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  • Clinton to score another GOP endorsement: Former senator John Warner of Virginia

    09/28/2016 2:09:59 PM PDT · 50 of 54
    Wuli to kiryandil

    Warner, who couldn’t get re-elected from Virginia. I guess he’s now after the Dim’s northern Virginia beltway support for a spot in a Dim admin.

  • Vatican Liturgy Chief asks all priests and bishops to face east for Mass, faithful to kneel for ...

    07/06/2016 6:38:14 PM PDT · 62 of 83
    Wuli to ebb tide

    people talking about things as important as guessing how many angels can dance on the head of a pin,

  • Can Anyone verify the truth of this graphic? [Gun Control Debate]

    07/06/2016 6:07:54 PM PDT · 17 of 17
    Wuli to SoFloFreeper

    No verification that the political affiliations of all the mass shooters is or was even known for sure, and many articles that admit the earliest sources fot the idea provided no evidence.

    It could, possibly, be correct, but just as easily incorrect.

  • Can Anyone verify the truth of this graphic? [Gun Control Debate]

    07/06/2016 6:07:53 PM PDT · 16 of 17
    Wuli to SoFloFreeper

    No verification that the political affiliations of all the mass shooters is or was even known for sure, and many articles that admit the earliest sources fot the idea provided no evidence.

    It could, possibly, be correct, but just as easily incorrect.

  • Delta built the more efficient TSA checkpoints that the TSA couldn't

    06/03/2016 3:19:16 PM PDT · 35 of 39
    Wuli to Gamecock

    A private company with customer service and its own business at stake, does what the government’s TSA was incapable of doing. You can just imagine how many layers of bureaucrat’s management committee meetings at the TSA it would take to TRY to do what Delta did in less than two months.


    06/03/2016 3:04:04 PM PDT · 25 of 28
    Wuli to PROCON

    OMG there has never been floods before!!!

  • ‘Roots’ Remake: Snoop Dogg Got It Right

    06/03/2016 3:03:08 PM PDT · 39 of 39
    Wuli to rktman

    The Roots show, and all the myriad “women” stuff, and all the “income inequality” stuff, has all been promoted in the extreme this year as part of the Progressive/Marxist’s general 2016 election season campaign. They have to keep their own political victims believing in their forever victimhood and the government plantation society.

  • "Our Friend", Says Clinton About Mexican President With Campaign Allegedly Financed By Cartels

    06/03/2016 2:48:27 PM PDT · 18 of 18
    Wuli to Biggirl

    Billary and the President of Mexico - Birds of a feather flock together.

  • Redefining What it Means to Be Human

    06/03/2016 2:41:37 PM PDT · 3 of 3
    Wuli to Lera

    It all only goes to show that “Vox” the website is anything but for that which “vox” means, but like all radical to the left outfits USES the ignorance of the people to gain power for those who want power over the people.

  • DHS Quietly Moving, Releasing Vanloads of Illegal Aliens Away from Border

    06/03/2016 2:38:13 PM PDT · 24 of 29
    Wuli to BiggerTigger

    The DHS Vans should deliver them to the main bus station in..............................Mexico City.

  • Clinton E-mails: Is the Fix In?

    06/03/2016 2:23:46 PM PDT · 66 of 66
    Wuli to Liz

    The rotating political and influence selling door between Billary’s out-of-office “shadow government” in everything Billary privately does (from the Clinton “Initiative” to the Clinton Foundation to everything else “private), and how they brought that INTO the state department, to help them continue to operate their own shadow operations.

  • University of London Panel Calls for Annihilation of Israel as Solution to Global Antisemitism

    06/03/2016 2:15:34 PM PDT · 45 of 45
    Wuli to Mr. Mojo

    “According to the report, Goodman said Jewish organizations should not be allowed to take part in defining antisemitism”

    Can you imagine the same proponents of that view agreeing no Muslim or Muslim organization should be a party to defining “Islamaphobia”? Of course not; they are hypocrites and liars.

