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  • Remy:April Fools

    04/02/2017 2:54:23 AM PDT · by The Raven · 6 replies
    You Tube ^ | April 1, 2017 | Remy
    Funny !!
  • Who is Peter J. Kadzik ??

    03/29/2017 2:11:21 PM PDT · by The Raven · 9 replies
    Justice . GOV ^ | Marc 29, 2007 | The Raven
    Quotes: “There is a HJC oversight hearing today where the head of our Civil Division will testify. Likely to get questions on State Department emails,” - Email from Assistant Attorney General Peter J. Kadzik with a warning to Podesta on Hillary’s emails on May 19, 2015, with the subject line, “Heads up. (from Wikileaks) "We found no evidence that any IRS official acted based on political, discriminatory, corrupt, or other inappropriate motives that would support a criminal prosecution - Assistant Attorney General Peter J. Kadzik concluding the IRS did nothing wrong in targeting Tea Party groups. FBI Director James Comey...
  • Question about the Clintons

    09/11/2016 1:58:11 PM PDT · by The Raven · 18 replies
    The Raven
    QUESTION I was telling my wife about when Hillary and Bill were at Yale they made a pact and plan to run for President She thinks it is a myth and I went to find where I read that and came up empty.
  • Join Me to Picket the Democrat Party for a Name Change

    11/03/2014 2:15:50 AM PST · by The Raven · 29 replies
    The Raven
    After seeing the demonstrations against the Washington Redskins, I got the idea to demonstrate against the Democrat party. The mention of the name brings back an awful history of pro-slavery, anti-Lincoln bigots. A Party which uses propaganda, deceit, voter fraud, and illegal government targeting of political enemies. Yes. We must have their name changed A suggestion is Pinocchio
  • Are You Smarter than a Wall St Protestor?

    10/17/2011 4:35:41 PM PDT · by The Raven · 13 replies
    Oct 17, 2011 | The Raven
    We know we’re all smarter than a fifth grader…..but Are you Smarter than a Wall St Protester? Take the test….check the policies you agree with 1) Close down all nuclear power plants 2) Close all fossil fuel power plants 3) Forgive all debts public and private 4) Take over the government. 5) The rich are responsible. 6) The bankers are responsible 7) The Jews are responsible. 8) Obama needs to be reelected 9) Destroy capitalism and Republicans 10) Get rid of all money
  • ObamaCare's Reality Deficit

    01/08/2011 3:16:39 AM PST · by The Raven · 12 replies
    Wall St Journal ^ | Jan 8, 2011 | editorial
    Of all the claims deployed in favor of ObamaCare, and there are many, the most preposterous is that a new open-ended entitlement will somehow reduce the budget deficit. Insure 32 million more people, and save money too! The even more remarkable spectacle is that Washington seems to be taking this claim seriously in advance of the House's repeal vote next week. Some things in politics you just can't make up. ..snip .. The accounting gimmicks are legion, but we'll pick out a few: It uses 10 years of taxes to fund six years of subsidies. Social Security and Medicare revenues...
  • The Liberal Reckoning of 2010 (WSJ Editorial)

    12/31/2010 3:06:32 AM PST · by The Raven · 20 replies
    Wall St Journal ^ | Dec 31, 2010 | editorial
    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid sent out a press release last week headlined "111th Congress Accomplishments." It quoted a couple of Democratic Party cheerleaders calling this the greatest Congress since 1965-66 (Norm Ornstein) or even the New Deal (David Leonhardt), and listed in capital letters no fewer than 30 legislative triumphs: Health Care Reform, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, a Jobs Package (HIRE Act), the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, Food Safety, the Travel Promotion Act, Student Loan Reform, Hate Crimes Prevention, and so much more. What the release did not mention is the loss of 63 House and...
  • America's Dangerous Rush to Shrink Its Military Power

    12/27/2010 3:03:21 AM PST · by The Raven · 22 replies · 1+ views
    Wall St Journal ^ | dec 27, 2010 | MARK HELPRIN
    From the president on down through his secretary of defense, the service secretaries, and a cast of generals whose decorations would choke an alpine meadow with color, we are told that further reductions in American military power are warranted and unavoidable. This view is supported by the left, the right that unwisely fears accounting more than war, by most of the press, the academy, and perhaps a majority of Americans, and it is demonstrably and dangerously wrong. Based upon nothing and ignoring the cautionary example of World War II, we are told that we will never face two major enemies...
  • ObamaCare Loses in Court [ WSJ Editorial ]

