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  • Catholic University Investigates Prof for Calling Abortion ‘Murder’

    03/30/2017 5:53:19 AM PDT · by marshmallow
    LifeSiteNews ^ | 3/27/17 | Jeanne Smits
    March 23, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — A junior lecturer at the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium is facing backlash from university officials because he distributed a 15-page document with philosophical arguments for calling abortion “murder” to about 100 first-year engineering students. Stéphane Mercier has not been sanctioned yet, but the authorities declared in a statement on the university’s website that they are assessing the status of his text to determine whether it was actually used as part of his philosophy course. Whether that proves to be the case or not, UCL has dissociated itself from Mercier’s stance against abortion, calling...
  • Giulio Meotti: Islam, Not Christianity, Is Saturating Europe

    03/29/2017 7:28:06 PM PDT · by ebb tide · 5 replies
    Gateway Institute via zerohedge ^ | March 29, 2017 | Tyler Durden
    Giulio Meotti: Islam, Not Christianity, Is Saturating Europe
  • Rutgers appoints its 1st full-time Muslim chaplain: 1st public university

    03/29/2017 4:33:43 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 23 replies
    The Daily Targum ^ | March 28, 2017 | Camilo Montoya-Galvez
    In hiring Kaiser Aslam as a full-time Muslim chaplain for the community, Rutgers became the first public University to offer this type of spiritual guidance to Muslim students. Aslam’s position provides a combination of advising and counseling, and his services are open to all students. Immediately after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, Kaiser Aslam said he was mortified about the social implications of praying in public at an airport. Now, he is worried about the legal ramifications of simply boarding a flight. As Rutgers’ first full-time Muslim chaplain, Aslam is tasked with providing spiritual guidance to thousands of...
  • The Trinity What Trinity?

    03/28/2017 4:58:54 PM PDT · by Jeremiah Jr · 19 replies
    Mordechai ben Avram
    The Trinity What Trinity? The Trinity is not the correct model of The Godhead. Yes there are three beings, The Father, Son and the Ruach Hakodesh but itÂ’s missing one. Isaiah 16:19 O YHVH, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Gentiles shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit. 20 Shall a man make gods unto himself, and they are no gods? 16:21 Therefore, behold, I will this once cause them to know,...
  • The Church and Asmodeus - Part 2 [Catholic Caucus]

    03/28/2017 1:13:28 PM PDT · by BlessedBeGod · 1 replies
    Rorate Caeli ^ | March 26, 2017 | Don Pietro Leone
    A spiritu fornicationis libera nos, Domine (invocation from the Litany of the Saints) II RECENT CHURCH MARITAL DOCTRINE UNTIL POPE FRANCIS From the beginning of Her history, the Church had taught and practiced the ascetic life. In fact this is one of the features which distinguished Her from the World, and which indeed corroborates the very authenticity of Her Faith[1]. For how could She live, and convert such multitudes to, a mortified and chaste life so at variance with Fallen Nature, if the Faith which She preached were untrue? Until the XXth century, this spirit of asceticism had prevailed in...
  • 5 Christian Clichés that Need to Die

    03/28/2017 12:29:16 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 34 replies
    The Gospel Coalition ^ | 03/28/2017 | Matt Smethurst
    “Books don’t change people,” John Piper observes. “Paragraphs do. Sometimes even sentences.” A good sentence is a gift. We love finding complex truth shrinkwrapped in clear, simple, memorable form. It’s why Charles Spurgeon and C. S. Lewis are dominating a newsfeed near you. Even God likes pithy statements—at least enough to breathe out a whole book of them. But one-liners aren’t always helpful. Sometimes, in our desire to simplify truth, we can trivialize and even obscure it. And to obscure the truth is to tell a lie. Here are five popular Christian clichés that are not biblical, and therefore need a memorial service....
  • 'Religious left' emerging as U.S. political force in Trump era

    03/27/2017 6:40:44 PM PDT · by Roman_War_Criminal · 29 replies
    Reuters ^ | 3/27/17 | Scott Malone
    Since President Donald Trump's election, monthly lectures on social justice at the 600-seat Gothic chapel of New York's Union Theological Seminary have been filled to capacity with crowds three times what they usually draw. In January, the 181-year-old Upper Manhattan graduate school, whose architecture evokes London's Westminster Abbey, turned away about 1,000 people from a lecture on mass incarceration. In the nine years that Reverend Serene Jones has served as its president, she has never seen such crowds. "The election of Trump has been a clarion call to progressives in the Protestant and Catholic churches in America to move out...
  • Fundamental Christian Attitudes: Love [vs. abortion, etc.]

