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  • The John Birch Society vs. Article V Part II

    06/18/2018 7:58:56 AM PDT · 15 of 19
    Zionist Conspirator to Jacquerie; All
    The John Birch Society is no d---- good. It was always anti-Israel (except for a while during the Begin years) but since the end of the Cold War has gone full-bore Liberty Lobby.

    Their magazine has actually published an article attacking Netanyahu as a liar for exposing Iran. They are actually pro-Iran now! That's how much they have Israel Derangement Syndrome! But they would have been happy for every American to die for Rhodesia (a country founded by an "Insider").

    The JBS was always anti-Israel, but now it's gone absolutely Ron Paul crazy. It should be avoided by all who fear Heaven and its publications should be on FR's "do not post" list.

  • I saw a Tsunami hit the United States

    06/17/2018 2:40:50 PM PDT · 124 of 145
    Zionist Conspirator to Elsie
    Confirmation bias works both sides of the aisle...

    True. I suppose the poster meant that a Jew was convinced by the alleged evidence in the TaNa"KH to accept the "new testament" (though note that chrstians conventionally assume the truth of the "new testament" from the get-go). But still, to interpret the Prophets in such a way as to make the Torah temporary, when it is the ultimate revelation, is very un-Jewish.

    Let's put it this way--historically, Judaism predates chrstianity by at least one thousand years. It thus remains "in possession" until it is something else is proven absolutely and beyond any reasonable doubt. Chrstians have always and only accepted both "testaments" together, and most of them on this forum don't even seem to be able to theoretically and for purposes of the argument put themselves in shoes of people who have known only the "old" for their entire history. I assure you that should any chrstians encounter a figure with supernatural powers who announced a third "testament" they would simply attribute his powers to "satan" and that would be the end of it.

    In addition to this is the fact that the Revelation at Sinai is the only self-confirming instance of Divine Revelation in human history, and that the Torah itself at least implies, if not outright states, that it is forever (and not "forever until," as traditional chrstians put it). All the horrible threats recorded in Leviticus and Deuteronomy about faithlessness all insist that faithlessness consists in deviating from the Torah. It says this in black and white. To stretch this into it supposedly being the penalty for "rejecting the messiah" (and there isn't even a commandment about "accepting the messiah" in the first place) is certainly hypocritical.

    I know you folks think I'm a horrible person. Most of you have never in your lives heard an argument in favor of Orthodox Judaism. All you have heard is "religious freedom" giving one the right to "rebel" by rejecting J*sus. My point is that it isn't the Jews who rebelled. Certainly the radical revolution in thinking that chrstians insist Jews were support to experience two thousand years ago is something they themselves would never do (since the NT did not exist at that time, please recall that all of chrstianity was "adding to scripture").

    The reason I am so "rough" on Fundamentalist Protestants is that they are in a sense my people, practicing religion that never existed until the Protestant Reformation. They deserve better.

    I am sorry for my frequent frustration and losses of temper when I myself once thought as they do.

  • I saw a Tsunami hit the United States

    06/17/2018 12:00:09 PM PDT · 116 of 145
    Zionist Conspirator to Bob434
    [[Jewish biblical scholar Alfred Edersheim (1825-1889), a convert to Christianity

    Exactly the same as your first argument. A chrstian says J*sus fulfills 458 prophecies. Of course he does! He's a chrstian!

    Even with all those prophecies, what do you do with the Torah not containing a single word about being temporary? In fact, it implies quite the opposite. So, you think the Prophets had higher authority than the Torah?

  • I saw a Tsunami hit the United States

    06/17/2018 11:56:55 AM PDT · 115 of 145
    Zionist Conspirator to Bob434
    sorry but there are over 300 that Christ fulfilled- more than enough for everyone to know without a doubt Christ was the fulfillment of prophecy

    Apparently you didn't read, or didn't understand, my post. You believe J*sus fulfilled those prophecies because "the new testament" says he did, and you accept, a priori, the NT's claim to be scripture. If you did not already believe in the "new testament" you would not believe J*sus fulfilled those prophecies.

    Your argument depends on your conclusion being true. You don't even attempt to prove your conclusion; you simply assume it (a logical fallacy).

    Of course I've pointed this out jillions of times and never even gotten a response other than "just wait till you're burning hell!" which also isn't an argument.

  • I saw a Tsunami hit the United States

    06/17/2018 7:01:34 AM PDT · 102 of 145
    Zionist Conspirator to Bob434
    prophets in old testament said Christ would appear- He did- Adn that He would die on the cross- He did- The cross was not used at the time of those prophets- they had no way of even knowing about that method of execution

    There is nothing in the Hebrew Bible about J*sus or crucifixion.

    Chrstians take such scriptures as Isaiah 53 and Psalm 2 out of context and insist they must be referring to J*sus because that's what the "new testament" says. If one didn't already accept the "new testament" from the get-go, one would never see these scriptures as prophesying J*sus.

