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  • US anti-war group vows sea of demonstrators at White House

    06/22/2005 2:25:08 PM PDT · by Thunder90 · 59 replies · 2,205+ views
    Yahoo news ^ | Wed June 1st | AFP
    WASHINGTON (AFP) - A US anti-war group vowed to surround the White House in a sea of demonstrators during coordinated protests scheduled to take place in Washington, as well as Los Angeles and San Francisco on September 24. The ANSWER Coalition expects more than 100,000 people, from families of US soldiers to trade unions and diverse religious groups, to take part in the demonstrations against the war in Iraq.
  • John Kerry to call for impeachment of George Bush (Al-Jazeera is loving this)

    06/05/2005 10:39:06 AM PDT · by hipaatwo · 97 replies · 3,140+ views
    John Kerry announced Thursday that he intends to present Congress with The Downing Street Memo, reported last month by the London Times. The memo purports to include minutes from a July 2002 meeting with Tony Blair, in which Blair allegedly said that President Bush's administration "fixed" intelligence on Iraq in order to justify the Iraqi war. The Downing Street Memo is the leaked secret British document that details the minutes of a 2002 meeting between top-level British and American government officials. The memo states that George Bush "was determined" to attack Iraq long before going to Congress with the matter,...
  • A.N.S.W.E.R.: Momentum Builds for Sept. 24 Mass March in Washington DC

    05/21/2005 7:42:43 AM PDT · by upchuck · 77 replies · 4,663+ views
    email | May 19, 2005 | A.B.S.W.E.R.
    Momentum Buildsfor Sept. 24 Mass Marchin Washington DCThe importance of the mass antiwar protests being organized on September 24 is driven home by two major new stories appearing today (M ay 19). A front-page article in the New York Times, headlined "Generals Offer a Sober Outlook on Iraqi War", is further confirmation of what has become crystal clear over the past month: The U.S. war strategy is in deep crisis and there is no more a "light" at the end of the tunnel in Iraq than there was in Vietnam. Pulling back from their rosy assessments of just a...
  • Loser "Don't Be Me I Voted For Kerry" Products

    05/15/2005 12:00:42 AM PDT · by raccoonradio · 6 replies · 372+ views
    raccoonradio ^ | 05/15/05 | raccoonradio
    Sometimes when people have a blog up they get "advertising keyed to it"--well, kind of. I saw the BoreAmerica blog ("listening to Air America so you don't have to") and since Kerry got mentioned often on the site, it automatically generated an ad for a site full of Dim propaganda T-shirts and bumper stickers. Kind of like, only meant to serve the losers who still have Kerry-Edwards stickers on their cars. Here are some examples (gotta laugh, laugh...schadenfraude!) "How Can 59,054,087 People Be So Dumb?" (re-pro of that Daily Mirror headline) "F The President" (spoof of those "W: Still...
  • ZOT! To the foolish Conservative

    05/13/2005 11:34:11 AM PDT · by Fingers full of Fungus · 50 replies · 764+ views
    To the foolish Conservative Many days have passed and many hours spent thinking. And i have become all the more powerful. You read this and the puss in your mind boils, for you know that while you ridicule me I steal away your integrity. Because my thoughts ring true with your own, but you are afraid to believe such things, knowing full well the punishment for an itch. I have been greeted with snares and cold food. For what is different than me? Who could make the list? And what of your family? Do they eat with you, sleep with...
  • ZOT! A Recommendation for you Bushbots

    05/13/2005 3:52:54 PM PDT · by not a bush leaguer · 121 replies · 2,931+ views
    Hey, you suckups to the twice selected Idiot in chief. Let me make a suggestion. Why don't you give the ultimate sacrifice to your Supreme Court/Diebold selected dunce? Why don't you sign up to go to Iraq and die for him? Your efforts won't go unappreciated either. I'll be sure and nominate all who do for Darwin awards.
  • ZOT! The Sad truth about this site

    05/13/2005 11:23:29 AM PDT · by FreeRetarded (aka JimmyClyde) · 241 replies · 6,513+ views
    Weve all seen and heard of a place called Free Republic, its full of divorced or wife-beating conservative slobs who have the hygene of John Goodman after a long picnic. They thrive on stupid,worthless topics that focus around the "wonder of life" and "lets keep people who cant feel or think alive because were to stubborn to admit that its pretty damn foolish". But above all other abominations in this world is the wretched "Admin Mod", a man of horrible values and the judgement of a meth lab. It is he who makes free republic, well not free at all,...
  • Analysis - Vote Counts May Have Been Altered Friday, 1 April 2005, 12:40 am *barf*