    03/27/2017 1:13:05 PM PDT · by daniel1212 · 9 replies
    Grace To You ^ | 3-20-2017 | John MacArthur
    ..let me talk about abortion for a moment. The abortion battle is not over babies. The abortion battle is not a battle about whether we ought to kill babies just for the sake of killing babies...Nobody would legalize the murder of those babies if storks brought babies.... Willing to do that – follow this one – willing to do that in the face of the strongest instinct to protect, which is motherhood.... We were worried all the time about Russia, we were worried all the time about the Iron Curtain world, And we were having a revolution here that has...
  • VANITY: An American's Man Statement

    03/27/2017 8:59:47 AM PDT · by Cletus.D.Yokel · 17 replies
    Cletus ^ | 27MAR2017 | Cletus
    An American Man’s Statement I am, by God’s designation, a chromosomal established male; XY. I do not challenge my biology according to what has been allotted me by birth nor what might be questioned by the current culture. I am both physically and emotionally attracted to the female gender, yet...I am both physically and emotionally attracted to my wife of 36 years and do not have any outside desires. I do not wish to compromise my understanding of the male/female relationship – as established both by God and the “consensus” of scientific research. As husband and wife, we have naturally...
  • Two Dangers to Avoid...

    03/27/2017 8:51:13 AM PDT · by truthxchange ^ | 3/27/2017 | Dr. Peter Jones
    Worship and Service of Creation It is easy to read what Paul says in Romans 1:25—“they exchanged the truth about God for the lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever! Amen,” in a purely negative light as describing the very basis of paganism and the worst form of idolatrous narcissism. However, we cannot deny the seductive beauty and power of such a creation. A new study has found that merely watching nature documentaries boosts people’s emotions of awe, contentedness, joy and amusement. By the same token, such activity reduces “feelings of nervousness,...
  • AMERICA PRAYER VIGIL 3-27-17 {Prayer}

    03/26/2017 11:10:47 PM PDT · by Kitty Mittens · 34 replies
    3-27-17 | Kitty Mittens
    Join with Fellow FREEPERS to Pray for our PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP/VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE and AMERICA: Government, Family, Military, Business, Education, Churches, and the Media. 'And this is the Confidence that we have in Him, that, if we Ask Anything According to His Will, He Heareth us.' 1 John 5:14 Religion Forum Threads Labeled [Prayer] are Closed to Debate of Any Kind. Revelation 1:5-7 Glory and Strength to Christ Who Loves us, Who Blood-Washed our Sins from our Lives, Who Made us a Kingdom; Priests for His Father, Forever, and Yes, He's On His Way! Riding the Clouds, He'll be...
  • Gay Activists Target IBM Over Christian Senior Executive

    03/26/2017 6:51:53 PM PDT · by marshmallow · 24 replies
    Church Militant ^ | 3/23/17 | Trey Elmore
    The same person was forced to step down from a Christian organization last year at his previous employerSYDNEY ( - Tech company IBM is coming under fire from gay rights extremists over their employment of a managing partner associated with a conservative Christian group. Mark Allaby sits on the board of a Christian internship program called Lachlan Macquarie Institute, and was asked last year to step down from Pricewaterhouse Coopers owing to his affiliation with the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL). In a tweet on Monday, gay activist Michael Barnett criticized IBM in Australia for employing "anti-LGBT" people, while pointing out...
  • The Church and Asmodeus - Part 1 [Catholic Caucus]

    03/26/2017 10:57:41 AM PDT · by BlessedBeGod · 3 replies
    Rorate Caeli ^ | March 26, 2017 | Don Pietro Leone
    Sister Lucia of Fatima wrote to Cardinal Caffara that the final clash between the Devil and the Church would be in the area of the family and marriage. A dispassionate survey of recent Church history serves to assure us that the clash has already begun, that is to say with the entry into the Church of the Demon Asmodeus: the spirit of fornication. The question that we wish to address in this essay is how Holy Mother Church, Who has for 2,000 years resisted, been able to overcome, and indeed been purged and exalted by, all the cruel and...
  • Key African Cardinal on AIDS, ‘Amoris,’ Trump, Francis, and More (John Onaiyekan of Nigeria)

