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  • Without Cruz, there would be no opposition to President Obama (With 2016 poll to FReep)

    12/21/2014 3:32:50 AM PST · 7 of 17
    Yosemitest to 2ndDivisionVet


  • Remarkable: Republicans standing strong for liberal Democrat Hollywood; Obama wimpy response

    12/18/2014 8:44:34 PM PST · 25 of 26
    Yosemitest to chris37
    Sounds like you haven't listen to his since he left Fox News.
    You know about his health problems called neuropathy ?
  • Remarkable: Republicans standing strong for liberal Democrat Hollywood; Obama wimpy response

    12/18/2014 8:38:26 PM PST · 24 of 26
    Yosemitest to rrrod

    No, only his critics are total loons.

  • Data recovery from External HD: Please help

    12/18/2014 9:31:39 AM PST · 10 of 52
    Yosemitest to don-o
    After you dump Windows and buy an Apple and get a copy of Parallels, then check into Vantec NexStar.
    Or you can keep forking over $200 a year to TRY to keep the viruses and malware out of Windows.
    It took me 30 years beforte I wised up and followed my military friends advise and bought an Apple.
  • Boehner’s Head Fake

    12/18/2014 9:24:22 AM PST · 5 of 16
    Yosemitest to smoothsailing
    BONEHEAD is one of the GREATEST DESTROYERS of the GOP.
    When the GOP gets a CLUE and DUMPS DEMOCRAT BoneHead, they'll be much better off.
  • Remarkable: Republicans standing strong for liberal Democrat Hollywood; Obama wimpy response

    12/18/2014 9:18:28 AM PST · 17 of 26
    Yosemitest to chris37
    Whatever!< /sarc>
    Glenn's been at least a years ahead of the LAME Stream Media, and that grips too many LIBERALS.
  • Remarkable: Republicans standing strong for liberal Democrat Hollywood; Obama wimpy response

    12/18/2014 8:26:01 AM PST · 5 of 26
    Yosemitest to BenLurkin
    You should be listening to Glenn Beck's Live Radio Show that's discussing this very issue.
  • Fox News finds new way to scare its viewers, warns of Dish blackout

    12/18/2014 7:33:01 AM PST · 36 of 40
    Yosemitest to KeyLargo
    Shouldn't that be …

  • Fox News finds new way to scare its viewers, warns of Dish blackout

    12/18/2014 7:28:41 AM PST · 35 of 40
    Yosemitest to KeyLargo
    Gee, I wonder why …
  • ‘Stand your ground’ defense fails in Montana murder trial (Markus Kaarma found guilty)

    12/18/2014 12:20:55 AM PST · 14 of 168
    Yosemitest to Olog-hai

    Sentence the Jury to the maximum punishment for a violation of rights.

  • FREEP This Poll - is Normalizing Relations with Cuba a good thing?

    12/17/2014 9:35:06 PM PST · 8 of 36
    Yosemitest to MplsSteve

    Only a COMMUNISTS who DESPISES the United States would think of such a destructive act.

  • Time to Challenge No-Fault Divorce

    12/17/2014 1:28:55 PM PST · 14 of 33
    Yosemitest to Gen.Blather
      "Not all divorce is evil.
      Not everybody can handle a crazy spouse.
        Nor, should they be expected to."
    I asgree.
    BUT a No-Fault Divorce relieves both of any blame, and FAILS TO WARN OTHERS, OR PUNISH THE GUILTY, of the one responsible for the failure of the marriage.
    Divorce should be ONLY with CAUSE OR FAULT.
    We must warn others of the dangers of marriage.

    Someone once asked, "WHY does a Divorce cost so much ? "
  • RUBIN: Ted Cruz’s self-delusion

    12/17/2014 12:03:59 PM PST · 20 of 67
    Yosemitest to 2ndDivisionVet
    How can anyone take that stupid LIBERAL seriously?
    What kind of ECHO CHAMBER does she live in ?
    Such a homely looking idiot has no perspective at all of the real world !
    She'd make a freight train take a gravel road.
  • (Burp) Here comes Mitt!

    12/16/2014 7:48:30 AM PST · 2 of 33
    Yosemitest to DoodleDawg

    Mitt, the “Let’s stay at home, because I’m a LIBERAL too” candidate !

  • Nephew seeing the Army National Guard recruiter tomorrow. Vanity

    12/16/2014 7:15:09 AM PST · 69 of 69
    Yosemitest to octex
    I don't like the Apache because it was grounded for computer problems 75 percent of the time, while I was on active duty, and that's why I referred to it as a "Hanger Queen".
    I retired in 2000.
    I agree with you about the politics of aircraft, and the Apache was one.
    Another is the Osprey, which was proven to be a serous threat to our own troops because of it's mechanical and design problems when it first came out in the late 80s and early 90s.
  • Nephew seeing the Army National Guard recruiter tomorrow. Vanity

