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  • Washington Post: NFL Should Hire Eric Holder to Rebuild Public Trust

    09/27/2014 11:13:11 AM PDT · 42 of 61
    Wuli to Kaslin

    OMG!!!! I can’t stop laughing at the Washington post. I think I have never heard such a serious media report that had as much extreme stupidity to make me laugh so hard.

    Holder for “public integrity”? They might as well of said Hitler.

  • ‘Withholding Sex’ Now Considered ‘Sexual Violence’ at University of Michigan

    09/27/2014 11:09:21 AM PDT · 36 of 55
    Wuli to SeekAndFind

    The colleges need to get 100% OUT of any sanctions at all regarding sex, beyond one simple “rule” - what is illegal with regard to sexual activity under civil and criminal law locally is behavior - upon notification of an accusation it has occurred - that will be turned over to the law authorities locally & for them to deal with; and only if any such matter results in a conviction under such laws, the college will take appropriate academic sanctions against the convicted person. Beyond that the rest is politics, kangaroo courts, interference in Liberty, and treating academia as a “sovereign” land under no nation’s laws, but its own.

  • The Radical Environmental Agenda Should Be Rejected, even if Global Warming Is Real

    09/27/2014 10:59:45 AM PDT · 6 of 6
    Wuli to Kaslin

    A little cost benefit analysis, as with the following:

    According to the science & scientific assumptions behind & within the ICCP models, the U.S. & the other major economies could drastically reduce “man made” CO2 output in the next 20-50 years and it will not likely alter any “warming”, or expected warming in the climate for 500 years or more. That is because of the atmospheric lifetime of the extra CO2. Drastic CO2 production now, with what is already accumulated and accumulating & given the atmospheric lifetime of CO2, will not extremely alter the atmospheric PPM of CO2 for possibly another 500 years.

    IF that assumption is correct, then where will money be best spent today, taxing the hell out of carbon and drastically raising energy costs which will drastically raise all costs (then where will “natural disaster” money come from), or in technologies and policies to adjust for and mitigate any climate change affects that actually (as opposed to theoretically) occurs.

    On the other hand, if the long atmospheric lifetime assumption is incorrect (other scientists say it is only 5 or so years), then “drastic” reductions in CO2 production or not the CO2 build up is not going to reach the extremes projected by the ICCP (that REQUIRES the super long expected atmospheric life of CO2).

    I believe the best, and best spent course is gradual changes in energy uses and sources, based on energy applications that are most efficient economically for the technology available at any time. Where some sources are not yes most economical, any government $$$ in their regard belongs in basic scientific research, not demanding their use before their time. Meanwhile humans will do best what humans have always done - adjust to climate where ever we are, and humans are better equipped, scientifically and technologically, for doing that than humans have ever been before.

  • Fox News host Eric Bolling apologizes for sexist 'boobs on the ground' joke [female fighter pilot]

    09/27/2014 10:39:22 AM PDT · 14 of 57
    Wuli to sagar

    some people just can’t laugh at themselves

    and that’s what “gender outrage” usually is

    and it is usually hypocritical

    as many of the “offending comments” are comments
    we have no problem saying among friends, family & peers in mixed company

    what men like about women is not “sexist”, it is part of human nature and the nature of human attraction within it

  • Comcast is trying to fix its customer service problems (again)

    09/26/2014 8:07:46 PM PDT · 35 of 51
    Wuli to WhiskeyX

    is he supposed to also fix the problems they acquired with customer relations at Time Warner Cable

  • Federal Court Denies DOJ Motion for Delay, Orders Release of Fast and Furious Documents List to...

    09/25/2014 10:55:08 AM PDT · 35 of 48
    Wuli to jazusamo

    you beat me to it - court rules against Holder’s delays, Holder resigns before the public & Congress gets its hands on all the documents - so O can nominate someone before nxt January

  • Incest a 'fundamental right', German committee says

    09/24/2014 12:22:05 PM PDT · 32 of 68
    Wuli to redreno

    whoever did not expect this has not been paying attention to the arguments the lawyers across “the west” have been using to redefine marriage - society is required to grant you acceptance and a hearty legal O.K. and “equal standing” to whatever you say is O.K. for yourself

    as we have said before, under the terms of the demands made for redefining marriage, you cannot use them for one reason and then deny with for polygamy of nearly anything else

    next to fall will be “age of consent” laws?

