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  • Flashback: Harvey Weinstein Defended Child Rapist Roman Polanski

    10/11/2017 2:36:57 PM PDT · 25 of 25
    Wingy to TexasFreeper2009
    Clinton was hitting on any woman that came within reach of him... JUST LIKE THIS GUY! how are they different?

    Harvey's girls were better looking.

  • Have you ever...

    10/07/2017 12:12:57 AM PDT · 94 of 114
    Wingy to Army Air Corps

    When I was a kid, our neighbor had an XKE Jag that I lusted over every day. Years later I sat in one and the looong hood just ruined it for me. Corvettes are the same. It cured me of pining for any car. Now I just want to know if it will start, stop, and get me there and back in reasonable comfort.

  • Nobel Peace Prize awarded to anti-nuclear campaign group

    10/06/2017 4:03:25 AM PDT · 9 of 27
    Wingy to SES1066

    The only way it will be possible to eliminate nuclear weapons is to develop a more devastating weapon. Human nature requires that the bad guys be scared of an existential threat. When they don’t have that threat handing over their head is when wars start. History shows this over and over. We are mighty lucky that the good guys got this weapon before the bad guys.

  • These Journalists Talking About Guns Is Why Americans Hate The Media

    10/04/2017 10:57:11 PM PDT · 8 of 8
    Wingy to ForYourChildren

    You know, if I was to sit down on one of their political panels and started talking about six year terms for the President, or two term limits for Senators, they would all discount everything I had to say after that. I wouldn’t matter what I had to say, or how correct my point was, no one would pay it any mind because I was mistaken on a fundamental aspect of the subject at hand. So, why should I take anything they say about firearms with anything more than a grain of salt when they are constantly wrong about the fundamentals time after time.

  • TRUMP tweet: "To the people of Puerto Rico: Do not believe the #FakeNews!"

    09/30/2017 3:32:29 PM PDT · 3 of 23
    Wingy to bryan999
    I found this on another board I frequent (TFMetalsreport dot com).

    BUSTED: THE REAL STORY ON PUERTO RICO Submitted by Angry Chef on September 30, 2017 - 3:52pm. Hat Tip! 5

    All roads were open, and supplies were being delivered to all points of the island until communists tied to Hillary Clinton ordered the truckers to stop moving.

    As of 7 AM CST Saturday morning Sep 30:

    All roads in Puerto Rico are completely cleared and carrying traffic. There are no blocked roads. Roads were already predominantly clear, allowing the full three hour drive across the island unhindered, on the morning of September 27. Residents are asking where all the stories about blocked roads are originating. These stories are being told to excuse the fact that there are 9,700 semi truck sized shipping containers that were sent by Trump, packed with food and other supplies sitting in port while the truckers refuse to deliver them to the island, under the cooperation of their union which has ties to Hillary Clinton.

    The truckers have been told that if they just sit there, and allow an enormous starvation/humanitarian crisis to unfold, they will receive an enormous payout afterward. Many do not want to cooperate with this, but if any trucker tries to leave the port, they will be immediately fired and removed from their vehicle. The desire to cooperate is far from unanimous, it is to a large degree forced.

    The reasons the truckers are being forced to stay in port (one way or another) is because a communist faction in Puerto Rico's government that has direct ties to Hillary Clinton did not want an aid package in the form of goods sent to Puerto Rico, instead, they wanted an enormous cash payout that they could steal. Right now, what we are witnessing in Puerto Rico is precisely the same thing that happened with the Clinton foundation and Haiti earthquake relief. The Clinton Foundation received hundreds of millions of dollars for the Haiti earthquake, and kept all but a fraction of a single percent. Virtually no help showed up in Haiti.

    FACT: Everything the Puerto Rican people could possibly hope for is sitting in port, not moving.

    FACT: The roads are completely clear and ready for service to all points on the island. Other than having no trucks delivering supplies, and cars having to find alternate routes around a few flood damaged bridges, traffic is normal. CONFIRMED: The entire route that goes the longest distance across the island that normally requires a three hour drive under normal conditions, was possible to commute in three hours on Thursday morning (and possibly earlier,) but it was confirmed by one driver who posted to social media on Thursday.

    FACT: The truckers are simply sitting in port (or on the couch) doing nothing while a crisis builds, they are not even doing their normal jobs of moving supplies that would happen if there was no hurricane.

    BIG BOLD KILLER FACT: Power is over 70 percent restored to the entire island, with only "A few localized neighborhoods that need to be taken care of". This was stated on social media by one of the over 1,500 military electricians sent to the island by Trump to get the power back on because the power company in Puerto Rico was too bankrupt and corrupt to do it, ever.