  • Methodists Vote to Divest From Hate and Invest in Peace

    06/03/2016 2:02:32 PM PDT · 12 of 12
    Wuli to SJackson

    Surprised actually, but very happy the UMC voted as they did.

  • Jewesses Bathing in Public Pools? New York Times Editorial Writers Can’t Stand the Stench

    06/03/2016 1:49:41 PM PDT · 48 of 56
    Wuli to SJackson

    When has Pravda on The Hudson NOT been all about double standards? Never.

  • Is Ted Cruz Really an Awful, Terrible Jerk?

    01/26/2016 11:29:03 AM PST · 45 of 64
    Wuli to conservative98

    So, we keep seeing more evidence that Trump’s role was all along to hijack those disaffected by the GOP elite, and through his candidacy return them to vote in service of him and his unspoken alliance with the GOP elite. The disaffection between Trump and the GOP elite has been a ruse all along, to help solidify to the conservative base that Trump was one of them, which he isn’t. It was candidates like Cruz and Carson, not Trump they were after, because Cruz nor Carson would make a deal with them, but Trump has.

  • Exclusive - Jeff Sessions: 'Clarity of Donald Trump’s Position' on Trade Is 'Right'(tr)

    01/26/2016 11:12:59 AM PST · 82 of 87
    Wuli to odawg

    I did not ask you what Reagan said on trade. I asked how his “policies” were protectionist. I don’t really recall our trade balance with Japan changing all that much during Reagan’s two terms. If I remember correctly, it was a big issue when G.H. Bush took office right after Reagan.

  • Exclusive - Jeff Sessions: 'Clarity of Donald Trump’s Position' on Trade Is 'Right'(tr)

    01/26/2016 11:04:10 AM PST · 81 of 87
    Wuli to 9YearLurker

    to me they are (1) underlying points there is in the vast majority of cases NOT great dispute on by some other GOP candidates, and (2) on those points others have articulated a better understanding and a clearer policy, which makes zero advantage of Trump over them in my view.

    The U.S. White House does not need another arrogant ego of an occupant. One was enough.

  • Exclusive - Jeff Sessions: 'Clarity of Donald Trump’s Position' on Trade Is 'Right'(tr)

    01/26/2016 10:59:29 AM PST · 80 of 87
    Wuli to bert

    most of our biggest trading partners are exporting as much or more now with China, and their trade with China is growing more than it is with us; Trumps threats will not carry as much weight as he or you think.

    Most of our balance of trade problems are domestic, not foreign, and can be improved by our own governments, federal and state, and our own companies, if we could get more companies to act in our domestic economic interest understanding that doing so can be part of securing their own futures as well. As American companies became multinational, many no longer see themselves as primarily American. You cannot cure that by trying to bully your way into better trade deals. They do not see that as “protecting them” and often it isn’t.

    Apple already does most of its real work elsewhere, and sells more devices in China than here. Do they have to remain an “American” company domiciled here, returning a good chunk of their profits here? No, they don’t. Add all such U.S, companies up and you can see how threats are not going to convince our U.S. Senate anymore than our trading partners. You’ll break a lot of China, but you won’t sell more of it.

  • Exclusive - Jeff Sessions: 'Clarity of Donald Trump’s Position' on Trade Is 'Right'(tr)

    01/26/2016 10:35:47 AM PST · 78 of 87
    Wuli to Mollypitcher1

    Trump doesn’t understand international trade or the law any better than you do, which is Nil.

    Threatening or acting unilaterally to impose or increase tariffs, in any era, becomes a tit for tat exercise, in which your own manufacturing exporters become hurt while you pretend you are protecting your own manufacturers. Trade and economies shrink, not grow on trade shrunk by tariffs.

    Yes, trade deals are what many of our presidents have done poorly with. However, all those that have become law by going through the approval process in the Senate are treaties. Treaties are like extensions of the constitution. They cannot be undone by presidential whim or decree. Senate approval is needed. A president threatening trade partners with tariffs is not going to get that approval, GOP majority or not.

    China is now as large an economy as the U.S. & many of our trade partners are growing exports to China more than they are growing exports to us. We have less room to bully our way into any “deal”; they can take their goods elsewhere now, and not just China but all over Asia.