  • Pope Francis adviser hints at rethink on contraception ban

    09/23/2014 11:58:30 AM PDT · 21 of 41
    Wuli to BurningOak

    It will be an interesting theological dance, from past theological statements, with a new “O.K.” on (some) contraception & continued prescriptions against abortion.

    I think most practicing Roman Catholics have already danced that dance in practice, so I am not expecting a mountain of broad opposition from any majority Roman Catholic churchgoers.

  • 6 Reasons Why the U.S. Should Not Arm the Syrian ‘Moderates’ (w/Videos)

    09/22/2014 1:35:16 PM PDT · 28 of 29
    Wuli to SunkenCiv

    “So is the worldwide leader in jihad, Iran”

    Iran, run by a bunch of ultra fundamentalist SHI’ITE theocrats is NOT the worldwide leader of jihad, today, as that global enterprise has many sources and leaders and is overwhelmingly dominated by and funded by and controlled by and staffed by SUNNIS.

  • Democrats Are Poised To Hold The Senate, And It’s Conservative’s Fault

    09/21/2014 10:47:33 AM PDT · 308 of 507
    Wuli to Kaslin

    It’s a twofer - the GOP-e for depressing GOP enthusiasm and MAYBE the GOP vote, and the grass roots GOP for MAYBE letting them.

  • Syrian Kurds warn of mounting crisis as ISIS advances, takes more villages

    09/21/2014 10:38:56 AM PDT · 15 of 18
    Wuli to tobyhill

    but Obama is not going to their rescue with attacks from our air forces over those villages because it would not be his Islamist friends in the Muslim Brotherhood dominated “Syrian opposition” forces that would be the beneficiaries - which is what Obama has said he will seek to do with any attacks in Syria - only attack ISIS where the “Free” Syrian army would be the beneficiary.

  • Pakistan is eyeing sea-based and short-range nuclear weapons, analysts say

    09/21/2014 10:33:07 AM PDT · 9 of 11
    Wuli to sukhoi-30mki

    And what does the Pakistani military think India and Iran are going to do in response?

    I wonder what are the odds in Vegas now on Iran ending its talks with the west over its nuclear programs?

  • 6 Reasons Why the U.S. Should Not Arm the Syrian ‘Moderates’ (w/Videos)

    09/21/2014 10:28:42 AM PDT · 26 of 29
    Wuli to SunkenCiv

    The Soviet Union did not create the aftermath of its departure nor did they create who the U.S. teamed up with to help achieve it; in fact the U.S. did not really care much about what was going to happen after the Soviets left, we just wanted to create a “Vietnam” for them - as Carter’s Zbigniew Brzezinski said at the start.

    The U.S. chose to partner with the Islamist Saudis and Pakistanis, funding the Mujahaddeen and Al Queda and spawning the creation of the Taliban. That we did all on our own.

  • NY Dem: ‘All My Heroes Were America’s Enemies’

    09/19/2014 12:24:23 PM PDT · 13 of 44
    Wuli to massmike

    Barron’s comments say as much about the constituency that keeps electing him as it does about him - morons.

  • Obama unveils campaign to prevent sexual assaults on campus

    09/19/2014 12:12:11 PM PDT · 14 of 15
    Wuli to Dr. Thorne

    Obama’s focus on the political agenda of his friends in academia - in this year of promoting the “systemic” victimhood of women in this society - when, at the same time we have this story - the epidemic of male-on-male rape in our military:

  • Male-On-Male Rape Epidemic In Obama’s Pro-Deviancy Military

    09/19/2014 12:08:38 PM PDT · 36 of 62
    Wuli to fwdude

    The numbers are staggering, and they tell another story - that it just seems obvious that some members of Congress are not ignorant of the reports and the situation and yet are just as criminally negligent FOR THEIR SILENCE as would be a non-participating third party who witnessed a rape and said nothing.

