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  • Why Fox News dropped Sarah Palin [Palin dropped Fox]

    01/26/2013 4:34:18 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 238 replies
    The Christain Science Monitor ^ | January 26, 2013 | Brad Knickerbocker
    When the history of US politics in the early 21st century is written, two figures will stand out: Barack Obama and Sarah Palin. The election of Mr. Obama to the highest elective office – the first African-American to win the presidency – did not necessarily signal a new era of post-racial politics. But coming just a generation after federal troops in the South (and a federal judge in Boston) were necessary to desegregate public schools, it was a huge milestone. Sarah Palin was not the first woman to win a major political party’s vice presidential nomination; that was US Rep....
  • Sarah Palin PAC pays for space in Tampa (Woo Hoo!)

    04/11/2012 9:28:53 PM PDT · by STARWISE · 40 replies
    Politico ^ | 4-11-12 | Kenneth P. Vogel
    *snip* The PAC also paid $4,500 to reserve space at Channelside Bay Mall in Tampa, Fla., near the site of the Republican National Convention, suggesting that Palin plans to have an independent presence at the event separate from the formal proceedings.
  • Ann Coulter’s “Novelty Candidate” Swipe at Sarah Palin

    Mitt Romney supporter Ann Coulter appeared on the ABC News Sunday show, “This Week,” hosted by former Clintonite George Stephanopoulos. Asked about Romney’s potential vice presidential picks, she said this (while seated at a table with former green jobs czar Van Jones, who served under the Biggest Novelty Candidate of Them All, Barack Obama): Ann Coulter: “You can’t have a novelty candidate, I think. That would ring too much like Sarah Palin. I agree with George Will that it be good to have little tea party excitement, and the odds-on favorite, I mean, certainly the betting is on Marco Rubio,...
  • Sarah Palin, could she be ...

    02/15/2012 6:39:38 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 202 replies · 1+ views
    Nolan Chart ^ | February 15, 2012 | Mark Vogel
    If Sarah is flirting, I was seduced a long time ago! For everyone who doesn't want Romney, this is huge! It's only in the modern era that Presidential nominations have been locked up before most American voters even tuned in. So this year, for the nation, the Republican Primary is kind of a return to older times, when all Americans counted, not just the few power brokers. The race has been a very rich blue blood from New England ( where he would not carry one state in the general election ) and a group of three, Newt, Rick and...
  • An Open Letter To Sarah Palin:

    02/01/2012 5:43:41 AM PST · by veritas2002 · 35 replies
    Veritas2002 | 02-01-12 | Vanity
    Dear Sarah, I hope you are enjoying this year's fight for the Republican Presidential nomination. However, many of us out here are not pleased with the trashing, backed by Big Money, that Romney and his minions have heaped on Gingrich - mostly based on falsehoods. Romney and his backers in the MSM and the Old Guard of the Republican Party (Rove, McCain, Dole, et al) are trying their hardest to once again hoodwink the party base. In order to upset the establishment and to garner favor among those of us who are Tea-Partying conservatives, I would encourage you to send...
  • Open wish: Governor Palin declares, with the specific goal of causing a brokered convention.

    12/19/2011 8:06:53 PM PST · by Cringing Negativism Network · 74 replies
    (Stubborn Palin supporting vanity)
    Today I read several intriguing stories Palin had floated the idea that it's not too late for someone to enter the GOP race. Read one on Drudge, and saw a couple right here. Suddenly I felt that old optimism return. And would like to mention something as an open suggestion, I did not hear in the speculation and obligatory "she's not running" comments:
  • Pro-Palin group to run ads in Iowa

