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  • Kermit Gosnell’s Attorney Upset Murder Trial Taking so Long

    05/07/2013 12:21:51 PM PDT · by Morgana · 18 replies
    Life News ^ | Steven Ertelt
    The defense attorney for abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell is upset the murder trial is taking so long. Today, he complained to reporters about it, attempting to make a witty comment about the time the jury is taking to reach a verdict. After Jack McMahon made a comment about the length of the jury deliberations and trial, a reporter shot back with an equally witty retort. McMahon has been in a particularly hot mood this week during the trial and started it off with a blowup over the Fox News special that aired Friday and Sunday nights exposing the gruesome abortions...
  • Memorial Service Will Give Names to Babies Kermit Gosnell Killed

    05/07/2013 12:19:10 PM PDT · by Morgana · 3 replies
    Life News ^ | Steven Ertel
    A pro-life Catholic group will hold a memorial service tomorrow to give names to the babies killed via late-term abortions and infanticides at the Kermit Gosnell abortion clinic. Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, told LifeNews today about his plans. As he mentions, he has requested the actual bodies of the babies victimized in the abortion-infanticides at Gosnell and his staff’s hands. “As we await the verdict in the trial of Kermit Gosnell, Priests for Life, which has requested from the Medical Examiner the bodies of the babies retrieved from Gosnell’s clinic so that a funeral and...
  • Senate Republicans Demand Hearing on Gosnell, Abortion Clinics

    05/07/2013 12:02:21 PM PDT · by Morgana · 3 replies
    Life News ^ | Steven Ertelt
    With a national controversy swirling surrounding abortion as the Kermit Gosnell murder trial unfolds, several Senate Republicans are seeking hearings on the abortion practitioner and abortion in general. Sen. Mike Lee, a Utah Republican, released a letter along with 10 of his GOP colleagues introducing a resolution calling for the Senate to hold hearings on abortion facility regulations. “Congress and States should gather information about and correct abusive, unsanitary, and illegal abortion practices and the interstate referral of women and girls to facilities engaged in dangerous or illegal second- and third-trimester procedures,” the resolution states. “The lack of oversight at...
  • Catholic Caucus: In Loving Memory Father Matt Robinson, OP

    05/07/2013 7:50:45 AM PDT · by topher · 2 replies
    In Loving Memory of Father Edward Mathias "Matt" Robinson, O.P. Father Edward Mathias ("Matt") Robinson, O.P., passed away peacefully Thursday evening, March 29, 2012, at 9:25pm CDT in Irving. He was born on May 13, 1914, joined the St. Joseph Province of the Dominican Order in 1935, and was ordained to the priesthood on June 7, 1941. Fr. Robinson dedicated a lengthy period of his life in the Diocese of Dallas and served well, upholding Sacred Doctrine and possessing an immense love for the people, for his brother and sister Dominicans, for his beloved Diocese, for the Sacraments, and for...
  • Gosnell trial: ABC News advertisers for 5/6 and 5/4

    05/06/2013 6:43:22 PM PDT · by Faith Presses On · 5 replies
    Here are advertisers on ABC World News for tonight and Saturday, if anyone would like to write to them about ABC's blackout of the Gosnell trial. Sat. 5/4: Progressive Sunsweet USPS Preen Nexium Axiron EnergyTomorrow Biomet Oxford partial knee, Ad Council BP Phillips Off, SC Johnson Mon. 5/6: Publisher's Clearinghouse Enbrel Prudential USPS Aleve Depend Fidelity Dr. Scholl's Biomet Nexium Constitution USA, PBS Infiniti Phillips I see good coming out of this situation which the networks wouldn't expect. "They meant it for harm," but God can bring good out of it. Maybe because of how this story is so...
  • Obama says he’s ‘comfortable’ with Plan B ‘morning-after’ pill for 15 year-olds

    05/06/2013 6:16:41 PM PDT · by Morgana · 20 replies
    Life Site ^ | Kirsten Andersen
    MEXICO CITY, May 6, 2013 (LifeSiteNews) – President Barack Obama told reporters at a Mexico City press conference Thursday that he is “very comfortable” with newer, more lax guidelines allowing the emergency contraceptive pill Plan B to be sold over-the-counter to girls as young as 15, and requiring it to be available on easy-to-access store shelves instead of behind the pharmacy counter. “The rule that’s been put forward by the FDA, [Department of Health and Human Services] Secretary Sebelius has reviewed,” Obama said. “She’s comfortable with it; I’m comfortable with it.” Plan B (Levonorgestrel) is a strong dose of hormones...
  • Obama Admin Gives Up Forcing Bible Publisher to Obey HHS Mandate