    12/15/2014 2:53:37 AM PST · 52 of 69
    Yosemitest to octex
    Control Tower Watch Supervisor/Senior Controller admiration for the Cobra AH-1.
    One of the best fighting helicopters I've ever had the pleasure of mixing into my airport traffic area, at Osan, Kunsan, Seymour, Eglin and Duke, March, Plattsburgh, Columbus, Alpena, and Camp Douglas (Volk Field).
    It'll fly, while that Apache pice of computerized garbage remains a hanger queen.
  • Nephew seeing the Army National Guard recruiter tomorrow. Vanity

    12/15/2014 2:46:17 AM PST · 51 of 69
    Yosemitest to Yo-Yo
    I did 4 & 3/4 years in the ANG, then 22+ years in the USAF, and 5 years in the FAA, all of it, sitting on my butt, looking our windows and running my mouth.
    The FAA's 5 years was defiantly lucrative and the entry level salary was more than double my last year's pay in the USAF.
    Loadmaster jobs are highly needed by ALL the airlines, and offer a great way to see the world, without getting shot at, or undermined by a Kenyan Turd.
  • Nephew seeing the Army National Guard recruiter tomorrow. Vanity

    12/15/2014 1:37:47 AM PST · 43 of 69
    Yosemitest to Yo-Yo
    A Loadmaster can get a civilian job with his skills,
    but a Boom Operator can only lay down and pass gas.
  • Nephew seeing the Army National Guard recruiter tomorrow. Vanity

    12/14/2014 11:16:43 PM PST · 35 of 69
    Yosemitest to laplata
    Take a look at Benghazi, and Extortion 17.
    If you don't know about how Obama sold out his own people … you should.
    That Muslim Terrorist that's defiling the White House was arming the Muslim Brotherhood with shoulder launch rockets (MannPads).

    Here's some memories for the past.
  • Nephew seeing the Army National Guard recruiter tomorrow. Vanity

    12/14/2014 10:54:37 PM PST · 28 of 69
    Yosemitest to Hillarys Gate Cult
    Don't do it, not with this ILLEGAL ALIEN IN CHIEF running the military.
    If he absolutely must, consider the Coast Guard first, the Air Force or Air National Guard second, the Navy third, the Army fourth, and the Marines last.
    Why that order?
    It has to do with who takes better care of the dependents, and quality of life for the troops.

    But again I say, DON'T DO IT !
    There is no promise the government makes that they won't break.
    I know.
    I'm retired military, and retired in 2000.
  • Seven Things I Wish My Pastor Knew About My Homosexuality

    12/14/2014 10:00:09 PM PST · 60 of 61
    Yosemitest to Jamestown1630

    Uh, some spell it “SATAN’S CLAWS” ...

  • Seven Things I Wish My Pastor Knew About My Homosexuality

    12/14/2014 12:37:18 AM PST · 48 of 61
    Yosemitest to HLPhat
    One other thing, you might enjoy reading and looking up the references given in the article titled:
  • Seven Things I Wish My Pastor Knew About My Homosexuality

    12/14/2014 12:31:52 AM PST · 47 of 61
    Yosemitest to Jamestown1630
    Here's a challenge.
      In front of your Church Congregation, stand in front of its Christmas Tree, and read to the Congregation out loud, from 629 BC (Approximately) Jeremiah 10:1-10.
    That should start a real religious discussion.
  • Seven Things I Wish My Pastor Knew About My Homosexuality

    12/14/2014 12:19:01 AM PST · 46 of 61
    Yosemitest to HLPhat
      "What is the order of precedence described in Romans 1:25+?"
    Very good question.
    But to really understand it, you have to dig deeper.

