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  • ‘They Will Unmask Me Eventually,’ Says Author of ‘The Dictator Pope’ [Catholic Caucus]

    12/13/2017 9:19:59 PM PST · by BlessedBeGod · 7 replies
    Catholic Herald ^ | December 13, 2017 | Dan Hitchens
    The pseudonymous 'Marcantonio Colonna' claims Pope Francis has seen a shortlist of six possible authors. Marcantonio Colonna, the pseudonymous author of The Dictator Pope, has said the Vatican is trying to discover his identity. The book was published as a Kindle edition last week and has caused consternation with its claims about Pope Francis’s reign.Speaking to the Catholic Herald over email, Colonna claimed that the Pope had been given a list of possible names.“A person in England was misidentified as the author at one point and immediately received threatening telephone calls from Rome,” Colonna said. “I now hear that Vatican officials...
  • Facing Student Pressure, Georgetown Continues Contraception Coverage in Insurance Plans

    12/13/2017 5:14:37 PM PST · by marshmallow · 3 replies
    The Hoya ^ | 12/3/17 | Elizabeth Ash
    Georgetown University health insurance plans are continuing to cover contraception, despite a religious exemption from coverage requirements, following an advocacy campaign led by members of the student group H*yas for Choice. Two rules issued by the administration of President Donald Trump on Oct. 6 rolled back a mandate of the Affordable Care Act, former President Barack Obama’s signature health care law, which required most employers to cover contraception in employer-provided health insurance plans. The Trump administration’s rollback expanded the list of organizations that can claim religious exemptions to the mandate to include nonprofit organizations, for-profit companies and religious institutions of...
  • In War-torn Homs, Syria, an Altar is Re-Consecrated—a Symbol of Faithful’s Resolve....

    12/13/2017 5:11:09 PM PST · by marshmallow · 1 replies
    Aid to the Church in Need ^ | 12/8/17 | Maria Lozano
    THE RE-CONSECRATION of the altar in the Cathedral of Our Lady Queen of Peace (Dec. 1, 2017) was a new milestone on the journey back to normalcy in Homs, Syria. For three long years, 2011-2014—the city split between rebels and the Syrian regime—it was the setting for some of the fiercest fighting of the civil war. By the time the government took full control of Homs again, the city was left in ruins. In his emotional homily for the occasion, Melkite Patriarch Youssef Absi said, addressing an audience of more than a thousand: “Many have fallen as martyrs, your homes...
  • Bishop Robert Morlino on Controversy: “…Only What is True Can Ultimately be Pastoral.”

    12/13/2017 5:02:33 PM PST · by marshmallow · 2 replies
    Catholic World Report ^ | 12/11/17 | Jim Graves
    The Bishop of Madison, Wisconsin, who has been under fire from various homosexual activist groups and media outlets, stresses that anyone with “same-sex attraction is a child of God, that God died for him or her, that such a person has a heavy cross to carry and our job is to help them carry it, not to kick them when they’re down.”An online petition at is asking Pope Francis to remove Bishop Robert C. Morlino, 70, from his position as Bishop of Madison, alleging that in his ministry since he came to Wisconsin in 2003 “has put bigotry and...
  • On Evangelization and Mission, Should We Listen to Jesus or The Novelties of Bergoglio

    12/12/2017 6:00:15 PM PST · by ebb tide · 3 replies
    During the press conference on the airplane returning from Bangladesh on December 2, the French journalist Etienne Loraillčre posed this question to Bergoglio:“Which is your priority: to evangelize or to dialogue for peace?”The response of Bergoglio – after a series of incredible absurd statements – ended with these unheard of terms: “And your question: what is the priority, peace or conversion? But when you live with testimony and respect, you make peace. Peace starts to break down in this field when proselytism begins, and there are so many ways of proselytism, but this is not evangelical.” In practice, Bergoglio is...
  • Army atheist yells, ‘God save me’, as shells explode

    12/12/2017 10:42:15 AM PST · by fishtank · 28 replies
    Creation Ministries International ^ | Published: 12 December 2017 (GMT+10) | Roger Griffiths
    Army atheist yells, ‘God save me’, as shells explode by Roger Griffiths This article arose from an exchange of information between CMI’s translations facilitator Roger Griffiths and John T. Tolbert, an evangelist working with several language groups in Asia, primarily Vietnamese. Published: 12 December 2017 (GMT+10) John recalls, as a five-year-old, looking up at the sky, and realizing there must be a God. At 17 years, he joined the US Army, which was engaged in the Vietnam War. During basic training, an older colleague, hearing that John believed in God, gave him Mark Twain’s Letters from the Earth, which lampoons...
  • Amir Tsarfati discussing recent events in the Middle East, December 11