    03/25/2017 3:41:08 AM PDT · by BlessedBeGod · 4 replies
    Crux ^ | March 25, 2017 | John L. Allen Jr.
    Cardinal John Onaiyekan of Nigeria says that African experience proves that distributing condoms is less effective in the fight against HIV/AIDS than promoting abstinence and behavioral change. In a Crux interview, he also discussed 'Amoris Laetita,' Islam, Trump, Pope Francis, and his personal crusade against corruption. ROME – One of Africa’s most prominent Catholic prelates says he finds it hard to understand why public opinion so often focuses on condoms when it comes to the fight against HIV/AIDS, when his continent’s experience clearly shows that’s not the best approach.“Take South Africa. It’s a country that went all-out distributing condoms to...

    03/24/2017 6:51:14 PM PDT · by ebb tide · 35 replies
    First Things ^ | March 23, 2017 | Bronwen Catherine McShea
    During a friendly meeting on January 19 with an ecumenical delegation from Finland, Pope Francis affirmed his commitment to reunion with Lutheran Christians by offering an historical claim about the great German reformer: “The intention of Martin Luther five hundred years ago was to renew the Church, not divide her.” A day or so before, news had begun circulating that Vatican City would honor the five hundredth anniversary of Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses with a special postage stamp. And earlier this fall, the pope praised Luther for having re-focused the Church’s attentions on the centrality of Scripture, blaming subsequent divisions between...
  • Don't call me sweetie! Why we should never use 'elderspeak' to talk down to dementia patients

    03/24/2017 12:44:02 PM PDT · by Morgana · 54 replies
    daily mail uk ^ | march 24, 2017 | Mary Kekatos For
    We might think names like 'sweetie' or 'dear' are terms of endearment. But what seems like a kind gesture may actually be taken as patronizing, a new study finds. Scientists say elderly sufferers of dementia are often exposed to 'elderspeak' - a loud and slow form of baby talk for seniors. This makes them feel like they are incompetent and can lead to a downward spiral of social isolation and cognitive decline. Researchers studied nuns at a Midwestern convent and fount a very different approach - one that brightened the spirits of their suffering sisters.
  • The Loveliest Trick

    If you read Essay 2 titled Prove It you might be thinking that I have nothing left to write about. Is there much left to say once you go the “is there a God” route? Actually, I believe the question of the existence of a higher power is the starting point in solving all problems. It is the most debated yet simplest question man has ever asked. You see, if you can not come to an answer to the question of God you have no foundation to balance any subsequent beliefs upon. Literally, every answer to every question in our...
  • What Is the Judgment of Charity?

    03/23/2017 7:22:39 AM PDT · by HarleyD · 3 replies
    Ligonier ^ | Mar 22, 2017 | R.C. Sproul
    Every time I read the Gospels, I am struck by how Jesus seems to have found Himself in the middle of controversy wherever He went. I am also struck by how Jesus handled each controversy differently. He did not follow the example of Leo “The Lip” DeRosier, the former manager of the New York Giants and treat every person He encountered in the same manner. Although He expected everyone to play by the same rules, He shepherded people according to their specific needs. The Old Testament depicts the Good Shepherd as One who carries both a staff and a rod,...
  • Archbishop Reassures Church Schools 'Will Always Remain Catholic' [if Lessons on Islam Offered]

    03/22/2017 1:18:36 PM PDT · by marshmallow · 13 replies
    Malta Today ^ | 3/22/17 | Paul Cocks
    Archbishop Charles J Scicluna: 'I want to offer a guarantee and reassure all Catholic parents that church schools would not be impoverished if they respect others, but would actually be more authentic'Church schools in Malta will always remain Catholic, with the crucifix on classroom walls, even if they autonomously choose to start offering lessons in Islam and other religions, Malta’s archbishop insisted yesterday. Mons. Charles J. Scicluna was answering questions put to him by MaltaToday, at the end of an event commemorating former Archbishop Joseph Mercieca on the first anniversary since his death. Scicluna said that Church schools should respect...
  • CNN Questions Jesus' Existence ... Again

