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Keyword: transhumanism

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  • On Viewing 2001: The First Transhumanist Film

    11/20/2015 10:59:53 AM PST · by Mellonkronos · 27 replies
    The Atlas Society ^ | November 20, 2015 | Edward Hudgins
    [If you're into science fiction or into a lot of the new scientific breakthroughs, you'll probably find this interesting!]On Viewing 2001: The First Transhumanist FilmBy Edward Hudgins I recently saw 2001: A Space Odyssey again on the big screen. That's the best way to see this visually stunning cinematic poem, like I saw it during its premiere run in 1968. The film's star, Keir Dullea, attended that recent screening and afterward offered thoughts on director Stanley Kubrick's awe-inspiring opus. He and many others have discussed the visions offered in the film. Some have come to pass: video phone calls and...
  • Transhumanism: Taking the Place of Our Creator

    10/17/2015 1:22:17 PM PDT · by NYer · 15 replies
    Catholic Lane ^ | October 15, 2015 | Rebecca Taylor
    There is a dangerous philosophy emerging in our fast-paced, technology-driven world of which most people are totally unaware. And yet, when Francis Fukuyama, economist at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, was asked what idea posed the “greatest threat to the welfare of humanity,” his answer was this philosophy.And yet I am positive most Catholics have never heard of it. Catholics certainly do not realize that they are being fed a steady diet of images in popular media that play right to the more seductive aspects of this ideology.What is it? It is transhumanism. “What is that?” you...
  • The Next Big Science vs. Church Battle: Can Transhumanism and Christianity Co-Exist?

    10/05/2015 3:29:05 AM PDT · by Enlightened1 · 17 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 10/04/15 | Michael Gryboski
    Can churches engage transhumanism, which may very well be the next big science vs. religion battle, positively or should they absolutely resist this movement, an academic institution in Alabama asked during a multi-day event focused on whether Christianity and Transhumanism could co-exist. Samford University's Center for Science and Religion held the event, titled "Transhumanism and the Church," which took place from Sept. 24-26 and featured 27 presentations with approximately 120 attendees for the opening lecture alone. Transhumanism is the theory that science and technology can be used to advance the evolution of human beings beyond current physical and mental limitations....
  • Ray Kurzweil Wants to Make Us Gods, But Got the Piano Wrong

    10/03/2015 12:43:34 PM PDT · by CharlesOConnell · 13 replies
    9/2/2015 | Charles O'Connell
    Google's director of engineering Ray Kurzweil is promising that with robots in our brains, we'll be godlike. Yes, but what tawdry gods we'd be. Okay, all I have to do is realize that I'm god, or as a technological solution to the fundamental ontological question "why?", get one of Kurzweil's gizmos implanted in my skull. But what a poor job I'm doing from my shabby Mt. Olympus. Just take a look around you, a world of repression & murder, but with no excuse, with a sufficient amount of everything for everybody to have enough of everything. Enough agriculture, manufacturing &...
  • First Human Head Transplant Date Officially Set For 2017

    09/15/2015 3:43:37 PM PDT · by lbryce · 65 replies
    Huffington Tech ^ | Septermber 14, 2015 | Thomas Tambyn
    It's finally happening. A controversial human head transplant operation now has a date and a team of neurosurgeons willing to undergo the procedure. Italian neurosurgeon Dr Sergio Canavero has, according to CEN, announced that he will be carrying out the procedure at Harbin Medical University in China along with a team of both Chinese and Italian surgeons. valery spiridonov Valery Spiridonov has agreed to undergo the procedure. Dr Canavero has been talking about the controversial procedure for years but it was only this year that he was able to find a willing volunteer that would be happy to undergo the...
  • Future Transhumanist Tech May Soon Change The Definition Of Disability

    09/14/2015 11:53:59 AM PDT · by Mellonkronos · 23 replies
    Tech Crunch ^ | September 14, 2015 | Zoltan Istvan
    [I lover science! The one thing I would add is that the tech advances that make these sorts of inventions possible came from the free market. Thats why we can all afford smart phones and computers. Get the government out of medical stuff and these sorts of things could be more widely available.]Future Transhumanist Tech May Soon Change The Definition Of DisabilityBy Zoltan Istvan Radical technologies around the world may soon overhaul the field of disability and immobility, which affects in some way more than a billion people around the world. MIT bionics designer Hugh Herr, who lost both his...
  • Gnostic Physicists: The World is a Computer Simulation in Minds of Robotic Overlords