    11/29/2011 7:10:06 PM PST · by Free ThinkerNY · 85 replies ^ | Nov. 29, 2011 | Ashley Killough
    (CNN) - A pro-Sarah Palin group will start airing TV ads Wednesday in Iowa, urging the former Alaska governor to reconsider her decision against running for president. Palin announced she wouldn't launch a White House bid in early October, ending years of speculation that the 2008 GOP vice presidential running mate might seek the Republican nomination in 2012. Conservatives4Palin, a large online group, made the ad buy for $6,500. The group said the ad will air for a week in Sioux City, with spots during ABC's "Good Morning America" and "Dr. Oz," as well as during local news programs in...
  • Governor Palin

    10/06/2011 7:00:39 PM PDT · by Outlaw Woman · 243 replies
    The absolutely incredible and historic opportunity presented to you has now been squandered. Governor, what was the point? You accomplished great things (for which I thank you) after resigning but keep in mind that the reason for the support was that people believed you were going to run for President yourself. Do you honestly believe that people and supporters surfaced for any other reason? You allowed the 'illusion' to continue knowing full well you were not going to run.. Some people uprooted their lives and some, spent their savings because of the belief they had in you. You would have...
  • Is Door Closed on Palin? (NO!)

    08/10/2011 11:07:32 AM PDT · by smoothsailing · 128 replies
    Commentary Magazine ^ | 8-10-2011 | Seth Mandel - OP/ED
    Is Door Closed on Palin? Seth Mandel August 10, 2011 In April, Human Events published a column offering ten reasons Sarah Palin will run for president. Last month, Fox News host Greta Van Susteren blogged about the seven reasons Palin will run for president. Then last week, Henry D’Andrea, writing in the Washington Times, offered three reasons he believes Palin will run for president.Though I’ve been skeptical all along that Palin would run, I would imagine the entrance of Rick Perry into the race will give Palin one very good reason not to. Perry’s candidacy has, as many others have...
  • Governor Palin Retweets Article Rick Perry Almost Tripled Texas’ Total Debt

    08/05/2011 8:26:31 PM PDT · by Rational Thought · 380 replies
    Conservative 4 Palin ^ | 08/05/2011 | Ian Lazaran
    Governor Palin Retweets Article from Whitney Pitcher and PA4Palin That Notes How Rick Perry Almost Tripled Texas’ Total Debt This re-tweet from Governor Palin should pretty much put an end to the outrageous rumors that she’ll endorse Rick Perry. The great article from Whitney and PA4Palin re-tweeted by the Governor directly contrasts Governor Palin’s stellar record on debt and liabilities with the futile records of Mitt “peacetime” Romney and Rick Perry. If Palin is endorsing Perry, why is she re-tweeting an article that slams his inability to control what Governor Palin has described as the “foundation of destruction?” It’s also...
  • Why Barack Obama is Deathly Afraid of Sarah Palin

    07/11/2011 8:06:17 PM PDT · by One Name · 59 replies
    none | 7/11/11 | One Name
    I'm at risk of exceeding the vanity quotient at FR but here goes. I'm baling hay tonight with my Fred Flintone model 70AD baler, things are going reasonably well since it's just under 100* and the hay, though heavy is quite dry. My wife is working cleaning a house in town 'till 8 or so for extra money and my junior/senior boy who is working with some carpenter friends of mine sheeting a roof was mowing the yard (without complaint for a change) before he showers and goes to the nearby small town to spend time with friends for the...
  • Palin warns Boehner on debt ceiling

    07/10/2011 4:36:27 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 189 replies
    The Hill ^ | July 10, 2011 | Erik Wasson
    Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has issued a stern warning to House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) as Boehner sits down with President Obama Sunday night to negotiate a raising of the debt ceiling: don't do it. Palin, in an interview appearing in Newsweek, “made it clear that she’s against any deal that raises the debt ceiling and would hold House Speaker John Boehner’s feet to the fire if he agreed to one” according to the magazine. “No, we have to cut spending. It is imperative, and I will be very, very disappointed if Boehner and the leaders of the Republican...
  • Does Michele Bachmann 'Walk the Talk?'

