  • To all Vets: Advisory from National Guard Bureau (NGB)

    03/22/2011 2:01:28 PM PDT · by Hotmetal · 10 replies
    NGB Weekly Threat Update/Force Protection Advisory | 22 Feb 2011
    Sent to me by my Readiness NCO SEE BELOW FOR INFORMATION ON A VETERANS AFFAIRS SCAM. REPEAT - THIS IS AN ADVISORY ON A SCAM THAT IS CIRCULATING. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Advisory from National Guard Bureau (NGB) An organization called Veterans Affairs Services (VAS) is providing benefit and general information on VA and gathering personal information on veterans. This organization is not affiliated with VA in any way.
  • Bud Lomell, Local World War II Hero, Dies ("Boys of Point Du Hoc")

    03/05/2011 5:13:52 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 9 replies
    The Patch ^ | March 3, 2011 | Catherine Galioto, Don Bennett, and Adam Hochron
    A local legend many called a hero for his World War II efforts died at the age of 91 yesterday. World War II veteran and Silver Star recipient Leonard G. 'Bud' Lomell died of natural causes in Toms River March 1. ďHe was a great friend of all of us and a hero of D-Day, a person of great character,íí said Freeholder Director Joseph H. Vicari. ďBud was a very kind man, we miss him,íí said Freeholder Gerry P. Little, recalling how Lomell served in the Second Ranger Battalion, charged with silencing German shore batteries during the D-Day invasion. He...
  • Prez Engages in Oil Speculation, Confuses With Dithering on Libya

    02/28/2011 3:48:39 PM PST · by Candor7 · 7 replies
    EIB Network ^ | February 25, 2011 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: The president of the United States has engaged in oil price speculation. This is unprecedented. It's unheard of, and it isn't healthy. And the Money Honey at CNBC was not happy about it. BREAK TRANSCRIPT RUSH: Yesterday afternoon, the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, during a meeting with the Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. OBAMA: We actually think that we'll be able to ride out the Libya situation and it will stabilize. RUSH: He's talking about the oil price. "We actually think that we'll be able to ride out the Libya situation and [the price of oil] will...
  • TOG (The Old Guard) to help celebrate Kuwaiti liberation

    02/19/2011 8:32:36 AM PST · by shove_it · 8 replies
    DC Military ^ | 17 Feb 2011 | Michael Norris Pentagram Assistant Editor
    One hundred forty Soldiers from the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment, The Old Guard, will travel to Kuwait next week to take part in the countryís 20th anniversary of its liberation during the 1991 Gulf War. TOG will provide a marching company and color bearers for the Feb. 26 ceremony and parade, joined by other U.S. and international military personnel who participated in the conflict. Kuwait will also concurrently recognize the 50th year of independence from Great Britain during several days of festivities surrounding Liberation Day, although the calendar date for that anniversary doesnít actually occur until June. Kuwait was liberated...

    02/18/2011 8:28:39 AM PST · by NoNAIS · 13 replies
    Sun Valley Chronicle ^ | February 18, 2010 | Not Stated
    Video at link As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a speech at George Washington University yesterday condemning governments that arrest protestors and do not allow free expression - and lauding freedom of speech on the Internet - 71-year-old military veteran Ray McGovern was grabbed from the audience in plain view of her by police and an unidentified official in plain clothes and hustled out of the building and, according to McGovern and his supporters, was ďbrutalized and left bleeding in jail.Ē What McGovern did was simply remain standing silently in the audience and turned his back on her as...
  • Maine American Legion 64th annual Dirigo Boys State

    02/04/2011 1:06:52 PM PST · by George Varnum · 3 replies
    The American Legion, Dept. of Maine ^ | 02/04/2011 | Uncle Jaque
    The American Legion Department of Maine has announced the 64th annual Dirigo Boys State to be held at Thomas College in Waterville from June 19 to the 23rd, 2011. The purpose of Boys State is to provide Maine High School Juniors an opportunity to learn the basic system of politics and governance of a democratic society. Instructors are brought in from a diverse background of legal, educational, and political backgrounds to guide participants in setting up a simulated or "moot" government reflecting that of the State of Maine. Cost of the Summer program is $275 which may be subsidized by...