    12/14/2010 1:47:37 AM PST · by The Raven · 36 replies
    Wall St Journal ^ | dec 14, 2010 | editorial
    Only a few months ago, the White House and its allies on the legal left dismissed the constitutional challenges to ObamaCare as frivolous, futile and politically motived. So much for that. Yesterday, a federal district court judge in Virginia ruled that the health law breaches the Constitution's limits on government power. In a careful 42-page ruling, Judge Henry Hudson declared that ObamaCare's core enforcement mechanism known as the individual mandate—the regulation that requires everyone to purchase health insurance or else pay a penalty—exceeds Congress's authority to regulate the lives of Americans. "The unchecked expansion of congressional power to the limits...
  • Liberalism: An Autopsy

    12/04/2010 1:41:35 AM PST · by The Raven · 18 replies
    Wall St Journal ^ | dec 4, 2010 | EMMETT TYRRELL JR.
    ... Liberalism's decline might appear, at first glance, to have begun with the 1961 inauguration of President John F. Kennedy—when historians noted the first glimmerings of what was to become liberalism's distinctive trait, overreach. Kennedy's soaring oratory was infectious and admirable and even impressed a later generation of conservatives. But it was a bit dishonest. There never was a missile gap with the Soviet Union, as he claimed, or any other cause for histrionics. On the domestic side, the oratory set in motion President Lyndon Johnson's catastrophic War on Poverty. ...
  • Climate Alarmism at the New York Times

    11/07/2010 4:44:40 AM PST · by The Raven · 10 replies
    American Thinker ^ | Nov 6, 2010 | Fred Singer
    The New York Times editorial page has been persistent in publishing alarmist editorials on climate change. The latest one appearing shortly before the November elections accused politicians of being in "denial" about climate change. What nonsense! Climate is changing all the time; it has been doing it for millions of years -- without any human intervention. And politicians are simply trying to stay in step with the public. There is no credible evidence at all that human activities have had any appreciable influence on global climate changes during the last century. While many scientists still believe in a major human...
  • Iowa's Total Recall

    11/06/2010 4:44:54 AM PDT · by The Raven · 57 replies
    Wall St Journal ^ | Nov 6, 2010 | editorial
    Iowans made a clean sweep of the state Supreme Court on Tuesday, voting to recall all three justices who were up for a retention election. The rout is being played as an unprecedented politicization of state courts. Maybe if judges behaved less like politicians, they'd have less reason to fear recall votes. Voters were expressing their dismay over a 2009 Iowa court ruling that gave the green light to same-sex marriage. That unanimous decision, which overturned a state law defining marriage as between a man and a woman, struck voters as an attempt by the seven justices to impose their...
  • Germany Defuses Bomb Sent to Merkel

    11/03/2010 3:09:08 AM PDT · by The Raven · 14 replies
    Wall St Journal ^ | Nov 3, 2010 | DAVID CRAWFORD and MARCUS WALKER
    BERLIN—German police are investigating a bomb from Greece that was delivered Tuesday to the office of Chancellor Angela Merkel, hours after additional package bombs exploded outside foreign embassies in Athens. Also Tuesday, a cargo plane from Athens carrying a suspicious parcel addressed to Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi made an emergency landing in Italy. German police defused the small bomb, and nobody was injured in any of the incidents Tuesday. Ms. Merkel wasn't in Berlin at the time. . Greek police intercept and destroy three mail bombs including one addressed to French President Sarkozy. Video courtesy of Reuters. .German authorities say...
  • Moon group buys The Washington Times

    11/03/2010 2:44:53 AM PDT · by The Raven · 7 replies
    Wash Times ^ | Nov 3, 2010 | Wash Times
    The Washington Times, a newspaper that has served the nation's capital and a worldwide readership for 28 years, has been sold to a group operating on behalf of the paper's founder, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. The new owners promised the paper will continue to provide a robust voice in current affairs.
  • Government Believes It Has A Right To The Wealthy’s Income