    07/10/2011 6:09:52 AM PDT · by curth · 105 replies
    C4P ^ | Posted on July 09 2011 - 11:17 PM | Posted by: Stacy Drake
    It’s common these days to hear media talking heads refer to Michele Bachmann as the “Tea Party favorite” in the upcoming 2012 GOP primary race. Unlike Governor Palin who has always stated that the Tea Party doesn’t need one specific leader, Bachmann has tried to cast herself into such a role. She created a “Tea Party Caucus” in congress and gave the “Tea Party response” following Obama’s State of the Union Address last January. The Tea Party is comprised mainly of independent-minded small government activists who are sick and tired of the way Washington is operating. These are people who...
  • The Curious Absence of Gov Palin from Fox News

    07/09/2011 6:35:03 AM PDT · by unseen1 · 105 replies
    07/09/11 | Unseen1
    It is one of those things that people see but do not see. Gov Palin has not been seen on Fox News now for 34 days. From news reports Gov Palin is one of their most high paid commenters and yet they have chosen to not have her on air for an entire month plus. Her last appearance on Fox News was on June 5th 2011 where she appeared on Fox News Sunday. That appearance was one in which the anchor Chris Wallace called her performance "boffo" and remarked that for the first time he saw Gov Palin as a...
  • Palin run could complicate Bachmann’s candidacy

    07/08/2011 2:31:13 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 95 replies
    The Minnesota Independent ^ | July 8, 2011 | Jon Collins
    Minnesota congresswoman and Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has been rocketing up polls in early primary and caucus states of Iowa and New Hampshire. Some grassroots activists, as the Iowa Independent reported, are convinced that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will jump into the race. How would that affect Bachmann’s shot at the nomination in these early-voting states? On the surface, Palin and Bachmann have much in common, including their support of the tea party movement. But the entry of Palin into the race wouldn’t necessarily hurt Bachmann more than most other candidates, University of Iowa Political Science Professor Tim...
  • The View - Bristol Palin (7-07-11)

    07/08/2011 12:56:22 PM PDT · by CondoleezzaProtege · 196 replies
    WHY THIS MATTERS POLITICALLY. There are two games Governor Palin is fighting: one is the battle to take control of her political narrative, the other is taking control of her PERSONAL narrative--and this includes everything surrounding her FAMILY. Having Bristol go on The View is BRILLIANT, and does more for raising Governor Palin's political profile and stature than one may think! With Bristol giving the whole scoop about the details surrounding her pregnancy, she takes the narrative of the "dirty details" and "dirty secrets" away from the mouths of Levi Johnston and rumor-makers in the press, who would try to...
  • An open letter to Sarah Palin

    05/18/2011 8:15:21 AM PDT · by palin45potus · 41 replies
    An open letter to Governor Sarah Palin: Dear Mrs. Palin, I'm writing this open letter to make the case for you to seriously consider a run for the Presidency in 2012. I believe that our nation is at a critical juncture, and the need for a strong, noble leader is desperate. Times like these are when great leaders often emerge. Winston Churchill in 1940, Ronald Reagan in 1980. Now, it's time for the great leader of the next decade, and I think you are the one we're looking to. We need the GOP to win the presidency next year, but...
  • Bachmann's husband got $137,000 in Medicaid funds

    06/28/2011 7:41:48 PM PDT · by Bigtigermike · 200 replies
    NBC ^ | Tuesday June 28, 2011 | Michael Isikoff
    While Rep. Michele Bachmann has forcefully denounced the Medicaid program for swelling the "welfare rolls," the mental health clinic run by her husband has been collecting annual Medicaid payments totaling over $137,000 for the treatment of patients since 2005, according to new figures obtained by NBC News. The previously unreported payments are on top of the $24,000 in federal and state funds that Bachmann & Associates, the clinic founded by Marcus Bachmann, a clinical therapist, received in recent years under a state grant to train its employees, state records show. The figures were provided to NBC News in response to...
  • Sarah Palin ‘is’ America!