    03/22/2017 9:07:01 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 37 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 03/22/2017 | John Stonestreet
    Ah, springtime. Flowers blooming, birds singing, and articles questioning the historicity of Jesus hitting the newsstands. Insurance company Geico has done a lot of funny commercials, but our editor at BreakPoint has a favorite. A group of teenagers are running through a dark forest being chased by a killer. After debating whether to hide in the basement, the attic or make a quick getaway in the nearby running car, they decide to hide behind dozens of chainsaws dangling from a barn door. "When you're in a horror movie, you make poor decisions," says the narrator. "It's what you do." And...
  • Are Christians Too Nice? Why Christians need to stop being wimps

    03/21/2017 3:42:19 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 29 replies
    PJ Media ^ | 03/20/2017 | Daniel J. Phillips
     In a piece over at Fox News, Larry Alex Taunton argued that evangelicals “need to stop being wimps.” (A glance at the URL suggests that the writer’s original title may have been a bit saltier.) Taunton makes a vividly argued case.As an example of wimpiness, he adduces Barnabas Piper, famous for being the son of John Piper. Writing at WORLD, Piper reassured the world that he’d not eat at Chick-fil-A to support a fellow-believer targeted by “gay agenda” activists et al for the compounded crimes of (a) being a Christian (b) out-loud and (c) in public. Piper was very...
  • Why I Didn’t Sing When I Visited Your Church

    03/21/2017 3:30:30 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 62 replies
    Challies ^ | 03/21/2017 | Tim Challies
    It was a joy to finally visit your church a couple of Sundays ago, and to worship with the believers there. You know IÂ’ve been looking forward to it for a long time. Just as you promised, the pastor is an excellent communicator and a man who loves GodÂ’s Word. His sermon was deeply challenging and led to some great conversations with my children. Now, you asked me why it looked like I wasnÂ’t singing. I know that was probably a little awkward, so thought IÂ’d send along a brief explanation. Primarily, itÂ’s becauseÂ…Â…I was not familiar with the...
  • Free speech row breaks out at Aberdeen University over abortion posters

    03/19/2017 2:20:21 PM PDT · by Morgana · 24 replies
    press and journal ^ | march 15, 2017 | by Jon Hebditch and Catarina Demony
    A row over free speech has broken out at a north-east university, following a display of posters advertising an anti-abortion protest. The 40 days of Life event, featuring people holding signs and prayer vigils, has been taking place daily outside the city’s maternity hospital since March 1 and aims to cover the whole of Lent until April 13. But some student groups at Aberdeen University have expressed outrage at the Catholic chaplaincy on the campus displaying posters for the meeting and have signed a mass letter calling for their removal. The building is owned by the Catholic Church, who insist...
  • Cardinal Marx’ Revealing Words about Pope Francis and Married Priests [Catholic Caucus]

    03/18/2017 9:32:45 AM PDT · by ebb tide · 6 replies
    One Peter Five ^ | March 16 2017 | Maike HIckson
    Last week, there took place in Germany the Spring General Assembly of the German Bishops’ Conference with more than 60 German bishops present. As we reported, it was exactly during the time of this episcopal meeting that a significant interview with Pope Francis was also published, and prominently, in a German national weekly newspaper Die Zeit. Though this interview only appeared on the magazine stands on Thursday, 9 March – the last day of the episcopal meeting – the essence of Pope Francis’ message was already published the day before, and this by the German Bishops’ Conference’s own website,
  • Muslim sex drive

    03/18/2017 2:09:34 AM PDT · by ekeni · 28 replies
    And - incredibly - he's a refugee, too. Let in five years ago, under Labor, of course: A CONVICTED stalker has struck again, following a jogging off-duty policewoman to her home before trying to force his way in as she cowered inside. Javad Ahmadpoor, 26, sensationally blamed his Iranian culture for his terrifying actions as he pleaded guilty to stalking in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court. The refugee was already serving a 12-month wholly suspended sentence after being convicted of stalking an ex-girlfriend in New South Wales
  • Islam Is Ireland’s Fastest Growing Religion