    But of course I've pointed this out a zillion times and challenged anyone to offer proof but no one even tries. Chrstianity is just true for no apparent reason, and apparently Moses was an Independent Baptist.

  • I saw a Tsunami hit the United States

    06/17/2018 6:56:25 AM PDT · 101 of 145
    Zionist Conspirator to Jim 0216; All
    God exhausted ALL his wrath, punishment, and condemnation for all the sins of every one that has ever and will ever live on the body of his Son, Jesus Christ, on the cross

    No one ever taught this until Luther and Calvin. All the ancient, authentic, historical churches (Catholic, Orthodox, etc.) reject penal substitution as heretical. And why wouldn't they? Since it utterly does away with the need to keep their commandments or participate in their rituals.

    Until relatively recently, chrstians didn't believe G-d poured His wrath on J*sus. They believed the crucifixion was the "greatest crime in history" and hated the Jews for "perpetrating" it. I suppose according to them it never should have happened.

  • Cardinal Timothy Dolan slams Trump immigration crackdown as ""unbiblical "

    06/17/2018 6:39:19 AM PDT · 72 of 80
    Zionist Conspirator to Brilliant
    Last I heard the Bible is not law in the US.

    Too bad. See my tagline.

  • Louis Farrakhan Goes On Unhinged Rant Against ‘Jewish Power’ And Anal Sex

    06/13/2018 1:01:09 PM PDT · 30 of 31
    Zionist Conspirator to AppyPappy
    Farrakhan has been openly condemning homosexuality for decades. The Left is just forced to ignore him.

    But all the politicians he endorses and supports are pro-homosexual, so it's just a lot of noise.

    Besides, in the Left's hierarchy of transgressiveness, Blackness is the ultimate "transgression" to be celebrated. Al Sharpton could denounce evolution (I wouldn't hold my breath) and the redneck-bashers wouldn't utter a word.

  • U.S. Archbishop: Using Contraception is Always ‘Evil’

    06/12/2018 6:53:40 AM PDT · 96 of 217
    Zionist Conspirator to Mark17; metmom
    LOL. You keep telling yourself that bro. In eternity, we will see if the New Testament is true or not, but by then it will be too late for you. You can accept Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah now, or face him later, as a judge. That’s on you bro, but the Queen of the South, and the men of Ninevah will be there too. You may feel free, to do with that information, whatever you like. It is your problem.

    Once again . . . you are endlessly repeating chrstian claims without even attempting to prove them. You wouldn't accept some other religion's "holy book" without good reason to do so, yet somehow you expect everyone to simply "know" chrstianity is true on some deep instinctual level without any proof whatsoever.

    As for metmom's interpretation, I have never in my life before heard of such a bizarre interpretation as "now that you've sinned you want be able to have endless sex without consequences; now it will cause you to have lots of kids." That sounds downright perverse. Especially since the people who have studied it for 3300 unbroken years since Moses himself have an alternative explanation.

    I realize Protestantism is restorationist, but not all religions need "restoring." One of them has been right from the beginning.

  • The untold reason why Jewish people do not believe Jesus is the Messiah!

    06/12/2018 6:44:03 AM PDT · 74 of 114
    Zionist Conspirator to crusty old prospector; Phinneous
    And once again a chrstian "proves" chrstianity by quoting the "new testament!" What is it about the veracity of the "new testament" being the point at issue that you people can't grasp?

    The "new testament" "proves" chrstianity just as the "holy qur'an" "proves" islam and the "book of mormon" "proves" mormonism.

    You'd recognize the fallacy in someone else's argument, yet you continually use it yourselves!

  • Belmont controversy erupts: Did alliance ensure a Justify victory?

    06/11/2018 6:00:25 PM PDT · 71 of 75
    Zionist Conspirator to N. Theknow; KC_Lion
    According to a recently discovered item, Baffert hired Russian brood mares to dance and pee on the other horse’s straw.

    There's one now!

  • The untold reason why Jewish people do not believe Jesus is the Messiah!

    06/11/2018 5:52:39 PM PDT · 15 of 114
    Zionist Conspirator to Bodleian_Girl
    So, without the shedding of blood, there is no redemption of sin.

    I think you mean "forgiveness of sin," but I get what you meant.

    The Hebrew Bible does not say that without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin. That is from the "new testament" book of "Hebrews," which chrstians then retroject into the Torah.

    What do the Jews of today do with that?

    They can’t sacrifice anything.

    What did they do during the 70 years of the Babylonian exile? What did they do in the Wilderness with Moses when the Tabernacle was disassembled so the Jews could move to a new location? The Tabernacle was reassembled and the offerings brought again only when the clouds that accompanied them stopped at a certain spot.

    And what about the dire warnings of Deuteronomy of the eventual exile when the Jews would be exiled to a foreign land? This was already in the Torah from the time of Moses, and studied and known by all the people. The lack of offerings, like the exile, is a punishment for abandoning the Torah . . . and not for "rejecting the 'messiah'" (no such sin is listed).