    12/11/2017 9:21:06 PM PST · by firebrand · 2 replies
    Behold Israel YouTube Channel ^ | Dec. 11, 2017 | Amir Tsarfati
    Amir at the top of the Golan Heights discusses Turkey's ambitions, the reaction of the world to the Jerusalem declaration by Trump, the fast forward motion of events. He covers Israeli technological developments, as far as he can reveal them, and the general policy of Israel not to allow the enemy to endanger it. Trust in the Lord!
  • Bucking a trend, these churches figured out how to bring millennials back to worship

    12/11/2017 1:50:26 PM PST · by aMorePerfectUnion · 120 replies
    The Kansas City Star ^ | 12-10-17 | Aaron Randle
    A few months after becoming pastor of Parkway Baptist Church, a 21-year-old Armour D. Stephenson III, or “AD3” as he is affectionately known, sat down with his deacons — almost all men over 40 — and laid out plans for his own version of the great flood. “The entire dynamic of our church was about to change,” AD3 recalls of the fateful 2006 meeting. His first decree: “Stop wearing suits on Sundays.” The congregation’s response? An exodus. Membership dwindled from about 300 to a low of 85. “Any time you’re shifting culture, there’s going to be some casualties,” AD3 says.

    12/10/2017 10:54:19 PM PST · by · 26 replies
    Intercessory prayer ^ | 12/11/2017 | UMCRevMom
    Please join with fellow FREEPERS to pray for President Trump, Vice-President Pence, and for America: Government, Family, Military, Business, Education, Churches, and the Media. This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. (I John 5:14) Religion forum threads labeled "Prayer" are closed to debate of any kind.
  • Bishop Bans Blessing for Italian Democratic Party, Outcry Ensues

    12/10/2017 5:23:52 PM PST · by marshmallow · 4 replies
    Church Militant ^ | 12/7/17 | Juliana Freitag
    Democratic Party leads Italy in pushing pro-abortion, pro-LGBT agendaThe liberals in the Viterbo, Italy diocese are in an uproar over a blessing ban. The Bishop, Lino Fumagalli, banned all blessings in the inaugurations of political parties' offices in the city, except when done privately. Obedient to the bishop's orders, two priests refused to give an official blessing in the opening ceremony of the new office of the Democratic Party (or PD, Partito Democratico) in town. The reaction was immediate, if unexpected. In power since 2013, PD has been responsible for aggressively pushing anti-Catholic, extremely unpopular laws in Italy, all to...
  • Irish Catholics Are a ‘Dying Breed’ – Diarmuid Martin

    12/08/2017 6:33:13 PM PST · by marshmallow · 13 replies
    The Irish Catholic ^ | 12/7/17 | Chai Brady
    Archbishop accused of demoralising effect on priestsPeople who come to Mass “are a dying breed” the Archbishop of Dublin Dr Diarmuid Martin has said. He said: “I could spend all my time being concerned about the people who come to church, but they’re — you know I don’t want to be nasty — but they’re a dying breed”. He was quoted in an article in The New York Times at the weekend about what the newspaper described as the ‘demise’ of the Catholic Church in Ireland. A leading psychiatrist and commentator has warned that the archbishop’s description of Massgoers as...
  • Kidnapped Twice, Missionary Priest Returns to Nigeria

    12/08/2017 6:19:04 PM PST · by marshmallow · 8 replies
    Catholic News Agency ^ | 12/6/17 | Hannah Brockhaus
    Rome, Italy, Dec 6, 2017 / 09:42 am (CNA/EWTN News).- After he was kidnapped in Nigeria in October, Italian missionary priest Fr. Maurizio Pallů has returned to the country, attributing his kidnapping to the work of the devil and crediting the Virgin Mary with his protection and release. “I saw a special maternal intervention of the Virgin Mary, especially Our Lady of Fatima,” he told EWTN, “because the way that she undid the plans of the devil is very evident.” Pallů, 63, is a member of the Neocatechumenal Way. He has served as a missionary in Nigeria for three years....
  • Disgraced Former Anglican Bishop Becoming Catholic to ‘Live and Worship in Anonymity

    12/07/2017 5:21:28 PM PST · by marshmallow · 9 replies
    The Catholic Herald (UK) ^ | 12/7/17 | Staff Reporter
    Peter Ball is reportedly in discussions about joining the Catholic Diocese of CliftonAn Anglican bishop who was jailed for sexually abusing 18 young men is converting to Catholicism to “live and worship in anonymity”. Peter Ball, who was Bishop of Lewes and of Gloucester for the Church of England, was jailed for 32 months in October 2015 for offences dating back to the 1970s. A spokesman confirmed that he has been in talks to join the Catholic Diocese of Clifton, although he is unlikely to take Holy Orders. The Daily Mail reports that his identical twin brother Michael, who served...
  • Pope Francis Calls for Lord's Prayer to be Altered as Current Wording Suggests God....