    03/17/2017 9:52:52 PM PDT · by ebb tide · 31 replies
    Creeping Sharia ^ | March 17, 2017 | unknown
    Happy St. Patty’s Day via Islam Is Ireland’s Fastest Growing Religion. h/t TROP The Republic of Ireland may be intimately associated with the Roman Catholic Church, but the fastest-growing faith on the emerald isle is Islam — at such a rapid rate that Muslims are projected to replace Protestantism as the second-most popular religion by the year 2043. Ireland’s Central Statistics Office reported that between 1991 and 2011, the percentage of Irish residents who were Muslim jumped from 0.1 percent to 1 percent (equating to about 49,000 people). By 2020, Ireland’s Islamic population will more than double to at least...
  • Pope tells priests to call in exorcists when needed

    03/17/2017 12:26:04 PM PDT · by tired&retired · 11 replies
    Yahoo News ^ | March 17, 2017 | AFP
    Pope Francis on Friday advised priests who hear troubled confessions from parishioners to not hesitate to call on the services of an exorcist. A good confessor has to be very discerning, particularly when he has to deal with "real spiritual disorders," the 80-year-old pontiff told priests at a Vatican training seminar on the art of hearing believers recount their sins. Disorders could have their roots in all manner of circumstances, including supernatural ones, he suggested. In such circumstances the confessor "must not hesitate to refer to exorcists... chosen with great care and prudence." It is not the first time the...
  • Trump is right: France is no longer France

    03/17/2017 6:39:00 AM PDT · by high info voter · 24 replies
    The Geller Report ^ | 3/17/2017 | Giulio Meotti
    “Paris is no longer Paris,” US President Donald Trump recently said. A few days later, the New York Times ran a story entitled “As France’s Towns Wither, Fears of a Decline in ‘Frenchness.’” But the liberal newspaper refused to testify about the real metamorphosis of the French landscape. That is perfectly summarized by a book entitled Will the Church Bells Ring Tomorrow?, in which Philippe de Villiers writes that France, the “eldest daughter” of the Catholic Church, is turning into the “eldest daughter of Islam.” Trump was right. A 2,200-page report, entitled “Suburbs of the Republic,” commissioned by the French...
  • Boston St. Patrick’s Parade Admits Gay Group After Death Threats

    03/16/2017 8:18:34 PM PDT · by marshmallow · 10 replies
    OUTVETS has been re-admitted after the parade council was threatened and bullied by gay activistsMass Resistance and the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts have received multiple reports from within the Allied War Veterans Council — organizers of Boston's Saint Patrick's Day Parade — that the homosexual group OUTVETS was admitted to the 2017 parade only after numerous threats of violent protests disrupting the parade, potentially causing injuries and worse, were directed at Council members on social media. Reports were also received that the Boston Police found these threats to be credible, and told Council members that they could not guarantee...
  • Turkish FM Warns of ‘Religion Wars’ in Europe in Remarks on Dutch Elections

    03/16/2017 8:10:56 PM PDT · by marshmallow · 8 replies
    Hurriyet Daily News ^ | 3/16/17 | Anatalya
    Europe will soon be the site of “religion wars,” Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said on March 16, in Ankara’s first comment on the general elections in the Netherlands that saw the victory of Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s Liberal VVD. “Now the election is over in the Netherlands ... “When you look at the many parties you see there is no difference between the social democrats and fascist [Geert] Wilders. All have the same mentality. Where will you go? Where are you taking Europe? You have begun to collapse Europe. You are dragging Europe into the abyss. Holy wars will soon...
  • European Court Upholds Employer’s Ban on All Workplace Religious Displays

    03/16/2017 7:51:25 PM PDT · by marshmallow · 4 replies
    The European Court of Justice has ruled that an employer can ban the wearing of the Islamic veil, but the court’s ruling could also be used to justify a ban on the wearing of a crucifix or other Christian religious item. In a case that arose when a Belgian firm fired a Muslim woman for continuing to wear her veil, the Court ruled that a workplace rule was not discriminatory because it did not single out any religious faith. The firm had set a policy that prohibited employees from wearing “in the workplace visible signs of political, philosophical, or religious...
  • Cardinal Timothy Dolan Talks Lent, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Trump & More

