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  • [Video] Teaching Kids Obama-style Redistribution of Wealth Philosophy With Candy - Halloween Prank

    10/31/2012 6:51:18 PM PDT · by VitacoreVision · 3 replies
    Youtube ^ | Oct 30, 2012 | Steven Crowder
    [Video] Teaching Kids Obama-style Redistribution of Wealth Philosophy With Candy - Halloween PrankWatch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMINDRisi60In an "Obama-style" Halloween prank, Fox News contributor, actor and comedian Steven Crowder paid a visit to young trick-or-treaters at a local church's "trunk or treat" event and attempted to "redistribute" their candy to make the system more "fair." In the video, Crowder, dressed in a monkey costume, says the stunt is an attempt to teach kids about the American tax system. Of course, the Obama administration's official stance on tax policy is based on the belief that the rich aren't paying their "fair share" in taxes...
  • Biden: 'You’ll Vote for Me in 2016'

    10/31/2012 12:03:06 PM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 30 replies
    Biden: 'You’ll Vote for Me in 2016' Daniel Halper October 31, 2012 2:25 PM According to the pool report, Vice President Joe Biden said on the campaign trail, "You'll vote for me in 2016." [Biden] then takes the phone of the woman with the Republican brother. VP jokes that his sister talked about him being Republican, and he asked her to call him, so “we’re bound to lose his vote for sure.” The conversation quickly gets serious with the man seemingly talking to the VP about the health law. “I think he met his match,” one man standing nearby said...
  • Biden: 'I'm Going to Give You the Whole Load Today'

    10/31/2012 9:58:45 AM PDT · by Cato in PA · 21 replies
    The Weekly Standard ^ | 10/31/2012 | Daniel Halper
    At a campaign event, Vice President Joe Biden promised "to give ... the whole load today": "As they say in my business, I'm going to give you the whole load today," said Biden.
  • Sign language interpreter Lydia Callis upstages New York mayor

    10/30/2012 10:03:21 AM PDT · by george76 · 60 replies
    yahoo ^ | Oct. 30, 2012 | Matthew Coutts
    She is either taking a subversive jab at the mayor of New York or is extremely passionate about the recovery efforts following Hurricane Sandy. Either way, Lydia Callis is now the world's most talked-about sign language interpreter. Callis has captured countless hearts and minds with her animated translations of press conferences on hurricane Sandy and its fallout, rolling her eyes and puffing out her cheeks as she stands next to the stone-faced Mayor Michael Bloomberg. She sends the message with her hands. But she tells the story with her face. ... Bloomberg has realized he is at least being upstaged
  • Valerie Jarrett: Obama to Change Washington by Spending More Time Away (Oh Goody!!!)

    10/29/2012 6:49:15 PM PDT · by smoothsailing · 37 replies
    PJ Media ^ | 10-26-2012 | Bridget Johnson
    Jarrett: Obama to Change Washington by Spending More Time Away Bridget Johnson Senior adviser Valerie Jarrett said that in a second term, President Obama would change Washington by spending even more time away from D.C. “I think everybody grows. Everybody matures. Everybody develops their, you know, their confidence,” Jarrett said of the first term in an interview airing this morning on MSNBC. “As I think one of the things that he has said upon reflection is that he’s going to spend a lot more time traveling around the country,” she said after a New Hampshire rally. “A day like today...
  • Sandy, Sandy, why, oh Sandy? (John Travolta)

    10/29/2012 2:02:20 PM PDT · by tselatysr · 9 replies
    There is precious little doubt, this is the song playing in most Democrat operatives heads this morning. If it's not, it should be. For all the BOOMERS out there, we all remember the scene at the drive-in theater where John Travolta made his feeble attempts at getting a bit to frisky with the luscious Olivia Newton-John (Sandy). She of course re-buffed his advances, jumped out of the car and left us to hear Travolta's rendition of the song " Sandy ".Sandy Why-Oh-Why is one of the lines in this musical score, and I am sure this is the line replaying at...
  • Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama: the queens of Washington [barf, laugh, roll your eyes]

    10/29/2012 11:28:58 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 14 replies
    Telegraph - UK ^ | October 29, 2012 | Zoe Brennan
    Michelle Obama is the most popular woman in America, and Hillary Clinton’s standing has never been higher. So with the Democrats’ lead among female voters beginning to falter, should the party be exploiting its two greatest assets [?]Her long hair drawn back into a soignée French knot, the Secretary of State is tackling questions on Libya at the State Department in Washington DC. Dressed in a sharp navy suit, she speaks with authority, displaying an absolute command of the facts. At 65 – it was her birthday on Friday – Hillary Rodham Clinton is a woman on the crest of...
  • Biden swaps 'i' with 'o' in fresh gaffe