    Lets start with Romans 1:16-32.
      For I am NOT ASHAMED of the gospel of Christ:
        for it is the power of God unto salvation
          to every one that believeth;
            to the Jew first,
              and also to the Greek.
      For THEREIN IS the righteousness of God
        revealed FROM faith
          TO faith:
            as it is written,
      The just shall live by faith.
    You might want to take a look at Habakkuk 2:1-9, and especially verse 4.
    Don't miss the importance of this because the rest of this information FROM GOD, is built on the understanding of this part in Romans 1:16-17.
    Now, on to the next great information.
      For the WRATH of God is revealed FROM heaven
            Because THAT WHICH MAY BE KNOWN of God
              IS MANIFEST IN THEM;
                for God HATH SHEWED IT UNTO THEM.
    That last part is very important.
    How many times must God warn them?
    You might want to take a read of Luke 8:1-21 to understand why some people just will NOT listen and OBEY.
    But on to the next part.
        from the creation of the world
            being understood BY the things THAT ARE MADE,
              even his eternal power and Godhead;
                so that THEY ARE WITHOUT EXCUSE:
      Because that,
          THEY glorified him NOT AS GOD,
            NEITHER were thankful;
                and THEIR FOOLISH HEART was DARKENED .
    There is so much to cover hear, but the order which God has stated it in the Bible must not be ignored.
    Think of microscopic when you read " the invisible things", but that's not the ONLY interpretation to be considered.
    But it should help you to grasp the meaning"are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made".
    "Became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened" is a very good insight on HOW this ABOMINATION starts.
    But don't forget the verses before that, because they have been pointing out HOW the "homosexuals" got to this point in their destruction.
    Now we start a more rapid destruction of their mind and hearty with the next verses.
            INTO AN IMAGE
                and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.
        TO DISHONOUR THEIR OWN BODIES between themselves:
            and WORSHIPPED
              and SERVED the creature MORE THAN THE CREATOR ,
                who is blessed for ever.
    Now it's becoming clear that there are MANY steps down the path to destruction, that these individuals have taken.
    Some more insight can be found in Genesis 19 about just how evil and destructive homosexuals really are.
    So, we continue with verses 26 and 27 of Romans 1.
            into that WHICH IS AGAINST NATURE:
          And likewise ALSO THE MEN,
              BURNED IN THEIR LUST one toward another;
                men with men WORKING THAT WHICH IS UNSEEMLY,
                    which was meet.
    Now you can see that God "gave them up", or in other words, He quit trying to convince them, that His WAYS were life-giving,
    and allowed them to go their own way.
    Their error would be a very strong lesson to all who will see, that it does lead to death.
    Read again about meat and milk as far as spiritual knowledge goes.
    Now God has laid this information out for us in a certain order for a reason, and that reason is the choice between Life or Death.
    Lets finish this.
          TO DO THOSE THINGSs which are NOT convenient;
            BEING FILLED with ALL unrighteousness,
              fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness;
                FULL of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity;
                  whisperers, Backbiters, haters of God,
                    despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things,
                      disobedient to parents,
                Without understanding, covenantbreakers,
                  without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:
                ARE WORTHY OF DEATH,
            NOT ONLY DO THE SAME,
              BUT HAVE PLEASURE
                IN THEM THAT DO THEM .
    Homosexual perversion is NOT a NATURAL punitive response to something else.
      (a MARK in their head {or mind}, in their hand {or actions}, and in their heart {or what they love} ),
    and it IS a Satanic DELUSION for the homosexual to THINK that God had nothing to do with it.
      Have you not read the Book of Job ?
        It will help you to understand
          that Satan
            has to have PERMISSION from our Heavenly Father
              to do damage.
    So in closing, we've covered THE CAUSE that God gave them over to a REPROBATE MIND.
  • Columnist: attacks on guns and God, not racism, to blame for the demise of the Southern Democrat

    12/13/2014 12:54:58 AM PST · 11 of 12
    Yosemitest to 2ndDivisionVet
    So it wouldn't have nothing to do with the FACT that the voting public is well aware that
      DemocRATs are not Democrats.
      But rather, they are COLD BLOODED COMMUNISTS!
  • Tea Partiers Protest At White House: 'Hang The Lying Kenyan Traitor'

    12/13/2014 12:47:32 AM PST · 127 of 129
    Yosemitest to QT3.14
    Should be HalfBrit-RAB & HalfCommie-can.
    Don't forget, Barry Soetoro can't get anyone to verify he was every at Columbia University,
    and at least 400 of his supposedly fellow classmate from Columbia University, never met the him.
  • Seven Things I Wish My Pastor Knew About My Homosexuality

    12/12/2014 8:14:29 PM PST · 40 of 61
    Yosemitest to Jamestown1630
    Our Heavenly Father did NOT TELL US to "Live WITH Them".
    He told us in several places HOW TO SOLVE this ABOMINATION.

    You need to study a little deeper.
      " For the time is come
        that JUDGMENT MUST BEGIN at the house of God:
          and if it FIRST BEGIN at us,
            what shall the end be of them that obey NOT the gospel of God?
      And if the righteous SCARCELY be saved ,
        WHERE SHALL the ungodly and the sinner APPEAR ? "
    Read again
      " Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven;
        but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. "
    And read again:
      " But he that heareth , and doeth not,
        is like a man that without a foundation built an house upon the earth;
          against which the stream did beat vehemently ,
            and immediately it fell ;
              and the ruin of that house was great. "
    Remember, if we do NOT OBEY Our LORD:
      Take good heed therefore unto yourselves, that ye love the LORD your God.
        Else if ye do in any wise go back, and cleave unto the remnant of these nations,
          even these that remain among you,
            and shall make marriages with them,
              and go in unto them, and they to you:
        Know for a certainty that the LORD your God
          will NO MORE DRIVE OUT ANY of these nations from before you;
            but THEY shall be snares and traps unto you,
              and scourges in your sides, and thorns in your eyes,
                  which the LORD your God hath given YOU.
    You must remember this:
      " ... seeing ye are dull of hearing.
        For when for the time ye ought to be teachers,
          ye have need that one teach you again which
            be the first principles of the oracles of God;
          and are become such
            as have need of milk,
              and not of strong meat.
          For every one that useth milk
            is unskilful in the word of righteousness:
              for he is a babe.
          But strong meat
            belongeth to them that are of full age,
              even those who by reason of use
                have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil. "

    Now, that being PROVEN, ponder this:

    This is what we get when we FAIL to OBEY God.
    For it is written:
      “ For whosoever shall commit ANY of these abominations,
        even the SOULS that commit them
          SHALL BE CUT OFF from among their people. ”
    Those who support homosexuals are against our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ.
    These anti Christ people only bring destruction on us ALL.
    I have NO sympathy for homosexuals!