    03/16/2017 6:06:38 PM PDT · by ebb tide · 4 replies
    CBS New York ^ | March 16, 2017 | unknown
    Since it is Lent, who better to stop by and chat with Brigitte Quinn but his Eminence, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York. Dolan sat down with Quinn, a nice Irish girl (by marriage) he noted, and talked about Lenten sacrifices, St. Patrick’s Day and the parade which is tomorrow. By the way, if you’re wondering if Cardinal Dolan is giving up anything for Lent, he is: Beer! Diet root beer is his substitute. BQ: It was only in 2015 that the first LGBT group marched and you caught a little flack for that. CD: Nooo. We caught quite...
  • Rod Dreher explains the ‘Benedict Option’ and why we need it

    03/16/2017 4:12:35 PM PDT · by NYer · 14 replies
    Aletelia ^ | March 16, 2017 | Rod Dreher
    Christian families and communities that don’t embrace some form of the Benedict Option aren’t going to make it through this time of testing Veteran journalist Rod Dreher has just produced a potent study of what ails America—and is proposing that the best solution may be (as his new book is titled) “The Benedict Option.” As the book’s promotional materials describe it: Now is a time of testing, when believers will learn the difference between shallow optimism and Christian hope. However dark the shadow falling over the West, the light of Christianity need not flicker out. It will not be...
  • When the Spirit of the Age Has a Cosmic Tantrum - Hatred Off the Charts

    03/16/2017 10:18:03 AM PDT · by Roman_War_Criminal · 25 replies
    Olive Tree Ministries ^ | 3/16/17 | Jill Martin Rische
    Whoever thought an entire country could disappear down the rabbit hole? If only we were headed to Wonderland, like Alice and her rabbit! But America is going someplace far darker. The spirit of this age is furious and we are seeing a cosmic tantrum. Hatred Off the Charts Who could imagine that witches cursing Trump would be a top headline on Fox News or that media outlets would actually print the spell, with handy hints on how to curse your President? In what reality does assassination lunacy go mainstream? America -- and now the world -- has lost its collective...
  • Federal Court: 1964 Civil Rights Act Does Not Bar Discrimination on Basis of Sexual Orientation

    03/15/2017 6:00:24 PM PDT · by marshmallow · 10 replies
    A US circuit court in Georgia has ruled that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of sex, does not by that fact prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. In November 2016, a federal district court in Pennsylvania reached a different conclusion in a similar case. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has argued that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is a kind of sex discrimination. 11th Circuit: Title VII Does Not Bar Sexual Orientation Discrimination (Religion Clause)
  • Women’s Day Protestors Perform ‘Abortion’ on ‘Virgin Mary'

    03/15/2017 10:53:59 AM PDT · by Morgana · 17 replies
    cns ^ | march 14, 2017 | Michael W. Chapman
    As part of International Women’s Day (March 8), feminist protestors simulated a bloody abortion on a woman dressed as the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, outside the cathedral in Tucuman, Argentina. The protestors, according to Life Site News, which reported the incident in the English language press, cheered the fake abortion as symbolically killing “patriarchy” and “forced heterosexuality.” ****WARNING OFFENSIVE AND GRAPHIC IMAGE ON LINK****
  • The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad on the 100th Anniversary of the Calamitous Revolution

    03/15/2017 8:52:17 AM PDT · by NRx · 2 replies
    ROCOR ^ | 03-10-2017 | ROCOR
    NEW YORK: March 10, 2017Epistle of the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia on the 100th Anniversary of the Tragic Revolution in Russia and Beginning of the Godless PersecutionsFrom the Editors: As reported today from the Chancery of the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion of Eastern America and New York gave his blessing to read the following Epistle on the Second Sunday of Great Lent from all church ambos to mark the 100th anniversary of the appearance of the “Sovereign” Icon of the Mother of...
  • Mosul Church Turned into ISIS Police Base

    03/14/2017 6:59:43 PM PDT · by marshmallow · 1 replies
    Asharq Al Aswat ^ | 3/10/17 | AFP
    Mosul-The elegant columns of a west Mosul church stand plastered with ISIS propaganda after the jihadists’ infamous religious police took over the Christian place of worship. The sign above the door of Um al-Mauna (Our Mother of Perpetual Help) in Iraq’s second city reads “Chaldean Catholic church”, but its jihadist occupants had other ideas. “No entry, by order of ISIS Hesba Division (the religious police), they wrote on the building’s outside wall. The church “was an important office for the authorities tasked with making sure (Mosul) residents had a beard, wore short robes and followed their extremist convictions,” says Lieutenant...
  • Many Young Adults are Turning to Witchcraft as a Way to Rebel Against...