    10/28/2012 4:35:22 AM PDT · by SMGFan · 18 replies
    KCRA ^ | October 27, 2012
    Lynchburg, Virginia (CNN) — It was a simple swap of an "i" with an "o." And yet, a fresh gaffe from Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday caused the Romney campaign to essentially accuse him of being absent-minded and invited snickers from the Twitter-sphere. t happened at a campaign rally in Lynchburg. The vice president opened his remarks to 1,500 people packed into an armory by praising Virginia's Democratic Senate nominee Tim Kaine. "I want to tell you, it's good to be in a state that's going to be represented by Tim Kaine," Biden said. "What a guy! There is...
  • Barack Obama for Re-Election [The New York Times.......]

    10/27/2012 4:48:49 PM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 45 replies
    Barack Obama for Re-Election The economy is slowly recovering from the 2008 meltdown, and the country could suffer another recession if the wrong policies take hold. The United States is embroiled in unstable regions that could easily explode into full-blown disaster. An ideological assault from the right has started to undermine the vital health reform law passed in 2010. Those forces are eroding women’s access to health care, and their right to control their lives. Nearly 50 years after passage of the Civil Rights Act, all Americans’ rights are cheapened by the right wing’s determination to deny marriage benefits to...
  • Navy SEAL Group Will Air Anti-Obama Ads During Harvey Weinstein's 'SEAL Team Six' Film

    10/27/2012 4:05:27 PM PDT · by 11th_VA · 36 replies
    US News ^ | October 25, 2012 | By Elizabeth Flock
    A group of Republican-leaning Navy SEALs is battling with movie mogul and Democratic donor Harvey Weinstein for voters' attention Nov. 4, just two days before Election Day.The Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund, a political action committee made up of former special operations and intelligence members, says it will air an anti-Obama ad in key swing states during the prime-time debut of Weinstein's new "Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden." The dramatic film, which prominently features President Obama's role in the raid that killed bin Laden, will debut on National Geographic and release on Netflix the following day.OPSEC's...
  • Mitt Romney talks privately with Obama about America's economic situation (video)

    10/27/2012 9:31:40 AM PDT · by Maceman · 7 replies
    Watch it at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDcMUM0qlac.
  • Biden visit to cheese shop irritates woman (Kenosha: 'I just need some limburger cheese'!)

    10/27/2012 8:53:23 AM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 46 replies
    WEAU 13 News ^ | 10/26/12 | AP
    KENOSHA, Wis. (AP) -- A word of advice to candidates campaigning in Wisconsin: Don't get between voters and their cheese. Vice President Joe Biden seemed to irritate a shopper at the Mars Cheese Castle in Kenosha on Friday .. As Biden cheerily greeted customers, a 30-something woman tried to explain what was happening to her young daughter. The woman said -- quote -- "This is a battleground state. They're trying to win it. I just need some limburger cheese."
  • Comparing Obama "08 speeches with "12

    10/26/2012 4:09:05 PM PDT · by rovenstinez · 2 replies
    You Tube video ^ | Oct. 26, 2012 | rovenstinez
    This video runs 1:29 seconds, and is shocking how many of the speeches on the political stump of Barak Obama are being repeated today. If America votes in this speech maker, which never produced results there is no one to blame, but the ELECTORATE.
  • Steven Crowder's Answer To Lena Dunham

    10/26/2012 3:50:23 PM PDT · by hope · 22 replies
    You Tube ^ | 10/26/12 | Steven Crowder
    Steven Crowder's Answer To Lena Dunham
  • NBA’s David Stern: Obama always goes left

    10/26/2012 3:33:17 PM PDT · by ColdOne · 10 replies
    politico ^ | 10/26/12 | PATRICK GAVIN
    For all the buzz about President Barack Obama’s skills on the basketball court, the NBA’s commissioner, David Stern, thinks the hype is overblown. “He’s not that good,” Stern, who announced Thursday he is retiring in 2014, said in an interview with Reuters. “He’s a lefty, he goes the same way every time.” Stern’s critique, good-natured as it was, wasn’t simply some partisan swipe. “I’m a loyal Democrat, a passionate Democrat. He’s not as good as he thinks he is.” More seriously, Stern explained the effect of having a hoops fan in the White House.