    03/31/2005 8:28:31 PM PST · by RedOhio · 39 replies · 1,189+ views
    Press Release: Scientific Analysis Suggests Presidential Vote Counts May Have Been Altered Group of University Professors Urges Investigation of 2004 Election US Count Votes March 31st , 2005 Officially, President Bush won November's election by 2.5%, yet exit polls showed Kerry winning by 3% [1] . According to a report to be released today by a group of university statisticians, the odds of a discrepancy this large between the national exit poll and election results happening by accident are close to 1 in a million. In other words, by random chance alone, it could not have happened. But...
  • LAT: Kerry Intensifies Attack on Bush

    03/18/2005 10:24:45 AM PST · by West Coast Conservative · 85 replies · 1,815+ views
    LA Times ^ | March 18, 2005 | Ronald Brownstein
    Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.), continuing his sharp attacks on the man who beat him in last year's White House race, on Thursday denounced President Bush's budget and his recent nominations of leading conservatives to two high-profile foreign policy posts. The budget Bush submitted to Congress failed to uphold basic values of "honesty, opportunity and responsibility," Kerry told the Center on National Policy, a Democratic think tank. In response to a question, Kerry charged that Bush's nomination of Undersecretary of State John R. Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations and Deputy Defense Secretary Paul D. Wolfowitz as president of...
  • Your Attention, Please [Regarding Keywords]

    01/30/2003 1:01:30 PM PST · by Admin Moderator · 298 replies · 2,229+ views
    <p>Is this thing on? Plug in that cord over there. Yes that one. NO NOT INTO THAT PLUG yes that one. Thanks. Testing 1 2 3.</p> <p>Hi everyone. Your friendly neighborhood AM here.</p> <p>Keywords. You've seen them. You love them. Maybe you have even abused them.</p> <p>Please don't abuse keywords. There are children in China doing without keywords.</p> <p>1) Having who added what keyword be revealed at the whim of sadistic moderators, such as myself.</p>
  • AAR... Ward Churchill protest

    03/02/2005 12:15:34 PM PST · by Thunder90 · 30 replies · 3,156+ views
    We did it... We protested churchill. There was a collection of pro-Churchill moonbats that showed up, and we protested them as well.
  • More trouble for Ward Churchill

    02/27/2005 7:37:24 AM PST · by alienken · 95 replies · 4,406+ views
    TROUBLE SPEAK Ward Churchill copied 'original' art piece Takes a swing at TV reporter who confronted him -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted: February 26, 2005 1:00 a.m. Eastern © 2005 Professor Ward Churchill Adding to a growing list of allegations, controversial University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill appears to have violated copyright law by claiming a reknowned artist's work as his own. Churchill, whose integrity has been challenged since news broke earlier last month of his paper blaming victims of 9-11 for the attacks, made an Indian-theme serigraph in 1981 called "Winter Attack" and printed 150 copies. But one of the buyers,...
  • Churchill fatwah accuses CIA and FBI of terrorism and of being a secret police

    02/21/2005 10:58:56 AM PST · by Snapple · 26 replies · 1,707+ views
    Orlando Direct Action Homepage ^ | No date given | Ward Churchill
    Ward Hill as a member of the schismatic Boulder/Denver branch of AIM [American Indian Movement] as spent his whole life trashing the FBI and police. Here is what he said in his "Roosting Chickens" article. He is an anarchist who publishes his books through anarchist publishers. He wants to trash our law enforcement and intelligence organizations so that we will be destroyed. He doesn't want to make them better. He want the USA off the planet. He has often depicted the FBI and CIA as terrorist organizations.
  • Operation Infinite Freep... Ward Churchill coming to UW-Whitewater on March 1st

    02/10/2005 1:55:38 PM PST · by Thunder90 · 48 replies · 2,727+ views
    Ward Churchill is the professor from Colorado University who called the dead in the World Trade Center "Nazis" and also said that the US deserved 9/11, and that we should have not fought back. Prof Churchill may get fired from the University of Colorado-Bolder He may appear on March 1st, time pending, if the administration approves of it.
  • 2-8 February 2005 BUZZ: Politics, Activism, and Media(Sgt. Due's Calvary On the Way!)