    03/14/2017 1:10:20 PM PDT · by VaeVictis · 90 replies
    The Washington Standard ^ | March 14, 2017 | The Washington Standard
    MANY YOUNG ADULTS ARE TURNING TO WITCHCRAFT AS A WAY TO REBEL AGAINST THEIR CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN UPBRINGINGS Young adults in America are far less likely to identify themselves as “Christians” than previous generations of Americans, but that does not mean that they have given up on searching for spiritual meaning in their lives. According to Wikipedia, one very popular form of witchcraft known as Wicca has been growing at a rate of more than 100 percent annually in recent years, and this has been happening at a time when Christianity has been in decline in the United States. Of course...
  • Is Pope Francis Really a “Pop Pope”?

    03/13/2017 1:34:32 PM PDT · by BlessedBeGod · 14 replies
    Monday Vatican ^ | March 13, 2017 | Andrea Gagliarducci
    Last week Rolling Stone magazine (Italian edition) put Pope Francis on the cover with the description “A Pop Pope.” This is the umpteenth proof that the secular world loves Pope Francis. The striking fact, however, lies in the motivation behind the Pope making this magazine cover, as was the case back in 2013 when Time magazine elected Pope Francis “Man of the Year.”The cover was explained this way: “Rolling Stone celebrates Pope Francis who has conquered young people with his words of attention toward the least and the poorest, with his close attention to regular people, with a decidedly popular...
  • AMERICA PRAYER VIGIL 3-13-17 {Prayer}

    03/12/2017 11:22:43 PM PDT · by Kitty Mittens · 35 replies
    3-13-17 | Kitty Mittens
    Join with Fellow FREEPERS to Pray for our PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP/VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE and AMERICA: Government, Family, Military, Business, Education, Churches, and the Media. 'And this is the Confidence that we have in Him, that, if we Ask Anything According to His Will, He Heareth us.' 1 John 5:14 Religion Forum Threads Labeled [Prayer] are Closed to Debate of Any Kind.
  • Christians Warn Pope Francis: Making Deal With China Is Big Mistake, Would Worsen Persecution

    03/12/2017 1:23:55 PM PDT · by marshmallow · 7 replies
    The Christian Post ^ | 3/8/17 | Stoyan Zaimov
    Reports of warming relations between China's atheistic Communist Party and the Vatican have beet met with high caution by some watchdog groups, which are warning that the persecution of Christians could get worse. "A partnership between the Vatican and the Chinese government would worsen the lives of house church Christians. The Communist Party already targets clergy who are not ordained by the state as illegitimate, which leads to persecution, and having the Vatican's backing gives them a further excuse to do so," ChinaAid President Bob Fu told The Christian Post in an interview earlier this week. They may also feel...
  • Thy Brother’s Wife: John the Baptist Wouldn’t Approve of Hunter Biden

    03/12/2017 8:03:43 AM PDT · by CHRISTIAN DIARIST · 21 replies
    The Christian Diarist ^ | March 12, 2017 | JP
    The Gospel According to Mark recounts the circumstances that led to the beheading of John the Baptist by order of Herod Antipas, ruler of Galilee. “Herod himself had sent and laid hold of John, and bound him in prison for the sake of Herodias, his brother Phillip’s wife; for he had married her. Because John had said to Herod, ‘It is not lawful for you to have your brother’s wife.’” Beau Biden, the eldest son of former vice president Joe Biden died of brain cancer in May 2015. Not even two years later, Beau’s younger brother Hunter has left his...
  • Humanism as a Religion, and Why it Matters