    Chrstians don't like it when moslems or mormons add new books to supplement the NT. Can't you understand that in Judaism the Torah is eternal and not to be superseded by anything???

    PS: What do you do with the fact that non-Jews have never been required to bring sacrifices at any time, though they are permitted to do so?

  • U.S. Archbishop: Using Contraception is Always ‘Evil’

    06/11/2018 5:44:10 PM PDT · 69 of 217
    Zionist Conspirator to boatbums; metmom
    FYI...The Midrash is NOT the Bible.

    Neither is the "new testmament."

    But whatever one thinks of derash interpretation, the plain sense of the text is that a very short gestation period was lengthened to a much greater amount of time. The idea that it refers to more conceptions after than before the sin is metmom's own private interpretation. Even if private interpretations are all put on the same level, her opinion is no more the obvious sense of the text as the traditional one.

    That, btw, is why there has always been an authentic oral interpretive tradition. Unfortunately the Catholic Church ruined that idea for Protestants.

  • The untold reason why Jewish people do not believe Jesus is the Messiah!

    06/11/2018 5:36:49 PM PDT · 6 of 114
    Zionist Conspirator to RoosterRedux
    Oh my goodness.

    You people need to understand that the fact that chrstianity "accepts" (in a mitigated sense) the "old testament" not only doesn't in any way justify chrstianity, it doesn't even require Jews to be grateful for this! The Hebrew Bible was known to be of Divine origin before chrstianity even existed.

    Jews reject J*sus because they are bound for all eternity to the Torah . . . as it has existed since Sinai (none of this "fufillment" garbage, please!). The Torah excludes any such religion as chrstianity, no matter how much of Judaism chrstianity "acknowledges."

    If someone started a brand new religion that "accepted the 'new testament'" but added to it, would that prove it is authentic? Every chrstian would reject it because they think they already have the fullness of truth. This is exactly what Jews think of Torah.

  • Insular Hasidic Jews struggle to preserve customs as legal and social pressures build

    06/11/2018 11:08:04 AM PDT · 5 of 22
    Zionist Conspirator to PapaBear3625; C19fan
    It would be better if they got jobs and got off welfare.

    The OP implied the Chasidim have a negative impact on schools they control. I was wondering if refusing to teach evolution is one of them?

    I know lately there's been a huge dust-up in NYC about Charedim not wanting their schools to be forced to teach things contrary to their religion to their students. And the rest of society reacted the same way they react to "rednecks" who say the same thing.

  • Insular Hasidic Jews struggle to preserve customs as legal and social pressures build

    06/11/2018 11:02:47 AM PDT · 2 of 22
    Zionist Conspirator to C19fan
    Sucks to be a Gentile or non-religious Jew if you happen to live in a area where the Hasidic gain control over the schools and gov't.

    You prefer lunatic "non-religious Jews?" Like the so-called "official leaders of the American Jewish community?"

    What do they do at the schools . . . kick evolution out?

  • U.S. Archbishop: Using Contraception is Always ‘Evil’

    06/11/2018 5:57:36 AM PDT · 26 of 217
    Zionist Conspirator to metmom
    Funny, when God pronounced the curse on Adam and Eve, He said that Eve's conception would greatly increase. IOW, before the fall, most of sex would NOT have been for the purpose of having children.

    ::Facepalm:: That's not what it means at all.

    It means originally the gestation period was very short. According to the midrash, Adam and Eve had sex twice on the day they were created leading, first to Cain and a twin sister, then to Abel and two "twin" sisters.

    The punishment was pain in childbirth and the long gestation period we now know.

    People really should learn to read the Bible before making such comments. The Bible--not a translation.

  • Hungary Slams Pro-Mass Migration UN Compact: ‘Its Clear Victim Is Europe’

    06/08/2018 7:24:39 AM PDT · 13 of 21
    Zionist Conspirator to FLT-bird
    There's sometimes a difference between a people's ethnicity and its language family. While the Finns speak a language related to Lappish and Hungarian, they are ethnically Scandinavian, no different than the Danes, Swedes, and Norwegians.

    The Hungarians are certainly of Asiatic origin. Their language is definitely Asiatic (thus they are not "Aryans"). In fact, in Hungary the surname precedes the given name, just like in Asia.

  • (Dutch) Queen Maxima's sister Inés Zorreguieta found dead at home

    06/08/2018 7:20:40 AM PDT · 10 of 14
    Zionist Conspirator to PghBaldy
    Zorreguieta? Is that a Basque name?

    I thought the Spanish left the Netherlands centuries ago.

  • Hungary Slams Pro-Mass Migration UN Compact: ‘Its Clear Victim Is Europe’

    06/08/2018 7:06:00 AM PDT · 10 of 21
    Zionist Conspirator to davikkm
    Hungary is leading the way, in fighting for the rights of white European natives to have the right to a homeland.

    Ironic, since the Hungarians are Asiatics.

    I just want Anglo-Saxons and rednecks to have homelands!