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  • Tonight the media says Trump's rally was sparsely attended. Tomorrow they'll say...

    06/20/2020 7:16:56 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 104 replies
    by Jim Robinson
    Tonight the media says Trump's rally was sparsely attended. Tomorrow they'll say there was thousands and thousands crowding together with no masks and now we're all gonna die!
  • Vanity: Bottom line, either vote for Trump and a Republican House and Senate to save our Constitutional Republic or let the left burn it all down

    06/30/2020 10:43:38 AM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 90 replies
    by Jim Robinson
    Your vote--use or or lose it.
  • Of course they want to disband the police. And they've already stated why.

    06/26/2020 12:19:54 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 32 replies
    by Jim Robinson
    So they can burn it ALL down.
  • Hillary claimed that 17 national security agencies said that Russia interfered with our elections and then she accused Trump of colluding with the Russians...

    01/24/2020 12:20:31 PM PST · by Jim Robinson · 43 replies
    Hillary claimed that 17 national security agencies said that Russia interfered with our elections and then she accused Trump of colluding with the Russians and actually hacked into her computer and published her emails (apparently without the infamous 30,000 missing emails). And that started a firestorm that engulfed the entire democrat party and the entire deep state federal behemoth including the entire U.S. intelligence community, the CIA, FBI, DOJ, State dept, etc, etc, etc, and led to three years of [illegal] surveillance, bogus investigations and a sham impeachment attempt. And now Schiff accuses the president of not trusting his own...
  • If our NATO partner and ally by treaty Turkey is conducting genocide and war crimes...

    10/13/2019 11:13:13 AM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 72 replies
    by Jim Robinson
    If our NATO partner and ally by treaty Turkey is conducting genocide and war crimes against the Kurds, then perhaps we should call on all our NATO partners and allies to condemn Turkey? We are currently committed by treaty to defend TURKEY, NOT the Kurds. We could tear up the treaties with Turkey and NATO and then enter into a mutual defense treaty with Kurdistan, but then what will Russia and Iran do? Oh, wait, there is no country named Kurdistan. This is the way world wars are started.
  • One of Trump's major policies is to root out corruption and Drain the Swamp - impeachable?

    10/05/2019 12:14:04 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 35 replies
    by Jim Robinson
    One of then major planks in Trump's campaign platform on which he was duly elected was and is to "Drain the Swamp!" That is now his duty and policy and that policy includes rooting out the entrenched corruption, anti-America bad actors, traitors, crooks, liars, slackers and deadwood from all federal departments and agencies, ie, the so-called "DeepState." Despite all the flak thrown up by Obama, Biden, Hillary, Kerry, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, the democrats, the media, the establishment elite, etc, this is what we the people want and demand and expect of good government. Why would the democrats not want this...
  • At a crossroads - Crisis for nation, will we stand for God and country, or surrender to socialism?

    10/03/2019 12:11:40 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 87 replies
    by Jim Robinson
    The massive corruption and rampant anti-Americanism unleashed by the Obama/Hillary era socialist-democrats is almost overwhelming. Corruption was top down throughout our government from President Obama and his cabinet and dept heads. Obama, Biden, Kerry, Hillary, Clapper, Brennan, Lynch, Holder, Comey, and the list goes on and on. And this corruption also runs through the congress and is covered up by the complicit leftist media. And the democrat crime family tentacles run internationally. If they ever get around to following the obvious money trail throughout the world left by Obama/Biden/Kerry/Hillary, et al, it’ll reveal the biggest government scandal ever in world...
  • Every steenking thing they're accusing Trump of doing, Hillary and the DNC actually did.

    07/24/2019 11:53:55 AM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 75 replies
    Every steenking thing they're accusing Trump of doing, Hillary and the DNC actually did... and much worse. And in collusion wit Russia and other foreign actors. In fact, this entire sham is a product of her disinformation campaign.
  • No, Mr. Democrat Congressional talking head, we cannot 'trust' the contents of the Mueller Report

    07/25/2019 10:55:19 AM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 24 replies
    by Jim Robinson
    No, Mr. Democrat Congressional talking head, we cannot 'trust' the contents of the so-called Mueller Report. It's painfully obvious that Mueller did not conduct the 'investigation,' did not supervise it and didn't even participate in it. The whole thing is a sham produced by his partisan staff. Every member of his staff are, just coincidentally, also members of the Hillary For President support team. Mueller doesn't even know what's in the report yet his every answer (when he answered) was, basically, if it's in the report, it's incontrovertible truth and therefor we must accept it. Really? We cannot question a...
  • The new political correctness rules say that if you mention the truth about democrats...

    07/20/2019 9:02:33 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 31 replies
    <p>So, the new political correctness rules say that if you mention the truth about a group of democrats who are for abortion, for 57 genders, for open borders, for socialism, for free education, for free healthcare, for guaranteed income, want to ban coal, gas & oil, want to ban the internal combustion engine, who express hatred for Israel and the Jewish people, who say our founding and our constitution is racist and oppressive, who hate America, who say America is racist and full of garbage people, who say our law enforcement personnel are Nazis who put people in concentration camps, children in cages, and wantonly murder millions of innocent little black, brown or Jewish babies, etc, then you are a racist, xenophobic, homophobic, bigoted white supremacist. But then they automatically say that about all white Republicans anyway and reserve even worse name-calling for ROC (Republicans of color).</p>
  • I stand with President Trump! Bump if you agree.