    03/11/2017 9:49:13 AM PST · by Unmasking_Humanism · 33 replies
    Unmasking Humanism ^ | 11 March 2017 | Kevin
    Have you ever heard somebody say “I’m not religious, I’m an atheist/agnostic”? On the contrary, atheism and agnosticism are subsets of Humanism, which can certainly be classified as a religion.
  • Anheuser-Busch, Boston Mayor Floats Pulling Out of St. Patrick's Day Parade if LGBTQ Vets Ban Stands

    03/10/2017 7:41:23 PM PST · by marshmallow · 69 replies
    Independent Journal Review ^ | 3/10/17 | Reid Mene
    Anheuser-Busch, the largest brewery in the world has just announced it may pull out of Boston's St. Patrick's Day parade after finding out a gay veterans group had been excluded. According to reports, South Boston Allied War Veterans Council, an agency involved in organizing the parade has banned OUTVETS, a group of U.S. veterans which honors the LGBTQ community: A spokesperson for the company said in a statement: "We value equality and believe diversity enriches our workforce and our world. [...] We are disappointed to learn that the OUTVETS, who have proudly served this country, have been denied entry to...
  • 91-Year-Old ‘Fool for Christ’ Builds Massive Church in Spain

    03/10/2017 6:36:19 PM PST · by marshmallow · 5 replies
    The National Catholic Register ^ | 3/9/17 | Patti Armstrong
    The church of Justo Gallego Martínez in the Spanish village of Mejorada del Campo, 20 minutes from Madrid. (Credit: Dirección General de Turismo, Consejería de Economía e Innovación Tecnológica, Comunidad de Madrid, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)“People get tired and bored because they have no ideals. They haven’t given themselves to Christ, the creator.”Being practical or cautious can limit potential. Granted, those are not bad things, except when God wants us to trust him instead. Take Noah. Only a nut case would build an ark in his front yard. Unless, that is, God told him to do it. He...
  • Pope signals he's open to married Catholic men becoming priests

    03/10/2017 12:02:29 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 97 replies
    CNN ^ | March 10, 2017 | Delia Gallagher
    Pope Francis has said he is open to married men becoming priests to combat the Roman Catholic Church's shortage of clergy. In an interview with German newspaper Die Zeit, Pope Francis said the lack of Catholic priests was an "enormous problem" for the Church, and indicated he would be open to a change in the rules governing eligibility for the priesthood. "We need to consider if 'viri probati' could be a possibility," he said. "If so, we would need to determine what duties they could undertake, for example, in remote communities." Viri probati is the Latin term for "tested men"...
  • Canada's New Blasphemy Laws

    03/10/2017 11:08:05 AM PST · by Roman_War_Criminal · 10 replies
    Zero Hedge ^ | 3/10/17 | Tyler Durden
    Although these motions against "Islamophobia" are not legally binding, extremists have already started demanding them as laws. People in hostile societies put their lives at risk by speaking against the majority; meanwhile, shutting out any criticism against hardliner behaviour in the West actually means giving extremists a license to keep on committing atrocities. Motions such as these are how most Muslim societies -- and other authoritarian states -- were founded: by depriving citizens of the basic right to express a difference of opinion, and worse, on the pretense of "doing good." The blasphemy laws of Pakistan were introduced on the...
  • WATCH: Malta And Gozo Bid Farewell To Our Greatest Natural Icon

    03/10/2017 4:58:26 AM PST · by Shark24 · 8 replies
    Lovin Malta ^ | March 8, 2017 | Chuck Bartalo
    Gozo's iconic Azure Window collapsed earlier this morning. The natural rock formation, which had been on the verge of collapse for months, had increasingly harsher warnings against hikers climbing up it.
  • Claims of sex orgies, prostitution and porn videos shake Catholic Church in Italy

    03/09/2017 9:52:39 PM PST · by Old Yeller · 21 replies
    Religion News Service ^ | 03/09/17 | Josephine McKenna
    ROME (RNS) Lurid accusations of priests involved in sex orgies, porn videos and prostitution have emerged from several parishes in Italy recently, sending shock waves all the way to the Vatican and challenging the high standards that Pope Francis has demanded of clergy. In the southern city of Naples, for example, a priest was recently suspended from the parish of Santa Maria degli Angeli over claims he held gay orgies and used internet sites to recruit potential partners whom he paid for sex. The allegations concerning the Rev. Mario D’Orlando were brought to the attention of the diocese when an...