    12/07/2017 5:16:35 PM PST · by marshmallow · 121 replies
    The Daily Telegraph (UK) ^ | 12/8/17 | Reporters
    Pope Francis has called on the Roman Catholic Church to alter the Lord’s Prayer because he believes the current translation suggests God is capable of leading us “into temptation”. Instead, “Our father”, which is the best known prayer in Christianity, should be said using the phrasing adopted by French bishops, which reads as “do not let us enter into temptation”. The alternative wording used in France implies that it is through human fault that people are led to sin, rather than by God. The pontiff made the suggestion during a televised interview on Wednesday evening, in which he claimed that...
  • Archbishop: Politicians Who Say They’re Pro-Abortion and a Good Catholic Must be Admonished

    12/07/2017 5:12:51 PM PST · by marshmallow · 3 replies
    LifeSite News ^ | 12/7/17 | Lisa Bourne
    KANSAS CITY, Kansas, December 7, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Politicians who “flaunt” being Catholic while asserting that they are also pro-abortion are guilty of “misleading” other Catholics and must be admonished, said U.S. Archbishop Joseph Naumann in a recent interview. Naumann, who was elected last month by his brother bishops over Cardinal Blase Cupich to be the next head of the U.S. bishops' pro-life efforts, said that openly pro-abortion “Catholic” politicians are “particularly problematic” for the bishops to deal with. “We have an obligation to dialogue with that individual as much as possible. We want to presume his or her good...
  • How December 25 Became Christmas

    12/07/2017 8:36:38 AM PST · by rhett october · 32 replies
    Grace Centered Magazine ^ | 12-6-2017 | Dr. Andrew McGowan
    On December 25, Christians around the world will gather to celebrate Jesus’ birth. Joyful carols, special liturgies, brightly wrapped gifts, festive foods—these all characterize the feast today, at least in the northern hemisphere. But just how did the Christmas festival originate? How did December 25 come to be associated with Jesus’ birthday? The Bible offers few clues: Celebrations of Jesus’ Nativity are not mentioned in the Gospels or Acts; the date is not given, not even the time of year. The biblical reference to shepherds tending their flocks at night when they hear the news of Jesus’ birth (Luke 2:8)...
  • Priests Who Follow Church Teaching on Adultery and Communion are ‘Terrorists’: British Priest

    12/05/2017 6:13:26 PM PST · by marshmallow · 9 replies
    LifeSite News ^ | 12/5/17 | Matthew Cullinan Hoffman
    December 5, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – A well-known priest who writes a column for Britain’s oldest ecclesiastical newspaper is denouncing pro-life and pro-family clergy as fanatical “crypto-terrorists,” and mocking Archbishop Joseph Naumann, the recently-elected chairman of the U.S. Catholic bishops’ Pro-Life Committee. Mgr. Basil Loftus, columnist for Britain’s Catholic Times, says he’s concerned about “single-issue fanatics” who are “exercised about sex and marriage, about maniples and Communion-on-the-tongue, about celibacy of the clergy, about contraception, or about the right to carry loaded firearms in America while attending Mass,” calling them “fanatical partisans.” Loftus warns of such people: “their extremist and sometimes violent...
  • ‘Non Serviam’: Sale of Shuttered Convent Recalls Sisters’ Revolt

    12/04/2017 6:38:50 PM PST · by marshmallow · 11 replies
    Church Militant ^ | 12/1/17 | Stephen Wynne
    Immaculate Heart of Mary Sisters destroyed by humanistic psychologyLOS ANGELES ( - Fifty years after breaking apart over defiance of their bishop, the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) is nearing its end. For the past few years, the Tinseltown press has kept industry watchers abreast of the ongoing fight over the sisters' former convent in the exclusive L.A. district of Los Feliz. On one side are two of the five sisters who remain with the order, who have tried to sell the estate to Southern California businesswoman Dana Hollister. On the other, the archdiocese of Los Angeles,...
  • Pope Francis Says Mere Possession of Nuclear Weapons is Now 'Irrational'

    12/04/2017 6:31:38 PM PST · by marshmallow · 23 replies
    The Cold War-era policy of nuclear deterrence is no longer viable and that the mere possession of nuclear weapons is now "irrational", Pope Francis has said. "We're at the limit of licitly having and using nuclear arms. Why? Because today, such sophisticated nuclear arsenals risk destroying humanity or at least a great part of it," he said en route home following his trip to Bangladesh. Amid increasingly heated rhetoric between the U.S. and North Korea, the Pope s told a nuclear disarmament conference last month that mere possession of nuclear weapons was to be condemned, given the risks, and that...
  • The Continuing Vocation Crisis in the United States

    12/04/2017 6:21:54 PM PST · by marshmallow · 13 replies
    The Catholic Thing ^ | 11/28/17 | Fr. Mark Pilon
    I recently came across an interesting datum about the priest shortage in this country, especially in the large archdioceses. It seems that the Archdiocese of Los Angeles ordained only seven men in 2017 for well over 4 million Catholics. That reminded me of the kind of vocation data that have plagued the large archdioceses of South America for centuries. So I looked into our other large archdioceses, and I must say the picture is rather stunning. Take the five largest: Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, New York, and Houston. In 2017, these five ordained a total of 33 men to serve...