    FACT: The efforts put forth by the Puerto Rican people to help themselves was so poor that more was accomplished by scrappers going around picking up blown off sheet metal roofing to be turned in for recycling and/or to be re-used than any other effort. Scrappers more than anything are what cleared the roads. The balance was largely accomplished by American military electricians removing downed trees.

    All of this adds up to:

    Communists in American government and media are lying about the situation in Puerto Rico. Trump's response was excellent, and everything the island needs is there, and the ability to deliver it is 100 percent. But since communists cooperate to create a crisis, and enough of Puerto Rico's government is seeded with communists in the right places, the only thing working unhindered is the American military electricians, who did a lot of road clearing and almost have the power entirely back on.

    If the issue of communists (who are all tied to hillary) preventing supplies from moving via choke points in the political instruction chain is not addressed immediately, Puerto Rico will be starved to death while the streets are clean and open, and the power is on all the while the communist media tells horror stories about irreparable devastation and Trump doing nothing about it. That is precisely how communists operate, they would rather destroy supplies and kill people than lose political advantage. They see Puerto Rico as a prime opportunity to gain a political advantage by creating a crisis they can then turn around and destroy Trump with.

    One important thing to note is that the communists have dispatched an army of social media trolls to lie about the situation in Puerto Rico from an "on the ground" perspective. FACT: PUERTO RICO SPEAKS SPANISH. YOU WILL NOT HAVE ANYONE FROM PUERTO RICO POSTING TO SOCIAL MEDIA IN PERFECT ENGLISH. And that is predominantly how all the devastation stories are being posted - in English.

    You have to wade through a mountain of disinfo to find the truth. It is not easy, the effort to lie about Puerto Rico is well funded and very potent.

    Obviously there was widespread damage in Puerto Rico, Maria was, after all, a hurricane. But such massive help arrived under the direct order of Trump that if the communists were not causing problems, it would be back to business as usual by the middle of next week and almost is now. But with the communist ordered truckers strike that just popped up out of nowhere, We're going to see a situation where people are starving with nothing else wrong, other than that they are starving. Starving, while food is right there. just like Ukraine.

    Let's cut to the chase:

    The MSM is being absolutely despicable with regard to Puerto Rico and Trump's response.

    Here is the truth.

    Rossello and other Puerto Rican officials praised the federal government for planning its response in detail before the storm hit, a contrast with what Puerto Rico has long seen as the neglect of 3.4 million Americans living in a territory without a vote in Congress or the Electoral College, Politico reported.

    "This is the first time we get this type of federal coordination," Gonzalez said.

    Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello praised President Donald Trump for his response to the island after the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria.

    "The president and the administration, every time we've asked them to execute, they've executed quickly," Rossello told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo in an interview on Friday morning.

    > The governor said that aid was currently being distributed around the island and that it would be more effective as more personnel arrived.

    UPDATE!! BOOM, BIG ONE - I finally found it. A lengthy report from a Puerto Rican newspaper.

    No stories of death.

    No stories of starvation.

    No stories of homelessness.

    Only the BIG STORY: ATMS are down and slowly coming back up.

    As I said all along, this hurricane was not as stated, and the crisis is a LOT LESS than stated. If the main English speaking paper can't come up with more than "the atms are down" and "cell service is spotty" something is SERIOUSLY amiss with the official story. 12 deaths? How do you even know the hurricane did it with a number that low? A cat 4 should have killed thousands.

  • Miley Cyrus backtracks on ... (leaving America - long article title, greatly shortened)

    09/28/2017 4:53:34 AM PDT · 16 of 40
    Wingy to cba123; Lazmataz

    Look, she was a cute kid growing up, kinda hot in her late teens,(ask Laz) but at 24 she is well past her ‘Sell By’ date. Her politics still have a ways to go to reach adulthood.

  • Hillary, won’t you please go now?

    09/13/2017 11:42:14 PM PDT · 46 of 48
    Wingy to EdnaMode
    I disagree with this premise. I say, let her stay. Give her a prime time show on MSLSD, let her write a new book every month, and any other way to keep her and her wacky ideas in front of the citizens of this country. If we could do this, the Progressive Democrats as a viable party would cease to exist before 2020.

    Plus, if we give her that prime time show, just think how rested the nation would be. Five minutes of her show would put 80% of her viewers TO SLEEP.

  • More than 5,000 out-of-state voters may have tipped New Hampshire against Trump

    09/07/2017 12:52:16 PM PDT · 53 of 64
    Wingy to William Tell
    The article seems woefully incomplete in that it says nothing about the addresses used by these voters. I was under the impression that one had to be a resident to vote.

    It's my understanding that they use the address of the hotel nearest the polling place.

    The State Legislature passed a law to put a stop to this practice, but the Governor vetoed it. This has been going on for a looooong time.