    08/19/2015 11:05:23 AM PDT · by spirited irish · 49 replies
    Renew America ^ | August 18, 2015 | Linda Kimball
    Is the world we live in a computer simulation in the minds of Robotic Overlords who are using humanity as playthings? This is the "scientific" theory put forward by a number of physicists and Oxford University philosopher Nick Bostrom.(1) Bostrom is one of the founders of the World Transhumanist Association. Transhumanism is a blend of revitalized Gnostic pagan and Eastern occult pantheist elements and magic science undergirded by a strong Darwinian impulse. Thus it subscribes to the modern myth of a coming Superman that is actually a counterfeit of the Christian vision of a new and perfected human race spiritually...
  • The Future of the LGBT Movement May Involve Transhumanism [Genesis 6]

    07/16/2015 8:44:46 AM PDT · by Jan_Sobieski · 30 replies
    Huffington Post ^ | 6/25/2015 | Zoltan Istvan
    The other night my wife and I were reading to our 4-year-old daughter a children's book that we borrowed from the public library. We came to a section where two characters -- both who were the same sex -- began having romantic feelings for each other. My wife and I smiled -- we have many good LGBT friends. Later that evening after putting my daughter to bed, I began wondering about the future of the LGBT movement, especially after Tim Cook, Apple's CEO and probably the world's most influential technologist, recently said he was proud to be gay. It's certainly...
  • Ray Kurzweil: Humans will be hybrids by 2030

    06/04/2015 6:14:41 AM PDT · by Enlightened1 · 38 replies
    CNN ^ | 06/04/15
    That's the prediction of Ray Kurzweil, director of engineering at Google (GOOG), who spoke Wednesday at the Exponential Finance conference in New York. Kurzweil predicts that humans will become hybrids in the 2030s. That means our brains will be able to connect directly to the cloud, where there will be thousands of computers, and those computers will augment our existing intelligence. He said the brain will connect via nanobots -- tiny robots made from DNA strands. "Our thinking then will be a hybrid of biological and non-biological thinking," he said. The bigger and more complex the cloud, the more advanced...
  • Can we delete death? Transhumanism's lofty goal meets a Catholic response

    04/09/2015 1:59:10 PM PDT · by NYer · 13 replies
    cna ^ | April 9, 2015 | Adelaide Mena and Mary Rezac
    Bionic eye (CC0 1.0). Washington D.C., Apr 9, 2015 / 04:02 am (CNA/EWTN News).- It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie – being able to “upload” our minds to computers to live on after we die, to freeze our bodies only to bring them back in the future, or to pop pills to enhance our mood and intelligence. While these may seem like impossible notions, these are the kinds of things the transhumanism and posthumanism movements are hoping for and working toward. However, as with most technological advancements, these proposals have bioethicists and theologians questioning: just because we...
  • Google, Entrepreneurs, and Living 500 Years

    03/13/2015 6:43:06 AM PDT · by Mellonkronos · 6 replies
    The Atlas Society ^ | 3/12/2015 | Edawrd Hudgins
    [The one thing to add is that free markets are absolutely necessary so that entrepreneurs can pursue their ideas and innovations.] Google, Entrepreneurs, and Living 500 YearsBy Edward Hudgins Is it possible to live to be 500? Yes, answers Bill Maris of Google, without qualifications. A Bloomberg Markets piece on Google Ventures and the Search for Immortality documents how the billions of dollars Maris invests each year is transforming life itself. But the piece also makes clear that the most valuable asset he possesses and that, in others, makes those billions workis entrepreneurship. Google's Bio-FrontiersMaris, who heads a venture capital...
  • Researchers, Ahoy! Should Futurist Science Move Offshore?

    11/20/2014 11:06:48 AM PST · by Mellonkronos · 13 replies ^ | November 9, 2014 | Nikki Olson
    Interesting here to see transhumanists again talking about moving offshoreliterally!to avoid government regulations. -- Mellonkronos Researchers, Ahoy! Should Futurist Science Move Offshore?" By Nikki Olson November 9, 2014 What is the likelihood of seeing research vessels devoted to scientific research outside the bounds of national jurisdiction? The idea of relocating for the sake of circumventing law, in particular the notion of establishing new nations in international waters, is an idea typically initiated with liberty in mind. The Principality of Sealand, for instance, established in 1967, was founded with the intention of creating a space free from oppressive laws and...
  • Mad scientist gets his hands on power of God

    02/02/2014 7:40:49 AM PST · by Epistolizer · 14 replies
    An analysis pointing out the intersection of transhumanism and the occult.
  • Can You Be Good Without God?