    02/02/2005 12:35:06 PM PST · by Josef1235 · 15 replies · 639+ views
    The Seattle Weekly ^ | 2 February 2005 | GEOV PARRISH
    Activism A Seattle Central Community College campus antiwar group, Students Against War, is in hot water after students chased U.S. Army recruiters off the SCCC campus during an Inauguration Day anti-Bush rally. Nobody was hurt in the incident, in which students ripped up recruiting literature and verbally confronted recruiters. Right-wing bloggers and radio talk shows across the country have gotten hold of the story and are besieging SCCC administrators with demands to discipline the students. The upshot, says Pete Knutson, the students' faculty adviser, was a letter from the administration demanding that the students apologize by Thursday or have their...
  • Kerry: Iraq Election No Big Deal

    01/30/2005 9:31:32 AM PST · by kattracks · 197 replies · 5,709+ views ^ | 1/30/05 | Carl Limbacher
    A bitter-sounding Sen. John Kerry dismissed the historic Iraqi election on Sunday, warning Americans not to "overhype" the watershed event. "No one in the United States should try to overhype this election," Kerry told NBC's "Meet the Press." The failed presidential candidate questioned the historic referendum's legitimacy, saying, "It's hard to say that something is legitimate when a whole portion of the country can't vote and doesn't vote." Kerry also pooh-poohed reports of a surprisingly high 72 percent turnout by Iraqi voters, insisting instead that the election has "gone as expected." Asked if he thought Iraq was now less of...
  • Kerry Pledges Military Record Release

    02/01/2005 12:29:14 AM PST · by Kaslin · 107 replies · 3,385+ views
    NewsMax ^ | February 1,2005 | Carl Limbacher
    Three months after he lost his presidential bid, Sen. John Kerry has finally agreed to a full release of his military records, after being cornered on the issue Sunday by "Meet the Press" host Tim Russert. Appearing on the same show last April, Kerry insisted all his military records were already in the public domain, telling Russert, "I've shown them - they're available to you to come and look at." But in August the Washington Post reported: "Although Kerry campaign officials insist that they have published Kerry's full military records on their Web site (with the exception of medical records...
  • Demonstrators Revel in Opposition on Big Day for President

    01/22/2005 1:27:42 PM PST · by Snapple · 11 replies · 653+ views
    NY Times ^ | January 21, 2005 | MICHAEL JANOFSKY
    Brian Becker is a communist and the organizer of all of Washington's demonstrations. He thinks North Korea is a cool place. "We think this is a significant achievement for the antiwar movement," said Brian Becker, national coordinator of a protest coalition called Act Now to Stop the War and End Racism, or Answer. "We have bleachers, a stage, a sound system, and we're right along the parade route. We feel we have succeeded." Never before had the Park Service granted a protest group dedicated space for the inaugural parade, organizers said, and Mr. Becker's coalition filled it with thousands...
  • (Ted) Turner Compares Fox's Popularity to Hitler

    01/25/2005 11:34:21 AM PST · by West Coast Conservative · 152 replies · 9,077+ views
    Broadcasting & Cable ^ | 1/25/2005 | Jim Finkle
    Ted Turner called Fox propaganda tool of the Bush administration and indirectly compared the Fox News Network's popularity to Adolph Hitler's popular election to run Germany before WWII. Turner made those fiery comments in his first address at NATPE since he was ousted from Time Warner five years ago. The 66-year-old billionaire who leveraged a television station in Atlanta into a media empire, made the comment before a standing-room-only crowd at NATPE's opening session Tuesday. His no-nonsense, sometimes humorous, approach during the one-hour Q&A generated frequent loud applause and laughter. Among the highlights: On Fox News: While Fox may be...
  • Worker's World Party Protest Freak Show On C-SPAN-2 NOW!!!

    01/20/2005 7:09:01 PM PST · by Doctor Raoul · 144 replies · 2,298+ views
    Tune in and listen to all the speakers spout "That Good Old Commie Melody" regardless of what group they respresent. Isn't this supposed to be a protest against BUSH right? These guys hate AMERICA, you can see and hear they say so. Take the speaker's name and search for that name and "COMMUNIST" and see what drops out. The Himmler looking Brian Becker won't admit to his WWP Secretariat credentials on his resume.