    We could address the problem with China, as regards our own domestic economy, but neither you nor Trump have a clue about what basis we could use and how to do it; and it does not involve our trade agreements. But, no, I’m not going to educate you.

    We could address the trade imbalance with Japan, in renegotiation of our trade deals, without imposing or threatening to impose tariffs; to get equity in our exports of similar goods to each other. How? Again, I know Trump hasn’t a clue and neither do you. And again, Japan cannot be bullied either.

    Trump will wind up “cutting our nose to spite our face”, not get a better deal, unless it is another crony capitalist corrupt one better for the crony capitalists he favors, which is the only kind of capitalist he knows.

    The U.S. currency is “devalued” - you say - and if so that is a result of long term activities by the Federal Reserve, not our trade policies.

    Name the “violations” of our trade deals the U.S. government has not gone to bat to correct. Keep in mind our trade treaties agree to how disputes are to be handled, which means, even in trade disputes, you don’t always win your case.

    Again, Trump will be like a bull in a China shop (which is what his own financial dealings have been like) leaving his creditors with the debts and bills his ventures wind up unable to pay, while he walks away with the profits he took out in the meantime.

  • Exclusive - Jeff Sessions: 'Clarity of Donald Trump’s Position' on Trade Is 'Right'(tr)

    01/26/2016 10:05:07 AM PST · 74 of 87
    Wuli to odawg

    How was Ronald Reagan’s trade policies “protectionist”?

  • Exclusive - Jeff Sessions: 'Clarity of Donald Trump’s Position' on Trade Is 'Right'(tr)

    01/26/2016 10:04:13 AM PST · 73 of 87
    Wuli to 9YearLurker

    Regardless, his view of “fair trade” is to unilaterally impose tariffs on trade partners who he thinks are trading “unfair”. Unilateral tariffs become tit for tat tariff wars,stunting trade and punishing our own exporters, not making it “fair”. Trump is a blunt instrument where a scalpel is needed with a clear idea of the anatomy and the consequences.

  • The Wilson, Rockefeller, & McCarthy Ties

    01/26/2016 9:59:35 AM PST · 61 of 61
    Wuli to piasa

    Thanks for the update. I missed it. So the influence buying/peddling of the grifters from Little Rock continues, unabated.

  • Rudy Giuliani: Between Trump and Cruz, ‘I’d Vote for Trump’

    01/25/2016 5:57:07 PM PST · 52 of 73
    Wuli to princess leah

    No princess; he will not get Uber Liberal NY State to vote for Trump. He’s not really that well liked by most New Yorkers, even before he decided to run for office. The GOP donor backing for him is the Liberal GOP elite type. It’s idiotic that there money is buying Conservative votes, based on what?

    I find no one can state factually, any Trump policy or position that is more Conservative, more right, or not more equal than different to some GOP candidate, some GOP candidate who can articulate it better than Trump.

    And I find quite a growing number of Trump positions that are far more like the GOP elite than all the others.

    If I was looking for a conspiracy theory, I’d think FreeRepublic has been overrun with Trolls for Trump.

  • What Donald Trump said about the Chinese inventing the 'hoax' of climate change

    01/25/2016 5:41:56 PM PST · 25 of 31
    Wuli to Citizen Zed

    Alls Trump is saying is NOT that the global warming agenda, as far as science goes, is wrong. All Trump is really saying is that since you can’t get China to cut their CO2 emissions, the CO2 demands fall harder on us.

    So watch, as POTUS, would Trump drop the CO2 agenda?

    NO. He’ll just get a better deal on its implementation between what is expected of us versus what is expected of China.

    In other words, again, he’s no real Conservative; well still be going along with the global warming agenda, even if just at a slower pace.

    Why people on our old FreeRepublic forum are so fooled by Trump, I really don’t understand!!!

  • Free Republic Caucus 2016 01/25

    01/25/2016 5:31:33 PM PST · 336 of 379
    Wuli to DoughtyOne

    vote carson

  • Exclusive - Jeff Sessions: 'Clarity of Donald Trump’s Position' on Trade Is 'Right'(tr)

    01/25/2016 5:29:35 PM PST · 15 of 87
    Wuli to monkapotamus

    Trump wants to raise Tariffs.