    07/16/2019 11:31:56 AM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 536 replies
    by Jim Robinson
    <p>Just a quick review. The democrats are calling for open borders, government healthcare, a continued war against coal, gas & oil (even a ban on the internal combustion engine) and many more socialist programs.</p> <p>These programs are designed to make our free-market economy fail so they can roll out full-blown socialism.</p>
  • How do you Freep? (rare vanity)

    06/07/2019 1:30:26 PM PDT · by Eddie01 · 42 replies
    Hey Freepers, I have Breaking News on the left and Front Page News on the right. I used to follow activism but since the days of Walter Reed and then Trump Rallys, just not seeing much content, which is WRONG! "Articles", all the time. I've only been out here since '98, so looking for more advanced set ups. Some people find and post to articles that are days old. I have no idea how they find older relevant content. Feel like I'm not getting the most our of my account settings. Interested in how you all do it. Maybe a...
  • Happy Birthday, Jim Robinson!

    11/02/2018 9:20:53 PM PDT · by Albion Wilde · 323 replies ^ | November 3, 2018 | So say all of us
    Happy Birthday, and many more to our wonderful host and great patriot—creator of Free Republic—Jim Robinson! Post your good wishes here!
  • Please don't allow belief in an anonymous deepthroat type tipster consume you.

    10/10/2018 11:22:24 AM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 198 replies
    There is life beyond q. And as much as q-pers may dislike non-q-believers, that does not make them trolls. Long-term FReepers are not trolls. If we can't coexist on one forum, then other arrangements can be made. Advise you cool your jets.
  • Vanity: Kavanaugh hearings, democrats working against the constitution

    09/07/2018 11:49:44 AM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 21 replies
    by Jim Robinson
    While watching the Kavanaugh hearings during the last few days, I'm impressed by the fact that the democrats are basically calling for our constitution to be dissolved. Got news for them. The central government was never intended by our Founders or the constitution to be a provider of health, education, housing, welfare, etc. In fact, the powers of the federal government are restricted to only those powers actually enumerated in the constitution and all other powers are reserved to the states and the people. Regarding the democrat parade of victims and sob stories: If you are broke or sick, unable...
  • No tax cuts for working class families? Don't let the democrats and lib media fool you.

    12/02/2017 2:44:33 PM PST · by Jim Robinson · 147 replies ^ | Dec 2, 2017 | by Jim Robinson
    <p>I calculated federal income taxes for two hypothetical working class couples filing jointly under the new senate proposal compared to current law, taking the standard deduction in each case (see the pdf at source).</p> <p>The first working class family has a combined income of $100,000 and if my calculations are NOW correct would owe $10,948 in federal income taxes under current law with an effective tax rate of 10.9%.</p>
  • Happy Anniversary, FReeper One

    11/26/2017 1:35:54 PM PST · by Oscar in Batangas · 176 replies
    N/A | unpublished | Oscar in Batangas
    It's an anniversary of sorts -- and should be something of a national holiday. Twenty years ago, Jim Robinson became FReeper #1 on this website, and we all are much the better for it. I found via my news aggregator at the time, The Drudge Report. Quickly I lost interest in that site in favor of this my new home page. I found that Freerepublic is just not a news aggregator, but an intelligence aggregator. Thanks to the overwhelming diversity of interests amongst the FReeper community, we can go from the smallest subatomic particles to the vastness of inter-gallactic...
  • Vanity on vanities--post and donate to FReepathon

    This is a news forum. But I sure am seeing a lot of vanity posts lately. You know our readers generally frown on vanities (unless exceptional in quality) so if you feel the urge to post yet another run of the mill vanity, please resist it. Or, in the very least, be sure to submit a donation along with your vanity submission. Thank you very much.
  • Re: "The party's over: Republicans and Democrats are both finished"

    09/14/2017 3:06:21 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 144 replies
    Jim Robinson
    Well, there was this little thing called a VOTER REBELLION that occurred last November. Neither party wants to take responsibility (yet) for their own shortcomings, and neither party wants to admit (yet) that it's really happening. It'll take another election or two where the voters throw the bums out before they start getting the message. It's way too early to send the success or failure of Trump's presidency to the jury, but I'm still happy. He already saved the nation from complete collapse under either Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton, the two uni-party favorites. The establishment elites from both parties...
  • The godless Marxist/fascist/globalist conquest of America is in full swing, Trump stands alone

    08/16/2017 4:24:58 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 243 replies
    by Jim Robinson
    History proves you cannot appease Marxist/fascist/socialist/globalist totalitarians. They will never be satisfied and will never stop. Trump is absolutely correct. If you allow them to tear down these historical Civil War monuments, then they’ll be coming after Washington and Jefferson next. In fact, they’ll be coming after the American flag, our national anthem, our Judeo-Christian heritage, the Bible, and anything to do with the founding of this great nation while leaving the institution of slavery intact. And that includes the constitution itself. It did not ban slavery and must therefore be destroyed. And they will continue destroying monuments, burning books,...