    10/26/2012 2:41:30 PM PDT · by Weedle · 2 replies
    You Tube ^ | 10-26-2012 | John T. Douglas
    Candidate calls opponent a Dunce! Pot calling the kettle black II
  • A Poignant Consultation at an Abortion Clinic

    10/26/2012 5:28:14 AM PDT · by SJackson · 1 replies
    BernardGoldberg.com ^ | October 25, 2012 | Arthur Louis
    THE SCENE: An abortion clinic in a medium-sized city. THE PLAYERS: The clinic administrator, a pregnant woman and the clinic doctor. ADMINISTRATOR: Welcome to Planned Non-Parenthood, Mrs. Dummer, how can we help you? CLIENT: I read about the trendy, new gender-based abortions, which started in China. I wonder if you make them available here? I understand that they are a bit controversial. ADMINISTRATOR: Yes, we do provide them. We don’t let morals, ethics, human decency or any other such outmoded considerations stand in the way of profit. Why, are you pregnant? CLIENT: Yes, I just got the report from my...
  • Obama's "Lady Parts" Ploy Is Just Loony

    10/26/2012 4:37:06 AM PDT · by suspects · 12 replies
    Boston Herald ^ | October 26, 2012 | Michael Graham
    “Vote like your lady parts depend on it” — said a slogan posted for a time on Barack Obama’s campaign website. Do women really vote with their “lady parts?” A new study reported on — and then pulled from — CNN’s website claims that “during the fertile time of the month, when levels of the hormone estrogen are high, single women appeared more likely to vote for Obama and committed women appeared more likely to vote for Romney, by a margin of at least 20 percent.” One of the researchers, Kristina Durante of the University of Texas, San Antonio, theorizes...
  • Muskego police investigate Obama campaign sign burning

    10/25/2012 10:15:41 PM PDT · by mykroar · 14 replies
    MyMuskegoNow.com ^ | 10/22/2012 | Jane Ford-Stewart
    Muskego - Police are investigating an incident in which an Obama campaign sign was set ablaze, likely with a flammable liquid, in the yard of a Muskego home last weekend. Obama's name could still be seen in a corner of the melted sign, but it otherwise almost entirely burned up, even leaving some spots of blackened grass on the North Shore Road home of Bill Schuele. Authorities believe a small amount of a flammable liquid, such as gasoline, was used to help ignite the fire about 11 p.m. Saturday. A car driven by the suspected arsonist was seen by a...
  • On Leno, Obama Admits He Can't Do Math Above 7th Grade Level

    10/25/2012 9:21:14 PM PDT · by djwright · 78 replies
    fox nation ^ | 10/25/2012 | fox nation
    JAY LENO: When you help your daughters with their homework, is there a subject you struggle with? PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, the math stuff I was fine with up until 7th grade. But Malia is now a freshman in High School and I'm pretty lost. It's tough. Fortunately, they are great students on their own. And if something doesn't work I'll call over to the Department of Energy to see if they have a physicist to come over!
  • 8,803,335: Another New Record for Disability—Up 975 Per Day Under Obama

    10/25/2012 6:24:35 PM PDT · by ConservativeInPA · 18 replies
    cnsnews.com ^ | October 25, 2012 | Terence P. Jeffrey
    (CNSNews.com) - The number of American workers collecting federal disability insurance benefits hit yet another record high in October, according to the Social Security Administration. This month 8,803,335 disabled workers are collecting benefits, up from the previous record of 8,786,049 set in September. In February 2009, the first full month after President Barack Obama took office, there were 7,469,240 workers collecting federal disability insurance. Thus, so far in Obama’s term, the number of workers collecting disability has increased by 1,334,095. That works out to a net increase of about 29,646 per month (1,334,095 divided by 45 months), or an average...
  • Former Joe Biden aide writes angry tell-all

    10/25/2012 3:08:41 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 32 replies
    Politico.com ^ | 10/25/12 | Jonathan Martin
    Adding another wild-card to the 2012 campaign’s final days, a former aide to Vice President Joe Biden has written a tell-all Washington memoir in which he lacerates the former Delaware senator as an “egomaniacal autocrat” who was “determined to manage his staff through fear.” The book is hardly an objective study of the vice president, however. Author Jeff Connaughton, a Biden Senate staffer turned lobbyist, is by his own admission deeply disillusioned with the capital and embittered about his experience with the man who inspired him to enter politics. Connaughton wrote “The Payoff,” which came out last month, in the...
  • Obama Gets Endorsement of Voting Machine in NC