    Crummy Federal Reserve, Stock Market volatile and down, with global economic slowdown, including a slowdown in trade, then you add protectionism.

    Did protectionism make the great depression? No. But it helped sustain the great depression, by adding an additional brake on trade. Tariffs become a tit for tat game which everybody eventually loses from.

    Trump and Sessions are wrong or maybe Sessions is just conveniently ignoring that Trump wants to raise tariffs.

    It will work like the last time Republicans favored raising tariffs, in the 1930s; which is it didn’t work.

    Getting better trade agreements, and negotiating strongly to do that is one thing, unilaterally raising tariffs is neither particularly conservative or liberal; its just not smart.

  • EXCLUSIVE -- Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum: 'National Review Will Be Defunct In The Next Year'

    01/25/2016 5:14:53 PM PST · 12 of 15
    Wuli to VitacoreVision

    Schlafy questioned the National Review’s Conservative creditials, but other than “right to life” and “gay” issues, there are good grounds to question hers. Me thinks Trump is buying some “quasi” Conservative support, which I expect any who are true Conservatives will live to regret. Just because Trump was not part of the GOP elite, does not make him particularly Conservtive, yet that - that he was not considered part of the GOP elite was ABOUT THE ONLY THING that ingratiated him to many Conservatives in the GOP grass roots. It was a mistake.

    Now Trump and the GOP elite are out to knock of the candidates who have stood the longest against the GOP elite, and with the Conservative grass roots.

    To me its like the Conservative grass roots was led into committing political suicide; fooled by an image, and one without any real Conservative substance.

    Would an even nominally Conservative candidate select this person for their staff:

  • Rudy Giuliani: Between Trump and Cruz, ‘I’d Vote for Trump’

    01/25/2016 5:03:02 PM PST · 26 of 73
    Wuli to BlackFemaleArmyCaptain

    The RINO GOP elite, not getting their Bush, is showing their true colors - as always, against the Conservative party base.

  • Tone-deaf Trump touts eminent domain support

    01/24/2016 4:01:56 PM PST · 238 of 263
    Wuli to Slyfox

    Eminent domain was not given in the Constitution for local “economic development”. Trump arguing that if you don’t use it someone else will, is merely an argument that says no, I’m not going to work to keep its use restricted to “public USE”, I’m not going to work to make it impossible for crony-capitalists to go shopping for the best give backs from local politicians or they’ll take their business elsewhere. Trump, as definitely no Conservative, is not a believer in rules being applied equally, he’s just a believer in “the big deal”. That big time crony-capitalism of Trump’s is why he as President will help the Democrats sink the GOP brand. The whole party will be tainted with his big deals and the crony capitalists who will benefit from them. People who say Trump is no Conservative are not wrong.

  • Donald Trump is the favorite to be the Republican nominee. Period.

    01/24/2016 3:50:19 PM PST · 112 of 126
    Wuli to GonzoII

    The entire mainstream media is now rooting for Trump, shilling that the race is over, and the once poised and alert GOP grass roots is pretending not to notice who it is pushing Trump on them, while more serious Conservative candidates are either ignored or derided by that same media the GOP grass roots has known is their sworn enemy. Come on people wake up.

  • Shocked friends say first British white male to join ISIS was a 'typical middle class boy' [tr]

    01/24/2016 3:46:32 PM PST · 23 of 23
    Wuli to C19fan

    1. Does the “typical” (representative, classic, quintessential, archetypal, model) middle class British boy join ISIS?

    2. No.

    3. 1 minus 2 = 0

    Zero equals the value of he statement that the British guy who joined ISIS was a “typical” middle class Brit.

    Whatever qualities he may have had, he had some sufficiently untypical qualities or, like the truly “typical” Brit he would not have joined ISIS.

    It seems the Islamists and their leftish fellow travelers now control a lot of the British press.