    06/26/2011 7:23:18 PM PDT · by Ira_Louvin · 8 replies
    Barack Obama’s reelection is of primary importance to the Hollywood Left , therefore things of major Leftist import are on a bit of a hold. Firey visionaries of The Progressive New World Order are scheduled for casting their Hollywood scripts post-election lest the unthinkable happen and Sarah Palin become the 45th President of the United States. It is actually an infuriating time for Hollywood because of the “Wait” and “The Hold”. Since massive amounts of money are involved, the second stage of the Obama Nation really can’t explode until The Man is back in office. Educating Americans can be so...
  • In Seeking Pardon For Swindler, Bachmann Convicts Herself of Illiteracy

    06/24/2011 8:57:48 PM PDT · by Brices Crossroads · 180 replies · 1+ views
    06/24/2011 | Brices Crossroads
    Michele Bachmann's efforts in 2007-8 to have Drug Dealer and Money Launderer Frank Vennes pardoned for his 1987 convictions have begun to receive some light scrutiny in the media. Some embarrassing details have emerged, including the fact that, while Bachmann was lobbying hard to secure a pardon for him from President Bush, Vennes himself was engaged in a brand new, massive $3.65 billion ponzi scheme, for which he was recently indicted by a Federal Grand Jury. Worse yet, Vennes and his family had donated money to Bachmann--a lot of money--in the 2006 and 2008 campaign cycles, $27,400 to be exact,...
  • Sarah Palin - America’s Deborah

    06/21/2011 11:55:10 AM PDT · by The Ignorant Fisherman · 188 replies
    The Ignorant Fishermen ^ | 6/21/11 | DJP I.F.
    In the days of the judges of Israel, Israel had turned their backs repeatedly on the Law of Moses and the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses (Deut. 31:29, Judges 2:6-11). When they followed these absolutes of time and ETERNITY (which was almost NEVER) they were blessed and prospered by the hand of the Lord (Judges 4-5). "The consequences of this lawless departure led to the break down of society and to the chastening hand of the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses" During one particular time when Ehud - a godly man, deliverer and judge of the...
  • Enough is Enough (Vanity)

    06/14/2011 4:20:58 PM PDT · by parksstp · 203 replies
    Right Side of My Brain ^ | 06-14-2011 | Parksstp
    Okay Folks, Enough is Enough! I have enjoyed participating in this forum for a long time because I enjoy supporting the conservative values people like JimRob, the Tea Party, and other decent Americans hold dear to. It's obvious we are in the fight of our lives for the long-term survival of this country. 2012 is clearly a major turning poing that could very well decide whether or not America survives. Because of this importance, it is paramount we select the right candidate, the true conservative that will stand with us on all the conservative specturms (social, economic, domestic, and foreign...
  • Blitzer asked Bachmann 5 times if Romney was disqualified re: RomneyCare and she refused to answer.

    06/17/2011 3:52:03 PM PDT · by Bigtigermike · 173 replies
    Friday June 17, 2011
    Just happened, very strange! Wolf Blitzer Interview with Michele Bachmann. Blitzer asked Bachmann 5 times do you agree with Tim Pawlenty that Mitt romney is disqualified from being the Republican nominee for president because he supports mandated healthcare.? She kept responding that she's against obamacare/mandates. Blitzer tried again to pin down some kind of answer. She evaded the question at every turn, didn't want to touch it and finally a frustrated Blitzer then says, "You obviously don't want to answer the question?" I know people say that nominees shouldn't attack other nominees yet but if not now, when? because Romney...
  • Rove stumps for Bachmann, Kennedy [2006]

    06/16/2011 7:32:31 PM PDT · by RED SOUTH · 209 replies · 1+ views ^ | Updated: July 21, 2006 - 10:57 PM | Eric Black
    White House political maestro Karl Rove urged money and other forms of support for Republican congressional candidate Michele Bachmann at a Stillwater fundraiser Friday.The Bachmann fundraiser at the Water Street Inn in Stillwater attracted about 60 supporters, who paid $250 for lunch. Couples who contributed $1,000 to Bachmann could have their pictures taken with Rove. The Bachmann campaign did not immediately release the total amount raised.
  • Michele Bachmann’s record: Earmarks, farm subsidies and pardons?

    06/16/2011 7:51:23 PM PDT · by RED SOUTH · 64 replies · 1+ views
    dailycaller ^ | May 15, 2011 | Matt Lewis
    Bachmann may also be plagued by her involvement in a controversial pardon. In 2007, Bachmann wrote a letter requesting a presidential pardon for a convicted drug-smuggler and money-launderer named Frank Vennes. Vennes was convicted of money laundering in 1988 and pleaded no contest to a cocaine and weapons charge. Making matters worse, he and his wife donated a total of $27,600 to Bachmann’s 2006 and 2008 election.
  • That Stupid Palin, Getting Her History Right

    06/04/2011 9:01:24 AM PDT · by GonzoII · 44 replies
    American Catholic ^ | June 4, 2011 A.D. | Paul Zummo
    That Stupid Palin, Getting Her History Right Published Saturday, June 4, 2011 A.D. | By Paul Zummo I guess there’s a new kerfuffle related to Sarah Palin. This video was linked at NRO “without comment” by Andrew Stiles. It’s more evidence that she’s some kind of historical illiterate, or something, as she supposedly claims that Paul Revere rode to warn the Brits. Admittedly Palin’s wording is incredibly garbled and she did not give a very articulate response. Here’s the thing: her comments are completely accurate. Here’s a letter written by Paul Revere himself: “I observed a Wood at a Small...
  • MEDIA CAUGHT IN ANOTHER SMEAR… Palin Did Not Misspeak on Paul Revere

    06/03/2011 8:57:06 PM PDT · by smoothsailing · 67 replies
    RightNetwork/GatewayPundit ^ | 6-3-2011 | Jim Hoft
    MEDIA CAUGHT IN ANOTHER SMEAR… Palin Did Not Misspeak on Paul Revere by Jim Hoft Friday, June 3, 2011 The state-run media is having fun today smearing Sarah Palin on her historical knowlege. Yesterday she told reporters Revere warned the British that the colonial militias were waiting for them. Sarah Palin was right.Paul Revere did in fact tell the British that the colonial militias, who had been alerted, were waiting for them...
  • Governor Palin Gives the Media a History Lesson on Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride

    06/03/2011 3:41:59 PM PDT · by Virginia Ridgerunner · 89 replies
    Conservatives4Palin ^ | June 3, 2011 | Whitney Pitcher
    The mark of any successful political venture by Governor Palin often results a misrepresentation of her words that only leaves the media with egg on their faces. Governor Palin’s bus tour has been successful in allowing her to highlight the greatness of the history of America, meet everyday Americans and fellow politicians, and share her policy stances on everything from fishing regulations in New Hampshire to ethanol subsidies to the debt ceiling. Such successes leaves the media grasping at proverbial bendy straws. Today’s news is no different. Poised with the opportunity to more appropriately address political stories essentially pre-written for...
  • [Vanity] Stop the Herman Cain for President nonsense

    05/16/2011 11:33:00 AM PDT · by Extremely Extreme Extremist · 208 replies · 1+ views
    EEE | 17 MAY 2011 | EEE
    I'd never thought I'd see the day when conservatives fully embrace affirmative action. The myopic and destructive support for Cain for President is TOTALLY based on the simple fact that he's an articulate black man and self-made businessman, so conservatives can say, "See! See! We're not racists, we love black guys too!" But so was bland boring white guy John Cox, a businessman who ran for President in 2008, also without having zero experience in elective office. So where was the support for him? Please spare me the inevitable BS about how you'd rather support a businessman (or use...
  • Palin’s Fans Hang on to Hope She’ll Run (When Neo-Cons attack)

    05/16/2011 4:16:44 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 83 replies
    Commentary Magazine ^ | May 16, 2011 | Jonathan S. Tobin
    Yesterday, when writing about the fallout from Mike Huckabee’s decision not to run for president, I picked Michelle Bachmann as the candidate who might benefit the most from this turn of events. But I also noted that this was predicated on Sarah Palin’s not running. The deathly quiet from her camp about a 2012 campaign is encouraging presidential hopefuls and pundits alike to think that she is staying out of the race. But it is also frustrating her fans. A visit to Conservatives4palin, one of her leading fan websites, shows that the former Alaska governor’s followers are still hoping that...
  • Sarah Palin's Birther Baptism by Fire

    05/15/2011 5:23:47 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 74 replies ^ | May 15, 2011 | Debra J. Saunders
    As governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin "demonstrated many of the qualities we expect in our best leaders," The Atlantic's Joshua Green reports in a must-read story. "She set aside private concerns for the greater good, forgoing a focus on social issues to confront the great problem plaguing Alaska, its corrupt oil-and-gas politics. She did this in a way that seems wildly out of character today -- by cooperating with Democrats and moderate Republicans to raise taxes on Big Business. "After making the case, Green then asks, "What happened to Sarah Palin?"And: "How did a popular, reformist governor beloved by Democrats...
  • Sarah Palin in the Situation Room (If only!)

    05/14/2011 5:31:24 PM PDT · by Virginia Ridgerunner · 43 replies
    The Sarah Palin Revolution ^ | May 5, 2011 | Vain
  • Palin's Foreign Policy Embraces Instinct, Shuns Doctrine (Long)

    05/07/2011 4:30:00 PM PDT · by Hojczyk · 35 replies
    Real Clear Politics ^ | May 6,2011 | Scott Conroy
    In a speech at Colorado Christian College earlier this week, Sarah Palin laid out a five-point set of standards by which the United States should commit its troops to military action. Bearing the palpable influence of her new foreign policy adviser -- Peter Schweizer, a scholar at the conservative Hoover Institution who has been on SarahPAC's payroll for less than three weeks -- Palin's criteria for military action seemed at first glance to be less aggressive than the hawkish foreign policy she has consistently espoused. As recently as February, Palin had been among the first prominent Republicans calling for a...
  • Sarah Palin Versus the Field with 2006 as a Barometer

    05/07/2011 7:47:04 AM PDT · by Brices Crossroads · 146 replies
    05/07/2011 | Brices Crossroads
    I have observed that the polls and the news readers have taken to reminding us that Sarah Palin's nomination spells certain defeat for the GOP in 2012. Let's examine the question of Sarah Palin's prowess as a candidate, measured against the current field: It has been noted that former Senator Rick Santorum won his Senate seat in a big GOP year (1994) and lost it big in a Democrat year (2006), sweeping in with one tide and out with another. This is evidence of weakness as a candidate. Let's examine the rest of this field, using 2006 as the barometer....
  • Palin Says 'No Pussy-Footing Around,' Show the Photos

    05/04/2011 11:52:26 AM PDT · by mandaladon · 95 replies
    FoxNation ^ | 4 May 2011
    Sarah Palin via Twitter: Show photo as warning to others seeking America's destruction. No pussy-footing around, no politicking, no drama;it's part of the mission
  • ***I Endorse Sarah Palin For President In 2012***

    04/30/2011 4:36:10 PM PDT · by The Wizard · 92 replies
    On our TV Show, “Angel And The Wiz” that airs Wednesday May 25th at 4 PM on Channel 2, (56) I will formally announce my endorsement of Sarah Palin for President in 2012.I am doing this whether she announces or not because I am voting for her whether she runs or not.My reasons for endorsing her are as follows.Courage: No one, Including Richard Nixon, has been pummeled like our Sarah. Through all the attacks on her and her family, she has shown the courage of a lion, and always handled it with the grace and propriety we would expect...
  • Sarah Palin is surprise guest at White House Correspondents’ weekend parties

    04/30/2011 5:02:23 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 22 replies
    The Washington Post's Reliable Source ^ | April 30, 2011 | Roxanne Roberts and Amy Argetsinger
    And you thought this weekend was going to be all about Donald Trump! Probably only one other lightening-rod VIP could have stolen the mogul’s buzz in the pro-am zeitgeist tournament known as the White House Correspondents’ weekend, and darned if she didn’t pull a surprise appearance. You betcha, she did. Sarah Palin walked into the Georgetown home of Mark Ein shortly before noon Saturday to dazzle a brunch crowd of Washington insiders and visiting luminaries. Black bell-sleeved summer dress, shiny hair. She and a clean-shaven Todd Palin posed for a few photos with hosts Wendi Murdoch and Susan Axelrod, then...

    04/30/2011 11:41:04 AM PDT · by onyx · 141 replies · 1+ views
    politico ^ | 4/30/2011 | AMIE PARNES
    Guess who came to brunch? The hockey mom herself, Sarah Palin, attended Tammy Haddad's annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner brunch on Saturday. The former vice presidential candidate was immediately enveloped by a large crowd on a patio after making her entrance with Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren. Palin spent some time posing for pictures with both Dems and R's alike. About an hour later, she took off with Van Susteren.
  • Governor Palin On The Record w Greta Van Susteren 10pm April 26th

    04/26/2011 7:38:36 PM PDT · by MaxCUA · 53 replies
    Governor Palin On The Record w Greta Van Susteren 10pm April 26th
  • ***Watching Everyone Trying Not To Mention Sarah***

    04/26/2011 5:31:10 PM PDT · by The Wizard · 127 replies · 1+ views
    Stardate: 1104.26
    I basically watch FOX news, because the others are complete and total liars, but it has become almost funny, (sad) watching the commentators bending every which way they can to not mention Sarah..... It always Romney, or hucklberry or Trump....they just can't mention her name, and she is clearly the front runner no matter what Trump or ANYONE says.... BOR is on right now with Michelle Bachman and he hasn't mentioned Sarah's name..... It will be interesting when she declares she is running, and not forming an exploratory committee to see what to do...not our Sarah...she will announce she's running........
  • It's like Clockwork when it comes to Gov. Palin.

    04/20/2011 5:12:36 PM PDT · by unseen1 · 29 replies
    04/20/2011 | unseen1
    Clockwork is a set programmed job. It requires you to know the gears, the springs and how it all goes together. It is a demanding job, requiring skill and a certain affinity for the job to be able to do it well. It is also a good analogy to the MSM/RNC/DNC attempts to STOP PALIN. If you notice, after every “homerun"/"good news cycle" of Gov Palin's, the clock workers in the MSM/RNC/DNC bend to their tasks of STOPPING PALIN. It doesn’t matter what type of homerun Palin accomplished. It could be a speech like last Saturday’s or a great interview...
  • Palin in Madison, GOP Best Hope

    04/16/2011 12:38:35 PM PDT · by factmart · 64 replies
    Palin hits a Grand Slam in Madison, Wisconsin!
  • Palin needs to go lower in the polls!

    04/13/2011 8:36:27 AM PDT · by factmart · 146 replies
    When I was in my thirties, my first wife's mother got really sick.
  • Waiting for Governor Palin

    04/06/2011 3:54:25 PM PDT · by Virginia Ridgerunner · 145 replies
    Palin TV ^ | April 6, 2011 | Sheya
    Will she or won’t she? Is she in or is she out? Day in and day out there are different articles and reports by people trying to convince us that they know the answer to this question or are in the know regarding Governor Palin’s political future. Analysts look for signals and make assumptions about what it is that Governor Palin is up to. The truth is that those who talk don’t know, and those who know don’t talk. Most often, the conclusions are that Governor Palin will not throw her hat into the ring and that the only reason...
  • Palin: Woman to Woman

    04/05/2011 7:29:30 PM PDT · by JKeats · 75 replies
    self | 4/5/11 | Susan D. Harris
    Conservative women who hate Sarah Palin confound me. What has especially alarmed me has been the amount of women who hate her as a woman. I know that is the reason, because – and this is the important part – when you ask them WHAT “scares” them about her (a favorite “Halloweeny” term used in place of the word “hate”), the answer is the same from conservative and liberal women alike. “She’s so dumb.” How? Uh, crickets chirping.
  • Why Governor Palin must be the GOP Nominee

    03/27/2011 9:08:15 AM PDT · by Extremely Extreme Extremist · 143 replies
    EEE | 27 MARCH 2011 | EEE
    Governor Palin must be the GOP nominee because of energy. Energy will arguably be the top issue facing America in 2012. The rise in fuel prices also brings about a rise in commodity and food prices, as those products are trucked, shipped, and flown to their destinations. I work in transportation logistics, and I can tell you first hand that fuel prices are so high, drivers for most of the carriers my account is contracted to are refusing to haul freight unless they get additional money for fuel. There are over 6,000 products made from petroleum. Here is a partial...
  • Poll shows there's a GOP gang of four, and everybody else (Myth, Gomer, Sarah and Newt)

    03/25/2011 2:49:35 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 74 replies
    The Myrtle Beach Sun News / The Los Angeles Times ^ | March 25, 2011 | Michael Muskal
    Even though it is in its early days, the GOP sweepstakes for the presidential nomination appears to be a battle that George Orwell would love. In "Animal Farm," his famous satire of political hopes and dashed expectations, Orwell posits a revolution by animals seizing control of a farm. Idealistic equality quickly degenerates into the politically more practical "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." Something similar could be said of the GOP contenders being mentioned as possible presidential candidates: All candidates may be theoretically equal this early, but polls show that four - Mitt Romney,...
  • Whats the difference between Sir William Wallace & Sarah Palin?

    02/01/2011 4:53:24 AM PST · by Free2think · 115 replies
    free2think | 02/01/11 | free2think
    What is the difference between Sir William Wallace & Sarah Palin? Besides, age, sex, weapon choice, hair color, etc. Both were hated\betrayed by "The elitists on both sides of the fence" Both were drawn & quartered in front of an audience by elitist's. Both had the courage to risk their lives and families lives\honor for freedom from Tyranny. Palin will be thrown under the bus by republican elitists any day now as did the (Bruce clan) throw Wallace under the horse. The only missing similarity would be Primae Noctis which the left would passionately embrace if given the chance. educate...
  • Santorum Takes Aim at Romney, Palin

    01/04/2011 1:19:52 PM PST · by pissant · 62 replies
    Nat. Journal ^ | 1/4/11 | ALex Roarty
    Rick Santorum the senator didn’t shy from controversy. Apparently, neither will Rick Santorum the presidential candidate. The former senator from Pennsylvania speaks and acts like a man working diligently to become a dark-horse favorite for president. Dark is the operative word: During an hour-long interview with National Journal last week at a busy coffee shop just blocks from the Capitol, no one appeared to recognize the potential presidential candidate. Santorum is making up for his low profile by taking aim at better-known potential rivals: former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. In a race where nobody...
  • Did Sarah Palin Just Tweet Her Position on 'Homos'?

    01/03/2011 10:20:46 PM PST · by pissant · 220 replies
    Gawker ^ | 1/3/11 | Max Read
    Former vice presidential candidate and reality television star Sarah Palin has remained quiet over the recent repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. But she may have just made a statement... by re-Tweeting a conservative lesbian's columnist's Tweet about 'homos.' Around 10 p.m. Eastern time on Monday night, conservative pundit Tammy Bruce Tweeted about the recent repeal of the military's discriminatory Don't Ask Don't Tell policy: But this hypocrisy is just truly too much. Enuf already—the more someone complains about the homos the more we should look under their bed Tue Jan 04 03:12:46 via web The idea being, one imagines,...