  • Machining makes the world go round

    09/03/2017 7:17:05 PM PDT · 20 of 47
    Wingy to rlmorel

    It’s been 15 years since I or anyone else in the shop I worked at, put any tool in any machine that wasn’t Made in China, down to the lowly drill bit.

  • 'Cheap sex' is making men give up on marriage

    09/03/2017 5:43:48 PM PDT · 259 of 608
    Wingy to Mrs. Don-o

    Child Protective Services?

  • Who should we donate in support of Harvey?

    08/29/2017 7:35:58 AM PDT · 36 of 116
    Wingy to Let's Roll

    I, like you, was a big fan of the Salvation Army. Certainly over the Red Cross, but when they crossed Mar-a-Lago off their list of places to hold their events, for political reasons, I crossed them off my list.

  • Budtrimming can be great foot in the door (Legalized marijuana industry)

    08/26/2017 7:05:14 AM PDT · 16 of 25
    Wingy to 2ndDivisionVet

    Leaving the pros and cons of the drug aside, can you imagine a more boring job? A bench, a pair of scissors, and a never ending bucket of plants to trim. Oh, and gloves. For eight hours a day. Everyday. For $11-$14 per hour. There must be some sweet benefits just to get through the week. Pick of the crop, maybe?

  • CO of Fitzgerald to be relieved of Command

    08/17/2017 5:31:02 PM PDT · 17 of 61
    Wingy to Bull Snipe
    But after all this time, still no word on what happened. Inquiring minds want to know....

    Was there an orgy going on?

    Was EVERYONE asleep?

    Did ALL the equipment go down at once?

    Did the container ship become very stealthy and ram them?

    Was everyone with watch that night on their first day on the job?

  • Mississippi man ends up in ditch after driving truck, doing "donuts" on Slidell airport runway

    08/13/2017 8:48:06 PM PDT · 5 of 17
    Wingy to ClearCase_guy

    I’m thinking that alcohol was involved to some degree. Probably, to a great degree...

  • Illegal Bragged About Voting For Hillary 5 Times – What The Judge Does To Her Next Is Amazing

    08/12/2017 7:37:07 AM PDT · 61 of 72
    Wingy to doug from upland

    Her lawyer blamed Trump for her harsh sentence.

  • KPD: Woman clocked at 115 mph with kids in car

    08/10/2017 9:26:48 PM PDT · 20 of 34
    Wingy to Tolerance Sucks Rocks
    So, I looked this hot rod up and, like others on this thread, I have my doubts as to the stated speed for this car. One quote-“the engine is buzzy, the ride at 80 mph is choppy and the car was all over the road on regular commutes,” says AutoWeek, adding that “keeping the car going straight required constant sawing of the steering wheel.”

    Not too conducive for 115 MPH with two full sized passengers and an infant. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt that she has the larger engine, but even that is not enough to convince me that 122 HP could drive her to the stated speed.

    Maybe she had nitrous or some sort of rocket engine, but I'd say that failing that, this story is busted.

  • When We Think of Guam, We Think of Hank Johnson

    08/09/2017 2:27:32 PM PDT · 3 of 66
    Wingy to Kaslin

    When that occurred, I read it here first, and had to look up the sound bite before I believed it. I thought it was The Onion, but they usually do better. This was not funny, just Mondo-stupid.

  • Zero Days Documentary

    08/06/2017 2:08:37 PM PDT · 8 of 9
    Wingy to canalabamian

    The book was better. The documentary leaves out quite a bit of detail.

  • Grandmother Deported for Voter Fraud Leaves U.S. in Tears

    08/05/2017 10:35:15 PM PDT · 100 of 124
    Wingy to SMGFan

    This is a tough one. 24 years ago, my brand new Filipino wife, with a temporary Green Card went to the DMV to get her drivers license. While waiting in line, this nice, kind older lady asked her if she wanted to register to vote. Now she was new to the country, new in her marriage, and new to driving. Learning the laws of driving was the focus of her visit, and she didn’t have a clue how she should answer this nice granny with the voter registration forms. Fortunately, I was with her and I informed the nice lady the my wife was not a citizen. “Well, who are you?” the suddenly not so nice lady demanded. After I informed her of our relationship, she still tried to get my wife to “Just fill out the form”. I got a tiny bit louder and told her that she should quit while she could. She left us alone, but with no good grace. I explained to my Wife that “That lady was trying to get you to break the law.” She said nothing, but after she passed her test, got her picture taken, and her new license, she read this lady the riot act, MUCH louder than I was. Many heads turned, and the now not so nice lady beat a hasty retreat to one of the ‘back rooms’.
    Just to round out the story, my Wife and I have recently celebrated our 24th year, the last 19 with her US Citizenship. She has only missed one election since then and she votes right every time...

  • 666, the number of a man

    07/26/2017 3:43:29 AM PDT · 11 of 16
    Wingy to Fiddlstix

    Bookmark til after coffee.