  • Trump Haters: Blinded By The 'Right'

    01/24/2016 3:38:03 PM PST · 137 of 151
    Wuli to Kaslin

    The writer only blasts what someone in the past did or said, but that someone is not any of Trumps opponents, nor is the writer willing to look as hard at Trumps own positions in the past and weight them as the same sort of litmus test against his positions today.

    Nor does the writer even attempt to deny that Trunp does not have more Conservative opinions on all points than some of his other opponents. Getting more attention because of your bombastic ego is not Conservative either, and just because Trump gets more attention on positions he is NOT better on than some of his opponents doesn’t make him a better candidate.

    Instead of analyzing Trump against talking-head critics, the writer should be able to say how Trump is better than any other GOP candidate, on a host of positions. I have NEVER found that he is and that’s not even including candidates like Bush.

    Boldness - is neither Conservative nor Liberal
    Aggressive - is nether Conservative nor Liberal
    Nationalistic - is neither Conservative nor Liberal

    Being any of those things could be proudly Conservative, if the basis for them was Conservative, but on their own they are apolitical attributes.

    Trade protectionism (as Trump says his positions will be) is just as bad as not negotiating strongly enough on free trade deals. One will slow global trade just as badly as they other often gives more favors than it gets.

    Taxes - Carson’s plan is way better

    Islam, and the War on Terror, and border security and immigration - who besides Bush and Rubio is Trump way different than and better? Not Cruz, not Carson.

    Ad infinitum.

    So why Trump? He’s more emotional, more “angry”. That’s feelings talking not thinking.

  • Why I’m Rooting for Ted Cruz to Win Iowa and New Hampshire

    01/24/2016 3:16:19 PM PST · 54 of 56
    Wuli to detective

    I respect neither the positions, or the analysis that comes out of The Nation. That publication is as much for this nation as Karl Marx. I would discard what they think about Trump or Cruz as intellectual masturbation, and about as important to you or I as that.

  • Is Donald Trump Conservative? Here’s the Rundown

    01/24/2016 2:52:40 PM PST · 43 of 82
    Wuli to Hojczyk

    The best Conservative positions, most Conservative positions on taxes are not primarily concerned with the tax rates, as far the levels they are at now, as they are with the whole tax system of tax preferences and using the tax preferences for (1) pleasing crony capitalists, (2) economic engineering, (3) social engineering and wealth redistribution. Those conditions makes Trumps tax plan less conservative than some others, and others, like Carson’s would grow the economy more, without leaving all the loopholes Trump would leave in.

    Second - labor is not less important, from a Conservative standpoint than capital. Being conservative is not wanting to be less friendly, tax wise, to capital formation, but it is crony-capitalism and not particularly conservative to think labor should be taxed more than capital formation. If it is an “incentive” to capital formation to not tax capital formation twice, or tax it too high, it is an “incentive” to work to do the same on taxes on labor. The Conservative position would attempt to tax ALL income, and all forms of it equally. Trump’s tax plan is more crony capitalist than Conservative. He’d jigger the rates, and all the loopholes, preferences, social and economic engineering (the whole “progressive” tax agenda) would be left in.

  • Hey National Review, What's Conservatism?

    01/24/2016 2:37:17 PM PST · 20 of 21
    Wuli to central_va

    I am not “grumpy”. I’m positive, and positively not for any GOP-elite, nor for Trump.

  • Danny DeVito On Oscars Diversity Controversy: "We Are A Bunch Of Racists"

    01/24/2016 2:33:51 PM PST · 95 of 97
    Wuli to EveningStar

    Poor little Danny. Besides the character he did in Taxi, nothing else he ever did has amounting to anything. Maybe he too is just feeling “like a victim”. What does he want, Oscars allocated by race”?

  • Hey National Review, What's Conservatism?

    01/24/2016 2:28:42 PM PST · 18 of 21
    Wuli to Kaslin

    I don’t need Glenn Beck, or NPR, or their reasons for not supporting Trump, for me to not Support Trump; and I don’t.

    Against the phony “comprehensive immigration reform” and against amnesty”, as I am? What makes Trump the only one running who agrees with that? Zip, zilch, nada. What makes Trump ahead of or before others running who agree with us on that? Zip, zilch, nada.