  • 6 Reasons Why the U.S. Should Not Arm the Syrian ‘Moderates’ (w/Videos)

    09/19/2014 11:57:39 AM PDT · 8 of 29
    Wuli to jazusamo

    The U.S. and current events in Syria is a redo of the U.S. and events in Afghanistan circa 1980s; a U.S. regime change agenda married together with local Islamist agendas, engendering a growth of Islamist terrorists and terrorist organizations, ending in the establishment of an Islamist regime.

  • Putin 'privately threatened to invade Poland, Romania and the Baltic states'

    09/18/2014 12:20:12 PM PDT · 20 of 37
    Wuli to Tailgunner Joe

    when will we ever find out if the NSA “heard” that conversation

    if they did hear it

    we can only guess what Obama’s reaction was when he was told

    no we know - it was “Oh well”

  • Sources: Howard Stern to Move to Palm Beach Permanently (reason: taxes)

    09/18/2014 12:01:17 PM PDT · 17 of 29
    Wuli to doc11355

    AGT is the acronym for his show, America’s Got Talent.

    The live segments with a live audience had been produced at a large modern showplace - the New Jersey Performing Arts Center - at the north end of downtown Newark, New Jersey; it was not terribly expensive and Newark airport was hugely closer to it than is any airport to any theater venue in Manhattan; which was great for guests and contestants coming, from other parts of the country.

    New York state wrote special - applies only to AGT - legislation, for a one-of-a-kind big tax credit for AGT - if AGT would move it’s live shows to Radio City Music Hall. Of course that tax credit was needed to offset the higher costs of producing the show there, otherwise Howard would have had a hard time its producers to go along.

  • Ashkenazi Jews Descend From 350 People, Scientists Say (That would explain Chomsky and Soros)

    09/18/2014 11:47:23 AM PDT · 31 of 79
    Wuli to Fenhalls555

    I think his wife is prettier.

  • Obama is defying the Constitution on war

    09/18/2014 11:45:36 AM PDT · 12 of 14
    Wuli to Oldeconomybuyer

    When Jefferson first took the U.S. to war in the Middle East - the First Barbary War - Congress had, prior to his inauguration, authorized a naval response to the Barbary pirate states, should they declare war on the U.S., which the Bey of Tripoli obliged them with after Jefferson took office.

    U.S. presidents and Congress should use similar construction of language in legislation that acknowledges that Islamic jihad terrorists HAVE declared THEY are at war with us - thus, Congress need only require the POTUS to ask and obtain a vote that, with regard to any such group, that that group has opened the state of war with us, and the president can respond as Congress further provides the means for.

  • Sources: Howard Stern to Move to Palm Beach Permanently (reason: taxes)

    09/18/2014 11:30:12 AM PDT · 13 of 29
    Wuli to Behind Liberal Lines

    The shockmister received last year a giant mutlimillion$ tax credit for AGT, written by the Dims in the NY state legislature with such narrow defining language so that it can only apply to AGT (to move AGT to Radio City Music Hall) and so poor Howard wouldn’t have to have his driver limo him over to New Jersey for the AGT shows. Yes, he’s a limo liberal with lots of limo liberals helping him keep more of HIS money, while the common guy gets their shaft up the a&&&^.

  • Ashkenazi Jews Descend From 350 People, Scientists Say (That would explain Chomsky and Soros)

    09/18/2014 11:23:02 AM PDT · 22 of 79
    Wuli to Fenhalls555

    If “great looks” are a s sign of “Jewishness” I must have some Jewish ancestors in my family tree. /LOL

  • Iraq Premier Nixes US Ground Troops

    09/18/2014 11:21:11 AM PDT · 12 of 25
    Wuli to gandalftb

    The Obama plan, which is a plan heartily backed by the GOP’s neocons and media outlets like the WSJ oped page editors, is calling for air strikes against ISIS inside Syria yes but (a) also seeks to somehow not do that to help the Syrian people generally, especially not when and where Assad may be the beneficiary [which, I think, managing our attacks on ISIS that way is dumb) and (b) upping support for the “Syrian opposition”, which is by all reports no longer dominated by “moderates” but now and since 2012 dominated by the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood. See WaPo May 2012.

    The result from not limiting our activities inside Syria to ONLY trying to degrade ISIS, & with more intervention on our part on behalf of the “Syrian opposition”, will result in an expansion of the “Syrian” internal conflict to fully engage and engulf Lebanon and see expanded Russian, Iranian and Hezbolla support for Assad. The result will be a more extensive and extended conflict around Syria and more opportunity for ISIS in the more extensively fracturing region of Syria and Lebanon.

    The answer? ONLY go after ISIS in Syria and do not up the ante of support for the “Syrian opposition” but instead work for military stalemate, and Assad and the opposition’s admission that stalemate will be all they’ll likely get, to be followed by getting them into a truce and political talks. That - the end point - is where some general’s on Assad’s staff might need to be recruited to that endeavor.

  • Ashkenazi Jews Descend From 350 People, Scientists Say (That would explain Chomsky and Soros)

    09/18/2014 11:05:01 AM PDT · 12 of 79
    Wuli to Fenhalls555

    I would suspect that the current existing high rate of genetic-based disorders among Ashkenazi Jews derives of course from such disorders’ presence in the very small “founding group” of a mere 350 people, but also due to a large amount of inbreeding (not breeding extensively outside the group) that has continued among them.

    If there is one thing that human survival has appreciated it is genetic diversity, which is - genetic diversity - what many life’s species have succeeded with, for genetic diversity provides a greater chance of adapting to fringe conditions and/or new conditions.

  • Dog that went missing in New York found 2 years later in Florida

    09/17/2014 7:54:47 PM PDT · 24 of 25
    Wuli to ru4liberty

    “DiBella’s family friend in Florida is caring for Nika until the pair can be reunited.”

    Is the “family friend” actually also the perp (the dog was taken to their state) and the family just doesn’t understand, realize or know that yet? Just speculating.

  • New Poll Shows Voters Prefer Payroll Tax Cut to Minimum Wage Hike

    09/17/2014 7:45:06 PM PDT · 9 of 11
    Wuli to Kaslin

    The Libertarian proposal that they claim would allow for reducing the payroll tax needs some P.R. retooling.

    They plan to LOWER FICA income dedicated to Social Security & fund that by eliminating and/or lowering certain tax deductions, but the increased revenue from the changes in tax deductions will do nothing for Social Security unless the law says it must.

    UNLESS the increased revenue from the changes in tax deductions is dedicated under law to paying off IOUs the general treasury gave to Social Security, the plan will not work, nor can it be sold to the people. Without that dedicated application under law, the Social Security funds will be in even worse shape (getting less FICA revenue and not compensated for that loss) and the additional general revenue will just be spent on general expenditures.

  • Antarctica – where more ice and less ice is proof of climate change

    09/17/2014 7:25:19 PM PDT · 13 of 13
    Wuli to Ernest_at_the_Beach

    calving of glaciers at the nexus of land and sea GOES ALONG WITH additional snow on the land

    additional snow on the land bound portion of glaciers adds to the overall weight of the ice build up, and it is weight from top to bottom that converts the viscosity of ice at the very bottom to something more like a liquid at below freezing, and that bottom liquid-like layer, with the weight of all the ice pressing down from above, and gravity, moves the ice of the glacier on the land slowly towards the shore where it begins to calve off

    it seems probable that if you are having a period of snow fall, during a set period of time, that is greater than usual for such a period of time, you might also get more calving of the glacier during that time as well, due to dynamics of the natural course of glaciers - from snow & ice pack adding to the glacier, to the glacier itself becoming part of the mechanism that causes the glacier to calve off parts of it

  • 85 Democrats buck Obama in ISIS vote

    09/17/2014 7:02:40 PM PDT · 11 of 19
    Wuli to Tailgunner Joe

    I too would have voted no.

    Attack ISIS? YES. Attack ISIS inside Syria? Yes. Continue to intervene between Assad and what is essentially a Sunni Islamist putsch against him? No.

    What we need between Assad and the putsch against him is a military stalemate, a convincing stalemate that is so convincing that both Assad and the FSA understand that is all they can get. Then we can get a truce and then we can get political talks between them.

    If we up the support to the “Syrian opposition” it is certain that (a) Iran, Russia & Hezbolla will up their support to Assad, and (b) Lebanon will be engulfed with spillover from Syria between Sunni & Shia, and (c) in addition to becoming a part of the internal struggle in Syria, Lebanon will become an additional venue for ISIS as well. NONE of those things are in the U.S. interest.

    BUT, if we limit our actions inside Syria to only attacking ISIS, and that’s all we are doing, then we become less on one side or the other between Assad and the “Syrian opposition” and we will gain some leverage in getting them to come to a truce. That truce and what we do alone against ISIS only in Syria is what is in the U.S. best interest.

  • ISIS bans math, social studies for children

    09/17/2014 1:19:42 PM PDT · 71 of 80
    Wuli to Ghost of SVR4

    OMG that’s the worst of ISIS “crimes” isn’t it!!! NOT. But what is NOT surprising is that is something of focus in the western press & likely more so than the religious Liberty that offends ISIS so much.

  • Luis Gutierrez: I have a duty to protect America, which is why I can’t support border security bill

    09/17/2014 1:14:39 PM PDT · 14 of 17
    Wuli to 2ndDivisionVet

    The lefties are wrong, in every direction, on the immigration bill.

    Yes, majorities in the GOP want beefed up border security & want a bill that has that.

    However, with that enacted in some other bill, majorities in the GOP still want other immigration reforms as well; they just don’t want amnesty.

    The real problem for the Dims is not that the GOP will abandon “immigration reform” if they get better border security on its own; and their argument is false on that score.

    The real concern for the Dims is that with an immigration reform bill that does not need to have better security tied to it, to get GOP support, THAT kind of immigration reform bill will not be able to have amnesty in it, because the treasonous GOP-e will not have trade our security for amnesty - not for “immigration reform”, but amnesty (which the GOP-e WILL do).

    AMNESTY is what it is ALL about.

  • Israeli Christians' New Nationality: Aramaean, not Arab (130,000 Christian "Arabs" to re-register)

    09/17/2014 1:04:19 PM PDT · 21 of 25
    Wuli to Mrs. Don-o

    The Muslim Arabs in the area have only themselves to blame for this development. They are the ones who put the “handwriting on the wall” and finally the area’s Christians are reading it correctly - they’d be next after the Jews.

  • Libya Shuts Down Largest Oilfield After Rebel Attacks

    09/17/2014 1:00:43 PM PDT · 6 of 8
    Wuli to colorado tanker

    another success story from Obama and McPain

  • Austria’s Alps Hit By Climate Change (Climate Change Doom-mongering Alert)

    09/17/2014 12:59:44 PM PDT · 23 of 26
    Wuli to goldstategop

    “The report says that in the last 130 years, sunshine in the Alps has increased by approximately 20%.”

    THAT would seem to be a result of lower precipitation and concurrent lower cloud cover, which can be related to changes in prevailing winds as much as anything else, and may or may not be directly related to “global” temperature. AND less cloud cover and less precipitation WOULD translate to some shrinkage of Austrian Alpine glaciers - again, irrespective of “global” temperatures.

  • Patient in “Vegetative State” for 16 Years May Have Been Aware The Whole Time

    09/16/2014 12:45:24 PM PDT · 20 of 33
    Wuli to wagglebee

    There was a case in Arizona where a woman had been a coma and on life support for 15 years. Her daughter had grown up, married and started a family during that time, and still visited her mother in the hospital nearly every day.

    Noticing that a particular anti-viral drug had a neurological side effect on some patients where certain neurological activity went “off the charts”, the woman’s doctors received approval to try the drug on the 15-year-long coma patient.

    The woman “woke up” and when her daughter arrived and began conversing with her mom, the woman told her daughter she had always heard her daughter talking to her on her visits.

  • Francis Scott Key's Fourth Stanza

    09/15/2014 12:45:31 PM PDT · 11 of 11
    Wuli to SeekAndFind

    Few know that the motto on our currency was the nation’s motto proclaimed by the nation’s most famous national anthem, long before it was added to the currency.

  • Sowell: Late-Talking Children

    09/15/2014 12:22:00 PM PDT · 28 of 44
    Wuli to factoryrat

    “It’s just a stage kids go through.”

    Let’s be fair and accurate, as Sowell is trying to do.

    “Late talking” is a stage SOME - NOT ALL - children go through.

  • Study warns of sudden climate change woes

    09/15/2014 12:17:59 PM PDT · 23 of 29
    Wuli to Citizen Zed

    the better money would be spent on making more things simply sturdier and more resilient to the effects of possible “tipping point” conditions, which would likely by default make them better in other ways, like energy use, & sustainability in storms & flooding generally

    and, with regard to flooding & regardless of “tipping point” conditions, the better money would NOT be spent “protecting & rebuilding” places that WITHOUT any “tipping point” conditions are often and frequently in harms way of storms and flooding, would be to discourage growth and rebuilding in such places and in the constantly hardest hits areas to buy the owners out & revert the land to the “buffers” to settlements they used to be - which would by default also make things better (less in harms way) IF any “tipping point” condition developed

  • I have been in Europe for 5 months now and unlike the US, you can buy food everywhere!

    09/15/2014 12:07:46 PM PDT · 52 of 91
    Wuli to

    adding to my previous post

    you have also not been to Manhattan in New York City, where Union Square has a daily farmers market & sidewalk fresh produce stands are numerous in residential neighborhoods and there are as many local small stores selling ONLY (primarily) fruits and vegetables as there are supermarkets & quite a number of them selling items or varieties of items NOT in most supermarkets

    nor have you seen in New Jersey and in California (two areas I know of) how many more supermarkets have specifically “local” produce in their produce sections

    in one supermarket in California I found a number of “vintage” tomatoes among more than seven varieties of tomatoes alone, and more than one locally grown varietiea of corn, lettuce and others

    I think your knowledge of the subject is too limited.

  • I have been in Europe for 5 months now and unlike the US, you can buy food everywhere!

    09/15/2014 11:56:55 AM PDT · 48 of 91
    Wuli to

    you must not be from New Jersey or upstate New York (or I imagine from some other U.S. locales) where roadside local farm-to-market stands are many.

  • John McCain: I’ve Vetted Syrian Rebels, People Not Trusting Them Making ‘Excuses’

    09/14/2014 11:12:26 AM PDT · 49 of 59
    Wuli to Steely Tom

    McPain: Since your war record alone does not make YOU “vetted” as a politician, or as anything else, why is anyone supposed to believe you are capable of vetting anyone in Syria - just because you believe what some Syrian said to you?

    R.Reagan said “trust and verify” and we neither trust you nor find you have VERIFIED anything about the “Syrian opposition”.

  • Syrian Government: Go Ahead, Bomb Our Country!

    09/12/2014 10:18:00 AM PDT · 21 of 21
    Wuli to TangledUpInBlue

    The “moderate” nature of the CORE of the “Syrian opposition” is a myth.

    Yes their are “moderates” in the coalition, just as there were moderates in the coalition that Khomeini formed against the Shah of Iran and in the coalition in the “Arab Spring” that demanded a new government in Egypt.

    At the core and in the majority are not “moderates” but the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, whose HQ has always been the city of Homs and that is why the battles over that city were so heavy and so strategic.

    The “moderates” are useful fronts for western consumption.

    Once “victory” is achieved they will be gradually swept aside, as they were in Iran and as Morsi did in Egypt.

    Assad is no saint by any means.

    But OUR regime change agenda against Assad has been attached to a local Sunni Islamist putsch against Assad, funded and supported by the most fundamentalist Islamist countries among our so-called “friends” in the Middle East.

    We should ONLY be going after ISIS in Syria, and that’s it.

    If we do, we might be able to see a military stalemate between Assad and the “Syrian opposition” and by ONLY attacking ISIS, we might gain some leverage at convincing Assad and the “Syrian opposition” to sign a truce, keep a truce and plan on political talks about Syria’s future. If we don’t keep our actions in Syria held to ONLY attacking ISIS, Russia, Iran and Hezbolla will all up their aid to Assad and the war in Syria will totally engage and engulf all of Lebanon as well. The conflict will widen, and that will make for even more dysfunction in Syria and Lebanon and more opportunities for ISIS and Al Queda.

  • Beheading Infidels: How Allah ‘Heals the Hearts of Believers’

    09/12/2014 9:53:34 AM PDT · 13 of 18
    Wuli to SJackson

    The difference in history between Christians and Muslims who have ever committed any atrocities is that the Christian has no defense for their actions in Christian scriptures, but the Muslim has defenses for his actions in the Koran.

  • Morning Snowfall In The Black Hills ( South Dakota )

    09/11/2014 1:06:47 PM PDT · 19 of 23
    Wuli to molson209

    the farmers almanac predicts north central, midwest and eastern U.S. to have colder winter with more than usual this winter, with western states not so much colder and still drier

  • Breaking: TURKEY REFUSES OBAMA REQUEST to Use Its Airbases to Fight ISIS

    09/11/2014 12:58:22 PM PDT · 105 of 214
    Wuli to Enlightened1

    Fine - we can sign an agreement with the Kurds and see how Turkey likes that.

  • Obama shifts on Syrian rebels, but is it too late?

    09/11/2014 12:55:02 PM PDT · 40 of 42
    Wuli to mandaladon

    we should not be arming further the Syrian rebels

    we need Assad and the rebels to admit to a stalemate, sign a truce, keep it, and move on to political talks

    we should only use our air forces in Syria and only against ISIS

    by combating ISIS, whom both the “Syrian opposition” and Assad have been fighting, our neutrality will give us some leverage to get them to admit they have a military stalemate

    if we up the support to the “Syrian opposition” (heavily loaded with members of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood backed by Turkey), we will see Assad ask for a receive greater support from Putin, Iran and Hezbolla, and the “Syrian” conflict will become totally Syria-Lebanon wide

    we do not need expansion of the conflict in Syria

    we do not need total victory for either side

    we need a stalemate, end of hostilities, truce, and political talks

    if WE focus ONLY in Syria on ISIS, we can help the parties in Syria reach that point

    if we do more,, favoring more the rebels, the conflict will get wider and worse, and because we will not put boots on the ground and own the results of removing Assad, the “coalition” that includes some “moderates” will, if they have a “victory” (1) become dominated by Syrian Sunni Islamists and (2) we will be sorry we ever backed them

  • Dem Congressman: ‘Forces That Will Rise If ISIS Is Destroyed Are Nearly as Evil as ISIS’

    09/10/2014 5:49:59 PM PDT · 86 of 95
    Wuli to libstripper

    I think the Dim congressman is only half right.

    I think if we hit ISIS with our air power, in Iraq and inside Syria (but ONLY ISIS in Syria), we have a good chance of making a stalemate between Assad and the Syrian opposition more likely and more convincing to the Syrian opposition and Assad, and then have a chance of getting them first to a truce, then political steps from there.

  • Islamic State’s Ultimate Goal: Saudi Arabia’s Oil Wells

    09/10/2014 5:41:45 PM PDT · 45 of 45
    Wuli to SeekAndFind

    Fine; let them have them. Then we’ll destroy all the oil wells in Arabia, for good.

  • MRC Study: TV Buries the Bad News on Obama’s Collapsing Polls

    09/10/2014 5:40:06 PM PDT · 11 of 12
    Wuli to Hojczyk

    This is nothing new.

    The same sort of reversal in the media took place concerning Billary vs GWBush.

    In the print media during Clinton’s two admins, if the news was positive the heading or subheading referred to Clinton by name, but if the news was negative, the heading or subheading referred to “Defense Department” or “DOD”, “State Department” or “State”, “EPA”, ect., or the appropriate cabinet secretary. During GWBush’s two terms those conditions were reversed - negatives received GWBush by name, positives most often did not. This sort of thing is never unintentional.

  • America’s Most Infamous Drunk Driving DA Sets Up to Persecute Another Republican

    09/10/2014 5:29:26 PM PDT · 18 of 19
    Wuli to smoothsailing

    Hall had no purpose of desire to harm anyone. He merely went after the facts and if someone was harmed by the facts then it was those facts that condemned them, not Hall.

    “Results” of Halls actions - that certain regents and politicians could be shown, by the facts, to be abusing their power with college admissions - is not a matter of intent, or desire of Hall, but merely the facts.

    When the facts expose us for our faults, the fault does not lie with the messenger who delivers the facts, but ourselves.

    The Texas DA Lehmberg is a political hack and an idiot.