    Homosexuality is a "Mark" of disobedience.
    Someone once asked
      "Why are they [homosexuals] all so angry?"
    The answer is in the definition of "REPROBATE".
      rep·ro·bate \ˈre-prə-ˌbāt\ a. [L. reprobatus, reprobo, to disallow; re and probo, to prove.]

        1. Not enduring proof or trial; not of standard purity or fineness; disallowed; rejected.
          Reprobate silver shall men call them, because the Lord hath rejected them. Jer. 6.

        2. Abandoned in sin; lost to virtue or grace.
          They profess that they know God, but in works deny him, being abominable and disobedient, and to every good work reprobate. Titus 1.

        3. Abandoned to error, or in apostasy. 2Tim. 3.
    And the reason"why" is given in the Bible.

    God has a cure for homosexuals.
      But will we OBEY our Heavenly Father?

    "Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect
    that God is just,
    that his justice cannot sleep forever."

  • Jeb Bush huddles w/advisors: How can I avoid being tripped up by conservative base in the primaries?

    12/12/2014 6:37:17 PM PST · 15 of 80
    Yosemitest to 2ndDivisionVet
      Jeb Bush … : How can I avoid being tripped up by conservative base in the primaries?
    Run as a DemocRAT.
    We don't want (or need) another stinkin' "ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICAN" !
  • Tea Partiers Protest At White House: 'Hang The Lying Kenyan Traitor'

    12/12/2014 6:32:50 PM PST · 50 of 129
    Yosemitest to Iron Munro
    There are OTHER reasons the ILLEGAL ALIEN IN CHIEF HATES Great Britain.
      That have PROOF he was born in Kenya.

    Free Republic has covered this issue before.
      "Barack Hussein Obama's father was only 12.5% African Negro and 87.5% Arab."

    Read this:
      "Warren G. Harding was the first President of the United States to have direct negro ancestry.

      Thanks to Harding's glorious trailblazing in 1920, the current pretender to the same title, Barak Hussein Obama Jr., is eighty-eight years too late.
      Genealogical evidence has revealed that the impostering "first black president" Barak Hussein Obama is
        6.5% Negro and 48% Arabic,
        the remainder 45% Caucasian.

      Why ‘imposter’ ?
      Because Obama is simply not the nation's first Negro President, the simple fact is that he is not Negro.
      Barak Hussein is several times more Arabic by genetic percentages."

    The Arab-Kenyan Barack Hussein Obama II, (a.k.a. Barry Soetoro), ( the one guilty of TREASON ! ) has NO legitimate Social Security Number.
    His father was NOT an immigrant to the United States. Barack Obama Sr. was a "Transient Alien" because he did NOT intend on residing in the United States permanently.
    Barack Obama Sr. was a dual citizen of Great Britain and Kenya, and NEVER a United States Citizen.His mother could NOT impart U.S. citizen to her son, Barack Obama II, because she did NOT meet the legal requirements to do so,
    at the time her son was born IN the Coast Provincial General Hospital, MOMBASA, KENYA at 7:21 pm on August 4, 1961.
    Democrats knew this and tried to eliminate the "Natural Born Citizen" requirement at least 8 times BEFORE Obama won his election in 2008.

    Obama is NOT a United States Citizen, and is NOT a LEGAL IMMIGRANT.
    He has no VISA allowing him into this country.
    Barack Hussein Obama II IS ILLEGAL !
    He should be IMPEACHED IMMEDIATELY, tried for TREASON, SENTENCED to death, and then have his body deported back to Kenya.

    Here are some articles to assist in defining "WHO" and "WHAT" Obama IS.
    But I disagree.
    CORRECTION: Barack Obama, the first black Arab-American -Kenyan pResident of the United States.

    Read Why did Youtube pull this video about Barack Obama?
    and watch BREAKING NEWS! - Is Barack Obama Really A Saudi / Muslim "Plant" in the White House?.
  • Ben Carson Thinks God Is Calling On Him To Save America, Stop Putinesque Obama

    12/12/2014 6:26:47 PM PST · 42 of 43
    Yosemitest to Pollster1
    Read the link in my first comment and check his position on the issues.
    We can … and MUST … do BETTER.
  • Sen. Feinstein has opened Pandora's Box for the Democrats

    12/12/2014 7:26:22 AM PST · 9 of 30
    Yosemitest to SeekAndFind
    So 57 House DemocRATs FIRST VOTED TO SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT by VOTING AGAINST THE RULE, VOTING AGAINST bringing up the final vote on the omnibus bill.
    BUT THEN LATER … VOTED FOR keeping the government open by voting FOR "controversial financial and political campaign provisions" by VOTING FOR 'CROMNIBUS' (Continuing Resolution Omnibus Budget bill).