    How about on Putin? The record produces the same answers. As it does on taxes (Steve Forbes like’s Carson’s plan most of all), trade, China and whole host of issues.

    Trump might reflect more emotional angst, but on the facts and on the record there is nothing that puts his positions ahead of some other GOP candidate, and usually put him in a “less than” position as far as knowledge and details of any position.

    I think it is populist angst joined with populist nationalism that some (shall I say less well read, less informed) in the GOP have become attracted to Trump. Like many Dims were attracted to Obama because of how they put their “dreams” into what he said, some in the GOP get drawn to Trump because of what they think Trump would do, but I believe in reality they really don’t know what any actual Trump policy will look like.

    Populist nationalism is not in and of itself Conservatism. And joining it together with populist angst does not make it a necessarily Conservative position either. Matter of fact, some of that same populist angst is what draws some on the left to Bernie Sanders, taking a different angry position on the causes of what ails people, the economy, whatever. And Bernie’s solutions are as one track (socialism) as Trump’s are - HE will solve it. That’s not a solution; that’s just an ego.

  • Ted Cruz demolishes Sierra Club president on global warming hoax

    01/24/2016 1:21:05 PM PST · 36 of 51
    Wuli to GodGunsGuts

    When the Sierra Club guy said: “We rely on the Union of Concerned Scientists”, he is suggesting that is a maker of some authoritative reference, but it isn’t. It is a tiny Marxist group of scientists, not representing in any great a “preponderance” of climatologists or other specialists in climate or the weather. What the Union of Concerned Scientists is is a bunch of Marxists with scientific degrees using their label as “scientists” to try to lend weight to lost of Marxist inspired causes they are most of all, and primarily, merely activists about, more than they are scientists.

  • Republican senators start to unite: Anyone but Cruz

    01/21/2016 5:17:27 PM PST · 80 of 100
    Wuli to Zhang Fei

    You’d have to ask: Who do they think will appeal more to “moderates” Cruz or Trump? I’d say neither, and so the voters are less concerned with what the GOP-elite think.

  • National Review, conservative thinkers stand against Trump

    01/21/2016 5:08:00 PM PST · 117 of 214
    Wuli to jimbo123

    I don’t know a single major position that Trump has, that is not shared in some way by other more thoughtful GOP candidates. What that tells me is that a whole lot of Trump supporters are not the most informed people on what other candidates positions are.

    How do I see Trump? He is, and he has been, the big diversion, made to order to put someone besides Hillary as the top-of-the-news story until her nomination is clinched. Minus Trump with his bombast Hillary’s ongoing problems would have gotten a ton more top billing. Trump is doing just fine, like Perot, as a spoiler.

  • Homeland Security Cmte Chairman: Obama Admin is ‘Breaking The Law’ With Visa Waiver Program

    01/21/2016 4:59:47 PM PST · 18 of 21
    Wuli to Kaslin

    “The will of Congress”, “The will of Congress”, “The will of Congress”

    Congress has no will, that’s why you have a President who knows he’ll get away with the high crime of intentionally breaking the law. Congress began losing its spine in the 1940s and it has been making itself weaker ever since. For the GOP it is the negligent consequences of accepting excessive executive power just ‘cause they like the occupant of the White House at the time, and for the Dims it is in part the same, and in part by treasonous intent - that Congress should be weaker.

  • Real Threats in The World

    11/13/2015 10:12:44 PM PST · 1 of 7
  • NYT Calls Jill Biden a Doctor 3 Times More Often than Ben Carson

    10/28/2015 7:37:58 PM PDT · 26 of 28
    Wuli to lbryce

    If Carson was not a conservative the NYTimes would not have had a similar disparity between the pct of times they referred to him as a doctor and the pct of times they referred to Biden’s wife as a doctor. For such a rag, Carson’s title of Dr is discounted because he’s a conservative, and then discounted further because he’s (worst of all) a “black” conservative.