    05/06/2013 6:02:51 PM PDT · by Morgana · 12 replies
    Life News ^ | Steven Ertelt
    In a huge victory for pro-life advocates taking on the controversial HHS mandate, the Obama administration is giving up its effort to force a Bible publisher to obey it. The mandate has generated massive opposition from pro-life groups because it forces employers, regardless of their religious or moral convictions, to provide insurance coverage for abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and contraception under threat of heavy penalties. The Obama administration opposed an order a judge gave temporarily stopping enforcement, arguing that Tyndale House Publishers isn’t religious enough for an exemption from the mandate, a component of ObamaCare that forces employers, regardless of their...
  • Gosnell Got “Snipping” Idea From Partial-Birth Abortion Inventor

    05/06/2013 5:59:44 PM PDT · by Morgana · 4 replies
    Life News ^ | Steven Ertelt
    Abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell has drawn national attention for his gruesome method of killing babies in an abortion-infanticide procedure that involves “snipping” their necks with medical scissors. The idea of jabbing scissors into the back of necks of babies shortly after their forced induced birth sounds like something out of a creep science fiction film. The reality is, as one pro-life blogger has put together, the idea came from an Ohio abortion practitioner in a paper presented to the National Abortion Federation. In 1992, abortion practitioner Martin Haskell wrote a seminal paper presenting the new partial-birth abortion method, which has...
  • Kermit Gosnell Attorney Furious About Fox News Murder Trial Special

    05/06/2013 12:14:17 PM PDT · by Morgana · 24 replies
    Life news ^ | Steven Ertelt
    The defense attorney for abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell is furious about the Fox News special that aired Friday and Sunday nights exposing the gruesome abortions and infanticides that took place at his abortion clinic. Jack McMahon claims the special was designed to sway members of the jury, even though jurors have been instructed to not watch or read any media coverage of Gosnell and the murder trial. As local Philadelphia reporter J.D. Mullane reported on Twitter this morning: and Following McMahon’s outburst, Judge Jefferey P. Minehart called the jury into the courtroom and instructed them to let him know if...
  • Obama admin. surrenders in HHS mandate case against Bible publisher

    05/06/2013 10:24:48 AM PDT · by topher · 26 replies ^ | 5-6-2013 | The Editors
    Obama admin. surrenders in HHS mandate case against Bible publisher WASHINGTON, May 6, 2013 ( - At the government’s own request, a federal appellate court Friday dismissed the Obama administration’s appeal of an order that stopped the president from enforcing the HHS birth control mandate against a Bible publisher. The administration’s retreat marks the first total appellate victory on a preliminary injunction in any abortion pill mandate case. Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing Tyndale House Publishers say the administration is apparently nervous about trying to defend its position that a Bible publisher is not religious enough for a religious exemption...
  • “I Am Not Happy About It:” A family dreading twins reflects the selfishness of our culture

    05/05/2013 8:29:56 PM PDT · by Morgana · 53 replies
    Live Action ^ | Kristen Hatten
    A recent post on HuffPo has gone viral, being reposted mostly by people who can’t believe what they just read. A man, if you can call him that, writing under the pen name Albert Garland wants you to know: “My Wife Is Expecting Twins and I Am Not Happy About It.” This article is an excellent example of what we mean when we say “first world problems.” Even as it starts, I know I am about to read something steeped in a viewpoint warped and twisted by selfishness. It begins thusly: I’ve been doing some spying lately, casually asking friends...
  • Colleges to pregnant women: You’re not welcome here

    05/05/2013 8:26:38 PM PDT · by Morgana · 17 replies
    Live Action ^ | Ashley Herzog
    Last week, Yale announced that its student health plan will cover sex-reassignment surgery for students, deeming it an important part of “equal-access” health care. This might shock anyone who doesn’t follow academia, but I wasn’t the least bit surprised. This is just the latest of seemingly endless efforts by colleges to accommodate the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) student community. “We hope that this represents a commitment to catch up to our peers in terms of offering transgender students an equitable student life and health care experience,” Gabriel Murchison, a member of Yale’s Resource Alliance for Gender Equity, told...
  • Born alive after abortions part 7: Abortionist strangles baby, gets away with it

    05/05/2013 7:50:54 PM PDT · by Morgana · 2 replies
    Live Action ^ | Sarah Terzo
    In 1977, abortion was legal throughout the country during all nine months of pregnancy. When an obstetrician gynecologist told teenager “Mary W” that she was 28 weeks pregnant, he suggested that she give the baby up for adoption, as few doctors in the area were willing to perform abortions that late. But Mary was determined, and she managed to find an abortionist – Dr. William Baxter Waddill. On March 2, 1977, Mary arrived at Westminster Community Hospital for a saline abortion. Saline abortions are seldom performed today because of the danger to the mother and the possibility of live births,...
  • Abortion Activist: Kermit Gosnell Horrors “Just Like Weeding Your Garden”