    So they voted Against the 'CROMNIBUS' BEFORE they voted FOR the 'CROMNIBUS' ?
    Were they SCHOOLED BY ALGORE 's politics ?
  • GOP Rep: House Leaders Made False Promise to Get My Crucial Vote

    12/12/2014 7:18:37 AM PST · 28 of 46
    Yosemitest to mrsmith

    ANYONE who voted FOR that DEMOCRAT FUNDING BILL, is an ENEMY to the Citizens of the United States.

  • Obama to Let in More Security Risks from Syria

    12/12/2014 7:10:34 AM PST · 9 of 9
    Yosemitest to sheikdetailfeather
    Muslim Terrorist likes Muslim Terrorists.
    Where's the surprise in that?
  • Ben Carson Thinks God Is Calling On Him To Save America, Stop Putinesque Obama

    12/12/2014 6:49:32 AM PST · 34 of 43
    Yosemitest to Pollster1
    I don't trust Ben Carson.
    He use to be a big LIBERAL … until ObamaCare struck his income.
    I don't believe his other LIBERAL VALUES have changed.
  • Ben Carson Thinks God Is Calling On Him To Save America, Stop Putinesque Obama

    12/12/2014 6:45:10 AM PST · 33 of 43
    Yosemitest to ilovesarah2012
    Ya' think ? < /sarc>


        Don't let anyone deceive you in any way,
          for [that day will not come] until the rebellion occurs
            and the man of LAWLESSNESS is revealed,
              the man doomed to destruction.
          He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped,
            so that he sets himself up in God's temple,
              proclaiming himself to be God.
        Don't you remember that when I was with you
          I used to tell you these things?
        And now you know WHAT is holding him back,
          so that he may be revealed
            at the proper time.
        For the secret power of LAWLESSNESS is already at work;
          but the one who now holds it back
            will continue to do so
              till he is taken out of the way.
        And then the LAWLESS ONE will be revealed,
          whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth
          and destroy by the splendor of his coming.
        The coming of the LAWLESS ONE will be in accordance with the work of Satan
          displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders,
          and IN EVERY SORT OF EVIL
            THAT DECEIVES those who are perishing.
        They perish
          because THEY REFUSED to love the truth
            and so be saved.
        For this reason
          God sends them
              so that THEY WILL BELIEVE THE LIE
              and so that ALL will be condemned
                who have NOT BELIEVED the truth
                  but have DELIGHTED in wickedness.
  • Democrats Vote to Shut Down Government

    12/12/2014 6:31:29 AM PST · 17 of 17
    Yosemitest to Triple
    That schism was in effect during the 2014 PRIMARY and GENERAL Election.


    It is VITAL that Thad is removed, or the RINOs will do it again, and they may do it again, anyway.

  • Democrats Vote to Shut Down Government

    12/12/2014 6:04:22 AM PST · 11 of 17
    Yosemitest to Carry_Okie
    They know … WRONG !
    I want them to take names and kick butt !
    You're right about the FACT that ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICANS" don't care about anything but themselves.
    But ONE BY ONE, we're replacing those backstabbers with TEA PARTY CONSERVATIVES, who WILL FIGHT, and will vote them OUT OF LEADERSHIP!
  • GOP Rep: House Leaders Made False Promise to Get My Crucial Vote

    12/12/2014 5:24:31 AM PST · 14 of 46
    Yosemitest to madprof98
    He's not that stupid.
    But he thinks his constituents will BELIEVE that he's that stupid.
    Either way, PRIMARY his sorry butt out of there because we need someone we can trust.
    He's NOT trustable !
  • Democrats Vote to Shut Down Government

    12/12/2014 5:19:01 AM PST · 7 of 17
    Yosemitest to stanne
    Rush is always right, and is a true leader, even if he is getting milder in his aging.
    I can understand losing a little passion as I'm approaching 60 myself, and some days … I just don;t feel like dealing with all this EVIL coming from the ILLEGAL ALIEN IN CHIEF and all his minions.

    Stinking Chris Wallace can always be trusted to undermine any conservative.
    Why Fox News ever hired that COMMUNIST, I'll NEVER understand.
    Send that piece of crap to the unemployment line, where he belongs.
  • Democrats Vote to Shut Down Government

    12/12/2014 5:06:50 AM PST · 6 of 17
    Yosemitest to Old Sarge

    It’s all in the formatting, making it easier to read AND ABSORB.

  • Democrats Vote to Shut Down Government

    12/12/2014 5:05:55 AM PST · 5 of 17
    Yosemitest to WhiskeyX
    So 57 House DemocRATs FIRST VOTED TO SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT by VOTING AGAINST THE RULE, VOTING AGAINST bringing up the final vote on the omnibus bill.
    BUT THEN LATER … VOTED FOR keeping the government open by voting FOR "controversial financial and political campaign provisions" by VOTING FOR 'CROMNIBUS' (Continuing Resolution Omnibus Budget bill).