    01/29/2014 4:37:11 PM PST · by NYer · 75 replies
    Catholic Answers ^ | January 28, 2014 | Todd Aglialoro
    Atheists and agnostics like to claim that religion or belief in God isnt necessary for living a moral life. I can be a good person without God, they say. Some go a step further and try to build a case for why they can be even better people without God. For example, they might claim that whereas theists are concerned about obeying religious commands that will get them into a heavenly afterlife, unbelievers are able to apply all their energies to making this world a better place.In a certain sense, its correct to say that one can be a...
  • Racist Al Gore Tells World Economic Forum They Have To Find Ways To Keep Africas Population Down

    01/29/2014 4:34:31 PM PST · by Impala64ssa · 18 replies
    Al Gore pops his head up at Davossay, howd he get there? A fossil fueled flight?to make a racist pronouncement (via Climate Depot). Stopping overpopulation is one way the dangers of climate change can be mitigated, according to two of the most prominent believers in global warming. Former Vice President Al Gore and Microsoft founder Bill Gates (how did Gates get to Davos? Anyone think he flew commercial?) said at the World Economic Forum in Davos that contraception is a key in controlling the proliferation of unusual weather they say is endangering the world. Depressing the rate of child mortality,...
  • Playing God: Superhumanity

    01/08/2014 10:04:41 AM PST · by Welchie25 · 6 replies
    Catholic Review ^ | 1/8/14 | Maria Wiering
    Todd Blatt is betting that Google Glass will benefit from a few accessories when it is released to the public next year. The first is a camera cap. Already, the 30-year-old 3-D designer has had people shield their face from him while he was wearing his pair of phonesyncing glasses, a sign they dont trust that hes not recording them. Blatt, a Baltimorean who also lives in New York, used the crowd-funder Kickstarter to finance GlassKap, a plastic device that fits over the camera lens, and other Google Glass accessories. He scored a pair of the glasses as part of...
  • Dogs Are Perfectly Happy To Socialize With Robots

    09/16/2013 7:43:17 AM PDT · by BenLurkin · 30 replies
    PopSci ^ | 09.12.2013 at 3:05 pm | By Shaunacy Ferro
    In the centuries-old best friendship between dogkind and humankind, humans are apparently easily replaced with robots. Seemingly loyal canines are totally willing to interact with cold, hard machines, according to a new study in Animal Cognition, gazing lovingly at their robot faces and finding hidden foodstuffs that the robot pointed to..... The study investigated whether or not dogs would be willing to interact with an unfamiliar robot. It found that the dogs would interact with a cyborg--if the robot seemed like a social being, as evidence by its ability to talk to the dog and its owner.
  • Elysium: just saw it, and liked it

    08/10/2013 7:32:12 PM PDT · by beebuster2000 · 98 replies
    self | aug 10, 2013 | beebuster2000
    Just saw it mid day saturday. theatre was pretty crowded but not packed. i kind of liked it. damon was good as low level criminal that gets into a big big mess. Jodie Foster was really good as the evil b*&%h that runs the space station habitat. For reasons never explained she speaks French, and has some odd kind of French accent. Aside from that she fills the roll. She also fills out her tight skirt, looks like Ms. Foster has ballooned a little. Might have gone another way on the rear tight skirt shots. Double wide. Lot of stuff...
  • Immortality by 2035?

    06/16/2013 4:05:48 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 22 replies
    CNBC ^ | June 14, 2013 | Bob Pisani
    How's this for a weekend conference: Some of the smartest people in the world are gathering in New York to try to figure out how to build lifelike copies of humans ... to be eventually uploaded with the contents of a real human brain. It's the brainchild of a Russian multimillionaire, Dmitry Itskov. ... And he says he's perfectly serious, and that it could be accomplished by 2035. Crazy? The New York Times gave Itskov a front-page profile on its Sunday Business page a week and a half ago. Imagine this ... a digital copy of your brain in a...
  • Bilderberg Group? No conspiracy, just the most influential group in the world

    06/06/2013 8:23:59 AM PDT · by rktman · 25 replies
    The Telegraph ^ | 6/6/2013 | Matthew Holehouse
    No such encounters will take place in Watford this week, as the Bilderberg, the annual conference for 140 of the worlds most powerful, meet for four days at The Grove, a 300-a-night golf hotel close to the M25. The entire hotel has been booked out, and a high fence erected around the exclusion zone. Armed checkpoints have been set up on local roads, and locals must show their passports to enter their own driveways. The Home Office may foot the bill. A US news site dedicated to uncovering conspiracies had booked a room for last week but were told by...