    10/25/2012 12:57:42 PM PDT · by Paladins Prayer · 5 replies
    The New American ^ | October 25, 2012 | Selwyn Duke
    ...Is it just me, or is this problem that “arises every election” one where malfunctioning machines always seem to err in favor of Democrats? Other questions are raised. How many people voted for Romney in Bur-Mil Park and didn’t even notice their votes were switched? How many of Al Gore’s other slightly less charming relatives occupy polling stations around America? And can they be numerous enough so that the election can be “corrected” in favor of Hope and Change the Vote? This is why I never liked the idea of electronic voting machines. Sure, after the stolen 2000 election (from...
  • CNN’s hormonal lady voters

    10/25/2012 11:04:40 AM PDT · by TigerClaws · 10 replies
    Oh dear . . . again. It looks like CNN has removed the article: "After further review it was determined that some elements of the story did not meet the editorial standards of CNN," the site notes. ● Oh dear. CNN has managed to dig up one of those mysterious Studies that emerge from time to time to enrage the Internet. The article begins: “While the campaigns eagerly pursue female voters, there’s something that may raise the chances for both presidential candidates that’s totally out of their control: women’s ovulation cycles. “You read that right. New research suggests that hormones may influence...
  • My Mitt Fantasy

    10/25/2012 4:05:17 AM PDT · by don-o · 13 replies
    NY Times ^ | October 23, 2012 | Mo Dowd
    It is partly because of Obama’s endless odyssey of self-discovery, where he rattles around in his own head, trying to figure out who he is and why he’s stuck on a Denver debate stage, forced to justify himself in this clownish format against this shape-shifting chucklehead.
  • The Only Car That Should Have an Obama Sticker

    10/24/2012 3:25:17 PM PDT · by all the best · 12 replies
  • GM: The Deadbeat of America (YouTube)

    10/24/2012 2:34:39 PM PDT · by Snuph · 5 replies
    RevealPolitics ^ | Oct 24, 2012 | RevealPolitics
    Video at link... Now we're soft, We're as #$%* as we could be Now we're soft, Barely selling SUV's We couldn't play it straight We were drowning in our weight We needed Washington and their schemes Even our reflection makes us scared Now we're soft, Now we're soft, We forgot our pedigree Now we're soft, Riding on Obama's knee Now we're soft, To China with our fleet Thanks, Barack
  • Alinsky Caption (Vanity)

    10/24/2012 1:16:19 PM PDT · by Ocarterma · 12 replies
    Ocarterma | 10/24/2012 | Vanity
    Drats! It's not working this time....
  • 30% off everything at BarackObama.com

    10/24/2012 12:11:17 PM PDT · by justlurking · 26 replies
    BarackObama.com ^ | 2012-10-24 | Staff
    This weekend is your last chance to get this yard sign, this customized shirt, these buttons, this magnet, and this mug before election night. All that and more is 30% off right now at the Obama 2012 store—get ’em before they’re gone!
  • Which candidate looks deranged, the other a man of reason?

    10/23/2012 8:32:40 PM PDT · by Java4Jay · 36 replies
    I live in the Twin Cities and often read the leftist newspaper Star Tribune. I was shocked with laughter at this picture of Romney and Obama on page A6 from Lynn University. Take a peek inside.
  • A Plan for Jobs by Barack Obama

    10/23/2012 3:05:40 PM PDT · by edwinland · 23 replies
    Amazon ^ | 11/07/2012 | Barack Obama
  • Craig's List Ad for a 50 Y/O Manure Spreader <== NO JOKE!

    10/23/2012 1:55:49 PM PDT · by pansgold · 13 replies
    Craig's List ^ | X / XXIII / MMXII | pansgold
    50 year old manure spreader. Cannot verify brand. It is said to have been produced in Kenya. It was used for a few years in Indonesia before being smuggled into the US via Hawaii. Of questionable pedigree. Does not appear to have ever been worked hard. Apparently, it was pampered by various owners over the years. It doesn't work very often, but when it does it can sling sh*t for amazing distances. I am hoping to retire the manure spreader this November. I really don't want it hanging around getting in the way. I would prefer a foreign buyer...
  • Where Do liberals Get their News?

    10/23/2012 10:05:36 AM PDT · by SLB · 12 replies
    MRCTV ^ | Oct 23, 2012 | Dan Joseph
  • Flagging an Issue (Mitt Romney's Big Bad Flag Pin!)