    So they voted Against the 'CROMNIBUS' BEFORE they voted FOR the 'CROMNIBUS' ?
    Were they SCHOOLED BY ALGORE 's politics ?
  • Democrats Vote to Shut Down Government

    12/12/2014 4:11:17 AM PST · 1 of 17
    Great title, Rush and a great story.
    And this story goes with it.
  • Yes, Christ Was Really Born on December 25: a Defense of the Trad Date for Christmas

    12/11/2014 11:38:36 PM PST · 131 of 264
    Yosemitest to NYer
    Here we go again, the GREAT WHORE spreading her lies.
      The Birth of Jesus:
      The Greatest Story
      Never Told

      Jesus was born sometime in the late summer or early autumn of 4 B.C.

      The first time I ever made this statement to anyone I was viewed with a combination of doubt, incredulity, hostility and outright pity.

      “How in the world could Jesus have been born before Christ?” I was asked.

      It so happens that the present system in the Western Christian-professing world of counting years either prior to or subsequent to the event of our Savior’s birth was not established until the work of Dionysius the Little, many, many centuries this side of the event.

      In the events surrounding Jesus’ birth, God managed to move a whole empire by causing the world leader of that time to establish an entirely new government bureau (the taxing and census bureau) which finally resulted in Joseph and Mary ending up in Bethlehem at the time of Jesus’ birth! Part of the requirement of the vast worldwide census-taking was each family returning to the city of its origin (“And all went to be taxed everyone (into) his own city (Luke 2:3-4), so since the Bible claimed Joseph was of the lineage of David (as both genealogical records in Matthew and Luke prove) he had to journey with his wife who was in an advanced state of pregnancy from Nazareth to Bethlehem, which is called the “city of David.” The census in Palestine took place in our faulty chronological reckoning about the year 4 B.C.

      From early on, Mary understood that she was pregnant. She knew the meaning of the interruption of the normal menstrual cycle; after all, hadn’t an angel actually told her this would happen?

      Though it must have been nearly unbelievable, and there surely must have been moments of doubt, Mary’s training and deep religious education, including the quality of her own character and the deadly seriousness of the impending persecutions and her knowledge of glances of those in her own community, must have all been weighing heavily upon her mind as she contemplated her gradually changing form, slightly swelling belly, and growing breasts.

      Even though there probably had been many sessions between husband and wife, poring over those prophecies they knew referred to what was happening within the body of Mary herself, explaining why this shocking transformation in their own private lives had turned their little world upside down, they did not have perfect understanding of many vague references later revealed by the gospel writers, and by Jesus Himself.

      Naturally, Joseph and Mary had been living with the pain of growing notoriety ever since friends and relatives learned of Mary’s pregnancy. They were fully prepared to accept it, as Mary’s humble statement, “Behold, the handmaiden of the Lord,” clearly shows.

      Still, it was tough, and they were as human as you and I.

      Oh, there were close friends and relatives who knew the truth. After all, Elizabeth and Mary were cousins, and Elizabeth was carrying the baby who would grow up to become John the Baptist—both remembered the remarkable occasion when the two babies had reacted so obviously when the two expectant mothers met. Joseph and Mary could spend time with such people, away from the smirks and knowing stares of the hypocrites.

      But suffered when friends talked behind their backs; they hurt when former friends shunned them; they Probably had second, or even third, thoughts about the tremendous burden they had assumed, as would any other normal human beings. But they had the courage to see it through.

      It may have seemed a cruel twist of fate, to be required by the Romans to travel all that distance during the final, crucial month of pregnancy. It is clear that Joseph and Mary were not acting out any special predestined fulfillment of prophecy, or they would have seen the predictions that Christ was to be born in Bethlehem, and would have tried to travel earlier, at an easier time, and to have arranged accommodations more suitable than the hasty, last ditch improvisation of a manger.

      Neither could they have known that what had appeared to be a terribly difficult trip, at best, would end up with their being exiles in a foreign country, waiting until Herod the Great had died.

      Christ was not born on Christmas. Those who do not yet know this, or do not wish to know it, are either too firmly dedicated to tradition, no matter how pagan, or are too lazy to bother with simple research.

      Abundant evidence exists which proves Christmas is utterly pagan in origin; as pagan as belief in Dagon, Vishnu, Baal, or Isis and Osiris.

      Jesus was born in the autumn, though the exact date is kept carefully concealed. Look at the eyewitness accounts, written by those who were there. Even Herod didn’t know exactly when Christ was born, or he could not have risked a massive uprising by his brutal edict to butcher helpless babies up to two years of age!

      Most people have never heard the true facts surrounding Christ’s birth; and lodged in their minds is only a purely mythological tale which exists only in fantasy and erroneous religious tradition.

      The traditional view of Jesus’ birth, with the loveliest manger imaginable on the face of the earth; sadly smiling shepherds leaning on their crooks; the Magi, gorgeously arrayed in obviously kingly robes with funny-looking crowns, opening up little gold boxes wherein are contained precious spices; a tiny baby nestled in the arms of mother who stares sadly at him with a halo around her head and a sweet smile curving her mouth; maybe naked little babies flitting through the heavens, and a bright star in the distance outside —all this is repeated endlessly in millions of Christmas cards, religious books, journals and magazines, illustrated pages in Bibles, and on people’s front yards, rooftops, in their driveways, along roadsides, and in displays in churches at Christmastime.

      But, the shepherds were not there at the birth. They came later. And there is no reason to suspect that the shepherds and the wise men ever crossed trails.

      But let’s ask a few questions concerning Jesus’ birth. How did God manage to convince the lowly and humble classes that in fact a Savior was this day being born?

      He did so by the most intricate collection of divine miracles, carefully interwoven into the fabric of history, extending so far back in time that it boggles the mind.

      Few realize that Michael the archangel spoke to Daniel and delivered to him the longest single prophecy in the Bible (Daniel, the 11th chapter is personal testimony from the archangel Michael) informing him of a great struggle going on among arch demons, and perhaps Satan himself.

      These were influencing the mind of the “Prince of Persia” in order to bring about some disruption in Gods’ plan to cause Artaxerxes to allow the Jewish captives under Ezra to return to their homeland and reestablish the religious state.

      Though it deserves a great deal of space, the miracles having to do with the precise moment of Jesus’ birth, the decree of Augustus, the building of the temple, the beginning of His ministry, the decrees of Cyrus and Artaxerxes, and many other related events are tightly interwoven into a careful system of intricately fulfilled prophecies to form a network of incontrovertible evidence: the fact that Jesus Christ of Nazareth was in truth the Son of God.

      All the religious leaders knew, and the common folk believed intensely in, Isaiah’s prophecy, “Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel” (which means “God with us” in Isa. 7:14). They knew Isaiah had said, “The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined…for unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor [Wonder of a Counselor], the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.

      “Of the increase of His government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the Lord of Hosts will perform this” (Isa. 9:2-7).

      But how would God manage to avoid the contemptuous slander of “impostor” heaped upon Jesus not only by His detractors, persecutors and religious antagonists, but even by His own closest disciples and personal friends? How would the common people, the meek, lowly shepherd and laboring class be convinced utterly that Jesus was in fact fulfilling the many prophecies of Isaiah, Daniel and others and was in fact the promised Messiah, that “Prophet” who should come to deliver Israel, and to qualify to inherit the throne of David?

      First, God sent a humble group of shepherds from sufficiently far away that no one could claim collusion.

      An angel appeared to them and said, “Unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior which is Christ the Lord” (Luke 2: 11). They were not. given any address, only a sign that they would find the baby wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger; meaning He would be so newly born that there would have been no opportunity for either the purchase or the making of clothes for Him, and He would still be wrapped in a soft blanket, not yet moved inside an inn or a private home, but lying in a bed of straw.

      Obviously, then, the shepherds in journeying around the streets and the marketplaces of Bethlehem were asking from time to time where they could find a baby who had been born in a manger.

      They were no doubt quite excited about the vision they had seen, and it is inconceivable that they were not elated with that combination of awe, fright, and yet subdued joy over having actually heard the voice of an angel, and seeing an overwhelmingly bright light seemingly coming very near to them out of the heavens. Thus they fully expected to find the Savior of mankind lying in swaddling clothes in a manger. They probably asked any number of people, and repeated time and again to the excited questions they were asked precisely what had happened.

      Finally, with the question having been asked sufficiently about the town, perhaps one servant at a nearby inn recalled that Joseph or a friend had come, urgently begging the use of some basins and some heated water; that one of the females in the kitchen had rushed off to help during the birth; and that several of the women, had been exclaiming about the fact that a poor woman had to be turned out in such an advanced state of pregnancy, when a lot of other people had been put up in more suitable accommodations, and were clicking their tongues about the unfortunate happenstance that the poor lady had given birth in a stable.

      Actually, the Creator was succeeding in announcing the birth through three separate groups of individuals: the shepherds themselves; all the citizenry and the townsfolk they asked and who subsequently became involved, and Joseph and his own family.

      The events of the first few weeks after Jesus’ birth caused widespread attention. It is evident that the Idumaean Herod (he was only partly Jewish) was terribly shaken by what he had heard.

      The Bible says he was troubled and all Jerusalem with him (Matt. 2:3), and claims he gathered all the chief priests (who probably were Sadducees) and scribes of the people together and demanded of them where the Christ should be born (Matt. 2:4). All of the scholars were aware that this very likely was the time of the birth of Christ.

      Pious frauds and sincere scholars—astronomers, astrologers, seers and soothsayers alike—were almost universally expectant that some great event would occur at about this time, and were looking for the Messiah.

      When Herod called together the “chief priests and scribes of the people,” this was tantamount to the President of the United States having a combined cabinet and Supreme Court meeting.

      The “‘Supreme Court” of the Jewish nation was the Sanhedrin, and the greatest religious body of the nation declared in unanimity that Jesus the Savior would be born in Bethlehem, a city of David!

      There is no evidence whatever of the length of time that elapsed from the moment the “star” (an angel, as shown by scriptures) appeared to the Magi in “the east” (most authorities believe Persia) until their arrival in Jerusalem; it could have been several weeks, or even months.

      Following their interview with Herod, and his request that they “search out carefully concerning the young child,” they went outside, saw the “star” again, and followed it until “it came and stood over where the young child was” (Matt. 2:9). This was in Bethlehem, a short distance over steeply plunging trails from Jerusalem. Contrary to the assumption of millions, Jesus and His parents had found more permanent accommodations following the hasty emergency quarters in the stable, and the Magi “came into the house, and saw the young child with Mary His mother, and they fell down and worshipped Him . . .” (Matt. 2: 11).

      That night, the wise men had a “bad dream,” a warning from God, and sneaked out of the country without going back into Jerusalem. After they left, Joseph also had a dream. “Now when they were departed, behold an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream, saying, Arise and take the young child and His mother, and flee into Egypt, and stay there until I tell you; for Herod will seek the young child to destroy him.”

      Joseph got up, hustled Mary and the baby, and any other servants or family members who might have been with them, into their clothes, packed and loaded the animals and took off that same night, hitting the caravan route to Egypt, probably swinging further into Arabia. They probably stopped at little-known campsites, avoiding the usual water holes and towns or villages along the way. Little did Joseph know that inadvertently he was fulfilling another prophecy which said, “Out of Egypt did I call my son” (Hosea 11:1).

      Herod waited a few days, and then, in a fit of insane rage, “sent forth, and slew all the male children that were in Bethlehem, and in all the borders thereof, from two years old and under, according to the time which he had carefully learned of the wise men” (Matt. 2:16).

      Since it was the major trade and commercial capital, Joseph probably had business, interests in Jerusalem. His own building trade required that he deal from time to time with importers, distributors and craftsmen who were located there. So he and his family may have remained in Jerusalem up to about one year following Jesus’ birth, though there is no actual proof. However, the murder of the children by Herod, risky even for a despotic king, offers some proof that Herod suspected the child would have been about one year of age, or even slightly older.

      After Joseph and family had been somewhere in Egypt for a time, another dream occurred; an angel said to Joseph, “Get up and take the young child with his mother, and go into Israel: for they are dead that sought the young child’s life” (Matt. 2:19-23).

      The following verse indicates Joseph’s first choice as a place to live probably would have been Jerusalem or its environs. “But when he heard that Archelaus was reigning over Judea in the room of his father Herod, he was afraid to go thither; and being warned of God in a dream, he withdrew into the parts of Galilee, and came and dwelt in a city called Nazareth; that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophets, that He should be called a Nazarene.”

      Being a “Nazarene” merely meant He was a citizen of the city of Nazareth. He is called “Jesus Christ of Nazareth” several times in the Bible. Jesus was not an un-common name (only the Greek form of Joshua); no doubt there was any number of individuals bearing the same name; it was quite common to name children after various attributes of God, or to include names of God (the prefix El and the suffix “Yah” were very commonly applied) in a person’s name. The real Jesus was a Nazarene in the same sense a citizen of Chicago is a “Chicagoan,” or someone living in Los Angeles is an “Angelino,” or those in Paris are “Parisians.” It was not a “religious” title of any sort, but a geographical and political term.

      From the time of the young lad’s return with His parents from Egypt, to the city of Nazareth, there is no further mention of Jesus until the moment He is seen sitting in the temple, both listening to questions and asking His own questions of the most learned doctors of the law, and astonishing them with His understanding and His answers (Luke 2:46-52).

  • Seven Things I Wish My Pastor Knew About My Homosexuality

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    Yosemitest to Jamestown1630
      "… there aren’t any “feet”, for anything to be beneath as ‘ashes’"
    And who's image was man created in ?
  • Seven Things I Wish My Pastor Knew About My Homosexuality

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    Yosemitest to Jamestown1630
    It's our job to Quote the Scriptures to them, "Watchmen on the Wall", so that they are knowledgable of their destiny .
    I care not, whether they can stand the truth or not.
    But the choice is their's to make.
    I'm more than happy to walk over their ashes.
    When the times comes (for that time is SURELY coming), will YOU OBEY GOD ?
  • Seven Things I Wish My Pastor Knew About My Homosexuality

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    Yosemitest to Jamestown1630

    And your scriptural reference for that belief IS … ?

  • Rush Limbaugh Show,M-F,12NOONPM-3PM,EST,WOR AM,December 11,2014

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    Yosemitest to ExCTCitizen

    Interesting play of words ...

  • Rush Limbaugh Show,M-F,12NOONPM-3PM,EST,WOR AM,December 11,2014

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    Yosemitest to Biggirl
    Gosh Rush, I wonder WHY …. NOT !

    Vote for Hillary Clinton


    Elian Gonzalez seized from his Miami home, April 22, 2000 ( 5:58 )

    The Federal Siege at Ruby Ridge: In Our Own Words


    < /sarc>
  • Seven Things I Wish My Pastor Knew About My Homosexuality

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    Yosemitest to Usagi_yo
    And WHY do liberals want to take our children's education system out of our control?
      Because after abortion, they've SACRIFICED their children to their own god (selfishness) and have no legitimate children of their own to teach.
  • Seven Things I Wish My Pastor Knew About My Homosexuality

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    Yosemitest to Usagi_yo
    Not poetry.
    Just FACTS !