  • The Nine Losers Running for President [They should quit already]

    10/28/2015 7:28:43 PM PDT · 43 of 43
    Wuli to SeekAndFind

    We could take out Bush and Rubio as well.

    The one I am sorry he stayed away from the race so long, and maybe because of that he could then not get enough donor traction and then left early, was Walker.

  • Zero Percent Inflation…What’s Next?

    10/28/2015 7:24:58 PM PDT · 39 of 45
    Wuli to blam

    The official inflation calculation does nothing for retired folks on fixed incomes and whose expenses for food and energy are not included in what constitutes inflation; while zero interest rates are a tax on the elderly. Meanwhile, most actively employed workers can expect some sort of raise in wages each year.

    On the other hand, Social Security recipients are being funded by the payroll taxes of currently employed folks, and they’ll likely get higher payroll taxes placed on them if we are to keep paying the “baby boomers” benefits.

    Everywhere you look the government is robbing Peter to pay Paul. Imagine if we just did none of it.

  • VIDEO: This Vet Just Asked Trump 1 Question That Makes Him Instantly Walk Off the Stage

    10/28/2015 7:14:39 PM PDT · 82 of 82
    Wuli to conservativejoy

    We need reform of not just the VA bureaucracy, but VA medical benefits, who qualifies for what and how much, and for whom - demographically in terms of service and service related issues, should the priorities, in policy and in operation be placed. Should the system be and work the same for all “vets” universally, or are there better ways for assisting those who had only a one or two enlistment career, never saw combat and have no service related medical issues.

    I think the elephant in the room is that the VA health care system is swamped with health care service for folks that only had a one or two enlistment service, never saw combat and have no service related issues, and then the public does not understand how it is that some true career military vet, or one with service related issues from recent enlistments is having a hard time getting needs met with the VA health care bureaucracy.

  • Have the secrets of a lost civilisation finally been unearthed?

    10/28/2015 6:34:08 PM PDT · 58 of 96
    Wuli to Trumpinator

    In my humble opinion, despite creationists best attempts, and attempts by the many bible redactors who edited the early stories in Genesis, there is no telling just how far back in earth years were the “ancient” ages in human history. I leave the facts of it as a question only G-d knows the answer to and one that if G-d thinks we all should know it, then G-d will make sure we do.

    I have read a number of Hancock’s books. I accept his premise that humans have been around, and even “civilized” longer than folks in the last 2,000 years believed/believe to be the case, but beyond that premise I have always found Hancock to often be a speculator on many facts of it all. Take the premise for whatever you want, but have some skepticism for the details no matter what you think of the premise.

  • SLEEP Is Racist Now, Scientists Assure America

    10/28/2015 6:20:12 PM PDT · 85 of 88
    Wuli to Impala64ssa

    Only in naive Liberal guilt-ridden western societies could you ever even imagine such a “study” would be conducted, seeking as it obviously was to find a “correlation” that matched a preconceived assumption.

  • Ahead of GOP Debate, Two Ex-Disney Workers Displaced by H1B Foreigners Speak Out for First Time

    10/28/2015 6:08:01 PM PDT · 45 of 47
    Wuli to ConservingFreedom

    I am sure there are some legitimate uses of the H1B visa.

    The key problem is that it is structured to serve employers not people seeking to immigrate to work here, and to compete head to head with people already here, at the average wages their job peers here can command even when their are a lot of job vacancies looking for workers.

    No, a big junk of the H1B is to serve employers just so they can bring in the “special” foreign people they have hand picked ahead of time. And far, far too often the excuse that they are people who will do work “no one else” could be found to do is just that, an un-investigated excuse. Then the foreigner is often at the mercy of the H1b employer - they can keep working for that employer or go home, because they cannot leave to work for some other employer here, unless (a) granted the O.K. by their H1b employer and (b) the new employer is able to help them get a work visa. That usually only happens after years of being stuck with the H1b employer, and often at wages below what they could get on the open market here.

  • Ben Carson's Stabbing Story Is Full of Holes

    10/28/2015 5:56:08 PM PDT · 82 of 82
    Wuli to conservativejoy

    Carson best put his inner Billary to rest.