    10/23/2012 8:32:44 AM PDT · by smoothsailing · 18 replies
    National Review ^ | 10-23-2012 | Charles Kesler
    October 23, 2012 Flagging an Issue By Charles Kesler My wife, the very shrewd Sally Pipes, penetrated to the heart of the debate in a single sentence tonight when, only about 15 minutes into the exchange, she observed: “Romney’s flag pin is much larger than Obama’s flag pin.”Indeed, it was, as I confirmed in the next split screen of the candidates.Ever since the 1960s, liberals have been sensitive about the dimensions of their patriotism, and here, on national television, in a debate over foreign policy, Obama had been clearly outmaneuvered. His fleet was noticeably smaller than the challenger’s. His bayonet...
  • UNC drops term ‘freshman’ in favor of ‘gender inclusive language’

    10/23/2012 8:29:59 AM PDT · by oliverdarcy · 32 replies
    The University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill has removed the word “freshman” from official university documents, citing as their reason an attempt to adopt more “gender inclusive language.” We are “committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our community,” reads a statement administrators sent to Campus Reform on Wednesday.
  • Ann Coulter calls President Obama a 'retard' (Video)

    10/23/2012 8:05:56 AM PDT · by Responsibility2nd · 46 replies
    Examiner ^ | 10/23/2012 | Barbie Crafts
    Ann Coulter set Twitter on fire tonight with her remarks in the analysis period following the last presidential debate. @AnnCoulter posted: "I highly approve of Romney's decision to be kind and gentle to the retard." Coulter, a Conservative writer often featured as a political pundit on news programs, is known for her abrasive personality and ability to promote her ideals despite extreme opposition. She was once attacked during a speech at a college with a violent hit in the face with a pie. Tonight, her poor choice of a word may cost her some valuable alliances. While her use of...
  • 'Mika Made Me Republican'

    10/23/2012 5:17:36 AM PDT · by governsleastgovernsbest · 8 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    Talk about the law of unintended consequences . . . On today's Morning Joe, Willie Geist interviewed an audience member sporting a T-shirt reading "Mika Made Me A Republican." The good-natured fellow explained that his daughters had made the T-shirt for him, that he was an independent who had voted for Perot, and that he watches Morning Joe daily because he likes to hear what the other side has to say. Whatever it was that Mika has been saying, it has apparently driven him into the Romney camp. View the video here.
  • Fake letters question your voter eligibility [Florida Republicans harassed]

    10/23/2012 4:51:14 AM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 7 replies
    wokv.com ^ | October 22, 2012
    If you get a letter from the Supervisor of Elections office questioning your citizenship, give it a second look because it is likely a scam... About ten fake letters have been reported in Duval County so far, and reports of the letters have come in to St. Johns County and Brevard County as well. But it’s an “unusual” scam according to Holland because it doesn’t direct people to send their information anywhere. The letter originates from Seattle, Washington and asks for some information. If you have any questions or information to pass forward, however, it directs you to the local...
  • Obama campaign emails now targeting specific individuals

    10/22/2012 4:18:52 PM PDT · by ColdOne · 4 replies
    politico44 ^ | 10/22/12 | BYRON TAU
    The Obama campaign has ramped up its email microtargeting efforts, sending messages asking supporters on its email list to contact specific individuals in states with early voting to remind them to vote.
  • Bette Midler Plays Polygamy Card Versus Mitt Romney (totally ignores Obama family tree)

    10/22/2012 2:59:14 PM PDT · by drewh · 49 replies
    Breitbarts' Big Hollywood ^ | 22 Oct 2012, 7:56 PDT | by Christian Toto
    The Romneys have what appears to be a beautiful marriage, one that held strong despite Mitt Romney's ambitious political career and Ann Romney's serious health woes. Bette Midler cares more about bashing the couple's Mormon faith on the marriage front to score some cheap partisan points. Midler is actually off by a generation, but cheap shot artists only require fuzzy math. Twitchy dutifully points out that Midler is apparently nonplussed by the polygamy going on in the Obama family tree. And you don't need to scale said tree too far to find
  • Donald Trump Ready to Drop 'Gigantic' Bombshell About Obama, Claims It Could Swing Election

    10/22/2012 2:00:54 PM PDT · by drewh · 100 replies
    Radar Online ^ | Posted on Oct 22, 2012 @ 03:05PM | By Radar Staff
    Donald Trump has announced he has a “gigantic” bombshell about Barack Obama – and he’s going to drop it Wednesday! The billionaire real estate tycoon has said he has something huge on President Obama …so huge it could swing the election. Trump, a die hard Republican who considered running against Obama himself at one point, is planning to reveal the shocker via Twitter at some point on Wednesday, he said. Trump told Fox & Friends on Monday that he had “something very, very big concerning the president of the United States. “It's going to be very big. I know one...
  • Walter Cronkite Foretells the Election Outcome