    05/05/2013 7:43:30 PM PDT · by Morgana · 10 replies
    Life News ^ | Ben Broussard
    The passerby tried to justify Dr. Gosnell’s brutal abortions. “It’s not murder.” Refering to pregnant mothers, she said: “There’s nothing there until there’s love.” TFP volunteer: “If it’s not murder, then what is it?” Pro-abortion woman: “It’s like you’re weeding your garden.” TFP: “Really? Do you kill the weeds?” “You have to love. There’s not life until there’s love.” On Monday, April 28, 2013, six TFP Student Action members traveled to downtown Philadelphia to campaign against abortion. The atmosphere was highly charged as the young men formed outside the Center for Criminal Justice, where final arguments in the murder trial...
  • I Worked in an Abortion Clinic Like Gosnell’s House of Horrors

    05/05/2013 5:14:15 PM PDT · by Morgana · 5 replies
    Life News ^ | Deborah Edge
    I looked in the paper and saw a doctor’s office in need of a bilingual receptionist, someone who could schedule appointments for patients – it was perfect for me. I didn’t realize it was an abortion clinic. I was a Christian but abortion was not at the top of my list of concerns. I thought it was not a great option but really depended upon the woman’s situation. In my desperation, I put my beliefs aside, only worrying about putting food on the table for my three children and one on the way. As happens with a lot of abortion...
  • [Abortion:] The euphemism imperative

    05/05/2013 5:36:55 AM PDT · by rhema · 6 replies
    Politico ^ | 5/2/13 | Rich Lowry
    President Barack Obama was proud to become the first sitting president to address Planned Parenthood last Friday. But not proud enough to utter the word “abortion.” The right to abortion is the sneakiest, most shame-faced of all American rights. Its most devoted supporters don’t dare speak its name. They hide behind evasion and euphemism and cant. So Obama sang a hymn of praise to Planned Parenthood at the organization’s annual conference without mentioning what makes it so distinctive and controversial. He said it is a group women “count on for so many important services.” He said its core principle is...
  • Eight Pro-Life People Planned Parenthood Hates [and fears] the Most

    05/04/2013 4:51:23 PM PDT · by rhema · 38 replies ^ | 5/3/13 | Matthew Archbold
    Planned Parenthood is much in the news lately. And they can’t be happy about it. The trial of House of Horrors abortionist Kermit Gosnell is putting killing babies in a bad light. And then Lila Rose and Live Action released a number of videos showing there’s no real difference between Planned Parenthood and Gosnell. So I’ve put together a list of people I believe Planned Parenthood hates the most. Here they are: Lila Rose – You can’t overestimate the intensity of hatred that Planned Parenthood feels for Lila Rose. You see, representatives of Planned Parenthood never talk about abortion or...
  • Planned Parenthood of Delaware abortionist ogled, slapped, played peek-a-boo with patients

    05/04/2013 8:27:41 AM PDT · by Morgana · 14 replies
    Jill Stanek ^ | Jill Stanek
    … And that’s not the worst of it. I didn’t have room in my title for the hymn abortionist Timothy Liveright sang to one patient during her abortion, “Jesus, Ohhhhh Jesus, take the sinners down the river, Ohhhh Jesus.” Seems to me that was meant as some sort of double entendre for the abortion he was committing. Gross on so many levels. I spoke yesterday with RN Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich, pictured above right, who worked at Planned Parenthood Delaware’s Dover and Wilmington clinics for 3-1/2 months in 2012. During that brief time Jayne saw a lot. And what she saw left...
  • Stanek weekend question from teen: How do you handle insults? (Pro-Life)

    05/04/2013 6:46:51 AM PDT · by Morgana · 8 replies
    Jill Stanek ^ | Jill Stanek
    I received the following email this week and given permission to ask all of you this brave pro-life teen’s question: Ho. I’m a proud fifteen year old pro-life Jesus Freak named ____. I just want to say God bless you for your work saving babies. Also how do you handle when you get yelled at and called evil for being pro-life? Someone insulted me and called me evil and stupid and un-Christian. What’s the best way to deal with it? Your suggestions?
  • Kermit Gosnell Murder Trial Jury Now Considering Murder Charges

    05/04/2013 12:14:05 AM PDT · by Morgana · 12 replies
    Life News ^ | Dave Andursko
    The Common Pleas Court jury of seven women and five men have finished their deliberations for the week in the murder trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell. They will return on Monday, but not before having apparently moved on from considering charges against Gosnell’s co-defendant (according to multiple news sources including the Philadelphia Inquirer and CNN) and on to the 72-year-old abortionist charged with five counts of murder. Eileen O’Neill, 56, is charged with six counts of theft by deception (she is accused of posing as a licensed doctor) that form the basis of racketeering and conspiracy counts for her alleged...