    09/19/2010 5:21:15 AM PDT · by The Raven · 31 replies
    Phila Bulletin ^ | Sep 19, 2010 | BENCHENE
    During his recent speech in Ohio, President Obama made it clear his administration will soon raise taxes on those in the top marginal income tax bracket. While not surprising given the administration’s penchant for redistribution, the manner in which President Obama made his declaration brings cause for concern: “This isn’t to punish folks who are better off – it’s because we can’t afford the $700 billion price tag.” Not only will such tax-the-rich policy hamper U.S. economic growth, principally among small businesses, but the statement itself is a clear indictment of the president’s broader philosophical belief: Earned income is the...
  • Honor the Constitution's limits

    09/17/2010 2:33:53 AM PDT · by The Raven · 7 replies · 1+ views
    Wash Times ^ | Sep 17, 2010 | editorial
    ... The terms of the Constitution originally were clear. Section 8 of Article I enumerates the exact powers the federal government, through Congress, can exercise - and, by doing so, excludes all other powers. As James Madison, the chief conceptualizer of the Constitution, wrote in Federalist 39, "the proposed government cannot be deemed a national one; since its jurisdiction extends to certain enumerated objects only, and leaves to the several states a residuary and inviolable sovereignty over all other objects." Madison wrote this before adoption of the 10th Amendment, which restates, "the powers not delegated to the United States by...
  • How Do You Stop an Elephant Charging? [Advice for the GOP]

    09/03/2010 2:56:28 AM PDT · by The Raven · 20 replies · 1+ views
    Wall St Journal ^ | sept 3, 2010 | PEGGY NOONAN
    [snip] ... But there are differences between 1994 and 2010. For one, this time around "the Democrats can see what's coming." They didn't see the Republican wave rising in 1994 until it was too late. "When you see something coming a mile away, you can build a ditch to keep it away." Democrats, he says, have put aside a lot of money for negative ads in the last days of the campaign. "For a year, Democratic strategists said 'We'll pass health care, they'll love us.' 'Recovery summer, they'll love us.' 'We'll run against Wall Street, they'll love us.'" These "narratives"...
  • Global warmists abandoned fact for fancy

    08/25/2010 2:41:02 AM PDT · by The Raven · 6 replies
    Wash Times ^ | Helmer
    Around the world, the fight against "climate change" and carbon dioxide e emissions is costing literally hundreds of billions of dollars - and this at a time when the Western world is ravaged by recession. We can ill afford these sums. Many scientists think CO2 emissions have a trivial effect on climate, but even those who support the theory of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) generally agree that the efforts we are making will result in changes so small that they cannot even be measured. Given that China is building a new coal-fired power station every week, with India not far...
  • A Commandeering of the People

    07/24/2010 3:59:54 AM PDT · by The Raven · 14 replies
    Wall St Journal ^ | July 24, 2010 | JAMES TARANTO
    Is ObamaCare constitutional? "If you ask any constitutional law professor whether Congress can do something, the answer is always yes," says Randy Barnett. But Mr. Barnett, who teaches legal theory at Georgetown, isn't just any law professor. A self-described "radical libertarian," he is the author of a 2004 book, "Restoring the Lost Constitution," that argues for a fundamentally new approach to jurisprudence. Since the New Deal, Supreme Court justices have generally assumed a law is constitutional and overruled it only when it infringes on an individual right that is enumerated in the Constitution (free speech) or not (privacy). "If you're...
  • Rush Limbaugh marries gal pal Kathryn Rogers in lavish Palm Beach ceremony

    06/06/2010 3:03:12 AM PDT · by The Raven · 158 replies · 5,635+ views
    NY Daily News ^ | june 6, 2010 | Lauren Johnston
    It's wedding bells for Rush Limbaugh – for the fourth time. The conservative firebrand, 59, exchanged vows with Kathryn Rogers – a blond bombshell half his age – in a lavish Hawaiian-themed wedding bash headlined by none-other-than Sir Elton John Saturday in Florida. It's an odd pairing considering El Rushbo's history of anti-gay commentary on his conservative radio show and the openly gay "Tiny Dancer" singer's longtime commitment to gay rights. The Palm Beach Post reported the British superstar will pocket $1 million for playing the wedding reception at the posh Breakers Hotel Read more: