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  • Mom gets prison for son’s ‘senseless’ death from strep throat

    11/20/2017 7:52:31 PM PST · 9 of 17
    Wuli to BenLurkin

    The biggest problem with “herbal” remedies is that in spite of sometimes clear POSSIBILITIES of certain beneficial properties (actually from certain chemicals found in the herb), there are no clinically derived and authoritative scientific standards on quality, application, dosage, interactions, side effects and other important matters. It’s a crap shoot and part of why, to a higher degree than “prescription” drugs, the reported results are inconsistent and hit or miss.

    I have used ginger with a sore throat - sucking on a small piece of ginger or making a ginger tea with lemon. I would not make any claim it “cures” a sore throat. I think it most likely makes the throat “feel” better while my body’s natural defenses get the real healing done. Of course that is not the same as a “strep” throat which involves a more serious streptococcus infection. Any sore throat with fever lasting 48 hours deserves a test for streptococcus infection which needs an antibiotic.

  • Judge permanently blocks Trump order that cut funding to sanctuary cities

    11/20/2017 7:22:31 PM PST · 10 of 60
    Wuli to Innovative

    The article is wrong in it’s title.

    A single judge cannot make a “permanent” block on Trump’s order. Such a block would/will be appealed to the full circuit court, and if it upholds that one judge it would be appealed to the SCOTUS.

    The judge’s ruling itself is just one temporary legal step in what can be a long process. At this point it cannot be said to be “permanent”.

  • States ranked by claims for state and local tax deductions

    11/20/2017 6:07:17 PM PST · 47 of 171
    Wuli to SkyPilot

    Less than 50% of tax filers in every state.

    The average is about 28% of filers.

    What is also needed is % of filers taking SALT deductions withing each state by income quintile (lowest 10%, next 10% ect. up to top 10%).

    With the increase in the standard deduction more folks would likely have dropped SALT itemized deductions anyway, which means that alone would dropped the total number of filers to much further below 50% of all filers.

    I think SALT deductions are taken by fewer filers than most people think.

  • How Murderer Charles Manson and Donald Trump Used Language to Gain Followers (For real?)

    11/20/2017 5:40:37 PM PST · 26 of 42
    Wuli to EdnaMode

    I can think of MANY more ways the whole agenda of Obama was to connect with some folks who felt a “kind of alienation or disconnection from the government”. (it - the government was doing enough for them, wasn’t “taking care of them” enough.

  • There was NO pause in global warming: Was caused by a lack of data (tr)

    11/20/2017 1:13:38 PM PST · 42 of 52
    Wuli to Da Coyote

    The data will always be “adjusted” to fit the premise, using new “studies” and any other handy method.

  • Arctic climate change being felt farther south, scientists say

    11/20/2017 12:59:56 PM PST · 32 of 38
    Wuli to submarinerswife

    “But the report says if nations meet their greenhouse gas reduction targets under the Paris agreement, changes in the Arctic will stabilize to a new normal some time around 2040.”

    That is not scientific truth by the science opinions and models that the “climate change” alarmists use.

    Included in those models is the atmospheric “shelf life” of CO2, which can be extremely long they claim.

    How long? Long enough that massive adjustments now will still leave enough CO2 continuing to be added to the atmosphere, on top of the amounts that are there now and will take a long time to go away, and such that it could be 100 to 200 years before actual total atmospheric CO2 begins to reverse.

    Human resources would be more economically spent developing all the ways of adjusting to and mitigating “climate change” than chasing CO2 at increasingly massive costs from increasingly more costly energy & CO2 rules.

  • Barbra Streisand says she'll never do anther show after not touring for 27 years

    11/20/2017 12:48:14 PM PST · 25 of 38
    Wuli to Red Badger

    Thank G-d!!! Yippie!!!

  • Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro caught speeding at 119 mph

    11/20/2017 12:46:05 PM PST · 102 of 278
    Wuli to b4its2late

    I often like her, but I also often think she is a little “hyper”.

  • The Lies to Veterans Continue

    11/20/2017 12:42:15 PM PST · 17 of 18
    Wuli to Mr.Unique

    Yes it does. Eligibility for VA benefits themselves is not so much income dependent nor length of service dependent, nor dependent on service related issues. Someone with only the minimum 2-3 year stint is till eligible for VA healthcare, regardless. Income in such a case for the most part only determines what the co-pay, either the individual & or the individual and/or medicare or supplemental insurance will have to pay. It does not mean they cannot go to a VA center to get that care.

  • How a half-educated tech elite delivered us into chaos

    11/20/2017 7:24:12 AM PST · 42 of 57
    Wuli to poinq

    His argument has an origin he leaves unnamed; the Russians stole the election for Trump.

    It is case he heard in the Media and as it fit his own bias he took it, like religious convictions, as gospel truth.

    Yet careful examination of the facts shows that the level and breadth of Russian interjections into the media & social media spheres, was minuscule compared to the massive input from both Billary, Inc. & Trump campaigns, the DNC & RNC, all the two parties other election campaigns, all the myriad American political organizations, pacs, publications and web versions of publications, as well as what all of them did on social media, as well as the American TV networks and news organizations. Collectively they make the “Russian” interjections look like an ant climbing an elephant. I doubt the elephant even noticed.

  • Xi Jinping breaks taboo and enters the Forbidden City[China]

    11/20/2017 7:12:11 AM PST · 22 of 25
    Wuli to TigerLikesRooster

    Imperial China, “modern” China, still much more importantly alike than different. Culture is stronger than political philosophy or religion; and China’s culture, including the culture of “appropriate” power structures, is ancient and very strong even today, no matter the different political names and titles.

  • The Lies to Veterans Continue

    11/20/2017 5:51:07 AM PST · 6 of 18
    Wuli to samovar123

    Personally, I am not in favor everything often asked of healthcare benefits for Veterans.

    Personally, I think there is a difference to how far that “lifetime” commitment ought to be, and I think it should be relative to (a) service related health issues most of all, (b) continuation of “Tricare” to those who made a lifetime commitment to military service (”lifers”), followed in priority by all others and to them benefits related to income situation.

    Yes, I do not think a military stint of 2-3 years with no service related issues and income in the median income range or greater, for persons their age, deserves the same military and/or VA health commitment as those who did 20 years and/or have service related issues.

  • Scarborough: Trump Criticism of LaVar Ball is Racist “Dog Whistle”

    11/20/2017 5:29:05 AM PST · 9 of 81
    Wuli to governsleastgovernsbest

    Doesn’t Trump understand. You cannot criticize a “Black” person, for any reason. It’s “racist” to criticize a “Black” person. /sarc

  • Joy Reid: The Fact That People Are Still Supporting Moore Is ‘Incredibly Disturbing’

    11/19/2017 5:37:21 PM PST · 33 of 69
    Wuli to davikkm

    What is disturbing but not surprising is that Joy Reid says what she says an means it.


    The Feminazi agenda is now officially (has been in academia for quite awhile) allegations are everything that the veracity if any facts are irrelevant - “guilty” by accusation. Clearly that is the modus Joy Reid is operating on.

  • NeverTrumper Jeff Flake Was Foreign Lobbyist Working For Uranium Firm With Ties to Iran

    11/19/2017 4:55:04 PM PST · 38 of 46
    Wuli to

    While I am not complaining about the info Gateway Pundit is pointing out, they would be more professional if they noted that the Yahoo news report they quote from is a 2012 report.

    Just sayin. It may be new news to some, but Gsteway Pundit knows it is old news about Flake, and they just want to lift it up again because of how and why he’s putting himself back in the spotlight.

  • Six Years After Fukushima, Robots Finally Find Reactors’ Melted Uranium Fuel

    11/19/2017 4:34:30 PM PST · 29 of 33
    Wuli to BenLurkin

    And someone can maybe tell everyone the number of deaths that have directly occurred NOT from the Tsunami but from the failure of the Tsunami flooded nuclear plant. How many?

    Yet, irrationally, Japan stopped 54 of its nuclear power plants, and only recently has put five of them back online.

    If anything, what Fukushima represents, to Japanese nuclear power plants, is that Japan needs to review just where each plant is located with consideration for the history for Japan of both earthquakes and Tsunamis, and it needs to look at all the measures being taken at each plant for mitigating problems that might occur in the case of an earthquake or Tsunami. It is that last part where the Fukushima plant failed, initially, not from the general nuclear power functions themselves. Had the “flood safety” measures at the site been better, the plant’s operations would not have been disrupted by the Tsunami. That was a failure of site design and not of the design of the plant generally.

    Japan has lessons it learned and can still learn from Fukushima. Ending its nuclear power program is just throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

  • Deduction targeted by GOP used by tax filers in most states

    11/19/2017 4:16:26 PM PST · 133 of 183
    Wuli to Mariner

    In ALL FAIRNESS we should not be talking about eliminating some tax breaks and keeping others.

    If we eliminate all, 100% of deductions, exemptions, exclusions and credits, raise the “standard deduction”, set a floor beneath which the poorest pay no tax, and set a single flat tax that applies to everyone, then MOST folks would get a tax break.

    And that one act - a universal flat tax with no deductions, exemptions, exclusions and credits, by eliminating 100% of the social & economic engineering in the tax code - would be such a boost to the economy (people and companies making decisions based on natural financial reasons, not to get a better tax break) that it will take care of the issue of being “revenue neutral”.

    Why the RINOs don’t propose it? It takes off the table the buying and selling of votes and influence with rules added to the tax code, and with that the use of the tax code to get political contributions for the next election campaign.

    I would LOVE to see this flat tax proposal become a Constitutional amendment, leaving Congress only the ability to raise or lower the one universal flat tax, NOT pick and choose whose ox will get gored and whose won’t.

  • Fantasy no longer! Invisibility code cracked

    11/19/2017 4:04:39 PM PST · 46 of 69
    Wuli to Robert DeLong

    Hogwarts has had it for centuries.

  • POLL: Should Al Franken resign from the senate?

    11/19/2017 3:56:20 PM PST · 26 of 68
    Wuli to Jeff Chandler


    But the hypocrite Dims & RINOs need to quit calling for Roy Moore to stand aside as well.

    People have elected worse folks, criminal folks in my view, than Al Fraken, so if they - other politicians and political parties want be pure as the driven snow, then dozens of folks in both party with no intentions of resigning ought to resign, but you know they want.

    If Franken’s constituents want to throw him out, or don’t want to, that’s their business.

  • U.S. towns, cities fear taxpayer revolt if Republicans kill deduction

    11/19/2017 6:48:05 AM PST · 156 of 159
    Wuli to SkyPilot

    “I was right - you are insane.”

    You have no mirrors in your house do you.