    10/21/2012 7:56:39 PM PDT · by Vigilanteman · 21 replies
    CBS News ^ | 4 November 1980 | Walter Cronkite
    Be sure and watch election coverage on CBS News. Uncle Walter tells us it will be a real cliffhanger.
  • It’s Code Red in Moonbat nation

    10/21/2012 7:31:31 PM PDT · by smoothsailing · 19 replies
    Boston Herald ^ | 10-21-2012 | Howie Carr - OP/ED
    October 21, 2012 It’s Code Red in Moonbat nation Howie Carr The moonbats are melting down. They look at the polls, they see Romney ahead, and they react the only way they know how — badly. An outbreak of Bush Derangement Syndrome, a mental disorder previously believed to have been eradicated in 2009, was observed last week at Hofstra University. MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, the tough street kid from St. Sebastian’s and Harvard, challenges Tagg Romney, that wimp from Belmont Hill, to a fistfight. Preppie-on-preppie crime. Ann Romney is badgered on “The View” about Mormonism, by yentas who would never dare...
  • Democratic Political Talking Points For Dummies!

    10/21/2012 4:02:21 PM PDT · by Weedle · 6 replies
    You Tube ^ | 10-21-2012 | John T. Douglas
    Democratic Talking Points For Dummies! Breaks down Democratic Talking Points into simple english.

    10/21/2012 3:57:23 PM PDT · by Weedle
    You Tube ^ | 10-21-2012 | John T. Douglas
    ALTERCATION FOR THE NATION! The Brawl in the Hall! A preview of the debate on Monday night on Foreign Policy.
  • Sandra Fluke campaign event draws 10 people

    10/21/2012 3:51:13 PM PDT · by Impala64ssa · 66 replies
    RGJ) — Sandra Fluke, the woman at the center of a media firestorm earlier this year after Rush Limbaugh called her a “slut,” spoke Saturday in front of about 10 people at the Sak ‘N Save in north Reno. The speech was part of a daylong effort by Democrats to get Northern Nevadans to the polls on the first day of early voting. “I’m trying to do everything I can for an election that I feel is very important. I have a unique opportunity for how I get to do that,” said Fluke, who is coming off recent campaign trips...
  • 50 Crazy Things That Obama Supporters Are Threatening To Do If Romney Wins

    10/21/2012 3:42:23 PM PDT · by Impala64ssa · 49 replies
    The American Dream ^ | 10/18/12 | Michael
    Will cities all over America erupt in violence if Mitt Romney wins the election? Right now we are probably witnessing the most divisive campaign in modern U.S. history, and both sides truly hate one another. Even CNN is running articles about how polarized politics in America has become and how vicious both sides can be. There is a lot of anger and frustration out there that has been bottled up for a long time, and this election could end up being a trigger event that releases a lot of it. Both sides are entirely convinced that they can win this...
  • Obama Ad You Won't See on TV

    10/21/2012 1:23:31 PM PDT · by george76 · 5 replies
    American Thinker ^ | October 20, 2012
    "It begins with us."
  • Fluke, OFA fail in pics: If you hold a rally and no one shows up, does it make a sound?

    10/21/2012 8:21:05 AM PDT · by smoothsailing · 103 replies
    Twitchy-US Politics ^ | 10-21-2012 | Twitchy Staff
    October 21, 2012 Fluke, OFA fail in pics: If you hold a rally and no one shows up, does it make a sound? Twitchy Staff Gut-busting! Sandra Fluke held “rallies” in Nevada this weekend and the crowds numbered in the ONES. "Sandra Fluke speaks to ten (10) people at...wait for it..The "Sak 'N Save" in Reno. Now that's the kind of stuff you just can't make up." Stop, our sides can’t take it! Worse, Obama for America then tries to cover it up by calling it an “intimate gathering.” The giggles, they hurt! Excuse us while we pick ourselves up...
  • Saturday Night Live Cold Opening: Town Hall Debate

    10/21/2012 8:03:51 AM PDT · by sheikdetailfeather · 36 replies
    Hulu via NBC ^ | 10/21/2012 | Saturday Night Live
    Saturday Night Live Cold Opening: Town Hall Debate